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Full Version: Penny for your thoughts? (don't expect "real" money here... XD)
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Lucky Lucy: College is quite a blast. so much better than High School. But you'll get through high school just fine I'm sure of it!

BBG: Yay for learning how to use the washing machine! I was young when I learned, but it was because my parents were divorced.

jacksparrow589: yay for no judgement! lol but yeah that would be pretty awesome if that happened. and it seems like you had a balance of good and bad things happen, and in my opinion, the good outweighs the bad!


-Chilling at the cafeteria at my college waiting for my last class to start. I'm really liking it here.

-Had a long convo with someone while chilling here as she brushed through my hair. My hair is super poofy but that's all good. T'was quite enjoyable.

-I was lurking around deviant art last night and I came across some amazingly adorable RoyAi stuff. It allowed the fanboy within me to go crazy. Heck it's still going crazy now.
@jacksparrow589: You banged you leg? Ouch! :<

@Blinded Beauty Gal: Hah, yes, I know what the first Harry Potter book is called in America! =P A friend suggested The Amulet of Samarkand to me, so I expect I will like it as well. XD And congrats on learning how to use the washing machine!

@Lucky Lucy: Ahhh, your poor cat... It's good that he's feeling better now, though.

@TheDrummerWithTheAutoMail: I went on a Royai picture hunt myself, a week or so ago. XD They're always good fun. ~


- Arrrgggh, I've had trouble with cats lately. First one of them disappears for five days and worries me half to death, then today I wake up to find another one had trouble with one of his eyes. I had to take him to the vet to get treated, and they discovered he had a grass seed in it, poor thing...

- And now he's sitting beside the door, meowing, but I can't let him out because the vet said I need to keep him inside. :< But he REALLY wants to get out. I bet he'll annoy me all night and not let me get much sleep.

- Looks like we've finally gotten release dates for Skyward Sword! November 18 for Europe, and November 20 for the US. ...No word on an Australian release date yet, of course. We always get our dates last... *sigh*
Pyroclasm--Poor kitties! (And poor you, having to ignore the one that wants to go outside!)


--Well, after a few days of babysitting for 10 hours each day, I don't have to do it anymore! biggrin.gif

--I do need to get a few things done today before I go celebrate a friend's birthday tomorrow, though, not the least of which being obtaining gas/ferry money.

--Uwajimaya is a magical, magical place, and I love it there. smile.gif

*will read 'em all later*


- So. I saw the Fright Night remake. My thoughts? Collin Farrell = WIN, David Tennant = WIN, rest of the movie = SUCK =_= I'm sorry, but, while I don't mind spots of crude humor in movies and books (like, say, one or two sex jokes and references), it really ruins the experience for me when they pretty much center the movie around it >> I mean, really...if they thought people found those funny, I hate to break it to them, but no one in that incredibly-crowded theater was laughing when those jokes were being made. That's why I stopped watching True Blood after two episodes, after all >> It's just unnecessary and disgusting. Plus...I really hate it when my teen brothers who are 14 and 15 start asking me about the jokes and what they meant =.=;


- At least I'm trying to get my writing business off the ground ;D Writing challenge, away!
phoenix dying
The Princess Bride is an amazing movie.

That is all.

TheDrummer - I'm glad to hear you're enjoying college! biggrin.gif I start classes tomorrow~ It's exciting.

Lucky Lucy - I need to start playing piano again too~ I brought sheet music with me to college... luckily, there's a piano in my dorm. laugh.gif And even though you're excited for college, enjoy high school while you're there! Work hard; it pays off! biggrin.gif And charcoal pencils = love. <3 They're so much fun to draw with.

Mori - I totally gave up on job-hunting altogether. sleep.gif I applied everywhere and never got hired. But I hope your job-hunting turns out more successful! happy.gif


- Who wants to see a pic of my dorm~? I love it. The only bad thing, though, is that there's barely any lighting in here. But the bathrooms have just been re-done this summer; they're so new and pretty.

- But I'd have to say my first night staying here was... really creepy. I was woken up at 3:30AM when a girl- a random girl who I don't know- walks into my room (I'm assuming, since I was asleep until she approached my bed), rips my sheets/blankets off of me, and just turns around and walks back out. On top of that, there was a insanely loud thunderstorm that woke me up again about 2 hours later. I talked to an R.A., and they said the girl who came in might have been drunk and looking for her room or something (makes sense). Still, I'm creeped out.

- Classes start tomorrow! :0 I have a Literature/World History thing (yeah, I don't even know what this class is; I was required to take at least one Honors class), and then Drawing.

- I'm seriously loving my ava/sig combo right now. biggrin.gif <333
PD--The Princess Bride is most certainly an amazing movie. biggrin.gif

Razzy--Oooh! Snazzy dorm room! smile.gif I really hope you can lock your door, though, to prevent more strangers from coming into your room. The next person might not be so... "nice". unsure.gif


--I got 4 hours of sleep this morning while at a friend's birthday party. We had an amazing time, but I need sleeeeeep...

--I did get a half-hour nap in before dinner, at least.

--My mom's watching my cousin's 5-and-a-half month old tomorrow. I'm so visiting. wub.gif

--I hate it when my dad makes assumptions about what I will and won't do for my birthday. Just because it's my 21st doesn't mean I'm going to go get smashed. I don't want to, and it really makes me angry that people keep on insisting I should/am inclined to.

It has been a while. But I am here to give the update on my life.

First of all @jacksparrow Happy almost Birthday!!! 21 is a big milestone but celebrate it the way you want to.

