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Full Version: What Would You Do If?
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ahaha, find a way to get it back.

WWYDI your best friend had to move somewhere far away?
well that sorta happened to me only they went to somewhere about an hour's drive away.

WWYDI: the sea water became normal fresh water?
Katya Martin
DISMAY at the sudden massive environmental catastrophe. The ecological implications of that would be staggering...

WWYDI you were somehow de-aged by ten years?
be annoyed

WWYDI: you suddenly became amazing at something (say cardiovascular sports)?
Katya Martin
Depends on if it were directly useful to what I want to do or not.

WWYDI something suddenly happened to make the world drastically more dystopic? We're talking police states, drastic fast-acting environmental damage, surveillance...
Broken Chouchou

WWYDI you found out your best friend was deathly ill?
depends. i have a group of best friends. i would just hope for the best.

WWYDI: you had a peice of work you had to do but didn't want to do it?
Katya Martin
Story of my life math class. I'd just get the work done so that I didn't have to deal with it anymore.

WWYDI the building you were in caught fire?
EniviD EiraM
uhm ... scream !! but if help doesn't reach me, I'll just accept my incoming death sad.gif

WWYDI someone hugged you and that your strict mother accidentally saw it then she scolded you ..?
Katya Martin
Depending on the person: Either "Mom, I'm eighteen and can hug who I wish to," or "Oi, did you not see me push him/her away?"

WWYDI you accidentally slept through most of your classes?
i nod off for a few minutes once every week. i just can't keep my eyes open tongue.gif ah well

WWYDI: you had to be quarentened for an illness?
Katya Martin
Even with my laptop, I'd be insane from cabin fever by the end of the first day...

WWYDI a huge war began between your country and another, directly affecting wherever you lived?
try to escape it

WWYDI: you were left with no food for one day?
I would die. I need food.

WWYDI everyone except you turned into giant, maneating spiders?
I would hunt man-eating spiders and eat them. So I would be spider-eating man.
no suggestion? ah well

WWYDI: you became a n.e.e.t? (not in employment, education or training. sometimes its a mental disorder)
Depend on my 'rents like I had any other choice left. . . Then swab on the net all day. If I do not try to become way too insane I could try to get a job. . .

WWYDF you knew that your BestFriend cheated on you?
they would prolly apologise and i would forgive them

WWYDI: you realised a close friend was a drug dealer
Try to tell him that it is wrong and if he will not even bother to follow me I will go straight to the nearest jail.

WWYDF you flunked ALL of your subjects at school?
die/get killed/ nuclear apocolypse

WWYDI: you had to live off nothing but water and bread?
Katya Martin
Grumble and try to distract myself from the horrible food.

WWYDI you were kept from sleeping properly all week?
kikuchan xx
Dream happy dreams smile.gif

WWYDI your account here has been hacked and you are already in the highest rank?
Katya Martin

WWYDI everybody suddenly collapsed?
A Pierrot's Aria
^Join them by collapsing in shock. *shot*

WWYDI snakes were on the plane?
Katya Martin
Not do anything stupid, like panic.

WWYDI suspense were an actual cause of death?
I would've died a long, long time ago. XD

WWYDI, If you just woke up from a coma that you've been in for the past ten years, and all of this had been a dream???
Katya Martin
"But it was so vivid... what could have happened to me? How did my mind invent all that?"

Following that... WWYDI Fullmetal had an "all just a dream" ending?
I will kill the writer! I will REALLY do that! Heck! It is really so good from the start and the ending will be . . . . WTF?

WWYDF you suddenly became a king/queen of your local country. (Considering even though it is not a country under monarchy.) sleep.gif
kikuchan xx
Close all schools and make it as malls or computer cafes and all things are free! XD

WWYDI one of your close friend FLIRTS with your BOYFRIEND? tongue.gif
Kill at least one of them hehe . . .
What will you do when you saw your dreams happening in front of your very own eyes?
be killed..................don't ask

WWYDI: suddenly you began having moments of pure insanity?
Katya Martin
What I usually do when that sort of thing happens: Hide.

WWYDI you were snowed in, with limited food supplies?
jump off my roof biggrin.gif

WWYDI: you began hickupping rapidly and could not stop?
Disco Shrew
Hold my breath until I die
WWYDI If you were in a room with no apparent exits and Michael Jacksons Ghost.
freak out.

WWYDI someone pushed you in the hallway so hard that you ended up falling over?
Why would I end up being pushed? I do trip myself up like that on a daily basis XD but if somebody did,then I'd kick them in the shin!

WWYDOI your favorite band/artist in the UNIVERSE stopped their music career/died?
I'd purchase as much of their work I could afford before their prices skyrockets.

WWYDI the wallet of the person walking ahead of you fell out of their bag?
When it has no valuable thing in there I will definitely NOT return. HAHA but it has, i will return maybe?

WWYDF if you suddenly fell from a cliff with no apparent reason at all. . . .
my fall would stop because it would likely only be a dream and i would wake up.
WWYDI: all source of heating in the world dissapeared?
Um, die?

I hate extreme cold.

WWYDF the opposite sex disappeared?
Be happy for a while, then I would start to miss my friends from the oppisite sex.

WWYDI you found out the teacher you hate recently passed away?
Enjoy a little then start mourning for him/her. although i think it is a him.
WWYDF you are the greatest witness on a mass massacre. . .
suffer from severe trauma.

WWYDI: you had to stay in a closed space for 3-6 hours. closed space as in tiny closed space.
Try to survive then become claustrophobic after a few minutes . . .

WWYDF you suddenly forgot to wear your pants/skirt before going to school?

(this is under critical things . . )
kikuchan xx
take off my shirt too and walk like you are at the beach and feel the heat of the sun. XD

WWYDI you were sent back to the past with the dinos?
Hang out with the herbivores then run like them when the magnanimous carnivores like the tyrannosaurs comes.

WWYDF you can go inside an Anime for a day?
A Pierrot's Aria
I'd most likely tie up all the irritating characters and lock them in a cupboard. xD

WWYDI you had a chance to draw something silly in the background of a manga panel in your favourite series?
draw it.

WWYDI: what would you do if a nuclear appocolypse happened?
A Pierrot's Aria
(I was aiming more towards what you would actually draw, but I guess that works. xD)

I wouldn't do anything because clearly, I'd be dead. : D Happy days!

WWYDI You were the only person left alive in the world?
mess around then commit suicide.

WWYDI: you had to live off sugar?
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