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Full Version: What Would You Do If?
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I shoot him with my machine gun.

WWYDI you suddenly spoke Latin and couldn't understand anything but Latin?
EGO can non agnosco a vox vos said

WWYDI the letter 11 and the number Z got switched ( I would freek out!!)
Lone Wolf
I'd probably try to master this new change... (and probably fail... lol)

WWYDI- A mountain lion was about to attack you?
fma lover stef
jump off the mountain along with my parachute WEEE!!!

WWYDI an alien landed in your backyard
I'd ask it join for dinner and make it bring me to the sun without burning.

WWYDI Ed pop out of the computer and falls on you?
I'd scream in surprise, then lose myself in my happiness.

WWYDI some jerk pushed you in the mall?
Shoot him with mi machine gun.

WWYDI you drank a whole bottle of milk?
fma lover stef
you love that machine gun, don't you? dry.gif

anyway i guess i would have a really big milk mustache tongue.gif

WWYDI you had a tail?
Chase it around. (then shoot it with my machine gun tongue.gif )

QUOTE(fma lover stef @ Apr 28 2006, 02:48 PM) [snapback]387458[/snapback]

you love that machine gun, don't you? dry.gif

Yeah. I even named it Usa-chan. (a.k.a. Mahamed)

WWYDI I shot u with my machine gun??
Lone Wolf
I'd crush your wind pipe with my killer fangs... jk... tongue.gif

WWYDI- You found yourself in the middle of your favorite show?
I'd probably sit down, take a popcorn with soda, and enjoy the show! ^^

WWYDI- you've had an appointment with the doctor and he said you have rabies. ph34r.gif OMG!

BTW: I always wanted to say this! I LOVE your avatar and siggie! LOVELY! wub.gif
Fainting sounds good.
WWYDI you were framed for a murder?
fma lover stef
i would kill the one that framed me

WWYDI you had no thumbs?
Lone Wolf
Thumbs?!? *looks at paws* Er... can't really answer that question... lol

WWYDI- A bear, a raccoon, and a squirrel walked into the middle of your most boring class?

QUOTE(KiorujiXeroxGurl @ May 2 2006, 08:17 PM) [snapback]389631[/snapback]

I'd probably sit down, take a popcorn with soda, and enjoy the show! ^^

WWYDI- you've had an appointment with the doctor and he said you have rabies. ph34r.gif OMG!

BTW: I always wanted to say this! I LOVE your avatar and siggie! LOVELY! wub.gif

Who? Me? *grins* Thanks, made 'em myself!
Cool! Usually, only cats came to my classroom before. I'd catch them and pat. And then I'll let it free again! ^^

WWYDI- Someone puts a knife at your throat threatening you "Bring me Edward and Alphonse to life, or DIE!!"

QUOTE(Lone Wolf @ May 4 2006, 09:13 AM) [snapback]390051[/snapback]

Who? Me? *grins* Thanks, made 'em myself!

Yeah, you! Awesome! biggrin.gif
I would have 2 die because I cant do that
WWYDI someone wanted you 2 help then kill themself?
Uh... I would attempt to try and talk them out of it, then refuse.

WWYDI your boy/girl friend cheated on you?
Find a new girlfriend?
WWYDI you had the chance 2 kill your greatest enemy
Seize the moment and give them a painful death beyond belief ^^

WWYDI you had the chance to be on Whose Line is it Anyway?
um I have seen it (from Australia) But I cant remember what its about.
If it is what I think it is then I would go.
WWYDI you had go 2 hell and back?
Lone Wolf
I wouldn't go in the first place...

WWYDI- You saw a squirrel holding a spork?
Emerald Alchemist
I'd spend about a week laughing at it! laugh.gif

WWYDI War broke out all over the world?
you know what suicide look like fun
WWYDI you were lost in a forest?
I'd keep walking into the Forest. Eventualy I'd be walking out given enough time.

WWYDI your school burnt down?
First am I in the school or out?
if in I would cry from the pain of the fire
out then I would be so happy. then I would be said because I would not get 2 see a lot of my friends for sometime.

WWYDI you lost your job or kicked out of school?
Probably be very emotional, but go and find another school to attend.