The summer job I had is now over and I move back to my dorm later than usual this year. So now I don't know what to do with myself. I guess I could go see Harry Potter 7 part 2 for the first time. I am probably the only person who hasn't seen it yet XD

I also got news the other day that one of my friends from college died in a car accident. It still feels weird to know that he died in an instant. I actually read about it in the newspaper at my neighbor's house. But for some reason it didn't register in my mind that it was him until I saw the facebook posts.

I also got to go to New York City for the first time this summer. I only went for a day. I went to a wedding shower and saw Rockfeller Place and Time Square. I also learned that NYC cab drivers are crazy.
Again with some more catch up. Here it goes

Pyroclasm: Awww poor cat. reminds me about the time my cat got super sick after being outside and after that he wasn't able to go outside for quite some time.

jacksparrow Pt. 1: I seriously wouldn't know how I would do babysitting, so major props on that. You accomplished something which is awesome.

Omamori: Dang still no luck? That sucks I'm sorry to hear that. I haven't had any luck on my job search either. We need to join forces and find jobs for the both of us. that would make for an interesting search.

Phoenix Dying: Don't shun me, but I've never seen that movie.

Razzy: Do I spy a Scott Pilgrim poster??? That's one of my favorite movies of all time!!! And strange about that one girl. But hey, it's college. And yes, I'm really enjoying it btw. you gotta tell me how your first day goes.

jacksparrow Pt. 2: Sounds like you had fun at your friends party. those kinds of parties are always so amazing. And really? That sucks that your dad assumed that. when I'm 21 I don't really want to do that either. I live with an alcoholic mom so I see what she does, and that doesn't look fun at all.

FMAobsessed: I'm sorry to hear about your friend. My condolences.


-I feel like such an adult now, since I made my first online purchase with my own money yesterday. Granted, it was a bunch of music on itunes (yes, I buy music still, I feel more satisfaction buying it instead of downloading it), but it was a personal achievement for me.

-My best friend got to spend the night last night. It was tons of fun, as always.

-The said best friend is a DJ and an aspiring music producer, and last night he was telling me about how trance music mixes are meant to tell a story, and then he proceeded to show me his trance mix. I was in tears at how amazing it was. (He told me the story before hand, so that's all I thought about while he mixed) I was surreal.

-I sent in more job applications today. Still haven't had much luck at all with finding a job, but I'll find something eventually. God willing.
FMAobsessed - I'm so sorry about your friend. sad.gif

jacksparrow - Thanks! happy.gif It was actually my roommate who didn't lock it... she came back to the room later than I did, and forgot to lock it when she came back in. XD;;; But we've both agreed now that we're going to remember to lock it at night.


- I'm adjusting to college so well, it's not even fun. It's the first day of classes, and everything seems so routine and so much like high school and I'm already looking forward to going home at the end of the semester. I went to Starbucks just to be... I dunno, just anywhere that isn't my dorm. But the wi-fi is so slow, I just had to come back to my room again. I think my whole experience is sucking because I haven't made any friends.

- Shoulders are killing me from sitting in Drawing class for 2 hours.

- I've started reading Pet Sematary. It seems Stephen King writes 10 pages of horror for every 100 pages of nothing going on, and it's kind of annoying.

- My sig image's quality looks a lot worse than it did yesterday... Huh.
FMAobsessed--My condolences on the loss of your friend.

TDWTAM--1) Shame on you for not having seen Princess Bride! tongue.gif 2) It's not that I won't drink; I just don't see the need to get wasted. Ever. I'm really sorry that you've had to grow up with that, though. sad.gif 3) Babysitting's always come easily to me. My friends call me "Mom". rolleyes.gif

Razzy--Ah, good that you have a lock. Sad, though, that you're not having as much fun as you ought. Just go put yourself out there! smile.gif


--Note to self: your cousin's 5.5 month old son has sharp fingernails. XP

--My coffee cake baked all the way through for the first time in a year! biggrin.gif

--Stupid bank website not allowing me access to my account... this is really worrisome. unsure.gif
phoenix dying
I remembered being in college once but i got drunk multiple times and forgot it.

Razzy: I'm sure you'll find friends sooner or later... although I'm sorry to hear you haven't made any yet. dry.gif:/

jacksparrow589: 1) Shame on me indeed. lol tongue.gif 2) Ahh I get what you mean. I've tried alcohol and I just don't really like it at all. And it's alright. All things happen for a reason and it's been a blessing in disguise because it helped develop me into the person that I am. and 3) Aww that's cute. I guess kids just like you. biggrin.gif:D


-I'm really excited for class tomorrow. I get to get away from my real mom's house for the whole day which is something I'm really happy for. (For those who don't know, i don't get along with my real mom at all, and this week is my week to be here. Basically it's only been a day here and I'm already done here)

-This weekend I have yet another concert to look forward to. This time? Deadmau5. I'm super excited! happy.gif

-My best friend, who goes to the same college as me, has to drop his math class because he can't afford the book. It really sucks and I wish I could do something to help him but I can't.
Lucky Lucy
@Razzy - Your dorm looks just great and don't worry, I'm sure you'll be able to make friends and have fun at college. biggrin.gif Oh and Drawing classes sound really cool! Are you studying art at college?biggrin.gif
@TDWTAM - Don't be too upset about staying at your mom's place, don't let it get to you(it seems my father was like that too but I don't remember anything because I was too little when my parents broke up). Just concentrate on your classes and any fun activities and the time will pass quicker biggrin.gif
@Omamori&TDWTAM - I'm thinking about getting a job too,but I'm sure that I'll have no luck sad.gif Still, the two of you need a job more than I do so I hope you'll be able to find one soon ^ ^
@FMAobsessed - I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. My condolences.


