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Full Version: Mail Call
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Chapter 1
Mail Call

It was half-past noon. "The mail was supposted to be here by now." Ed tought.
He galanced into the hallway outside Mustang's office, and hoped he would see Riza coming with the mail that day. "What are you looking at Fullmetal?" Mustang asked. Seeing him peeking into the hallway. "Nothing, nothing at all." Ed replied, trying to cover up what he was doing. "I dought that Fullmetal, your always up to something." Mustang said as he strode to the door and flung it open. "Can you see better now Fullmetal?" He asked, as if try to get information out of him. "Yeah, thanks." Ed quiped, rolling his eyes. He looked down the hallway one last time and saw Lt. Hawkeye carrying an armfull of mail toward Mustang's office. "Ah, Riza glad to see you today, and you have brought the mail." Roy said.
"don't worry
colonel most of its for you anyway, but there is one for Ed." Hawkeye said and handed a letter to Ed and dumped the rest on Mustang's desk.
The front of letter said,
To: Ed
From: Rose

End of chapter 1
foolmetal alchemist
There's no major errors yet, other than many poorly spelled words. Good job, so far. happy.gif
I hate spelling.
QUOTE(Aog @ Aug 22 2005, 06:23 PM)
I hate spelling.

There is spellcheck. smile.gif
Squirrel of Doom
Maybe when my squirrels take over over the world we will abolish spelling unless you want to spell.(why would you)
Yay for squirrles! I don't see to much wrong with it yet, but longer posts would be nice...not that I'm complaining or anything, I know how writers block and schedules tend to work together.
ohhhh right.
need more chapters!!!! happy.gif
Im working on it.
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