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Full Version: Top 5 Game Soundtracks
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Apologies if such thread already exists, but search did not reveal one either here or general music.

Anyway, here are my top 5 game soundtracks of all time.

1) Katamari Damachii who could not love this one? Imaginative, inventive and fun!

2) Wild Arms 3 I still whistle the theme tune now and then. Bliss!

3) Final Fantasy 7 for nostalgic reasons more than anything else, but some of the tunes were damn catchy.

4) Silent Hill 4 Excellent moody pieces, well fitting the series, which is my favorite when it comes to survival horror.

5) Ultima IV I will never forget the tunes, they will always be with me.
Sonic games always have great songs on them.

Sonic 1- Green Hill Zone's music is awsome
Sonic 2- Super Sonic music is my favorite here
Sonic 3- the Ice Cap Zone rocks
Sonic&Knuckles-Doomsday Zone

Sonic CD- the opening theme is the only one I've heard of course that's good as well.

Sonic Adventure 1/DX- "Open Your Heart" is just something else Sonic's theme and the invincibilty themes are good as well.
Sonic Adventure 2- Live and Learn, Sonic theme, City Escape, Aquatic Mines are all great.
Sonic Heros has Team chaotix Team Dark and "What I'm made of" All of those rule.

The cake for soudtracks would have to go to Grand Theft Auto though.
I don't even need to say what rocksabout Vice City's soundtrack.

GTA San Andreas has "Welcome to the Jungle" done by Guns & Roses, "Hellraiser" (spelling?) by Ozzy Osbourne, "Hollywood Swinging" I forget who that's done by though, "Young Turks" by Rod Stewart, "A Horse with no Name", and plenty of other awsome songs.
1) Final Fantasy VIII

2) Kingdom Hearts

3) Katamari Damachi

4) Final Fantasy VII

5) Final Fantasy X

=^w^= There ya go!
Carnal Malefactor

<3 Mitsuda Yasunori <3
1) Golden Sun

2) Golden Sun the lost age

3) Final Fantasy 7

4) Star Ocean till the end of time.

5) Final fantasy X
i think most of Nobuo Uematsu's music is very good, too bad hes not orchestrating the music for ff12
Boy, does Squaresoft music dominate the game music tastes of this board or what.
I agree with GS4Life, all of the music from the Sonic games are awesome. *currently listening to Team Chaotix*. Plus the music from the Zelda series. Awesomeness there, too.
So I guess it would be this

1. GTA
3.Metoid(loves Ridleys/escape theme, the escape theme in the origional Metroid/Prime 2, Chozo Ghost music,Metroid Prime 2 title screen and more)
4. Fire Emblem/ SuperSmash Bros Melee(Together We Ride is my fave it's in Fe7 and Super smash Bros Melee, and probably FE 6. I also love the song Sorrow from FE 8/ Sacred Stones.)
5. Any 007 game that has James Bonds theme song. That song alone puts it in the top 5.

I find odd that the order of the game music I ike is practically in the order of games I like. blink.gif Take Bond away from number 5 and well there you go. 007 has some of the best movies especially Moonraker and Goldeneye.
Gato Gurl914
Katamari Daimahcy
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy X
Harvest Moon (the music changes with the seasons cool!)
Super Mario Bros. (SNES)
1.) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time-- So many different songs, and none of them sounded alike.
2.) Castlevania Symphony of the Night- It set quite a standard and I think it even won an award??
3.) Kingdom Hearts-- 'nuff said
4.) Arcana- A greatly unappreciated piece of work, with excellent music.
5.)Metroid and ICO tie for fifth. --The ending theme to ICO, IMO, was great.
I think this would be my favorites cool.gif :-

1) Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic

2) Fire Emblem(any version)

3) Final Fantasy VIII

4) Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

5) Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic II - The Sith Lords
May, the Cute Pirate Captain
1. GTA: San Andreas

2. FF7

3. FFX

4. Katamari Damacy

5. Kingdom Hearts
QUOTE(Longsword @ Aug 23 2005, 02:43 AM)
Boy, does Squaresoft music dominate the game music tastes of this board or what.

That's because they have all the best composers. Well, had. They all left the company to become freelance now, last I heard. Uematsu and Mitsuda, anyway.

QUOTE(hellcommando @ Aug 25 2005, 02:53 AM)
3) Final Fantasy VIII

Finally, someone who chose this over FFVII!

