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Full Version: What Would You Do If?
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WWYDI Star Wars I-III were actually as good as IV-VI
Smoke Alchemist
Shake George Lucas' hand.

WWYDI I refused to answer several PM and blocked you on AIM?
be like wtf >.<

WWYDI you lost your cellphone and your internet wouldn't work for a week
Smoke Alchemist
omg...Write some letters or use my house phone to call peoples.

WWYDI someone hurt your gf/bf?
go crazy

WWYDI your gf that you've had for 3 years was pregnant with another person's kid?
Smoke Alchemist
I dont know..I am a girl LOL and I dont like girls like that smile.gif

WWYDI your bf/gf was 2 timing you with your best friend?
idk >.< first thing is I'd wanna talk to them about it

WWYDI your best friend starting hating you for no reason?
Smoke Alchemist
be very depressed but try to find out why...If I could get no answer i would let her be till she was ready to talk about it sad.gif

WWYDI you accidently killed your bf/gf?
"What did I do?" Walks away
WWYDI A cat hit you in the face?
um....pull it off?

WWYDI someone threw you into a volcano? (O.o)
watch them die from the fumes of being too close while they were trying to pull me closer to the edge

WWYDI your cell phone was stolen
I have a what now?
WWYDI your computer died?
It does anyway...I just pull the power cord in the back and restart it XD

WWYDI this site was blocked off at your school?
wait to get home to post, or hack the computer untill i make it unblocked (hehehe)

WWYDI u knew u couldn't fail? (quote i saw on a coffee mug, but it's pretty deep; it's like asking ur deepest desire, since in this one and only one instance u couldn't possibly fail)
then be lazier prolly but I'm a diligent student ^^

WWYDI you favorite actor/actress died
Smoke Alchemist
be like damn...and be sad.

WWYDI you started to hate your husband/wife *Even if your not married or are a youngin' STILL answer please*
I'd try to talk things over with them and figure out why I hated them now, I guess.

WWYDI your photobucket died? (I would be in such big trouble if mine did XD)
I'd try to fix it? XD

WWYDI I were to become your number one customer?
Be happy? Although I don't sell anything XDD

WWYDI you had school every day of the week?
I like work now
WWYDI you had 2 stand up all day?
have sore legs?

WWYDI your computer started spewing out this nasty greenish substance?
poke it with a stick and laugh

WWYDI the world was submerged in water (like in the movie water world)
learn to swim

WWYDI you woke up and you had turned into a moth?
go around town scaring and haunting ppl for fun with my newfound powers, heheheh

WWYDI u could talk to animals?
play with them more ^^

WWYDI your bf/gf dumped you
Smoke Alchemist
have a big broken heart for a long time and most likely change a lot.

WWYDI you had to choose between your GF/BF or a video game?
omg gf while playing games together <3
gf > games though if had to choose on or other ^^

WWYDI you had insomnia
Had? Do.
WWYDI you had 2 walk in blood all day?
Smoke Alchemist
look for another job.

WWYDI Your GF/BF framed you for murder?
oh Jesus um...cry? run? faceplant? idk >.<

WWYDI all of your video games were stolen
Smoke Alchemist
go postal

WWYDI your GF/BF spent most of there free time with there friends and not with you
as long as they're happy and they still care for me I'm fine ^^

WWYDI your bf/gf didn't get you anything for christmas, birthdays, or valentines day?
Smoke Alchemist
depends on the reason why...

WWYDI your wife/hubby *if you were married* told you what to do and where to go all the time?
make sure she has to do it with me depending on what it was lol

WWYDI you found your hubby cheating on you when you were pregnant with your first kid?
how did I get pregnant?
WWYDI You got into a fight?
Edit: I cant type

WWYDI you failed a class
Smoke Alchemist
be like *explative*

WWYDI You ate to much last night then woke up hungry?
sounds like today lol ^^

WWYDI people actually stopped coping others? o.o
Smoke Alchemist
Be like *Shrug*

WWYDI you won the international gamer of the year award?! LMAO
you'd get second to me tongue.gif

WWYDI someone stole your lunch o.o
Smoke Alchemist
be like wtf? someone stole my lunch...

WWYDI you could not spell worth a lick when you were online?!
nothing new lol

WWYDI peanut butter jelly time was no more?
Smoke Alchemist

WWYDI you were in a mushrooms eating contest?
pwn ^^

WWYDI you had to eat a packet of ketchup plain before breakfast?
Then I would eat toothpate for breakfast!
WWYDI someone came up to you and picked yor nose?
I would first stare at the person confused. Then I would ask the person why they picked my nose. Then if their reply is not satifactory I get a restraining order.

WWYDI Some one put a restraining order on you?
Smoke Alchemist

WWYDI Your friends refused to like your GF/BF
still be with her ^^

WWYDI your best friend was arrested for something they didn't do
Smoke Alchemist
I dont know...

WWYDI your friends told you to chose them or your gf/bf?
then apparently they must not be the friends I thought T_T

WWYDI someone shot your doggie T_T
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