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Full Version: What Would You Do If?
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I have no dog. >D

What would you do if you had 7 something assignments due in one subject for the next day. And I'm talking research paper/project assignments. mellow.gif
So you know how I like 2 get 15 min of sleep a day well I dont get that
WWYDI if suicide looks good?
what would you do if you saw Satan and God? kill God and make Satan become ruler.
^ dry.gif obviously he doesn't under stand how to play this game.

WWUDI you came home to find a total stranger throwing a wild party in your house?
White Alchemist
Shoot them for breaking and entering the use their body for WORLD DOMINATION! Bwhahahahhahaha ph34r.gif
^no WWYDI?

ok...What Would You Do If I came to your house?
let you in
wwydi i were on fire?
White Alchemist
Blast you with a fire hose

WWYDI I was the ruler of the world
Smoke Alchemist
Kill myself

WWYDI everyone you ever loved abandoned you?
Carnal Malefactor
Well, I feel like I'm presently experiencing that, so I'll have to get back to you...

WWYDI you suddenly went deaf?
Freak out, and then, look for a doctor...
What would you do if you only have an hour more of life? (i´m new at this, don´t hurt me ph34r.gif )
Just enough time 2 get this new program and try it out
wwydi you had a stalker that wanted 2 kill you
White Alchemist
Kill them first

WWYDI the world was on fire?
i would buy a biig fire extinguisher biggrin.gif

What would you do self-combusted?
Smoke Alchemist
QUOTE(Void @ Feb 4 2006, 04:28 PM) [snapback]346705[/snapback]

Well, I feel like I'm presently experiencing that, so I'll have to get back to you...

sad.gif *pats you on the back*

Question: If I self combusted I would be dead...

WWYDI your significant other was cheating behind your back? blink.gif
White Alchemist
IDK? Kill myself

WWYDI leather-face attacked you(for you who dont know he is the guy from Texas chainsaw massarce)
WWYDI you had 2 weeks 2 live and all your friends are over seas
Be in this forum.
WWYD if you couldn´t sleep, but you feel sleepy?

I'd look like a zombie.

WWYDI you were grounded suddenly and couldn't get on the computer forever!!
so Ill make one with the spare parts I have
it will just be a very crap computer
WWYDI you had a virus that you could not get rid of
Smoke Alchemist
Virus in me or the comp?

WWYDI your love was states away?
start walking? (I cant walk over water)
WWYDI you had 2 go 2 school today?
i would skip school or some classes
what would you do if you could never see the FMA movie. i mean never
Hana no Kuroi
If I hadn't already seen it, I'd probably die.

What would you do if an FMA character popped out of your DVD/computer/manga?
*GASP!* blink.gif I would be the happiest person in my life! As I am the first person to meet him for REAL! laugh.gif And I'll show this website as a grattitude to him and let the person meet all his fans! tongue.gif Ain't that cool? biggrin.gif

WWYDI you feel like you're going to die...
Hana no Kuroi
Slap myself silly and beat myself up.

WWYDI you least favorite FMA character popped up out of nowhre?
Throw something at him!! ‘What’re you doing in my room?!?!?’
Then get my autograph book and let him sign it. laugh.gif
I just realized that I'm weird..

WWYDI your love is going to die... tomorrow?
Hana no Kuroi
*Gasp* Al is going to die tommorow?! *gets rope ready to hang self*

WWYDI you were a contestant on American Idol?
sing and tell simon off

WWYDI u had a 100 question test tomorrow and didn't exactly study 4 it?
ummm guess on the answers i spose

WWYDI your fav fma character died?
Hana no Kuroi
I'd scream really loudly and kil myself...XD

WWYDI you lost all your manga/anime?
Smoke Alchemist
be like damn

WWYDI you were sick and had school tonight?! >.<
haha id say screw school and catch up on what was done later.

WWYDI you woke up and realised you had just slept through 2 days?
I say OH SH*t

WWYDI You got to kill your absolute least favorite anime character?
Hana no Kuroi
Keep on laughing and laughing with blood on my hands while I'm taken to a Mental Institute and locked up...But my laughter echoes...

WWYDI you lost everything?
start looking?
WWYDI you had a gun?
hmm well maybe kill some ppl i absolutely hate
WWYDI if you had no hands
4 one I would not go on a computer
wwydi you had a maths test today?
not study, and probably not get off the computer

WWYDI the a swarm of bees were attacking you, and there was no place to hide?
alchemist x
Run around and around and around prolonging my extreem pain

WWYDI You stepped in a big pile of dog sh*t. Hence Freaks siggy.
well I would say "oh crap" then clean it off

wwydi you knew your favorite anime character?
Bash his head in and ask "What the hell were you thinking?!"

WWYDI your favourite anime character hated your guts?
“Your not real! HA HA”
WWYDI you wanted 2 die and you had a gun
not shoot myself.

WWYDI you suddenly found out u had a long lost triplet?
Black Zero
I would wonder who it was.
WWYDI if I killed every rock band alive?
I'd kill U

WWYDI u had all the money in the world
if i had all the money in the world...... well i would buy everything in the world !
WWYDI i did have all the money in the world ?
Ask if i could borrow some tongue.gif

WWYDI u were llike Gluttony and couldn't stop eatin?
eat...? and possibly die...someday...XD

WWYDI you had a stalker?

Grab him, beat him up, and call the police.

WWYDI you found out ur teacher is under 20?
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