WWYDI you and your best were trapped in a well?
stay clam, think of an idea to get both of us out, keep sceaming for help (maybe there's someone nearby)... but now you have mobile phones so you can call someone else to pull you out...

WWYDI someone picked a fight with you in public when all you did was walked past the person?
Welll...MeLRizA, if it was a man, kick him in the balls. If he dont scream and fall down then you know its a woman. So if its a woman kick her in the shin and run. Or if your bigger than them...grab em by the collar and go "piss. off. b*tch" problem sovled.

WWYDI If you found out you where adopted...?
i would try to find my real parents... in the end i will accept my adopted n real parents as family as they had a part in bringing me up...

WWYDI you were trapped in a lift at level 60, alone without a mobile phone?
Go into a corner and breath shallow breaths. Dpn't want to waste oxygen.
A hour or two wouldn't hurt for repairs.

WWYDI you were blind and deaf and couldn't afford a suitable teacher?
I would live alone in the mountains. Seek enlightenment. Meditate. Etc.

What would you do if you were *magically* transported 10 years into the future?

Emerald Alchemist
I'd live it up, who knows... You might be *Magically* teleported back 10 years, so do as much as you can!

What would you do if: Everything you said was right?
I'd be happy, yet sad. Some things I've said aren't the nicest.

WWYDI people just started to ignore you, not evening realizing you were there?
i guess i'll try to talk to someone who is closer to me... otherwise just 'ignore' back as they might be busy with something... huh.gif

WWYDI you accused for a crime which you did not commit and had to be called to court?
Kitty Alchemist
Go to court and prove that it wasn't me.

WWYDI your going to die in seven days
i would spend my remaining week with my loved ones... and have as much fun with them as possible before i leave...

WWYDI your lover married your best friend and you came for their wedding?
fma lover stef
i would sit there in shock and say "never saw that comin blink.gif "

WWYDI you had your own robot?
Fullmini Alchemist
I would make it do my homework and chores

WWYDI you could talk to animals?
Talk to them.

WWYDI you found urself in Al's body?
Ehehe... I would wonder where the hell I was.

WWYDI you're favorite character died at the end of your favorite anime/manga? (lame, I know...)
Lone Wolf
He did... [spoiler]Poor Toboe!!![/spoiler]

WWYDI- You won a $25,000 shopping spree to your favorite store?
I don't have a favorite store. Wait, unless u count Borders or Barnes & Nobles... then I would buy all the mangas there.

WWYDI you drank strawberry milk but found out it was grape juice?? ph34r.gif
fma lover stef
i would wonder who took my grade juice tongue.gif

WWYDI you were the size of a bug?
I would probably die from being stepped on or something like that. But, I guess I would try to infect people with various diseases... People I don't like, anyway.

WWYDI: You were given the choice to 'live' eternally as a sum of all of your memories, emotions, etc in a computer generated reality, or to live life normally in the real world and face the consequences of death normally, to perhaps attain heaven?

Don't confuse this with the Matrix scenario/Brain in a vat. In the Matrix, if you/your mind die, that is it. I mean eternal life as a collective projection of your being. Of course technically, it's not "real" per se.

That's a very interesting thought... I'm very scared of death, so that makes the choice very difficult. But if the eternal life isn't real, I think I'd choose to live life normally, just with the people and animals I love. I don't really believe in something like heaven though.

Talking about the matrix, I feel like watching the matrix right now XD

WWYDI: you could living a very happy and wealthy life, but only if you have to give up your best friend?
fma lover stef
well i should be living a happy life with my best friends. but money, who cares! it would be nice, but it's not the first thing on my wish list cool.gif

WWYDI there was no more color in the world?
Grab a cranyon and let the coloring festival begin!

WWYDI a monster came out of your closet?
Perhaps scream very hard, and then...maybe a hard attack... ph34r.gif

WWYDI this forum suddenly dissapeared?

Scream my head off. People will stare at me as I go by having black marks under my eyes and the messy hair and the scary aura I'm givin' off. I'll make this death glare at anyone who calls me and just.. live without this forum. (if this forum was gone, perhaps I study more?? tongue.gif )

WWYDI ur lawyer came to u saying that u are convicted of a crime?
Fullmini Alchemist
Tell them that there was something behind them and when they looked I would run away.

WWYDI: You were lost in the jungle? (can't think of anything! >.<)
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