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Full Version: Penny for your thoughts? (don't expect "real" money here... XD)
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Pyroclasm--Happy belated birthday! *throws confetti*

Razzy--Ugh, I feel bad for you. Power going out in the heat can't be fun! (I live in the Pacific NW--we had 40-day-flood amounts of rain this morning.)

TDWTAM--(Now it's later at night and I'm too tired to type it out! tongue.gif) I'm glad that the party went well!

A Pierrot's Aria--Mmmm... I hope things start looking a little better soon! Seems like you're not having a great time... (Oh, I kinda got my fanfic mojo back! *Kinda*...)


--Ugh... Python, y u no work right? I don't understand... T_T And right in the last week of research, too. It *had* to be now... dry.gif

--The dog I'm watching for two weeks is... a handful. I think human babies are honestly easier to take care of. (Although I'm not a parent, so I'm sure that'll change if/when I have kids.)

--It is dang hard to share even a queen-sized bed with another person and the dog I'm watching. He's not small, and we (the humans) were both trying to give each other at least some space so as not to get terribly warm. Oh well... I think I got around 7 hours of sleep, so it's all good.

--We had a thunderstorm this morning that went right over the house! It was wonderful... wub.gif

--Saw part 2 of HP & the Deathly Hallows. Wasn't bad. I enjoyed it.
A Perriot's Aria: I'm sorry to hear about the whole thing with your mom. I hope things get better for you. But I couldn't help but smile at the Guinea Pig you named Roy.

jacksparrow589: I think that's going to stick with you. They abbreviation of my name. I will admit that it is quite a mouthful for people. Heck I dread writing it all out at time. But with the dog, just use some tough love (Not exactly like Riza though, since i'm sure you wouldn't traumatize a dog like the way Riza did when she first got Hayate in FMA)


-Youtube trolls have been annoying me lately. All I've been getting on my drum covers are comments like "This is total crap" and "you're playing is total crap". (Note, these are heavily censored for the sake of keeping it PG here) Now I always say "Haters gonna hate", but it's just annoying. So I'm "fighting back" in a way by choosing an aggressive song to learn on drums, perfect it, record the cover and posted it to shut the haters up. No point in arguing with them since they have no lives, so why not use a talent I was blessed with to prove my point. Oh and I may cover another song, a little something special for people on here, since it is an FMA forum and what I'm planning is a song related to FMA I'm sure you'd all like.

-It's about 1:20 AM and I'm not even tired at all... freakin summer insomnia. Oh well time go lurk around on and listen to music all night long. Maybe I'll finally get the inspiration to finally write another fanfiction after about a year or so of no writing. Probably dabble in some RoyAi, Edwin, AlMei, LingLanFan maybe? (Definitely RoyAi though)

-Every day, I have some sort of moment that reminds me of one of the two; that I'm a nerd and that I'm a helpless romantic. Today I had an instant of both actually, cause I was checking out some art on dA and every adorable pairing artwork I came across made me super giddy inside. (I, a male, find romantic stuff like that adorable. I've always been that way)
Lucky Lucy
@Pyroclasm - Happy belated birthday! hug.gif
@TheDrummerWithTheAutoMail - Don't mind the haters, they just don't have any normal occupation. Also that's really sweet, I haven't seen many guys who like that kind of romantic/cute stuff. Good luck in writing the fanfiction biggrin.gif
@A Pierrot's Aria - I'm sorry to hear about what happened when you met with your mother sad.gif I'm sure you'll be able to spend more time together sometime soon. It sounds like you had fun with your sister though. And the names of the guinea pigs are just so cute! wub.gif
@jacksparrow589 - I'm sorry you're having trouble with the dog, but at least you could get some sleep biggrin.gif


☆ I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows today with my best friend and a former classmate of ours. We really liked it and the popcorn was great! The only problem is that after the movie was over and we were eating some McFlurry I realized that I had promised mom(who is a big fan of Harry Potter:lol:) that we would go see it together. Luckily she wasn't too upset when I told her this evening. biggrin.gif
☆ Today I had a fight with my best friend. Of course it was over something stupid. Yesterday I asked her to go shopping with me and she said that she only wants to go shopping before school starts so I got upset and I told her that she wants to have beautiful clothes just so that others can see her. That was really childish of me to say. But we settled the argument by playing some computer games together laugh.gif However today, she got upset for apparently no reason when I tried to show her something. I know that it was because I called her "egoistic" today, but I didn't even mean it. And besides, we always call each other names and stuff, but we're just joking and we both know that.
☆I can't wait o watch another episode of Grey's Anatomy. It's so addicting!
Little Washu
So it's been a while since I've been here. Wow.