☆ Been thinking about joining a scanlation group. I really like the idea of translating manga wub.gif However, I don't know if I'll have enough time for it sleep.gif

☆ I can't wait to go to the seaside with my mom. My best friend is already there with her family and she'll be staying for a week. Maybe we could meet and have fun ^ ^

☆ I'm very excited biggrin.gif because I just bought Scott Cunningham's Magical Aromatherapy and it was only £3/$4 which is like half the price from Amazon. biggrin.gif I found it in a very nice bookshop next to my school. (There's a lovely cat there and lots of witchy decorations:wub:)

☆ New hobby that helps dealing with my overflowing rage energy: tae-bo biggrin.gif
@Razzy - You just gave up? D8 I'd go crazy without earning my own money, even though I still have the financial support of my parents >>
And awesome-looking dorm room xD I may never have one, so sweeet~

@TDWTAM - We totally should! >D Or should've. When I'm unemployed again in six months and if you're still unemployed, together, we will find the best jobs out there! *shakes fist*

@Lucky Lucy - Thanks x3 It's hard to find one in this economy, yeah D: I hope you find one soon!


- Guess who starts her new job next Thursday? >D Yeeeaaah, that's me! *dances* I applied for it through a temp agency over a month ago, was told they were looking to start their new hires on Aug. 1st, got an interview, kinda blew it but got the highest score out of everyone working there on the typing test (90wpm), was told after the interview that the company decided to wait before hiring anyone and that they hadn't decided whom they wanted to take, was losing hope, then I got a call yesterday from the temp agency happy.gif The company wanted to know if I was still interested, so I accepted, and now I start next week.

- I CAN BUY MANGA AGAIN YES YES YES 8D I get a job just in time for the re-release of vol. 1 of Sailor Moon here in the states! x3 Squee~

- And now maybe I can drop-kick my stupid iPhone and go for an Android or something =w= Something cheap, but with a data plan.
OMG! there was a earthquake where I live! ohmy.gif I was at the doc. getting my physical and when I was done I was waiting in the waiting room and then, the floor started shaking, I am like WTF is going on here?!I am looking around looking very puzzled. I didn't know it was a earthquake. everybody was saying on the 700 club that it could be the End of Days, because of all these natural disaters. My dad called my mom's cell phone and asked are u ok and it was a lot worse at home. He said that everything was swaying and he heard cracking sounds. it was scary! it was a 5.9 earthquake. I am very shaken up. I could really use a hug right now. sad.gif unsure.gif I am afraid that there is going to be a aftershock! I am really scared right now. I also just got home.

That's all. I am literally shaking right now!!!!! sad.gif
BBG--Ah, you're in an area where you don't get earthquakes a lot, right? Yeah, they are kinda scary, but I promise, you'll be fine. smile.gif

Omamori--Way to go on getting a job! biggrin.gif

Lucky Lucy--We used to do tae-bo in Phys Ed! It was so much fun...

TDWTAM--And there's no way your friend can find the book online for cheap or get it on loan from the school library if there is one? Has he talked to the teacher (or at least an adviser/counselor) about this? They should be able to help him find some way to fix this.


--Papa Murphy's, y u no sell Thai Chicken pizza anymore? The boyfriend and I are very much disappoint. dry.gif

--I made some peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies today... then promptly made it look like I'd made nothing. Just so that people don't start eating those until the brownies from last week are gone. (The weather's supposed to get kind of warm, here, so I wanted to bake on a cooler day.)

--Of all the random books I could find at the library, I found the DelRey novelization of "Train Man". happy.gif
I'll get a full reply up asap, but my current thought is this... I was in a car accident this morning on the way to school and I'm still in shock over it. When I get home tonight I'll post a reply and more stuff so just bare with me guys. it'll be up. and if you see this after I've been on and edited the post, this section will still be up.
TDWTAM- Omg! are u ok? ohmy.gif and that is stupid. Couldn't he have asked one of the teachers if he could loan a book? or find a student who had the math class a long time ago and get the book from them?

jacksparrow589- yeah. We rarely get earthquakes and I guess you can say that I have experinced my first earthquake. laugh.gif

- the hurricane Irene is worrying me. unsure.gif
-I am completely calm after the quake yesterday. mellow.gif
-I am finally going to get my schedule changed from SpanishII to FrenchI. biggrin.gif
Lucky Lucy
@TDWTAM - Oh my! I hope you're ok! :-SS I'm kind of worried, but will wait patiently for the update *sigh*
@Blinded Beauty Girl - Oh you're taking French classes. That's great(mine are compulsory, but I still like them biggrin.gif). And yeah don't worry about the earthquake; I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better. ^ ^


☆ Let's just say that I'm lucky.

☆ Feeling determined and all fired up ^ ^

☆ Due to some certain circumstances, we won't be leaving tomorrow anymore, but instead on Friday(which is an important day too). I can't wait! Oh and I'm glad that we'll be staying here for another day because I can buy some things that I need.

☆ I really want a new mp3 player. My old one is pretty much destroyed sleep.gif and I even lost the headphones so I need new ones. Today I saw hello kitty headphones and they were so cute and inexpensive! ^ ^I also need some art supplies and a new swimsuit. I really have to go shopping ASAP.
@BlindedBeautyGirl I have a friend that was in that earthquake. He said it was kinda fun. ahah

My Thoughts
-I need a poem about bravery or one about a soldier that Not depressing.
-I wanna go swimming guess I'll settle for my aunts sprinkler system lol.
-Should I watch the Mtv VMAs on Sunday?

