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Full Version: What Would You Do If?
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I'd probably say "There's no buggy around here".

WWYDI your favorite TV show got cancelled?
Well My favorite shows have already ended so I've already come to terms with them.

WWYDI you were super freaked out all night and you couldn't sleep. (Like what's happened to me tonight)
I'd watch a funny movie, and have my dog sleep in my room so I wouldn't be alone. XD (I did that after watching Paranormal Activity...)

WWYDI the Internet just stopped working forever?
I would shoot someone.... XD (joking)

WWYDI someone threw real lemons at you?
Make some lemonade! laugh.gif

WWYDI you got some hideous role in the next Avatar: The Last Airbender live action movie?
Take it! Jackson Rathbone is A mazing!

wwyd if someone vomitted on u? (this happened to me recently)
I would probably think,*ew* and change my clothes.

WWYD if somebody broke your fav. video game on purpose because they were mad at you, and then laughed because of the look on your face?
That person wouldnt survive the next 5 minutes

WWYDI you were the person who broke my fav Video game?
Well, i wouldn't laugh. I would say I was sorry and buy the same game I broke and give it to u. happy.gif I am just nice like that. ( I would survive the next 5 min. tongue.gif )

WWYD if someone punched u for no reason at the super market?
Call security. xp

Ok guys, use your imaginations and please try to come up with some non-violent WWYD situations. I think we got enough of someone kicking, punching, vomiting at you, or braking your possessions, etc. tongue.gif

WWYD if you wake up and find that you live in a fish tank and you're a gold fish?
Forget, Then remember, Then forget, Then Remember

WWYDI hollywood chose to make a movie in your house?
Charge a rent? unsure.gif .... laugh.gif

WWYDI you obtain a Philosopher's Stone?
begin a steady chuckle like a normal person, then begin to develop the most evil mad scientist laugh ever known, then declare my plans to humanity and preac how hopless it is, the cake is a lie, etc, etc

WWYDI: someone offered you the best cake ever in return for your foot?
Take the cake but not return my end of the deal

WWYDI The cake wasnt a lie?
I would Scream in fear then run of to my safe house to hug my companion cube.
WWYDI I killed someone close to you?
I would be like, WTF did you do that for?! does the WTF count as cussing? if so, sorrry!

WWYDIf you woke up one morning and you thought you were in your house but you actually got kidnapped by hungry-human-eating aliens?!?! lol
Freak out. Major Freak out
WWYDI You woke up and were the size of a small nendoroid? (About 3-4 inches tall)
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