So it was my bday was last thursday, it was a great time c: currently using bday money to buy wigs for cosplay, but I should be saving for my fancy camera ; w ;

-Niel Patrick Harris is on TV <3
-I don't wanna wake up early tomorrow :c...
-I... am hungry.

EDIT: I could have sworn I was a brigadier general last time. Did I drop down a rank O_o;;?
<No, no, Lt. General is 2 ranks above Brigadier General C: (it has always been that way. ^^) You were promoted because we changed the requirement, and basically, in most part, it got easier (less post count) to obtain the same rank than before, and hence for the same # of post count, you now qualify for Lt. General that is 2 ranks above Brigadier General. C: See this post for more details. C: ~ Tombow>
Glad to hear you had a nice birthday, Washu~ :3

A Pierrot's Aria- Ouch! Evil Macs! D: My school got a Mac lab for our art program, too. I really didn't like them at all, but I'm glad because I got used to them and now I'm not completely clueless when it comes to Macs. I still hate them, though.


- Mayhem Fest was great. Our hotel was located on Asylum Street (Asylum is the name of Disturbed's newest album tongue.gif), so my friends and I thought that was pretty funny/awesome. The first bands had pretty crazy moshpits, and I'm really puny, so I was scared for my life at least twice when people near me just randomly started throwing each other around. XD;;; Those bands were outside, and it was crazy hot out. The later bands were inside, so it was cooler in there (and the pit was surprisingly calm... they only got crazy when Godsmack practically begged them to start moshing). Godsmack did a really good show, but Disturbed was a lot better... imo. They had videos and pyrotechnics and other crazy stuff (makes sense, though. They were the "main" band). Also, I just like their music better. I really wanted to get into the pit, but apparently there were separate tickets for the pit, so my friends and I had to stay in our seats. Laaaaaame. sleep.gif Whatever. It was still fun. I wanna go next year if Dethklok is going to be anywhere in my area (if they are in Mayhem next year). I was disappointed that I couldn't see them this year. ;n;

- I saw Cirque du Soleil Zarkana at Radio City yesterday with my mom. I had no idea what was going on (there was some kind of plot going on there?), but it was still an amazing show. biggrin.gif

- I have not picked up a pencil since I got my drawing tablet. I'm kinda obsessed with digital drawing lately...

- I got my roommate assigned today. I flipped out when I got the letter in the mail. I think I got the dorm I wanted. And I got a room on the first floor. Woooo~
TDWTAM--Nerdy hopeless romantics unite! biggrin.gif (I totally respect that you're a guy and you're still embracing it. I know a lot of guys who wouldn't.)

Lucky Lucy--Friendly squabbles over stupid things... been there, done that. I hope she's not taking it too seriously!

Little Washu--Happy belated birthday! smile.gif

Razzy--I balked a little at "first floor" because, in my dorm, that's 2 floors below the entrance! tongue.gif


--I think the dog I'm watching is just missing "his" people. He seems to be calming down a bit more. At least he's always been happy to see me from the get-go.

--Oooh! NCIS marathon on Saturday! Excitement!

--Well, we had our last research meeting today. I just have a couple hours of typing stuff up to do, then I'm officially done.

--Owwww... Pain... >.<
Lucky Lucy: I hate it when you argue with your best friend over something, whether or not it was for something stupid or not. But as I was told by a good friend of mine, it's always those people that sometimes you're at each others throats that you have the strongest bonds with you know? Cause the relationship gets stronger through the strain you know?

Little Washu: Happy belated birthday!

Razzy: Sounds like you had an amazing time at Mayhem Fest!

jacksparrow589: Yep. I gladly admit that I'm that way. I have feelings, and I'm not afraid to show them. And at least the dog is chilling out more.


-Watching other people's drum covers on youtube intimidates me for some reason. I know, random as heck, but still it does that.

-I'm re-organizing all the photos on my ipod into their correct anime AND pairing. I'm going to have a lot on my ipod now thanks to all the people who shared theirs and others art with me.

-I'm getting super excited for Sunday because I'm going to a concert that day. Who's playing? A bunch of bands you've most likely never heard of at all. But some friends of mine in one of the bands are gonna be out here and it's always good times when they're out here. Plus it's the last day of the tour for them so they aren't restricted as to where they need to go next. Needless to say, I'm super excited to see them again after about 7 months.