So one of my bffs in Georgia is homeless as of today. I feel bad because I can't do anything to help him n I dont know what to do. :'(
I'll have to go back through and reply to everyone else, but I have read them all. I'm doing fine now. Just a couple marks where the airbag hit me, and a minor headache but nothing major. The car (hopefully) isn't totaled, even though only the front bumper and the windsheild got damaged. However since the airbags went off, they may consider it totaled. Either way there's full coverage on that vehicle. It was my mom's car and I truly believe that it's cursed because so many bad things have happened to it while driving it, so I'm never touching that car again. My mom keeps saying "Oh things will be alright" but then she goes behind my back and says that I should get my car taken away and that I purposely wrecked her car... which is complete bs. I would never do such a thing. and my step dad has my back thankfully.
TDWTAM--I'm really glad you're okay, and doubly so that your step dad has your back.


--"Tangled" is, like, the cutest movie EVER. wub.gif Pascal is definitely my favorite character.

--If I could travel back to 7 months ago and tell myself just where I'd be in life, my old self would never believe it...

--New Dr. Who on Saturday! *is excited* biggrin.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@Lucky Lucy It's great that you're feeling so fired up!

@sweety_pie Haha, I had this weird urge to jump into the path of a garden sprinkler yesterday. ohmy.gif

@Blinded Beauty Gal I'm glad to hear that you're feeling calm after the Earthquake! There was an earthquake of about that magnitude here a few years ago (the UK doesn't get Earthquakes and all that very often at all), but it happened at night and I slept straight through it. xD

@TheDrummerWithTheAutoMail Thank goodness you got away without any extremely serious injury! I hope your step dad continues to have your back and that you make a full recovery soon!

@jacksparrow589 You've reminded me that I haven't watched a single one of these newer CG movies. ohmy.gif I really should because I've heard quite a lot of good things about them!


- I was making my tea (dinner) earlier, and while draining something, I accidentally poured a whole pan of scolding water over my left hand. It's still stinging even hours later. DX

- I went to see a couple of old college friends yesterday --I haven't seen them in over a year. It was so awesome to see them again! We had such a laugh. I enjoyed myself so much that time just seemed to fly by!

- My sister phoned me last saturday and told me that her guinea pig, Koyo, may have a tumour. The vet said the kindest thing to do would be to put him down, but he gave my sister some eye drops for Koyo and said that there may be little hope that it's an infection. But if the drops don't work, it's most likely a tumour. I was so sad --I love that little guy. I mean, I know to a lot of people it's only a guinea pig. But to me, a guinea pig makes just as much of a precious pet as a dog, cat or rabbit. ><
A Pierrots Aira-Ouch! That sounds painful, ohmy.gif and Im sorry about your sisters pet. I don't know what I would if my pet had a tumor. sad.gif
TDWTAM- Well, I am glad that you arn't hurt. (Whew!) laugh.gif
-My sister is watching 'Grease' right now. mellow.gif John Travolta used to be sexy when he was young! wub.gif laugh.gif

-Next Wed. Is the day I get to meet my teachers for ninth grade. mellow.gif I finally get to see my friends again. laugh.gif (well that is until Sep.6th)

-I can't believe that I am going to school in like two weeks! The Summer has just flown by! laugh.gif
Thanks guys for all the concern. I'm doing way better and now I can finally reply to everyone. (See, I told you I'd reply to everyone eventually! tongue.gif)

Lucky Lucy: I say go for it with the translating of manga. Normally the inexpensive headphones surprisingly last way longer than those that cost a bunch of money.

Omamori: YAY! Congratulations on finding a job! That is super amazing.

BBG: How are things going as far as the earthquake? I know it was a few days ago, but how are things? And I think that French is way better than Spanish! And ahh... high school. make the best out of it. You'll do fine! (I feel like I'm repeating what I told my sister last year)

jacksparrow589: oh you remind me of my younger sister. She'll bake something, then make it as if nothing was ever made. And you're going to disown me again, but I've never seen Tangled or watched Dr. Who. Although I really do want to see/watch both.

A Pierrot's Aria: Aww I'm sorry to hear about your Guinea pig. I know how it feels to lose and animal and it really sucks.


-The adjuster looked at my mom's car *the one that was in the accident* and thankfully it's not being totaled. The car wasn't that bad, but the airbags are an issue, but thankfully it's not totaled. and my mom has full coverage on that thing so we're set.

-Tonight and tomorrow are going to be fun. My dad and I are going to see his friend's band play tonight which is going to be fun, and tomorrow.... I get to see Deadmau5 live! I'm super excited! I'm going with my best friend and he and I are HUGE Deadmau5 fans, so it's like a dream come true for us!

-I have some of the weirdest friends in the world... and I wouldn't want it any other way.
A Pierrot's Aria--Yeowch! Stop hurting yourself! And I'm really sorry about your guinea pig. No matter what kind of pet, you still have a special bond with them. hug.gif

BBG--Ah, to be young and in high school again... I hope it starts well for you! smile.gif

TDWTAM--Eh, I really haven't seen a lot of movies/shows people think I should've seen, so it's all good. Have fun at the concert!


--Some conversations I've had over the past few days have put me in a rather pensive mood. Not that that's a bad thing, though.

--I gave blood yesterday. Didn't almost pass out this time, but the phlebotomist wasn't very good, and the needle almost got stuck in my arm. dry.gif

--My mom and I went for lunch yesterday, also. I don't know if anyone here knows what a döner kebab is (it's rather like a gyro), but I've been hoping for the ten years since I took a vacation to Germany that I'd find them stateside, and now... Omnomnomnom... wub.gif
TDWTAM- Everything is fine, just a lot of bad aftershocks. Everybody is now focused on one thing: hurricane Irene! It's really scary. We rarely get any hurricanes,It is supposed to hit Virginina Beach tommorow morning around 8am, unsure.gif It's a category 2 hurricane. And we don't have a middle school where I live so this is actually my second year at high school. the Elem. school is K7 and HS is 8-12. happy.gif <-jacksparrow589,too.

