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Full Version: What Would You Do If?
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Smoke Alchemist
I guess work with that annoying imp!

WWYDI you had to work with Edward Elric on an equasion for alchemy?
pwn him in alchemy

WWYDI family guy was cancelled
Flip onto the next channel... XD!


You found out you were born from incest!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can't change that although can't say I wouldn't feel weird at first

WWYDI you loved you bro/sis? (think angel sanctuary if you've seen it)
......*Shoots Self for liking an 8-year old XP*

WWYDI You were raped?
mellow.gif Lets just say that person wouldn't be on this earth very long after that.

WWUDI You had to choose between your live or the persons live that you love the most?
i die
wwydi someone kill half your family?
Mrs. Edward Elric
Cry my eyes out.

WWYDI the girl/guy that you love the most died?
I would cry, then eat some chocolate.

WWWYDI you were forced to live on an island for 5 years
Smoke Alchemist
live on an island for 5 years.

WWYDI your life was really a television sitcom?
Break through the TV into the real world.

WWUDI Some stole your refrigrater?
Smoke Alchemist
wonder why they would want that old thing.

WWYDI arnold swartznegger (sp?) was the president of these united states. If you are in the USA.
... God forbid THAT happening! Ermm... I have no clue, but I would hate it.

WWYDI... you found out that everything you know is just a dream?
Smoke Alchemist
Smile and see what real life was like.

WWYDI time stood still but were the only one who could move.

WWYDI you ran out of moneys and couldn't find a job
Smoke Alchemist
go on unemplyment

WWYDI your soulmate lived in your city but you didnt know who she/he was?
Cant change the future. dry.gif

WWYDI Everyone hated your favorate anime?
sucks to be them =P

WWYDI you best friend did something bad your bf/gf without realizing it
Smoke Alchemist
Be depressed, that actually happened to me but she knew what she was doing. mad.gif

WWYDI you were married and the person you were married to cheated but denied it?
Befrend the other guy. tongue.gif

WWYDI soneone you diddn't know gave you "suki-suki" wink.gif tongue.gif blink.gif
a what?
what the hell is that? i think ill google it and find out when i finish downloading
WWUDI One of your friends abandoned your group?
I wouldn't really care.
WWYDI your mom died?
my mum? i dont know and i do not want 2 know
wwydi we lived in the Matrix?
@DustStorm do you go on MSN?
freak out
WWYDI you married an old man?
@zombie Yes I do go on msn.
im a guy
wwydi you wanted 2 do something in bold but all you could get into was fast reply
Smoke Alchemist
Learn a little HTML!

WWYDI your dog ate your homework? *Be nice dogs are sweet*

LMBO @ Zombie's answer "Im a Guy"
ill be saying thank-you, thank-you now i can say the dog ate my homework
wwydi I kill your computer?
Smoke Alchemist
I kill you biggrin.gif

WWYDI Your computer came to life and started speaking with you?
id say hi
wwydi some girl had a dream about you and you dont know her. (true thing)
We say HI ZOMBIE!!!(my BFF had the dream)

WWYDI I had a dream about you?

well all i can hope 4 is that is not like your friends
wwydi i added you 2 aim or msn or yahoo messenger?
Smoke Alchemist

WWYDI monsters from the great outer regions of the underworld came to life and began attacking everyone in sight?
I would kill them befor they could kill me. laugh.gif

WWYDI the world was coming to an end in 1 hour?
That's too much to type for me! tongue.gif

WWYDI you were blind?
Smoke Alchemist
not see a damn thing

WWYDI a mysterious stranger told you to follow him if you wanted to live?
follow him. ph34r.gif
WWYDI Greed somehow came back to life?
Smoke Alchemist
Ask him out on a date.

WWYDI chicken mcnuggets were not made with chicken?
blink.gif ...*Continues eating*
{Smoke, YOur a GIRL?! ohmy.gif ph34r.gif
Smoke Alchemist
uh, last time i checked *Checks again* Yep! I'm a girl.

WWYDI you found out your one wish could come true?
I don't know really, seems kinda selfish, but it'd be lotsa fun to be with all of my friends and people I love ^^

WWYDI Square-Enix went out of business (not saying it's happening soon...better not!)
die XD

WWYDI you threw your ps3 controller at the wall and it came back around and hit you?
Smoke Alchemist
ROTF!!! alright that is funny becasue that actually happened to me..But it wasnt a game controller and i was pissed! LOL

WWYDI your most cherised item disappeared? what is it?
Go look under my bed for it XD currently, it's probably my little Roy figure XDDDDD

WWYDI your desk started to talk to you? O.o
its alive!!!
wwudi i gave you a book called splinter of the mind eye?
and do you know what that book is from?
Smoke Alchemist
If it is the same book i have...I would say star wars WOO HOO!

WWYDI i gave you a big teddy bear? LOL
take it? XD

WWYDI all your hair suddenly fell out?
Cool. people can use my head as a mirror! tongue.gif

WWYDI you were launched into space?
Smoke Alchemist
be in space

WWYDI you were forced to marry someone you didnt love, but you knew it had to be done to save the person you really loved?
marry then get a divorce
wwydi your best friend kill you girl\boyfriend?
Kill him. and someone else. and another. and ....

WWYDI It was open mike-night at the local comedy club?
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