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Full Version: True Revenge
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Of course I do not own FMA.


Other than that have fun reading it and It does come in parts. 5 to be exact. I give you people, part 1!

This is also the first Fic i've ever written.

Ed walked into HQ needing some information, he knew just who to look to. He walked into the library.

"Hey Scheska! You there?"

Scheska was sitting at her desk, looking at a picture of Hughes and his family, seeming lost.

"Scheska? Scheska?! Hello?!"After a while he noticed the picture and looked down.

"Huh?"Scheska looked up."Oh, hi Edward...You need something?"She sat the picture down on the desk, looking up at Ed. She had already forgotten about the piles of work sitting in front of her."Can you make it quick? I forgot about all this work i have to do..."

Ed picked up the picture off the desk and looked at it."Its not the same without him at all. No one to shove pictures in our faces or to cheer everyone up, or to brag about their daughter and wife."

"Yes, i know. Its hard. No matter how much work he gave me, i didn't mind it at all. All those case files. He stayed up looking for information after you were attacked in Lab 5. Looking at a drawing of a 'Palm Tree'. I could never figure out why he fired me and then ran off."

"Maybe he found something. Let me see the books he had last."Ed sat the picture down, looking at Scheska.

"Sure. Maybe you can find something."Scheska stood up and started to pull out several books, setting them down on the desk. Ed picked up one of the books and started looking through it."When Hughes left, told you he was fired, do you know where he was going?"

"He went to see Dr. Marcoh to question him. Only the Fuhrer's secretary knew where he was though. So she led him there."

"...What is the secretary's name?"Ed looked up from the book questiongly.

"Juliet Dougless. Why do you ask? It can't be important to anything."

"Wrong. In this book here it says that the start of the Ishbalean War was when a military officer accidently shot a young girl and killed her. The girls name was apparently Juliet Dougless. That means she must have had something to do with this after all."Ed pointed to the spot in the book where it listed the information."Then two years later a woman got promoted to the Fuhrer's secretary. He name was in fact, Juilet Dougless. Because Im guessing she knew that in two years, no one would remember her name."

Scheska sat in shock. She had read through the books already, but never noticed that at all."I looked at that....but i must have overun that factor! We have to tell Col--"Ed stopped Scheska."No! We can't let him know. It will put him at risk. We need to wait till we have more information. For now, you stay put and stay low. Im going to the Fuhrer's."

Scheska stood up."Not alone you aren't! Im not losing another friend. Im going to come with you and protect you. It's only what's right Ed."

"I dont want you to die either you know. It might be be--"Scheska raised her voice a little."No! Im going with you like it or not! Im already in on this so i should have every right to know it all!"Ed looked up at Scheska."Fine, you can come."Scheska smiled."Good. I just have to get the Colonel's permission to go and to take a military vehicle."Scheska walked out of the office to the Colonel's door and knocked.

"Come in."Roy was sitting at his desk, looking through papers as Scheska walked in and he looked up."Can i help you?"

Scheska saluted."Sir, I was wondering if it's okay to go with Edward on a little..."She hesitated."Buisness. And to also borrow a military Car."

"Buisness? Well that kid is always up to something. I approve it. Just make sure he stays out of trouble. He's enough pain without the extra paperwork."Scheska smlied."Thank you sir! Ill make sure nothing happens."She saluted again and walked out of the office."Seemed a little too easy though. Oh well."She walked back into the Library office, where Ed was reading again."Edward, I got permission. We can go whenever you're ready."

He looked up from the book and sat it down."Im ready right now."Scheska walked over to the desk, putting books in a bag."I figure we take the car to the station, and take a train the rest of the way. It should be quickly that way. We can't take the car all the way because of the water. So the second station is where we'll board."

"umm...Okay what ever you say Scheska. As long as we get there."After Scheska finished packing they headed out to the car and go in."Where is Alphonse?"

"Oh, he's back in Resembool. He needs a break. I told him i was just ocming to get information. I just got more than i thought i would."Scheska noded and started up the car and drove, the ride silent the whole time. She pulled the car up at the station and they both got out and waited for their train.

Scheska started the think.'Im tired...i could sleep standing. Stayed up too late working.'

"You okay Scheska? You look tired or something."

"Hmm? Oh no, im fine."Scheska smiled as the train pulled up."Well, lets get going then."She picked up the bag of books and got on, Ed following and they both sat down. The train pulled off after a while.