-My cousin came over yesterday with his friend who used to be a professional FB player. laugh.gif They ended up getting drunk though, but other than that, I had a great time! happy.gif It's really weird to have cousins that are way older than you.
-hurrricane Irene is really worrying and scary,and if I don't get online this weekend you know why.(Irene)
A Pierrot's Aria
@TheDrummerWithTheAutoMail I hope you have fun at the concert!

@jacksparrow589 I certainly know what a doner kebab is. tongue.gif I remember when I used to really love them, but now, not so much! Doner meat is nice in small doses for me. xP

@Blinded Beauty Gal I hope you guys will all stay safe during the hurricane! hug.gif

@Omamori I'm sorry, I had completely forgot to say congratulations for getting the job!


- So I managed to burn myself cooking...again...(the same hand as yesterday!) This time, though, it's a steam burn and it hurts like hell. I'm having to type this with just my right hand since my fingers got the brunt of the burns, and my finger tips have steam burn blisters. :S It's safe to say that I completely fail in the kitchen --I should stop cooking, or I'll end up cutting off my left hand or something. laugh.gif Okay, a little drastic. xP

Although, despite the kitchen disasters, the food is still turning out well. laugh.gif

- My sister called me earlier, and it turns out that Koyo didn't have a tumour --it was an infection after all. However, despite the eye drops, the infection got so bad that he had an operation today to remove his eye completely. We're a bit worried because my sister wasn't home for the phone call about how the operation went. And since the veterinary surgery is closed now, she'll have to wait until tomorrow to see how it went. :S

- I feel like drawing! Good thing I'm a righty. laugh.gif
TheDrummer- Glad to hear you're alright after that accident! And have fun seeing Deadmau5! biggrin.gif

A Pierrot's Aria- Good thing it wasn't a tumor afterall... but it's sad that the infection got so bad. sad.gif Hopefully Koyo will be alright!


- Went to a frat party yesterday. I don't drink and I didn't know anybody, so it pretty much sucked. I left early with 2 other girls who don't drink either, and hung out in their room after getting Starbucks, and watched The Office. It was fun. happy.gif

- I didn't know chocolate-covered coffee beans existed. They are a delicious way to stay awake all night.

- I'm so hungry. But I can't leave to get food because I'm waiting for my laundry to finish. D:

- I get inspired to make plushies at the worst times. I have homework to do, but I'm investing all of my free time into planning this plushie project. ;_______________; Also, my only means of fabric shopping is at Walmart... and they don't have a lot. (Plus, no one wants to go with me... and it's not wise to leave campus by myself.) I don't like fabric shopping online, either. So I have to wait until Thanksgiving to find stuff, when I go back home.

- I'm scared about Irene. I'm not on Long Island anymore, but my family is. I heard parts of my town got evacuated, because the town is literally right on the water. My family is going to be sleeping on the first floor instead of the second floor, in case a tree falls on the house. I really hope my family and friends will stay safe. When I talked to my mom, she didn't seem too worried, but she said it's still probably going to be a rough storm.

- My sister was in hospital for a few days. She had an abscess on her tonsils. They drained it while she was still awake. *shudders* It must be weird, having a needle stuck down your throat while still conscious...

- My cat's eye healed up just fine, and he's allowed to go back outside. I can finally sleep without being interrupted, yay!

- I got my hands on the first five seasons of Bones, so I've been having a marathon. XD

- I bought Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Two bought, five to find...
jacksparrow589: Ewww at the needle... I hate needles with a passion. but the fact you were donating blood is cool though.

BBG: Well I hope that all ends well in relation to the hurricane. That's scary stuff there.

A Pierrot's Aria: That's a relief/still sad about the Guinea Pig. And ouch! I've burnt myself quite a few times cooking and that's not fun at all.

Razzy: Have you heard from your family at all? I hope things work out well for your family. Like I said to BBG, scary times over there.

Pyroclasm: Oh gosh that sounds awful in regards to your sister. I'm sorry to hear about that and hopefully she's doing better now.


-I'm still searching the english dictionary to describe how incredible last night was. The concert was BEYOND AMAZING! Deadmau5 had an incredible set, all the other artists were just as amazing, and....... I FREAKIN GOT TO MEET DEADMAU5! And this is the pic that is my proof! (He's the one in the green hat, white shirt, and the space invaders tattoo)

-My best friend and I got lost on the way home. and I had to keep slapping him (not lying, literally slapping him) in order for him to stay focused on the road. Twas a lot of fun on the way home.

BBG--Probably late, but I really hope you've been safe from the hurricane!

A Pierrot's Aria--I'm glad it was an infection, and that you'll have Koyo around a little longer. I hope his surgery went okay!

Razzy--Yeah, I just skip frat parties entirely. I hope you (assuming you were still in Irene's path) and your family have been safe through Irene!

Pryoclasm--Wow, what your sister had to go through sounds terrifying! I'm glad your cat's better, though.

TDWTAM--Glad the concert went really, REALLY, REALLY well!


--I finally got 9 hours of sleep last night for the first time in a while. It was wonderful. smile.gif

--Well, that spate of good weather ended rather quickly. dry.gif

--It's cleaning week! biggrin.gif ... huh.gif ... mellow.gif ... ohmy.gif ... crybaby.gif

- I don't really have much time, just stop by to say Hi! and post some things I have in mind. I missed this site :)

- I was forced to join our college journal, we held a meeting to discuss the theme, assigned articles, etc. My problem is I have no idea what to write besides I'm not really that good at writing. I'm mulling about it until now, my drafts are still empty and I have less than a week before the deadline. I was assigned as illustrator and literary writer and the theme was "reaching for greater heights". It's a common topic but my mind had been gusted off along with the storm and migraine is killing me.

