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Full Version: What Would You Do If?
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Katya Martin
To where? I'm going to assume some sort of giant spaceship... I'd automatically begin exploring it.

WWYDI all instances of some item you often rely on, say tea for example, disappeared?
i would die lol XD

WWYDI: it snowed so much you were bound to an area of less than 8 miles?
Roll around on the snow laugh... then get hypothermia to set in. XD I would also yell out "GLOBAL COOOOOOLING!!!"

WWYDI everyone you knew conformed to this single thing (say.... football?) and you didn't?
Katya Martin
...That sounds familiar. I think that's happened to me before, on a small scale. It sucked. But I'm all right.

WWYDI you lost the ability to determine color (i.e. seeing in grayscale), but gained excellent low-light vision?
boast about it.

WWYDI: the world went under a huge freeze where it snowed everyday for a whole year?
Broken Chouchou
Buy warm clothes.

WWYDI everyone you know suddenly started hating you for no apparent reason?
Katya Martin
After a few vain attempts to work out why, probably just continue life as usual until I either snapped or was no longer hated.

WWYDI somebody you vaguely disliked declared their love to you?
A Pierrot's Aria
That sort of happened to me once. O.o But if it happened again, I'll do the same...tell them I don'r reciprocate their feelings. xD

WWYDI you woke up somewhere you don't remember falling alseep?
Broken Chouchou
With a heavy feeling of 'WTF' wonder what I drank and/or was involantarily injected with/subjected to last night. If I'm not at home, I would probably go there.

WWYDI your body was impaired in some way that made you unable to fall asleep?
Katya Martin
Go slowly and painfully insane.

WWYDI you were confined to a wheelchair?
Read books, manga or use my laptop.

WWYDF you became a novelist?
be happy cause my current book was acepted by a publisher

WWYDI: you suddenly became super talented?
I'd be very happy because I always want to be the best. And then I'd use my talents and be even happier when people would say how awesome I am.

WWYDI you saw poor little kitten alone in the street?
A Pierrot's Aria
I'd take it to the RSPCA. : )

WWYDI a package you've been waiting excitedly for gets to the door but you find out you had to pay tax for it or you won't get it? O_O (seriously, this happened to me like an hour ago, I'm curious to see how others would react =P)
Katya Martin
Grumble and go for my wallet.

WWDYI the only person you knew in a class was the guy who always annoyed you?
find some friends

WWYDI: you had to be put onto a life support machine?
Katya Martin
I don't know, I'd probably be unconscious.

WWYDI you woke up, only to find that you had somehow turned into the opposite gender?
go "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT" LES****. lol yuri fetish

WWYDI: you gianed super natural abilities?
Broken Chouchou
I would FLYYY! And go invisible and spy on girls in secret!! And bend spoons by looking at 'em!!

Seriously, I don't know. Use them for the gloriously noble reasons that people would expect you to?

WWYDI you were KING of the playground in your neighbourhood, and had command over an army of little mischievous toddlers?
Katya Martin
...Small children are all afraid of me for inexplicable reasons, actually... I don't know. Train them to defeat the menace of squirrels on campus, I guess.

WWYDI you lost your voice entirely?
swear at teachers without them knowing.

WWYDI: you woke from your body a spirit with no where to go and get attacked by demonic spirits that want you for food :C
Katya Martin
Wait for the part where I actually wake up?

WWYDI at school you realized that you had forgotten a staggeringly important piece of homework/project/etc at home, and had no way of retrieving it?
try my best to either explain what happened to my teacher or replicate it to the best manor possible in time. depends on teacher for me.
WWYDI:you became hunted for no apparent reason?
Katya Martin
Get really, really good at hiding. Depending on who was doing the hunting, joining the witness protection program might be helpful.

WWYDI some powerful group went after one of your friends for no good reason?
I'd get my tank and run over them.

WWYDI your ipod or mp3 player got stolen?
I thought that happened to me today! I look down and my iPod isn't there, I'm freaking out on the inside, but trying to stay calm on the outside, my friend goes and tracks down the guy that was sitting on the other side of me in the theater, (did I mention we were at a play?) and turns out he found it on the floor.

