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Full Version: What Would You Do If?
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Vampyre Alchemist
QUOTE (Envy-chan @ Jul 25 2009, 10:33 PM) *
Hmm... I'd probably want to have nice (but not overly extravagant) abs and biceps. So I guess a nicely-toned body.

WWYDI your favorite character suddenly appeared next to you?

I would rape him >:3 Just kidding laugh.gif

What would you do if the girl/boy you loved asked you out?
Broken Chouchou
Die. Of. Happiness.

And get nervous as hell. F it, now you got me into thinking about her again... *Head/blunt object*

WWYDI if you would get an offer you couldn't refuse?
Agree to it! biggrin.gif

WWYDI the boy/girl you love was moving away in 2 weeks?
Use it as a good opportunity to tell him! Heck, if he's moving away, I might as well go for it.
I'd probably be pretty upset too, haha.

WWYDI your pet (if n/a, a young relative) was elected leader of your country?

Assassinate him and become the new lead MUHAHAHAHA!

WWYDI Chinchillas learned how to fly?
Well, dang, I guess I'm buying a chincilla. That's awesome!

WWYDI you could only eat 2 kinds of food for the rest of your life?
I would kill whoever made that rule and eat what I damn-well want lol.

WWYDI I was Zero?
The ghost dog from Nightmare before Christmas, or the guy from Vampire Night? One I'd hug, the other I'd kill.

WWYDI Zac Efron knocked on your door asking to use your phone?
I'd scream my head off tongue.gif and tell him sure,and then ask him for his autograph. happy.gif

WWYDI Ed ever kissed Winry? (in the manga)
I'd say 'Yeah, whatever' and turn the page XD

WWYDI If The 2 Dead Beatles rose from there grave and asked for your phone?

And Hagaren...I meant for the one from Code Geass....*Sigh*
Broken Chouchou
I probably wouldn't even recognize them. But I guess I would lend them my phone, and maybe recommend the other guy who isn't Lennon to go get a haircut.

WWYDI you woke up and discovered that your life so far had just been an unusually long dream?
think "danmit". get used to real life then begin again.
wwydi- your friend or someone else close to you was stabbed?
Not believe it. And probably scream. And probably be very, very shocked.

WWYDI you found yourself in medieval England?
Get a pwetty dwess! With a corsette and everything! biggrin.gif

WWYDI you won a million dollars? (Besides celebrate.)
I would RULE THE WORLD!!! MUAHAHAHA!!! Or at least I would get everything ready for when I rule the world :3

WWYD if you knew you are being targeted by a deadly assasin?
Eat him.

WWYDI A Bunch of lumberjacks wanted you to sever your left nostril?
I'd Take their axes, and sever all of their limbs! smile.gif

WWYDI.......All of a sudden you can hear voices emanating from graves?
scream, and then have a conversation with one of them

WWYDI if a chinchilla tried to dump a vat of watery peanut butter on you?

WWYDI you woke up and everything and everyone (except you obv) was gone from your house/apt/whatever including your bed and pillows ohmy.gif
Smoke Alchemist
wonder how they moved everything without me waking up earlier...

WWYDI your gf just up and left you for David Beckham?
Blink, then pinch myself

WWYDI Harry Potter walked up to you and told you that he was gonna blow your school up?
Burn him!

WWYDI you're accused of something you didn't do?

Argue my case to the point where everyone agrees with me just so I can shut up biggrin.gif

WWYDI you found that you had magic?
The Bearded One
Conquer North America and rule it with an iron fist.

WWYDI, you could read minds?
Equivalent Exchange
Use it to find out what people REALLY think of me! XD

What Would You Do If....You suddenly had everything you ever dreamed of?
I'd buy the world.

WWYDI.... your soulmate died in front of you...?
I would (hypothetically) probably never be the same again. And possibly scream a lot, and take REVENGE.

WWYDI you woke up to find yourself bound and in the back of a car?
Eat the car. And the bonds. And then the person who tied me up.

WWYDI You went to heaven, and Jesus was an a$$hole?
Hm... Well, I guess I wouldn't hang out with him. XD
I don't really have any preconcieved notions of the kind of person that man was, so hypothetically (if Christianity were correct) I wouldn't be dissapointed. smile.gif

WWYDI someone said they pay you $1,00,000 to kiss somone of the same sex?

WWYDI You were not real, but in all actuality, part of a dream?
Then make the person that was dreaming of me never wake up MWA HA HA HA HA

WWYDI I came up to your house and knocked on your door selling Barbie dolls?
slam the door on them, after giving them a good slap in the face.

WWYDI you saw a llama lay an egg?
Stare thhen take out my camera

WWYDI Roy Mustang decided to go to your school?

WWYDI the internet broke (everywhere)?
Broken Chouchou
Go back to the arcane, most ancient form of entertainment: watching television.

WWYDI you couldn't even go out without getting reminded of your lost/unfulfilled/unanswered love?
EniviD EiraM
i'll kill him ! just joking..... hmm... lemme just respect it but i will not avail him to abuse my respectfuness...

WWYDI you and you're ugly stalker are the only living persons in the entire universe? rolleyes.gif
Katya Martin
HIDE, hang humanity.

WWYDI ch. 103 never came?
<Program Note>

@Exceemn09 - Your post was taken out as an off-topic rant. This thread is supposed to be a silly/fun forum game, and in case you do not notice, each of these posted hypothetical scenes are not to be taken as a serious discussion topic. ^^ If you prefer not to participate in the way these forum game threads were meant for, then we ask you to please kindly stay away from these threads, and let others enjoy posting and participating in these forum games. ^^ Thank you! smile.gif


And, back on topic: ^^

Be prepared and read a manual on "how to talk to an angry mob crowd" (you know, as a Mod, I have to think about the board. tongue.gif )

WWYDI some cute (and harmless) alien shows up in your house?
give it cake.

wwydi: you had a limb amputated?
Get Winry to whip me up some automail clearly.

WWYDI you lost all the Christmas gifts you had bought people (or if you don't celebrate Christmas, Birthday gifts)
tell everyone the truth

wwydi the world ended and you were the only one left with a person you really liked and they didn't like you back.
Katya Martin
Try not to be too much of a pest, I guess.

WWYDI you suddenly lost whatever you most rely on?
miss a lesson in school cause thats what i did.

wwydi your tv broke?
Thank god for hulu! biggrin.gif

WWYDI you found a baby in a basket dropped off on your front porch with a note saying, "He's your problem now." ?
Katya Martin
Grumble. Can't play the PS2 now.

WWYDI you ran into a homunculus down a dark alley?
see my sig for visual depiction of the fight that would ensue.

wwydi: you went into space?
Katya Martin
I'd end up spending the whole time bouncing off the walls of the ship, getting bruised all over and being upside down too much.

WWYDI the planet went into a spontaneous, inexplicable ice age?
live it out. i'm barely affected by the cold.

WWYDI: botherhood ended in the middle because bones went bankrupt?
Katya Martin
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH. ...Katya used Mega Kick!

WWYDI we were all pokemon? biggrin.gif
realise i could be articuno. (don't ask me how i worked that out, it reveals personal info)

WWYDI: you may have an inherited disease. (i wouldn't want to know. so i didn't throw my life away thinking about it)
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