- I was getting obsessed with Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Why haven't I discovered these awesome books before? Rick Riordon kindled my interests on Greek Mythology.

- I was wondering if there will be someone who can beta'd my articles before I submit them. I don't really have much confidence that I can make it without errors. I'm hoping someone will pay them attention and correct some flaws.
hey there everyone. i wanted to say thankyou for all the people who told me 'I hope you stay safe during the hurricane'. YA know who ya are.

Razzy-I hope everything went alright.

TDWTAM-Iam glad you had an AWESOME time there at the concert! laugh.gif sounds like fun.... wish I could go to a concert. sad.gif

A Pierrots Aria- Ouch!! hurt it again? gosh, that really sucks. I hope it gets better! ohmy.gif I am really glad it was just an infection and not a tumor.(Whew!)

jacksparrow589-I hope the cleaning goes well!


Well, I am perfectly fine, including the house that I live in. It is just a whole bunch of tree limbs down and a lot of flooding,cuz I live right next to a swamp in stuff and well, things were just too much for it. ohmy.gif My driveway is completly totaled though. all of the dirt that was in it got washed out onto the highway and it created this huge hole in my driveway filled with water that came up to my brothers waist. ohmy.gif Tch tch..... what an epic fail... laugh.gif .

Well as far as Irene goes, she is nothing but a tropical strom somewhere up north. So yep, everybody is safe but it has been reported that there is 15 deaths in the state of VA. sleep.gif sad.gif .

And, my power has been out since Saturday,which really sucks cuz we have to use a generator (which is running as I type this)and well it is really stinky, but it gives us electricity so I better be glad. I will try to get more stuff for ya'll. Like post some pics and stuff to show ya"ll the damage. Also, My open house thingy where I get to see my teachers in stuff has been resheduled because of the power outages! Curse you power outages! mad.gif
Mhacy--The Percy Jackson series is pretty awesome!

BBG--Whew! I'm glad you're doing okay! smile.gif


--Despite today being the day where I have to go get my driver's license renewed and have dinner and cake with my family, it does not feel like today is any more special of a day for me than most other days of the year. *shrugs* (And you'd think it'd be even more special to me that I'm of legal drinking age in the US, but I just don't feel the urge to drink often enough or in high enough volumes that this is anything special, either. It's just kind of an "Oh, well, whatever" day. tongue.gif )

--We'd thought that my neighbor's cat got into a fatal fight with another animal, but it turns out he's okay. So now, we're left to wonder just whose fur is under one of our trees. sad.gif

--Blah... I really hope this fog clears up soon!
Mhacy: I'm pretty sure you'll eventually come up with an idea. but I hate not having ideas.

BBG: Well I'm glad that things weren't that bad where you were at. but it's real sad about the 15 who didn't make it.

jacksparrow589: Happy Birthday! I know it's late, but still better late than never. And That's how my last birthday felt.


-I think I have a new anime that I'm growing to like... Mushi-Shi. I just love the atmosphere and the mood it has.

-My best friend is going to be DJing at a rave in front of about 800 people tomorrow night. I'm going with him and I'm super happy for him. He's come a long way and I'm so happy for him.

-Got a parking ticket Tuesday. Wasn't that bad of a fine. heck, trying to find where on my school campus to pay for it was harder than actually paying for it.

-Day 67 of triple digit temps.
-Hungry but there's only chicken flavor Ramen here.
-I like the page number of this thread! haha
-I just heard Kevin Smith is going to quit directing! I'm so crushed by this news!!
A Pierrot's Aria
@Razzy I don't drink alcohol, either (I detest the stuff)! It gets better when you meet like minded people, like you did. With my friends who don't drink either (and even the few friends that I have that do drink, but respect the fact that I don't) have a good time by going out for meals/cinema trips etc. biggrin.gif

@Pyroclasm I hope your sister is feeling well. That procedure sounds scary!

@jacksparrow589 Aaaw, I don't really feel very special on my birthday either (I usually forget that it actually is!) but I hope you had a nice day nonetheless. happy.gif

@Mhacy Hey, I'm glad you could drop by!

@Blinded Beauty Gal I'm so glad to hear you're fine! hug.gif

@TheDrummerWithTheAutoMail Good luck to your friend! I hope everything goes well!

@sweety_pie I'd probably just eat the chicken flavoured ramen, even if I didn't like it, if I was really hungry. laugh.gif


-I've been having problems with my chest and breathing for the past two days...I started to feel better yesterday, but it flared up again last night and it felt so uncomfortable that I was unable to fall asleep until about 4 or 5am. (It always seems to worsen at night.) Even then, it felt even worse when I was lying in my bed, so I slept on the living room chair. It was slightly more comfortable than lying down --I just watched crime dramas on TV until I eventually fell asleep. xD I feel a little better this morning, but I still have that tightness in my chest. The surgery is closed today, so I'll have to make a doctors appointment on Monday. I'm sort of hoping it'll get better by then...whatever's wrong. wacko.gif

- I can't wait until my dad comes back from the supermarket...he's bringing me back some chocolate --I need comforting. tongue.gif

- Thank you for all the concern for Koyo! hug.gif Thankfully the surgery was a success; he's back home and lively as ever!
@TheDrummerWithTheAutoMail, jacksparrow589, & A Pierrot's Aria: Thanks guys, my sister is doing much better now. smile.gif

@Mhacy: I'm sure you'll come up with an idea. Good luck!

@Blinded Beauty Gal: Good to hear that you're all right!

@jacksparrow589: Hope you had a really nice birthday!

