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Full Version: What Would You Do If?
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I would walk over to where he was standing and give him a piece of my mind... physically... XD!

WWYDI... You found out that when you were little, you parents actually changed your gender... hence, the gender you have now is actually not real....?
Ed Elrich
probably goinsane.
What if God appeared before you.
Dunno... bow down, I suppose.

WWYDI... you found out that you actually sleepwalk and kill people at night, without your knowledge?


Yes, I'm very morbid... that's what my english teacher said yesterday... XD
Carnal Malefactor
Keep on doing it for as long as I could get away with it. biggrin.gif

WWYDI your only child told you he/she was gay?
Kill him/ her... it... XD! I have no clue...

WWYDI... you found out that you're a hermaphrodite?
Ed Elrich
I dont know.
(dont even know what that is)

What if a bomb blew up your house
Smoke Alchemist
be dead?

WWYDI you could raise the dead?
I am the dead
wwudi the dead ie me tried to kill you
run XD

WWYDI someone tried to kill you with that Residen Evil chainsaw controller?
run away and get my friends super nintendo duck hunting controller and shoot him/her. rofl laugh.gif

WWYDI everybody on earth looked animated and can actuall use powers! (powers meaning magic and stuff)
Mrs. Edward Elric
Be like "oh cool!"

WWYDI someone screwed up your cell phone?
bug cingular to give me a new one tongue.gif

WWYDI i caught your house on fire? and blamed it on you!
hunt you down and shoot you XDDDD

WWYDI your computer started
I would be so happy if this computer did that. Im so cold and its a crap computer
wwudi you had 2 read Romeo and Juliet>?
Ed Elrich
Already did for school.
What if you could be a super hero
Wear shade to be cooler... cool.gif

WWYDI... you found out you had an hour left to live?
Smoke Alchemist
Have a LOT of fun!

WWYDI the love of your life tried to kill you?
I think i would help her.
pum at home?
uh ya and its wwydi not pum, lol
WWYDI rain was always acid rain and it started raining!
I'd go inside and never go out again XD

WWYDI some person you hated brought a gun to school and started shooting people?
*dream* i would take out my battlerifle and give him another hole, muwahahahaha
*reality* run for my ------ life!!!!!! ohmy.gif

WWYDI some person you hated brought a gun to school and started shooting people? and he/she had a railgun! tongue.gif
First I would knock he or she out and take his or her gun. Then I would call the police and let them deal with he or she.

WWUDI Your refigerater broke? biggrin.gif
omg, its the end of life! nnnnoooo

WWYDI your computer blew up right now!
Id get a new one.

WWUDI You were about to die and the only person that could save you is your worst enemey?
Die well she will not help me
WWYDI I kill 10 people that you know.
come and hunt you down tongue.gif

WWYDI i killed your parents? and then came after you with 100 people!
Hey look a duck is dancing
RUNS as fast as possible
WWYDI You fell 4 that
pretend I knew you were faking XD

WWYDI someone stole a sig/wallpaper/whatever you made?
Id be pissed off
Might hurt them
WWYDI I killed osmeone?
depends on who you killed XD

WWYDI George Bush came to your house?
I help you kill the next person lol

that was for Zombie

As for the bush thing i pretend i wasnt home

WWUDI You never found this forum?
I would be looking up wallpapers right now and just that.
WWYDI I liked George Bush
Smoke Alchemist
Say, WOW?

WWYDI i started a thread about the many ways to sew a button onto a blouse?
I think ill kill smoke now
WWYDI I did kill her?
I'd avenge her of coarse. ph34r.gif

WWYDI I avenged Smokie?

Help you or run
WWUDI I asked you 2 be in my forum family?
I would most likely accept

wwydi archer was world president?
Become too happy and satisfied with the peaceful world and start a revolt.

WWYDI you had 2 hours to live?
WWYDI You had 1 hours sleep?
fall down and put a note on me saying, "sleeping, wake up if you want to die."
WWYDI you sleeped for 5 days?
Sleep for 5 days.
I think I need 2
WWUDI Someone hit you in the face?
Get angry.(I might hit the person back.)

WWYDI G.W.Bush took over the world?

How long would it take to kill him?
$10 says that I kill him in the first week.
WWYDI he did do that and I did kill him in the first week?
I'd be happy. smile.gif

WWYDI the letter m disappeared forever?

Y nae would be Ikhail Labert
WWYDI You had 2 kill someone or die yourself?
Bye all
ed's numbuh 1 fan
milk would be ilk and moo would be oo blink.gif whoa i ean hoa

wwydi i haven't been in spam central in awhille
by: zombie Posted Today, 02:54 PM "WWYDI You had 2 kill someone or die yourself?"

i would probly kill myself, maybe.

by: ed's numbuh 1 fan Posted Today, 02:56 PM "wwydi i haven't been in spam central in awhille"

nm, theres a grip load of people in spam central.

WWYDI there was no letter a
my name would be Juli Grci.

WWYDI i took over the world?

hmm. i woldnt care but i just hope your cool tongue.gif
( and you have the same name as i do except for a "n")
WWYDI soda was never invented!
drink more coffee XD

WWYDI your best friend was a dinosaur? O.o
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