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Full Version: What Would You Do If?
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My Alchemist Romance
haha good one.

wwudi you had to get a proper tattoo
get it
wwud if u had $100,000
My Alchemist Romance
get on a plane to the US and go see MCR

wwudi your parents got divorced
i live with my mum and not my dad you tell me
wwudi the net was down for 6 months
My Alchemist Romance
id buy a book

wwudi you saw your grandma naked
i think shes dead
wwudi fast internet changed into 56K
kill my self

wwydi if you where wich
wwudi u new what this is wich
My Alchemist Romance

wwudi you were an anime character
Art of Misconception
If I was an anime character, I'd take good advantage of it. Work up the level to become a Brigadier officer, interrupt Roy and Riza's love affair, all that good stuff xD.

WWUDI you went bankrupt?
i mean rich sry..
back to the qes: well start a nre company.. if it was a company
if its me you mean, i would ask my daddy to get more money

WWUDI you had a bomb under you`r bad, only you heard is TICK tack TICK tack.-..
ed's numbuh 1 fan
umm get away from it?

wwydi you were this smilly huh.gif
wwudi you died and came back to life
I don't know.. just continue on living with my life then.. xP

WWYDI ended up in jail for the rest of your life?
Art of Misconception
If I ended up in jail for the rest of my life, there's no changing that right? It's something I've got to accept and I sure ain't hell risking it by escaping. That just puts it in a bigger and worser dilemma.

WWUDI your fate was sealed and you would die first thing tomorrow?
I would just say my prayers and goto sleep.


Boys=Winry Propsed to you

Girls=Edward proposed to you
i wouldnt accept tongue.gif i donno why, i think hes better of with Winry

WWUDI you could make your own anime?
I would make a crossover anime

WWYDI you discovered that you were an machine.
show off
wwudi u had no school\work for 20 days?
Riza Babe
PARTY!! biggrin.gif

What would you do If Fullmetal Alchemist The movie was canceled?
it dose not matter to me because u dont get anime where i live
wwudi u had to go to school 24\7
kill the ones who made that law wink.gif

WWUDI u lose your arms and legs?
i would lose my arms and legs
wwudi u had a crap computer?
Le Monkey
Laugh as I dont.. HA HA

WWYDI you didnt go here now?
wwudi all of your friends died
Le Monkey
Crie.. IDK what Else i would do.. *_*
wwudi the person next to you died.
Le Monkey
Get confused as Im alone..

WWYDI your fingers fell off and you couldnt ever use a pc again?
Then I would just robot hands.


This world would explode in ten minutes.
Le Monkey
Ring my GF and tell her I love her.. then go to sleep.. happy.gif

WWYDI I was behind you now?
say “touch me and you die”
wwudi u lost your net connection
I don't care I have a wireless chip thingy.

WWYDI the internet never excisted
Art of Misconception
I think I'll survive. I can always resort to more perspective things, like reading and writing.

WWUDI if there was a second Depression and you had to move away from your family?


WWUDI you had cancer
id find a cure

WWYD if you lived in space
Live in space.

WWYDI you got pregnant at the age you are right now?
wonder how i got pregnant when I'm a virgin

WWYDI you were abducted by aliens?
Dont know, dont they erase your memory?

WWYDI You went Deaf and Blind?
Mrs. Edward Elric
scream and cry

WWYDI someone steped on your toes while climbing the stairs of your school?
keep on going up the stairs
wwudi u won $10,000 then lost it 5 min later
Mrs. Edward Elric
beat myself up or beat the person who made me lost my money

WWYDI time stops?
Then I would just sleep the whole time.

WWYDI You lost your entire family.
i dont want 2 know
wwudi u had a maths test today.
take it, because I'm mathsmart tongue.gif.

WWYDI you didn't have to go to work/school.

WWUDI u can stay in your dreams forever
go insane
wwudi u had to stay in school for 10 more years
I just blow the school up

WWYDI you fell alseep while eating.
die "death by food"
wwudi u had no food

WWYDI you coudn't sleep at all?
be me
wwudi u had 2 kill all of your friends?
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