-Re-watched Hughes' funeral. and I'm balling my eyes out right now. Definitely one of the saddest moments in anime period.
@A Pierrot's Aria: Argh, sorry to hear about what happened with your mother. :< I'm sure you'll be able to spend some time alone with her properly soon enough! hug.gif

@Lucky Lucy: A fight with your friend? :< I hope she doesn't take it too seriously!

@Little Washu: Glad you had a nice birthday!~ smile.gif

@Razzy: Good to hear you had a nice time at Mayhem Fest!

@jacksparrow589: Glad to hear the dog is calming down a bit. smile.gif

@TheDrummerWithTheAutoMail: Hope you have a good time on Sunday!


- The 3DS getting a massive drop in price everywhere as of the 12th of August. The price in Australia is currently $350, and it's getting dropped down to $250. 10 NES and 10 GBA games are being made available for free download for those people who bought the 3DS before the price drop. Soooo, I paid $288 for my 3DS on its release - only $38 more than what it's going to be dropped down to - and I'm also getting a whole bunch of free games? Best. Deal. Ever. Made. wub.gif

- I went to pick up my mail before. When I got back home and looked through it, I discovered someone else's mail along with my own. They must've mixed something up when they were sorting it. XD I'll have to take the other person's mail back to the post office.
Pyroclasm--You're reminding me of the mail system in my dorm freshman year of university. We were always getting other people's mail. XD

TDWTAM--Have fun at the concert!


--NCIS marathon today, Law and Order: SVU marathon tomorrow... I'm super-excited!

--So, yesterday... pretty much sucked until I took a nap. I started a new medicine, and had pretty much all the common side effects described. After my nap, I felt amazingly better.

--Still not feeling so great today, but I bought some peppermint tea yesterday, along with some yogurt and some bananas, so at least the headache and stomach symptoms, which are the worst of it, are cooling down and hopefully won't flare up again because of something I eat.
A Pierrot's Aria
@Lucky Lucy I'm sorry that your friend took something the wrong way --I hope things between you get better soon! hug.gif

@Little Washu I'm glad to hear you had a great birthday!

@Razzy I can't stand Macs, either! xD And I'm glad you're having fun with your tablet!

@TheDrummerWithTheAutoMail I agree--that scene has me blubbering like a baby every time!

@Pyroclasm Wow, that does sound like a pretty good deal!

@jacksparrow589 Awesome marathon choices! I love NCIS and especially Law and Order: SVU (although, I love the other Law and Order series, too!) biggrin.gif And I hope you feel better soon!


- I've got pains in my back and limbs, again. I don't know how it happened, but I just woke up with them. :S It's like someone came into my room during the night and beat me up or something. laugh.gif

- I finally spent the day with my mum (albeit at a pub!) But that wasn't without some drunk guy, who could barely stand, falling on us. dry.gif

- It's one of my friend's birthday today, but we went out to celebrate with our other friend yesterday. It was lovely to see them again! We went to see a movie then got a pizza. The cinema was 2 hours away from where I live and I had to get three buses to get where we needed to be. xD The first bus that I got on didn't have enough room between seats for my legs, so I sat slightly to my side, but when the bus filled up, an old lady came to sit next to me so I needed to sit straight. It was so painful; the seat in front was totally killing my kneecaps. The only break they got was when the lady in front leaned forward to speak to her friends in front of her. It didn't help that there was a metal bar across the back of that seat which was digging into my knees, as well. I looked earlier and they're actually bruised! laugh.gif

And when I got off the bus and started talking to my friend while waiting for the next bus, someone rammed a wheelchair into the back of my leg. My legs really weren't catching a break yesterday. xD!

The movie we went to see was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. I'm not a big fan of the series, but I went because it was in celebration of my friend's birthday. Even if it means sitting through something I don't particularly like very much, I'd still want to spend time with her. It was a good film, considering, but I am guilty of almost falling asleep in the theatre! As my eyes were about to close, something happened in the movie and a blinding white light lit up the whole room. That certainly kept me awake, and I could hear by friend giggling because she saw that it had shocked me out of my sleepiness. laugh.gif
Pyroclasm: I agree, that is a freakin sweet deal! Great job!

jacksparrow589: I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling better. hopefully you're doing better soon.

A Perriots Aria: Well it sounds like you had a great time with your friends.


-So the concert today was UNBELIEVABLE! All the bands there were super amazing, and afterwards I got to go with my friends in one of the bands to a place we Southern California people have called In-N-Out (It's a burger place that is amazing) and we hung out and chilled until about 1:30 in the morning.

-My sister starts school tomorrow, which sucks for her. I start college in a couple weeks, but I'm only going to school Tuesdays and Thursdays which is going to throw me off because I'm used to being in school every day of the week.

