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Full Version: What Would You Do If?
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don't know O.o go to a friend to talk prolly

WWYDI one of your best friends killed another one of your best friends on accident and you only saw the part where one died
Smoke Alchemist
Yikes! I really don't know, scary thought though

WWYDI you were on a plane and the pilots got knocked out and no one wanted to try and fly the plane?
I'd fly it and hope for the best XD

WWYDI you fell asleep at your computer right as you're reading this...zzzZZZ
hurt my head. that what i would do
wwydi i hit you in the face and you fell over and broke your left leg and your right arm
cry XD

WWYDI your house started burning?
spray it with water
wwydi evryone in the world exept for you and least faverite peron on earth disapeared
say "NOT YOU!".
"now you will die"
wwydi i killed you best friend
then killed the top 10 people that you hate?
Edit you cant add files damn
Um...I guess it'd even out? XD

WWYDI a cockroach started eating your toe?
Smoke Alchemist
Smash Smash Smash!!

WWYDI You could meet one person on this board? *Who?*
meet them and its Amy
wwydi i can to your house?
say COOL then show u around the house...

WWYDI the world was comming 2 an end?
Smoke Alchemist
Say hey...and have a pot of tea ready.

WWYDI you could meet one person you couldn't stand on this board?
not meet them....

WWYDI someone killed your best friend?
ask them why they did it, first...what I'd do depends on what they said

WWYDI someone stole your pants? O.o
killl them
wwydi i came 2 your house and hit you in the face?
Smoke Alchemist
You wouldn't get a foot near me.

WWYDI i sent my Assassin to off you?
send mine to counterattack hehe XD

WWYDI I smacked you with a textbook?
hit you in the face
then kick you in the head
then to finish it off hit you with my keyboarding book
(its very big)
wwydi you had no keyboard
use my tablet to write in the computer intead lol

WWYDI you got a virus on you computer?
i have one i think
tell avg to kill it
wwudi you had 2 format your computer?
Smoke Alchemist

WWYDI You lived with hitchhikers guide as your manuel to the galaxy?
not much (need 2 read the book or see the movie)
wwudi you had school 2 day (its Saturday 4 me)
Saturday cry

WWYDI your crush asked you out..but on that day, its your parents' funeral
You have options.
1) drop dead
2) ask in two weeks time
3) run while you can
wwydi i hit you in the face and you fell over and broke your arm and legs
Smoke Alchemist
be in lots of pain...but manage to get to my foot that wasnt injured and smack you across the face with my limp arm.

WWYDI you had to ask question through written form and recieved in triplicate?
um, ask why

WWYDI you found out your best friend was a ninja
Ed Elrich
Ask him to teach me ninja skills
What if your best friend shot your dog
Smoke Alchemist
Kick the s%&t out of my best friend, but first ask why he did it.

WWYDI You were forced to save your mom or watch her die to save 10,000 people?

WWYDI a fly flew into your nose? O.o
Smoke Alchemist

WWYDI someone offered you 3 million to sleep with your wife? LOL
um...I'm a i couldn't have a wife...I hope XD

but if I was a guy...I'd do it XD

WWYDI you won the lottery?
spoil my friends, buy lotsa anime/manga/games, and put some in savings ^^

WWYDI your mom forbid you to see your bf/gf
Smoke Alchemist
See them anyway if i really cared for them.

WWYDI someone told you they were Hoing you for cash? LMAO! blink.gif
be like zomgwtf

WWYDI smilies weren't allowed anymore? O.o
be happy and sad and...
wwydi you had 2 read the matrix?
Smoke Alchemist
Read it.

WWYDI people thought you were older then you are?
i get that a lot.
wwydi you had school in 1and a half hours?
don't go
WWYDI your mother was your father ?
wtf? er...still love them?

WWYDI your best friend died cuz they got in an accident while coming to meet you
Smoke Alchemist
Feel responsible

WWYDI Someone fell in love with you, but you knew you could not return there feeling for a very good reason?
What's the reason?

WWYDI Gay marrage was law?
(meaning ONLY gay marrages) blink.gif
not get married and live with a girlfriend, and have kids anyway

WWYDI you could dance really really uberly awesome
I think ill put myself in that suicide fact sheet thing I have to do.
wwydi I killed a MOD?
Smoke Alchemist
Probably not know, and if i did know...

WWYDI You had to marry by age 21 and if you did not, you were sentenced to death.
marry you ^^

WWYDI there was a law that said there was an 8pm curfew or else you're arrested for a month
go to another state and play computer all the time smile.gif, or just play at prison

WWYDI manga and anime never existed!
sleep more XD

WWYDI a sponge attacked you?
run away and sue spongbob for promiting i the attack of sponges

WWYDI all food tasted the same!
Smoke Alchemist
Shoot my tongue off!

WWYDI Guild Wars were real?
seventh_sky nothing XD

WWYDI someone hit you in the head with a football?
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