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Full Version: What Would You Do If?
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Smoke Alchemist
Be extremly upset!

WWYDI you had the power to control animals?
protect them ^^

WWYDI you had to choose between saving a kitty or doggie?
Smoke Alchemist
EEk! i have saved a kitty from the freeway so...kitty, but i love my dog so...I can't choose!!

WWYDI you had to crash into a building to save someone?
speed up and ram it

WWYDI the one you loved most would die if you helped your best friend with something important
Smoke Alchemist
HHmmmtell my friend he/she is on there own!

WWYDI your friend told you to choose them over your true love?
O.o tell them they should understand me >.> then go away and try to make up for it later

WWYDI you failed a class cuz you forgot to do a project
Smoke Alchemist

WWYDI you could control anything you wanted? what would you do?
I would be able to help my friends more ^^

WWYDI a friend of yours was emotionally hurt but didn't wanna talk to you about it
try to get them to tell me

WWYDI you were posting at school and your teacher came right up behind you and then you got in big trouble? *looks behind to make sure that isn't happening*
Smoke Alchemist
ROTF! Shrug and say sorry I was waiting for someone really important to email me about my dog...won't happen again.

WWYDI you fell in love with someone you met on the internet?
try to run with it ^^

WWYDI the boy/girl of your dreams left you standing alone at the alter on wedding day
Smoke Alchemist
Go "Kill Bill" on his a$$. tongue.gif

WWYDI your parents went missing?
look for them?

WWYDI you got a chance to have your own personal godzilla?
Make him do my shopping for me. o.o

WWYDI You just realized that you are madly in love with... him ---> unsure.gif
Make him go to some self-estem seminars.

WWYDI you had to choose between your boyfriend or bestfriend?
don't have boyfriend so best friend ^^

WWYDI you broke your leg

@smoke: I'd never leave ya or anyone for that matter ^^
Smoke Alchemist
Sit on my butt all day and go stir crazy!

WWYDI you were in a full body cast?

@Kyros, Thanks! smile.gif
I'd want to figure out a way for my friends to come see me

WWYDI you were drafted into the army
hide O.O

WWYDI the Mounties showed up at your house?
Smoke Alchemist
Say i am screwed, Cause they always get there man! *Run from mounties*

WWYDI you were to be king/queen to a family you never knew?
um...say "You made a mistake!" XD

WWYDI a dog pooped on your foot?
be like wtf?

WWYDI your arm (whichever one you use most) had to be amputated
Start 2 use my left hand\arm
wwydi you has 558 unread e-mails
start deleting...for a while...

WWYDI someone stole your music collection and your computer crashed so its music files were gone too
not much 1 CD of crap music and i have 2 start 2 download and borrow some cdís
wwydi i hacked into your computer
Smoke Alchemist
say damn

WWYDI I turned into a werewolf on the full moon?

@Zombie...I DL the Zip!
stay away on the full moon

WWYDI your bf/gf were a vampire
Smoke Alchemist
Have him "Bring me across" I suppose i might regret it later though LOL

WWYDI you were turned into a vampire without your consent?
depends on who made me one. wouldn't mind if it was you ^_~

WWYDI your parents didn't come to your wedding
If they chose not to I'd not care...if I didn't know why they weren't there I'd cancel it.

WWYDI you woke up and you realised you had someone elses voice
be like wtf

WWYDI your fiance wanted you to be bald
Smoke Alchemist
Uh...No! *hugs hair*

WWYDI your fiance left you for another person?!
run to you and cry T_T

WWYDI Square Enix went out of business
Smoke Alchemist
That would SUCK!
@ Kyros *Hug*

WWYDI you saw a dog get smacked by it's owner?
go crazy and help the doggie

*hugs* ^^

WWYDI we got to meet up in real life
Smoke Alchemist
hhhmm, Say hi and give you a big hug! lol

WWYDI you dreamed you had murdered someone and awoke to find blood on your clothes and hands?
T_T *tears* T_T

WWYDI someone stole your computer
find it XD

I'd try, anyway

WWYDI the person you loved lived on the other side of the world?
"@Zombie...I DL the Zip!"
^what dose that mean?

she dose.
wwydi you had 2 go school now?
i do so bye.

WWYDI you won a battle you thought you never would? (I just did, check my sig out XD)
Ed Elrich
I would be happy and proud
What if you had to chose between your mother or father

Smoke Alchemist
My mother would win hands down.

@ Zombie..It means i Downloaded the zip file!

WWYDI you had a child with someone you had only met once?lol
At least make the child lives and not aborted. Then I would take care of it. I wouldn't make a child pay for my mistake.

WWUDI Became President of the USA?
Smoke Alchemist
Try to get deported.

WWYDI fairies were real?
get one and have it as a friend smile.gif
WWUDI your bedtime was 7:00 pm!
go to bed, but not to sleep, at 7 (have tv and ps2 at foot of bed ^^)

WWYDI your parents abandoned you
Smoke Alchemist
Try and find people who would care for me if i were under age.

WWYDI the world stopped spinning.
Go off to mars..

WWYDI the homonculi visited your house?
wonder why they're all together and not killing each other...then chill out with Lust ^_~

WWYDI your bro/sis turned you in to the cops for something he/she did, but could manipulate the story so the evidence pointed at you
i would hate him for the rest of my life and try to run away from the cops.

WWYDI your parents got divorced because of you!
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