So... I would have freaked out.

WWYDI you saw someone trying to shoot the President?
Katya Martin
I would probably be powerless to stop it, but I'd try to alert the nearest Secret Service agent.

WWYDI the zombie apocalypse began while you were at school?
Broken Chouchou
(Why do I have trouble answering a lot of the questions? Is it my imagination that sucks?)

I'd skip class seeing as we're all dead anyway, and my grades probably won't matter.

WWYDI you became the object of everyone's desire?
Katya Martin
Become traumatized. Fast. I can't deal with too much attention.

Contrariwise, WWYDI nobody paid attention to you?
Broken Chouchou
Nobody, at all? Not even family? Well, I'd go under.

WWYDI you saw someone being assaulted by a gang of 3-4 people on the street, and there was no one else around but you?
Katya Martin
Call the cops. I'm not really good at fighting.

WWYDI something freaky started chasing after you?
Broken Chouchou
'Something' freaky? I'd run, most likely. And panic. And stumble, and repedeatly keep falling over. And get eaten.

WWYDI you lost all your five senses? (I thought about this earlier today and the mere thought of it was really scary. Imagine not hearing, seeing, or even feeling anything. Everything's just a black nothingness. You can't interact with your surroundings or with people in any way. You won't know they're there. You'll barely know you're there. I mean, how would you be able to define your existence, or even confirm it? All you have is your thoughts. Major existentiality crisis.)
i would hold my breat till i died. i wouldn't be able to live like that.

WWYDI: you were just given a huge ammount of money?
Katya Martin
TUITION OH GOSH and then charity and such. And then a pony. happy.gif

WWYDI it never stopped raining?
cry tongue.gif

WWYDI: education was expanded until you were twenty?
Suck it up & deal with it. Would only have 2 more years to go.

WWYDI: You were attacked by a Wolf, The Hulk, a Dragon, & Slater from SBTB.
kill them with my super ninja skills >:)

WWYDI: you realised you were one of the harbingers of the end of the world?
Katya Martin
Depends on the manner in which the world was meant to end, and who was engineering it.

WWYDI the power went out for an extended amount of time?
I would buy myself a candle. Or twenty.
So what would you do if you found 30 bucks and now you have to spend them on no matter what?
Spend them on manga and books . . . the rest on phone load. . . .

WWYDF: You can't open any site on the net on any place?
turn my computer off then on again. it used to do that alot.

WWYDI: everything you touched became gold?
Katya Martin
Go and be useful by converting hazardous waste into safe shiny stuff until it wears off, perhaps.

WWYDI you lost a talent?
Find a way to get that talent back.

WWYDI there was a WW3?
Broken Chouchou
My country most likely wouldn't be involved, but of course I'd be scared. I don't know how many countries have nuclear warheads hidden in their basements, but I'm guessing on more than what gets out to the public... a WW3 today would probably cause massive damage to not just the people in the nations involved, but to many else as well. And I'm betting it wouldn't exactly be good for the environment.

WWYDI your country was completely isolated/cut off from the rest of the world?
be extremely annoyed. no more manga or anime, games, nothing sad.gif

oh well

WWYDI: you suddenly became good at something you were never good at?
Katya Martin
Be confused and wonder what to do about it. If it was a talent in a field that I was interested in, but previously not good at, I'd use it to my advantage; if it was something I wasn't interested in, I might not bother with it.

WWYDI one of your school buildings was suddenly shut down due to an unknown, possibly explosive threat?
Wow! That was amazing. . . If it doesn't happen on my school building . . .

WWYDF you suddenly saw a ghost beside you?
Katya Martin
"Blasted holographics lab..."

WWYDI you always had an annoying song that you didn't like stuck in your head?
Winry Chi
"Go insane, run in a circle, until I passed out and hopefully when I'd wake up I would be rid of that song."

WWYDI a flying kitten suddenly hit your face, and it exclaimed in a demonic tone "potatoes!?"
Katya Martin
Respond with a deadpan "Fish."

WWYDI someone stole your laundry?
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