I can't really narrow it down to just 5, but I shall try. Just soundtracks, or arranged albums as well? In no particular order:

- Xenogears OST
- Chrono Cross OST
- Gran Turismo OGS (don't drive to this stuff, kids)
Envy's lil' miniskirt
In no particular order

1. Katamari Damancy

2. Silent Hill- So creepy

3. Chrono Cross- Great victory song

4. GTA Vice City- All those great 80's hits what's not to like.
1. Final Fantasy VII
2. The Legend of Zelda: The Orcarina of Time
3. Sonic the Hedgehog
4. Chrono-Trigger
5. Silent Hill

I'm surprised that other people haven't put OoT yet.
@WhiteMike--- Ocarina of time is the first one on my list...
1. Final Fantasy VII
2. Tales of Synphinia
3. Final Fantasy X
4. Chrono Trigger
5. Devil May Cry 3

I guess thats my list.


2. Kingdom Hearts

3. FFX

4. FFVIII(just the intro)


My favorite song of all time is One Winged Angel happy.gif!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

QUOTE(Fayt @ Aug 22 2005, 01:05 PM) [snapback]258094[/snapback]

1) Golden Sun

2) Golden Sun the lost age

3) Final Fantasy 7

4) Star Ocean till the end of time.

5) Final fantasy X

I love all the songs from those games. my favorite game sondtract is FF7
1. Silent Hill 2- Theme Of Laura
2. Silent Hill 4- Room Of Angel
3. Silent Hill 2- Promise
4. Silent Hill 4- Cradle Of Forest
5. Silent Hill 3- You Are Not Here
Some Sonic games had great songs! smile.gif
1. Zelda (Ocarina of Time)
2. Tales of Symphonia
3. DOA 3
4. Medal of Honor Frontline
5. Halo
Mr G
1. Zelda OOT
2. Chrono Trigger
3.Castlevania DS
4.MGS:Snake Eater
QUOTE(Mr G @ Jan 31 2006, 12:13 PM) [snapback]345238[/snapback]

That soundtrack has been released already?
Hm..I guess mine are:


I only have 3 top game soundtracks so far ^^;
1. Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas
2. Grand Theft Auto- Vice City
3. Final Fantasy VII Orchestral
4. Halo 1/2
5. UT2004

Morrowind, MechWarrior 4, HL2, Tony Hawk games, NFS Underground (the first one, the second one's music blew chunks)... so many other games have amazing original and licsensed music. I could go on for a while...
1.Castlevania Curse of darkness
2.Kingdom Hearts
4.Final Fantasy VII
5.Final Fantasy X
Bonus points for Mr G and wolfy519 for saying castlevania.
sen ed
Final fantasy crystal chronicles
Secret of mana
Final fantasy 4
Super smash bros melee
Super mario 64
Fayth Prophecy
1. DMC 3
3. Kingdom Hearts
4. Kingdom Hearts II
5. FFX-2
The Deceitful Enchantress
1. Chrono Cross
2. Final Fantasy VII
3. Kingdom Hearts 2
4. .hack//INFECTION
5. Phantom Brave
The Final Fantasy IX soundtrack.
The Final Fantasy IX soundtrack.

Oh god, yes !

Don't know if I can make a top 5. I loved :

- FF6 : Simply the best soundtrack of the whole saga for me... minus a few songs (nothing is really perfect).

- FF9 : As a whole, it's good. And that's why I love it. It's not 3 or 4 powerful songs for an average/not that good score... it's a generally pretty good score for a generally good and enchanting game. I always have good feelings while playing the game and/or listening to the ost.

- Okami : I don't know how to explain this... but Okami and its music just go perfectly together. I can't even say a single bad thing about it. Crazy.

- Super Mario : I just always loved Mario's tunes. They're so pretty and cheerful. Make them orchestrated and it's pretty obvious that it's actually good quality music.

- The Legend of Zelda : Same thing I guess. I think Zelda's music is classic. And I'm not even a big fan of Zelda.

- Shenmue : I wish I could play those games. but I listened to the score and... Wow... It's as high quality as some John Williams or Joe Hisashi music.

- Chrono Cross : CC's score is just my favorite from Mitsuda's video game works. Chrono Trigger is also good, classic even... but I don't know, I think I just like CC's music more (but played together, it's even better).

- Silent Hill 2 : Pretty atmospheric as a whole... it's just perfect for this game (creepy/strange and touching/sad). As for Theme of Laura, Promise, even the music box song... well, they're just awesome.

