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Full Version: What Would You Do If?
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I'd be okay since water is the best drink around

What would you do if there was no rice
I'm not a big fan of rice, so I'd get over it.

WWYDI you forgot to study for a final!!!???? (I'd fake sick)
ed's numbuh 1 fan
i don't have finals and i don't study either unsure.gif

wwydi you had to watch sailor moon all day and all night for the rest of your life?
Commit Suicide

WWYDI Anime were games or games were anime
Be really freaked out
WWUDI you spontanuoesly combusted. (carught on fire)

WWYDI you were attacked by a bear while you were out camping with your friends?
Shoot the bear.
WWUDI a squirrl ripped your face off
ed's numbuh 1 fan
rip the squrrls face off back biggrin.gif

wwydi you could draw super good?
Be an artist.
WWUDI you a shot in the face by Master cheif.
Come back to life as a ghost and kick HIS @$$!

WWYDI one of your kick can destroy a whole building
a town would be leveled.
WWUDI you only have one post.
try to get more post

WWUDI you saw aliens
Be like woah... xD

WWYI you at raw chicken?
`dont know

WWUDI you saw a rat
Mrs. Edward Elric

WWYDI you were allergic to water?
full flame
die...... water is in every thing..... besides fire biggrin.gif

wwydi the sky fell on the usa???
Mrs. Edward Elric
Move to England

WWYDI you were in a mud fight?
full flame
have fun

wwydi the world turned into a mushroom
Mrs. Edward Elric
Jump on it.

WWYDI candy was banned
nothing, i dont like candy so much

WWUDI Stitch was real?(stitch & lilo movie)
Mrs. Edward Elric
Hug him biggrin.gif

WWYDI you had to pick between Fruits Basket or Gravitations
full flame

wwyd if your friends were robots???
take them apart and see how they work, then program them to be my servents happy.gif

WWYDI you had to choose a song to be your theme song? (in other words what would it be?)
full flame
a mix of all my fav songs into one

wwydi your friends were from mars here to do experements on your pitafull brain??
what could i do..

WWUDI you saw a monster
Tear off it's head

WWYDI You saw blood on you head
wash it away

WWUDI you saw boogyman
Tear off his head too

WWYDI you had a bandaged head
nothing, well what can i do?
wwudi someone beat the crap out of you because they were bored
try and get better and kill them next time i see em

WWUDI you were famous
I'd have fun while it lasts

WWYDI you saw a tomato dancing in a top hat
throw it aganst a wall

WWYDI you klled someone by accident
go to police and explain how its happend

WWUDI some hot chicks/boys came to you house?
Slam the door in front f their faces

WWYDI you House blew up
buy a new one, and old the things i had =)
money money

WWUDI you saw superman`?
Ignore him

WWYDI school never exsited
i would be HAPPY, very happy
oh, never existed well then i whouldn`t never know what school is

WWUDI every teachers just quited school
Art of Misconception
I'd celebrate by having a hangover and later on, go to the library so I can finally learn on my own what I wish to learn.

WWUDI you had to bellydance for the Fuhrer?
ed's numbuh 1 fan
O.o i'd make him belly dance insted then lock him in a room biggrin.gif

wwydi you had to belly dance for... rolleyes.gif Ed smile.gif
Punch him in the face then run away

WWYDI you were abducted by aliens
Mrs. Edward Elric

WWYDI your bed caught on fire?
Get out of the bed!!!

What would you do if you lived in New Orleans. sad.gif
Mrs. Edward Elric
Cry. Some of the refugees there came to my school, it was so sad b/c there was this one girl in 6th period English and she was just sitting there crying.... sad.gif

WWYDI you met a stalker?


if you have an exam at 7:00 am, and you remember that when you´re in a party
I would go home and study

WWYDI your computer were hacked
cal my contacs

if al die
crrryy not

wwudi the galaxy just blow up
Well, I guess I would just have to wait a couple years for the blast to reach us, if we had that much time. If I had the time, do everything I ever wanted without worrying about the consequences.

WWUDI: you saw your parents having sex?
nothing shockt maby..

WWUDIF you were sick and it was a importen day for you. maby the most importen day?
I would take a lot of different medications and pills, plus some chronic, etc, soo I just don't feel anything anymore.

WWUDI: You got bit by a snake, and you don't know if it's poisoness or not, and your miles from civilzation?
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