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Full Version: I Think Im Good :d
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My deviantart is

don't be surprised if you recognise them tongue.gif

EDIT: gomennasai, can't upload me pics, try goin to the address blink.gif
I can't see the images
Frozen Ice Alchemist
I can't see them either...
no one can see it!!! ohmy.gif
Hikusa Rockgirl X
DeviantART has a blocking thing for the direct linking xP;;
I think you will have to upload them to other server o.o;
Sorry, I can't see them,
Frozen Ice Alchemist
we seem to be blind... (just joking)
Can't do anything right now, you'll have to go the my deviantart

gomennasai, watashi no e wo miru koto o dekimasen. Demo, watashi no deviantart wo shinakereba narimasen.
You should work a little bit more in the faces but they are great! good job! ^^
I Think Im Good biggrin.gif

Well you're not.
I can see them! ohmy.gif

You're really good! ^^
I see them! biggrin.gif
You're good! Just need to work on the faces a liiiiittttttlle bit.
Frozen Ice Alchemist
yup, i'm no longer blind! and same as the others, work on the faces a lil bit! the other things are perfect!
ed's numbuh 1 fan
thats great!i love the one with Armony in it that one is so good great job!

the one with just Edo in it is good also but you just need to work on his face but that one is great i could never do that let alone the automail biggrin.gif biggrin.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif smile.gif
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