- Shadow Hearts : I love SH2's music as well... but I think SH1's music was so much richer. I think Yo....aka Hirota style is pretty unique... and well... Yasunori Mitsuda worked with him too for those games. I can't find anything like SH's score, really.

- Crystal Chronicles : I love the celtic style. And Kazenone.

- MGS series : I don't like all the music in the soundtracks... but there ARE powerful main songs in it. "The Best is yet to Come", "Calling to the Night", "Here's to You", "Way to Fall", "Snake Eater"... And of course, Harry Gregson-Williams composed music for it.

- Grim Fandango : a mix of an orchestral score, South American folk music, jazz, swing and big band sounds... How awesome is that ? And it fits the game SO WELL.

- Machinarium : It's just nice as a whole. It's very atmospheric.

- Shadow of the Colossus : Awesome orchestrated music... what can I say ?

- KH1/2 : Shimomura's music is very good. I love how some sounded very Disney. But it's too bad all the songs weren't orchestrated. Shimomura's work really shines when orchestrated. Also, I think she should have done more "Disney" songs for the games... since some parts of the games reproduce scenes from the movies... but without any music, I felt like the scenes were incomplete.

- Panzer Dragoon : Never played this one (I should) but the music is good.

- Xenosaga 1 : Yeah, I LOVE Xenogears but I don't think Mitsuda composed the best soundtrack ever for it *it's still good and unique*. However, what he did with Xenosaga 1 was mindblowing and a bit different than his usual style. It sounded like an epic sci-fi/space opera movie score. The only thing that bothered me : why so little tracks ? I wanted more.

- Xenosaga 3 : Well, Yuki Kajiura did something good there... and most of the songs were used wisely in the game (at last). Also, Hosoe didn't make any songs, Kajiura was all alone and... frankly, what a blessing. Hosoe music was BAD in Episode 2. Besides, I think Kajiura's music was fitting for Xenosaga... not that Mitsuda's wasn't of course, but I loved what Kajiura added to the atmosphere.

- Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King : Not a lot of tracks... and that's the reason why the music could get annoying (come on, the game is pretty long). But in fact, the music is high quality. I listen to it from time to time.
1. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. (N64) Now, ALL Zelda games have wonderful music, but this one takes the cake for me. It had some really memorable tracks, like these two:
Stone Tower Temple -
Pirate Fortress -
2. Golden Sun/Golden Sun: The Lost Age. (GBA) Ask anyone who has played these games, and they'll tell you one of the most memorable things about them is the soundtrack. For GBA games, the music is superb.
The Elemental Stars -
Tundaria Tower -
3. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. (Wii) Wonderful, wonderful music.
Wheeling Corby -
Sorrowful Prince Pelleas -
Though, one of my favourite tracks would have to be this, even though it was omitted from the game:
4. Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver. (DS) Yes, Pokemon. These games especially have several tracks that make me stop playing, and just listen, like these two:
Kimono Girls Theme -
Rival Battle Theme -
5. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. (DS) The music in this game is both different and similar to its predecessors, but still incredible.
Endless Wall -
Apollo Sanctum Gate -
Well this is a fun topic... Let's see...

In no particular order:

1) Blazblue: Calamity Trigger
2) The World Ends With You
3) Really any LoZ game, but I'll just say Wind Waker 'cause Dragon Roost Island is my favorite Zelda song happy.gif
4) Final Fantasy VII (Nobuo Uematsu is my IDOL *___*)
5) Devil May Cry 3
Final Fantasy IX: The best game-soundtrack ever made. Nobuo Uematsu? You HAVE to be god!

Kingdom Hearts II: Also a great soundtrack, one more reason why I finished the game more than 10 times.

Secret of Mana / Seiken Densetsu 2: I love it! Pure awesomeness, especially for the SNES.

Final Fantasy VII: Love. It.

Shadow Hearts FTNW: Just great. Love it, too.
My Favs
Final Fantasy X - That opening song as you load up the game, its so epic
Okami - the music fits well with the scenery
Kingdom Hearts 2 - Good music for stages
Uncharted 2 - Builds up well when danger is near (eg *silence* Well nothing could be wrong *turns corner and music swells* Oh Sh**)
1. Chrono Cross
2. Final Fantasy X
3. Parasite Eve 1 or 2
4. Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete
5. Illusion of Gaia
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