-My body is in a lot of pain from the concert, my ears are ringing, my neck hurts, but it's all signs that it was an amazing concert you know? (Or maybe not, but still to me it was a sign of an amazing show)
A Pierrot's Aria--Sheesh! Take a day off and rest! Care for yourself!

TDWTAM--I've heard those are all signs of a great concert. And I am feeling pretty much all better, thanks. smile.gif


--I had a friend from high school to stay the night last night, and I figured something out: If I'm not trying to leave space for the other person (especially on a queen-sized bed!), I sleep a whole lot better. Go figure.

--So... compost from 2 months ago... absolutely rank.

--Of all the classes I start in the fall (still 2 months away!), I think I'm the most excited for ASL (American Sign Language).

--Oh-so-slowly getting my fanfiction mojo back. biggrin.gif
TheDrummer - Glad you had a good time at the concert. happy.gif And yeah, concerts can be painful. laugh.gif

jacksparrow - You're going to take a sign language class? Wow, that's really cool! I've always wanted to learn sign language. biggrin.gif I took an introductory class of it when I was really young, so I don't remember much except half of the alphabet, haha. But I did enjoy it a lot, and I think it's really incredible watching skilled signers.


- I'm learning to play "So Long" from Toy Story 3 on piano. I have to resist the urge to cry while I'm playing it. T^T

- I've had a crazy headache all day. I rarely get headaches, but when I do, I get freaked out because I don't know what's causing them. I can tolerate most pain, but if I don't know what's causing it, it worries me slightly. >.<

- I'm going to the doctor this week to get my stomach area/whatever checked out. I've had pains for years, so I'm getting checked for everything before I go away to college. My mom says acid reflux could be a possible cause, since I had this random stomach ache and bitter taste in my mouth the other day.

- I almost forgot how funny The Spongebob Squarepants Movie is. laugh.gif It was on TV the other day, and it was just as funny as when I first saw it in theaters. I was 11 years old when it first came out in theaters... Oh my gosh... *feels old*
Lucky Lucy
@A Pierrot's Aria - I'm glad that you got to have fun with your friends! biggrin.gif
@Razzy - Good luck on learning to play the song! Also, I hope you'll feel better and that the doctor appointment goes well.
TDWTAM - I'm glad you had such a great time at the concert! Oh and school only two days a week sound great!


☆Maybe I'm being paranoid, but my life doesn't seem to be going so well. Yesterday I decided to check how much would the university tuition fees would be in total. Turns out that for all four years of undergraduate studies it would be around 2,500,000, which is a shocking amount of money, around 30,000 USD. I know that I'm still a sophomore in high school, but as much as I know any university in Japan has the same fees so even if I change the university that I want over the years, it would still be the same. sad.gif

☆I had a fight with my mom(now that I made up with my friend). I'm really upset about it so I'm drawing away. The only problem is that it's 2 AM. Drawing feathers requires a lot of focus. Especially because the ones I'm drawing are really fluffy-ish.

☆And I might not be getting all the books that I want/need, because of my great parents(upset mom and pretending-to-be father) who aren't willing to buy them for me. This sounds just as if I'm a little child begging for a toy. But still, I'm wondering how am I going to pass the's N2, which is an advanced level. Life sucks for me.

☆ I think I'm starting to become pessimistic which is really bad.

☆Oh and the good news: I had my hair cut some days ago. I was really nervous because I didn't have a haircut in years. I just kept re-doing the same style. Now that my hair is short I feel a lot more free! I don't know why, maybe because I don't have to worry about my hair all the time, or because I used to have short hair when I was little so it's kind of nostalgic.
jacksparrow589: ASL? That's cool. My best friend is taking that as one of his classes and he's super excited for it.

Razzy: yeah the more painful it was, the better the concert was. And hopefully you're doctor's appointment goes/went well.

Lucky Lucy: Yeah college get's super expensive. But it's a good thing that you're looking at colleges now. I wish I did that.


-Well thanks to my curiosity, I have not been able sleep at all tonight. (Well maybe I got a couple hours of rest, but not full sleep) As childish as this is going to sound, and note I'm a total wuss when it comes to stuff like this, there are these things called "creepy pastas", which basically are fake stories which are written to sound real and scare the crap out of people. I came across a few earlier in the day and, while normally I shy away from that kind of stuff, my curiosity got the best of me and I read and... well that's why I freaked out at about midnight. Turned on my light and tried to fall asleep and my step mom walks in just as I'm about to fall asleep and she shuts off my light (She didn't know, and I wasn't going to bug her about it until tomorrow because she has to be up early for work) and I realized it just as she left the room and now I'm up again.

