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Phyco girl
A/N: SORRY GUYS! I decided to make a series so I will re-post Invisible Angels as a chapter and hopefully another will post so I can post the next chapter happy.gif These are somewhat connected and go over a certain web of time, each dream is different and goes farther into the future, as it is in present time farther itself. I HAVE ALSO MADE SOME TWEAKS TO THE FIRST CHAPTER TO MAKE IT WORK!!! Thanks!

Chapter one: Invisible Angels

It was raining. Hair stuck to the sides of her face and neck, discolored from the leftover mascara which had run into several strands. She smelt of something rotten having not showered in days and all she could do was stare into the lap of that ruined dress of hers’, that once soft velvet now drenched in rain and...


Yes, tears. She, Winry, was crying. Or at least had been .

The last thing attaching her to this world had been cut. Cut cruelly into little pieces. That clever old woman she’d grown up with. Gone. Gone was the knowing smile and familiar smell of smoke wafting throughout the house. She thought she could live without Edward and Alphonse but without anyone?

And what was she supposed to do now? What did she have left? Winry smiled snidely and a small but cruel laugh escaped her mouth. Nothing but a house she couldn’t possibly pay for and a dress that was ruined from three days of bearing Resembool’s cruel new weather, three days of sitting and doing nothing but induce self loathing unto herself.

That’s what she had.

The slow tapping of nails on the kitchen floor sounded from the doorway, then the painful sound of plastic on the ground and a dog whimpering in pain.

Ah yes, she hadn’t fed Den in a week, ever since Pinako died, two days before what happened really hit her. Had she really been acting like this? Den was old, almost 20 years, wait...100 years? Shouldn’t he be dead by now? What dog lives for 100 dog years?

Forgetting about herself for a moment Winry rushed into the house. There was Den, lying on the floor, unmoving.

‘Yes, now he’s gone too,’ she thought, ‘They’re all gone. All of them. I didn’t even remember... I didn’t even remember...’ So Winry sighed, no more tears would come. She’d cried herself dry. ‘I’ll pick him up later. I’ll call Nelly for help.’

So she walked around the house, her steps echoing, sounding. What was she doing here? What was she doing...? But she had to be optimistic...

The next thing Winry knew she was soaking in a tub, closing her eyes. She felt a sinking feeling. Like her brain had shut down but as she headed towards a light, a lighted doorway, a sort of gate looming over her.

And she walked towards it, all the while somehow feeling the presence of some of the most important people she had lost, hearing their voice, seeing their face. Like invisible angels. Maybe they hadn’t forgotten.



Suddenly Winry snapped her eyes open and sat up in her bed, covered in sweat.

She stepped towards the door, walking through the frame and into the silent hallway. Something was wrong, she knew it. Something just wasn't right.

Tap, tap, tap!

A knock was heard from the door, grasping her attention. Winry walked over and closed her hand around the knob, turning it slowly, "Hello?" she asked groggily.

"I heard the bad news," answered an old woman who was holding a bouquet of flowers in her hands.

"Excuse me?" she asked in confusion.

"Your grandmother died last night. Den started barking and woke up Mrs.Robinson. You didn't know?"
Phyco girl
READ IT!tongue.gif I guess that I'll just post chapter two then happy.gif Maybe it's because it was basically the same chappter laugh.gif Just a different ending @_____@ I HATE DOUBLE-POSTING!!! BUT I REALLY WANT TO PUT UP THIS FIC!!! So if you'd be kind enough to review I'd greatly appreciate it happy.gif

Chapter 2: Remembrance

“Brother, are you alright?” asked a young man as he took a seat next to another gentleman with golden hair pulled back into a ponytail.

The other man groaned, resting his head in the comfort of his arms and waving the other off.

“Brother! Come on, get your elbows off the table! Here, I brought you some coffee,” he replied while placing a cup down by his brother, Edward.

“Erm, fine Al.” Edward fumbled with his cup, eagerly taking a sip from the mug. The bitter taste biting his tongue and arousing his senses. Five years of living here was starting to get routine and a little too boring. Now Ed was basically sleeping through entire days.

Al was just about to point out that there wasn’t any cream in there when a yell was heard from the doorway.

“Dammit! Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I need help with everything! Got that!?” came a voice. And as they rushed outside to find a girl mumbling under her breath and grabbing at random metallic objects scattered across the ground, Edward couldn’t help but notice something oddly familiar about her.

“Hey Al... don’t you think that...” However Al had already walked over to the girl from behind and tapped her on the shoulder.

The girl whipped her head around in an instant, scowling at Al since she was obviously in a very bad mood. “Can I help you?” she asked impatiently, shoving some more screws in the skirt of her dress.

They stared. Just stared at her, she was an exact look-a-like. The two had seen some of the other copies of the others but this person, like Alphonse Heiderich, touched so close to their hearts it hurt just to look.

The only things different were the girl’s lighter blue eyes and dirty-blonde hair, other than that it was the same person.


It wasn’t, they had to remember that.

“Well?” asked the girl again viciously, standing up and facing them, anger flaring in her eyes.

The two were silent once again, just gawking at the girl. In total shock until once again she spoke up.

“Hey, You look familiar....” She stepped up to Edward, face just inches away from his just scanning him over. His face flushed as he mentally copy and pasted the real Winry in her place. “Are you Honeheim’s son?”

“Hmmm? Y-yes.” he replied.

“I’m sorry about your father,” she said as she stepped away. “I’m Winry Swithin.” she added.

“That happened a very long time ago,” Edward replied.

“Who’s this?” Winry asked, pointing over to Al.

“Oh, I’m Alphonse Elric, Edward’s younger brother.” Al chimed in.

“Really?” Winry pondered this for a moment. She never knew Edward had a brother! “Well, nice to meet you.” She stared directly at Edward, coming up close again and saying, “Maybe I’ll see you again sometime.” with a smile before leaving both of them just staring at the other.

“What just happened?”

A/N: Hopefully some replies will come in happy.gif I really want to keep writing this!
Sounds interesting. I look forward to seeing how this story goes. smile.gif
No! Poor Den.
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