@A Pierrot's Aria: Oh wow, that sounds horrible! D: I hope you feel better soon! hug.gif


- It's funny... I was in town a few days ago and bought Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and they had every Harry Potter book in stock. I go in there today hoping to get Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and they didn't have it. They only had the second one and the last three. Damnit people, stop buying the books that I want to buy! *shakes fist*

- None of my local stores seem to be stocking Xenoblade Chronicles. :< I think I may have to order from EB Games it if I want to get my hands on it.

- So, today I discovered that there is a new song by Evanescence... That was released early last month. I am ashamed of myself for not noticing sooner. ;-;

- It was Father's Day here today. Dates like this make me miss my father even more than usual...
TDWTAM, A Pierrot's Aria, and Pyroclasm--Thank you! I had a wonderful birthday! smile.gif

A Pierrot's Aria--Oh my goodness! I hope you're feeling better! hug.gif


--So... a bit too much party yesterday. It wasn't that I didn't have fun (I had an absolute blast!), but I went straight from a family brunch starting at 9 AM to a birthday party with friends from 1 PM to 9 PM, after which I got into just a little tiff with my mom (not even a real argument--she just did something I didn't appreciate and I was tired) and promptly melted down. Complete extrovert, I am not; I need time to recharge.

--Still... the party part of yesterday was incredible. biggrin.gif

--Thankfully, today will be a day of rest and relaxation and starting in on some of the books my friends gave me.
A Pierrot's Aria: My dad was having issues and he had to go to Urgent Care in order to have a breathing treatment. He's still struggling and it's been a week. Hopefully you get to feeling better.

Pyroclasm: If you want I can share my dad with you for a day so you have someone. mellow.gif

jacksparrow589: I'm really happy that you had an amazing time!!! happy.gif


-So this weekend was pretty amazing. Friday my best friend did AMAZING at the event he DJ'ed at. Saturday we went with some friends to the movies then over to their house to play video games, then today we all chilled at my grandparents house which was tons of fun.

-I have a job interview tomorrow. The thing is... it's for this marketing company and I just... I don't know why I feel that there's something wrong with this company. I can't place my finger on it. It just seems too good to be true and the company sounds shady... oh well I'll find out tomorrow.

-I made a video for the Project Don't Forget that's on here. And, although this might just be me being my own worst critic, but I don't think mine will make it into the final product. I just don't think it was good enough, but none the less I did it. and here it is if you really want to take a look... but you don't have to if you don't want to.
A Pierrot's Aria
@Pyroclasm Ack, it's so irritating when there's always loads of what you want in a shop when you can't get it, and when you decide to buy it, they're all gone!

@jacksparrow589 I'm glad you had such a great party!

@TheDrummerWithTheAutoMail Good luck with your job interview! I hope it goes well. And I hope that your dad's breathing improves!


- My breathing and chest problems got really bad on Saturday night/Sunday morning, not only that, but I started to get pains along my back and chest. :S At about 3:30am the logical part of me that knew that I was breathing well despite the difficulty just totally shut down and I went into a panic attack (which just made everything worse!) So that lead to being in the hospital from 4am-8am. wacko.gif I had all the normal tests and an ECG, chest X-Ray and had some blood work done and they managed to rule out the more serious things like lung clots and such. Although they couldn't figure out what was wrong, they recommended that I take anti-inflammatory tablets and painkillers which seem to be helping. Since I didn't sleep a wink, Saturday and Sunday just seemed like one looooong day. xD; I just took time out yesterday and rested up --Although I'm not feeling exactly 100%, I'm feeling a lot better than I did on the weekend and it's nice to be able to lay down without thinking I'm going to choke to death/stop breathing. So I've been sleeping better, too!

- I'm hoping my step dad can take me to the new house next Monday because that's the only time the engineer can go and activate the phone line. No one else can make it. If not, we'll probably be there a week or so without the net when we move in. Although I'm sure we can live without it for that long. tongue.gif

- It's pouring it down with rain outside, but I'm going to go and see my mum soon. I'll just have to go out armed with a warm coat and an umbrella. laugh.gif
TDWTAM--I took a look at your video, and I must say that your story is touching and inspiring. I'm glad you found FMA and that you're able to share yourself with others as a result. smile.gif

A Pierrot's Aria--I'm glad you're feeling better! hug.gif


--Well, my dad just kicked my butt in cribbage... *sigh*

--Having absolutely owned at Mario Party 8 yesterday, though... I might've had it coming.

--8 PM and already dark? Whaaaa? wacko.gif

- I haven't been on in a while. I feel awful. sad.gif College is crazy.

- My parents said Irene wasn't bad at all near them. They said it was really windy, but there weren't even trees knocked over. I was relieved to hear they were safe! But there were other parts of the coast that got hit really bad. sad.gif

- College is a lot of work. At first I was worried most about my Art History class, but I got a 100% on my first quiz. *feels awesome* But the other art classes are really difficult. I'm getting less than stellar grades in Drawing and Design. I'm really trying to work hard, because if I don't get a B or above in every art class, I can't apply for my BFA in my Junior year. >_______< Basically, without a BFA, getting a job later on in the art field is 1000x more difficult.

- My roommate + other people are getting drunk in my room. They're so loud. We are going to get in trouble if they don't shut up. (Yes, we. I'd get in trouble just for being in the same room... even though I'm just sitting on my bed, watching Venture Bros. on my laptop like the antisocial, innocent thing I am. sleep.gif)

- I wanted to get a new DVD player today (my old one broke after its first use), but the problem with going to Walmart/anywhere is that I can't go without someone else. (Scary town is scary.) And... nobody ever wants to go with me.

