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Full Version: Shizuka's Fma Avatars
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<Closing the thread since this Sig maker had been gone since Jan. 2006. 03/07/07 ~Tombow>

Well, it's been two weeks since I joined, so I can finally make my own topic! Here are some FMA graphics I have made. Please comment if you use these, and don't direct link or claim that you made them yourself.

(for others, see xrninja's post below:)

If you want to see my non-FMA graphics, please visit my livejournal. Also, I am willing to take requests.
foolmetal alchemist
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I'm sorry. I tried to make it all one post, but apparently you can't include that many pictures in one post.
IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

sorry! i tried merging your post so i could maybe bypass the image limit thing, but it still didn't work. so yeah, the rest of Shizuka85's graphics from her original post are here. happy.gif;;
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