There's part one. I'll update when i get the chance.
Here is part 2 of it. I hope it goes good. I dont know if im all that good >>.
Anyways, enjoy~^^


Ed looked over at Scheska, who was reading of course. She looked exhausted."Scheska, you should rest. You look tired. Its a long ride too."Scheska looked up at Ed."No, i feel fine."

"What are you reading anyways? What are those books?"Ed looked over at them."They're the books that Hughes was reading. I thought I would read them to see if i could find more information."She got a sudden thought."Ed, Juliet is the Fuhrer's secreatray. Right?"

"Well yeah. That's what you told me. Why?"

"If she is his secretary, then the Fuhrer had to be in on this. As well as Hughes death! Hughes had to go to him to get permission to speak with Marcoh and the Fuhrer asked him about what he was studying too. All the attacks, miltary death, etc. So he just has to be in on it."

Ed ran it all through his head. She was right. He had to be on it."You're right."

"Hughes died by a shot. By a gun only used by the military. Witnesses say Maria Ross did it, she was last seen with him."

"I doubt it was her. She seems too nice and protective..."

"Also, he had four long slashes on his right arm. We dont know what the cause of it was though. We found no evidence of it anywhere. He must have thought that military lines would be tapped. So he used a regular telphone booth to call the Colonel. But the Colonel had left. So he must have been trying to get out of there. He must have been attacked because Ross must have looked different in some way and he noticed it. So Hughes had to have attacked. A knife he uses was found around him, with blood on it. Not his blood either. They couldn't idetify the blood as anyones. At least anyone human. My guess is they didn't die when Hughes struck, but in fact got up and shot him. They had to use a weakness of his, otherwise he would have moved out of the way or attacked again. So they shot him with a military gun sending him to his death. Make sense?"

"@_@ umm...yeah i think so. Wait...four long slashes.!!! That could only be Lust!"

"Lust? Isn't that one of the seven sins?"

"Yeah it is. Lust uses her long nails to attack with. I've experenced it before. Wait...Envy has the ablity to change form too. Then that means.."

"That in fact Envy killed Hughes and not Ross! Which means Juliet had to know about it or else she would have been attacked when Hughes encounted Lust. She must have set it up with the Fuhrer and Lust both! And then when Hughes escaped they sent Envy after him! Envy must have turned into something of his weakness...his family! Of course! It all makes sense. Now we HAVE to tell the Colonel about all this. It could push him straight to the top! We get off at the next station. I'll call him and tell him."

"Good idea Scheska! Speak of the devil. Here's the station now."The train pulled to a stop and they both ran off the train to the phone and Scheska picked the phone up."Patch me though to the Colonel! Its important!"

The phone rang and Roy picked it up."Yes? A call from Scheska? Put it though."

"Colonel! I have information that could push you all the way to the top! We figured it all out! Who killed Hughes everything!"

"What?! Well tell me already!"

Scheska explained everything to Roy."..I see. I want you two to keep low and dont say anything to anyone about this at all. Go on with your buisness. Call me at the next station and then the one after that one."

"Right, sir. We'll keep low about it and inform you if we find out anything new. Ill call you at the next station."Scheska hung up the phone."Ed, we need to get on the next train."

"Right. Lets go before it leaves."They both boarded onto the train and it lead them to the next station. Scheska walked over to the phone and picked it up."What do you mean the Colonel is gone?! Where did he go?! He didn't say?!"She slammed the phone down.

"This isn't good. He's probably gone to get himself in trouble. He went to the Fuhrer's to get revenge for Hughes i bet. Lets go save his ass."He ran onto the next train, dragging Scheska along with him. The train pulled off.

Part 3 will be up soon. Comments are loved~
Correction= Juliet Dougless= Juliet Douglas

And I think it is way too quick! Ed comes to the library and decides suddenly to avenge Hughes with Sciezka! He would have never let her go with him (and certainly not because he considers her as a 'friend', you know how Ed is.). Plus, Sciezka suddenly discovers everything with a great lack of details! (who killed Hughes, which form Envy took...) She's very intelligent but it's kind of pushed here. Plus, she despises Roy as well because he forgot about Hughes's case too quickly, so why would she want to make him reach the top? There's some OOCness in the air...
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