- Socializing was going well for a while (I joined like 10 clubs/groups and I've made friends), but I've just had a bad week. I had a near panic attack earlier this week, and have just had overall anxiety for the rest of the week. It's not even schoolwork that's getting to me; it's miscellaneous personal issues. I just feel depressed and alone. I know I shouldn't expect anybody to care, but I still get upset when my friends (close friends, I mean) from home don't bother to answer my texts or my messages on facebook. I rarely ever get like this (I'm normally a very calm person around my friends), so it's not like I'm always like: "omg you guys, I'm sad, console me!" But I still feel guilty for bothering them, because they're all probably busy partying or hanging out with their college friends. Which makes me feel even worse. It makes me feel clingy, and everyone probably thinks I'm negative and boring. Like something is wrong with me because it's so difficult for me to socialize.

- I have a headache. I just feel unwell in general.
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 I never win on Mario Party games...laugh.gif

@Razzy I'm sorry that you've had a bad week. That's how I felt in my first month or so at uni. On the first week I cried every day. Just because you're not a drunken, noisy git, don't think for a minute that you're anti-social or boring. I used to think the same thing, because I don't drink alcohol and spent most days in my room alone. I admit that you can sometimes feel left out when everyone else is going partying, and seem to make friends so easily. Going out drinking/being noisy is just not who I am, and I refuse to change just because everyone else sees it as boring: So I don't think that you should feel bad just because you're not the type who is loud/drinks etc and you're sure to meet like-minded people at some point. I also understand how you feel about your close friends. I feel the same way. Don't feel bad about trying to keep in touch with them --there's nothing wrong with that --I hope they get back to you soon. It seems that you, like I was, might be feeling as though you're completely out of your comfort zone (socially) right now. You definitely won't be the only one feeling like this --going to uni is such a huge change. I hope things will start getting better for you soon. hug.gif


- It's amazing what you find when you're not even looking for it. I was turning the house upside down the other day trying to find the Gamecube controller (I felt like playing some Gamecube games xD) and I found the mother load of water colours. I was thinking of buying some more, but I'm glad I didn't! They were everywhere!

I also found the Sumi-e sets I never got around to using. They just look way too nice to use! laugh.gif

- Argh, I should get out there and do some of the shopping I need to do! It doesn't look like a very nice day outside at all --so windy and rainy. DX

-It's getting closer and closer to the date on which I move into the new house! I'm getting excited. I want to start packing already but it's still a bit early. tongue.gif

- I'm hungry for chocolate. xD
Razzy--I'd talk to your RA or whoever's in charge of your dorm about switching rooms. Having such roommates can't be helping. Also, like you and A Pierrot's Aria, I had a really tough go of it socially my first quarter. I pretty much didn't have classes with people I knew (and I didn't join clubs, unlike you, so that made it worse), and all my high school friends were also busy settling into their new lives at other colleges. It's not unreasonable to feel sad or left out because your friends aren't responding. It wasn't unusual for me to feel how you've described after a bad week. It's good to get it out and tell people, though. I hope things settle down for you soon! hug.gif

A Pierrot's Aria--I'd actually almost appreciate windy and rainy; it's been nearly 85 Fahrenheit where I am for the past week. Some people enjoy it. I don't. Shall we switch weather? tongue.gif


--My dad made this amazing blackberry crumble. It's almost gone now, but It's so delicious. Just the right balance between sweet and tart.

--My mom and I are going shopping today! biggrin.gif

--Doctor Who tonight--two new episodes since I didn't get to see last week's! I'm so excited!
It's been a long week, and I'll get to everyone soon


-This week, world war 3 has started at my house. some major things happened (due to it being personal I cannot say what) and there has been a huge divide in my family once more. It's practically like the start of the divorce all over again.

-And to make things worse, this friend (well ex-friend I should say) sent me and a couple of my friends messages on facebook basically calling us out, saying we're not the people we say we are, that we lied to them, etc. And these two were people who I had known for some time, and the stab of betrayal really hurts. That, and they called my friend an "effing whore" which really angered me. It's strange though, just the other day we were talking like there was nothing wrong, then this all happened. and I basically, without any sort of argument, told them that I wish it didn't end this way, I'm sorry they think that and that I still wish them the best of luck in the future.

-This week has just been a crap week. I'm ready for it to be over, so the new week starts.

EDIT (September 16th):

-I just realized it's been about a week since someone posted here. Everyone must be just as busy because I didn't realize this until just now.
Thanks, A Pierrot's Aria and jacksparrow. <3 I am feeling better now... but before now, I was in a funk for a week. I realized I just miss my friends and bf. And stuff. I'm trying to stay distracted so I don't get to that low point again... but I've still been spending every night in my room by myself. laugh.gif

TheDrummer - That sounds tough... I hope things get better for you soon. sad.gif


- I have done nothing all day.

- My (half of the) room is a mess. I can't see the surface of my desk anymore... there's so much junk on it. The other day, I couldn't see the floor either; I had to finish a Design project, and there was paper... everywhere.

- I spent one day watching Venture Bros. season 2... all day.

- I've been getting good grades in all of my classes so far... so I'm happy about that.
TDWTAM--I'm sorry things are (hopefully now "were") so rough around your house and with your friends. sad.gif

Razzy--Keep up the grades! smile.gif


--I totally wrenched something in my shoulder moving myself into my dorm on Tuesday. Thank goodness when I was helping with the general move-in Thursday and Friday, most people did a lot of their own lifting.

--My roommate this year seems really nice, even though she's 2 years younger than me. I get the feeling we're going to get along just fine. smile.gif

--Already starting to think about housing for next year since I want to be off-campus. Oy. >_<

--Weather, y u no make up your mind?! (Oh right, Seattle in fall... chaotic weather FOREVER.)

--My new slippers are warm 'n' fuzzy... :3
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