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Full Version: What Would You Do If?
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Smoke Alchemist
turn my monitor off.

WWYDI you turned into your avatar?
be like holy hell I'm a girl...oooo check out my ninja girl hotness...used to being a guy though O.o

WWYDI your favorite anime character was real
Smoke Alchemist
Insert nasty comment HERE. Kidding, Probably ask them to show me some cool shite!

WWYDI a ninja told you he was your father and everything you knew about your real life was a sham and you must now learn the ways of the ninja? lol
thank him and ask if my friends can come happy.gif

WWYDI your house was forclosed
uh...panic XD

WWYDI your left hand fell off?
i would be covered in blood (im leaning on it)
wwudi you had a car crash
Get in big trouble because I dont even have a permit yet XD

WWYDI you lost all your music files?
GO NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!
wwydi there was no more new anime
be bored XD

WWYDI your instant messenger stopped working (mine just did sleep.gif)
Smoke Alchemist
uninstall it and reinstall it.

WWYDI you were a ghostbuster?
kill ghost?
wwudi i was stting on you bed right now.
sorry im out of ideas
um...say hi? XD

WWYDI a semi truck suddenly came crashing into your room?
Wonder how the heck it crashed into my room (My room's on the 2nd floor.)
WWYDI I gave you a beaver?
take it?
wwudi you had 2 go to school now?
sleep during class XD

WWYDI someone you didn't know started hitting on you?
so someone I donít know is hitting on me? Last time I that happened I just started a new school and I walked off
wwydi pig started to fly
get a bazooka and shoot them down

WWYDI your school blew up for absoulutly no reason
Jump Up With Joy and Sing! biggrin.gif laugh.gif happy.gif

WWYDI You Missed The Best Episode, That You Hadn't Seen Yet, Of Your Favorite Anime and It Didn't Play Twice??
Idc since i would download them
WWYDI you went home and everything in your room was gone
kill things

WWYDI someone stole your computer
Someone asked that, and I, again I say...

Blow up half the world blink.gif laugh.gif

WWYDI you were force-fed live rats?
spit them back into that person's face

WWYDI I spit rats into Choo's face
laugh laugh.gif
WWYDI i broke my neck?
cast cure3

WWYDI your parents told you they were having another baby
Smoke Alchemist
Laugh uncontrollably

WWYDI your girl friend told you she was pregnant? LOL

holy hell...I would support her and stay together though ^__^ I would so be just like hughes

WWYDI (assume you are girl if you aren't) your boyfriend left you when you were pregnant
Smoke Alchemist
Have the kid...I mean what can you do with men like that.

WWYDI you came across a crime scene and were now running for your life from the mafia?
run right into my killer and hope they die of shock because im running towards my death
wwydi you had 2 do a project for school in about 2 hours
hurry the hell up

WWYDI your parents said they wanted to chaparone you on all of your dates before you were 18
2 more years. mind you i would get 2 know my dad then
wwydi MSN never worked
I've never used msn in my life so I wouldn't care

WWYDI all IM services were taken down for a month
i use MSN and i do have AIM but i dont like it. (no records)
wwydi a car hit you today or for some people tonight
Smoke Alchemist
be in the hospital.

WWYDI you had to choose between the life of your lover or the life of your mother?
lover because my mum is in pain a lot of the time and she has lived a long life but my lover has not.
wwydi you could save your girl\boyfriend and watch your best friend die or save your best friend and watch your girl\boyfriend die
post 6-28
Smoke Alchemist
Hard to answer since i do not have a boyfriend at present and i wouldn't mind seeing my ex fry! LOL. I would save my best friend.

WWYDI a celestial being came to you and asked if you would like the power of a god but, in exchange you must give up the thing you love the most.

tell it 2 go 2 hell i love that thing!!! btw what is it that i love so much?
wwydi you won the book splinter of the mids eye
post 11-28
Smoke Alchemist
Be happy?!

WWYDI a women or man came up to you and spit in your face?
hit them
wwudi you lost your net for a week
post 14-28
Smoke Alchemist
SCREAM then go to my college library aand use theres.

WWYDI someone kept stalking you
hurt them? i dont know and i dont want 2 know
wwydi a guy came up 2 you and kissed you?
post 17-28
punch him in the face when he tried

WWYDI all your food was gone instantly
Be Hungry. sad.gif

WWYDI There was a cure for AIDS?
i would try to aviod it !
wwyd if hamsters took over the world aA(im bored out of my mind sorry !)
Id have some fun with a lawn more.... (No offense to anyone who likes hamsters. I just don't like them ruling the world.)

WWUDI you had to survive without your computer for a month?
Me...survive...No computer..... yer crazey!

WWYDI HS and I wern't friends?
We are friends, right soldier? smile.gif unsure.gif
...I dunno.
WWYDI your best friend died?
Smoke Alchemist
Cry alot...

WWYDI your TV melted before your eyes! LOL
go into shock

WWYDI I crapped in your shoes
Smoke Alchemist
OMG EWWW Get new shoes and make you wear my crappy old ones! ROTF!

WWYDI i made you wear crap shoes
huh.gif huh.gif huh.gif huh.gif

WWYDI You were a ninja ph34r.gif laugh.gif (YAY)
...and had to wor with Naruto blink.gif (uh...yay?)
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