I've been getting a little string of inspiration for Furuba drabbles. So I'm sharing them here. (Captain obvious strikes again!)

I write Gen, Het, Shonen-ai and Shoujo ai, so be aware of that. (I also put in cultural/language notes and whatnot.)

"Snow" (Gen, Yuki-centric)

(*Note: The 'irony' in this case lies in Yuki's name, which means 'snow'.)

Yuki hated the snow. It was only one of the many subtle ironies about his character that would baffle the many people who believed they knew him, but in reality had never delved past his well-sanded exterior. He honestly didn't mind the cold, or the inconvenience of ice and slush on roadways, or any of the other little annoyances most people had about snow. What he detested of winter was it's silence- it's absolute sterility. When snow fell on the ground, people shut themselves in their houses, the animals sought shelter, even the air seemed to be a bubble that trapped sounds into smaller territories; the sound of boots crunching is even muffled until it draws dangerously close. The silence allows for the unknown to exist, for sudden motion to overtake him with shock, which is why he preferred the summer, because amidst the noise, and the birds chirping and the incessant hum of cicadas, there are no surprises.

He hated the snow, because it had a facade of purity, when it was merely white. It's blinding brightness is only an inversion of pitch black. Yuki had a deeply rooted fear of the dark, but the deceptive brightness scared him the most.

"Bathtime" (Gen, Kyou and Kazuma-centric)

"It's not as though you'll melt," Kazuma said, gazing almost amusedly at the defiant little orange-topped ball of a boy. It wasn't as though such defiance was irregular at such an age, and he most certainly had never recieved any training in convincing children to take baths, but in the time young Kyou had trained with him, he'd taken up a bushel of dirt upon himself, and the intsructor had feared that other students might begin avoiding the boy for his smell alone.

Kyou muttered something incoherent that reached Kazuma's inner translation as one of the many creative variances of 'don'wanna' his student had formulated. The teacher shook his head. He didn't want to have to play this card, but if it meant getting the mud out of his apprentice's hair...

"Is it because you're the cat?"

Kyou shot up a sensitive glare as quickly as a mantis, and snapped, "No!" He put his head back down and muttered shyly, "That has nothing to do with it... why?"

Kazuma shrugged and explained, "Well, most people think cats are afraid of water."

"That's stupid," Kyou muttered, his sparking frustration overriding his hygenic apprehension, "I'm not afraid of somethin' dumb like water."

"You can't prove that to everyone,"

"Yes I can!" Kyou said, inverting his defiance to a new outlet. He had already peeled off his dirt patched gi before Kazuma had need to convince him any further, and happily plopped himself in the tub, shorts, socks and all. He folded his tiny arms and tried hard to push his scowl into a smug smile; if people didn't expect him to like baths, he was going to show them! Kazuma shook his head and reached for a bar of soap. He was going to have to fully clean out the tub at this rate, anyhow.

"You're a Shishou, aren't you?" Kyou asked, soap suds growing in his carroty hair.

"None of my students would do me the honor of calling me that." Kazuma said, amused.

"I'm going to call you Shishou from now on," Kyou declared.

He had resolved with utmost confidence that from now on baths with Shishou would be fun.

*Shishou is a somewhat rare honorific for a martial arts teacher.

(A slight cultural note about Japanese Baths- I think it goes without saying to most anime fans that bathing is often a family activity in Japanese culture. If you've seen Fruits Basket, I'm sure you already knew of Kyou and Kazuma's father-son relationship, and that they'd bathed together since Kyou was very young. That aside, the issue about Kyou getting the bath water dirty, and Kazuma using soap is that in Japanese style baths, it is customary to wash oneself outside of the bath [The bathrooms are built with slitted floors, and usually a shower-like spiggot, and buckets on the side], and save the hot bath water to soak in, and keep it for others' use.)

Young Love Revisited- (Shonen-Ai, Haru/Yuki)

It was the first kiss for both of them, on the day that Haru leaned into Yuki's window, and told him to close his eyes. He left just as soon as they touched, leaving a very shocked Yuki to blink in confusion, and watch as Haru dashed off, blushing. He had been more impulsive in those days.

Yuki didn't want to admit that had been his only kiss until the second time. He knew it wasn't so for Haru, who'd had a steady girlfriend, which only made matters more confusing for the rat. He wanted to tell him to get a grip- that he didn't like Haru that way, that Haru should focus on making things better with Rin instead of coming to him. He wanted to tell Hatsuharu what he should have known when he was seven and started the whole thing; that boys just don't kiss other boys. But he knew it wouldn't matter. Haru wouldn't listen. He wasn't the hot-headed child he had been before; he had grown calmer, more determined, and living up to the curse that was given him, he was just too damn stubborn.

To Everyone Else- (Shoujo-Ai KaguraxTohru)

"Sisters?" the vendor asked, making Tohru quickly lift her head up in confusion, having interrupted her dig through the cat-shaped coin purse she was holding.

"That cute girl you were walking with" He said, pointing out the young woman with a teddy-bear backpack, "You two look like twins."

Tohru blushed and rapidly corrected the assumption,

"I'm flattered, but you're mistaken. We're... definitely not twins." She paid and took the two ice cream cones, still flushed pink, and joined Kagura at the bench where she was seated.

"Something the matter?" Kagura asked, taking her chocolate cone, "You're blushing. Was the guy flirting with you or something?"

"No... nothing like that..." Tohru muttered bashfully, as she licked the first of the green-tea ice cream, "He just thought that you and I were... that we were-"

"Again?" Kagura giggled, "Maybe I should get my hair cut or something." Tohru's almost-fearful expression served as an objection in itself.

"Or not..." Kagura said, happily musing over how cute Tohru was when she was worried- no, scratch that- about how cute Tohru was all the time. Unable to resist the temptation, she leaned over and planted a kiss on Tohru's cheek.

"K-kagura-san!" Tohru squeaked, "P-people will see..."

"Don't worry," Said Kagura, "To everyone else, we're just sisters."