-So, now that I'm not sleeping, I've been on facebook and looking up videos on youtube since now I'm basically wide awake. I don't feel tired yet, but when it hits 6 AM, I'll most likely fall asleep for a couple hours.

-But, my bestie is coming over again tomorrow, which should make tomorrow a way better day hopefully.
@A Pierrot's Aria: Your poor legs! D: But it's nice that you had fun with your friends!

@jacksparrow589: Yay, fanfiction mojo! ...I want mine back too. :<

@Razzy: Hope that doctor's appointment goes well!

@LuckyLucy: I hope things get better for you. :<

@TheDrummerWithTheAutoMail: I don't think I've ever been freaked out by a creepy-pasta before...


- My sister's boyfriend proposed to her and she said yes! My sister is going to get married... I really feel like I'm starting to get old, thinking about my sister getting married. XD

- Also, I went shopping with my sister the other day and was able to buy her a present for her birthday (which is in a week or so) when I caught her eyeing off a necklace in a jewellery store. I'm glad it was that easy, I had no idea what to get her! XD

- Sooo, I don't know whether I'm just hyper paranoid or something, but I'm pretty sure a guy I recently started talking to has been hitting on me. o_o; I was able to state that I was interested in someone else when our conversation started heading in the direction of romances, and he ended the conversation soon after that. To be fair, he was going to bed, but I still find myself wondering if he'll talk to me less now that he knows there's no chance of starting up a romance...
Razzy--I hope things turn out okay with your stomach!

Lucky Lucy--College is indeed really expensive. I hope there's some way you can get some sort of financial aid!

TDWTAM--Ugh, never look at scary stuff before bed! No matter how untrue it is!

Pyroclasm--You feel old? My youngest first cousin is now almost 15, and my oldest cousins are having kids! I feel old!


--4 weeks and a day 'til I'm 21! biggrin.gif

--I love NCIS. If there's one good thing about house-sitting, it's that I was able to see a lot of it, even though it's mostly the seasons that I have.

--I can't wait 'til Friday... Frozen chocolate cheesecake... wub.gif

--It's been so nice and sunny here the past couple days, and it's supposed to continue like this all week! smile.gif
pyroclasm: well you are a brave soul. I'm a wimp and unfortunately I let my curiosity get the best of me. Last time that happens.

jacksparrow589: well my friend, this happened during the day time. Well looking at what I did. Then at night it just all lingered in my mind and I couldn't sleep at all.


-Well I'm still a little creeped out right now but not nearly as bad as I was yesterday. I didn't even go to sleep until about 6 this morning. Yeah I'm never letting my curiosity get to me in that regards ever again.

-My best friend came over today and we worked on a new song which is coming out real well. I'm real happy with it.

-I was so tired today that I didn't play drums at all surprisingly. I'll most likely play tomorrow though.
Thanks for wishing me well, Lucky Lucy, TheDrummer, Pyroclasm, and jacksparrow! happy.gif
My appointment went well. Everything was normal... so it means my random stomach aches are just random stomach aches, I guess. laugh.gif

TheDrummer - Creepy-pasta is so scary. I've only read ones about Pokemon games, but they're freaky. Slender Man freaks me out too, even though I know it's totally fake. XD


- Anesthesia is weird. I don't have any other words for it. laugh.gif I was given anesthesia at the doctor's today for my procedure. And I had a dream while I was under... but when I woke up, I couldn't remember what it was. XD And after I left, I was walking around like I was drunk. So... yeah. It was a new and... interesting experience for me. .____. Now I'm resting and stuff, and my arm is all nasty and bruised from the IV. It doesn't hurt much, though... it just looks gross.

- I'm trying to figure out how much of my fabric and sewing supplies I'm gonna bring to college. I definitely can't bring all of it...

- I started talking to my roommate over the Internet. She seems really cool. happy.gif

- Borders is going out of business, so I went to shop there twice already. The first time I went, I saw this awesome Kurt Vonnegut collection; it was 5 of his novels in one book. The sales weren't good, though, so I put it back and waited for better sales... so I went back the other day, but now it's gone. T^T
TDWTAM--Two words that are (IMO) far more creepy than any copypasta ever: Weeping. Angels.

Razzy--The stomach aches could just be stress. I know that happens to me a lot. (Doesn't help that I'm sensitive to milk, but I definitely get stomach aches that are purely stress.)


--It's just a cleaning sort of day. (Or rather, nobody else in my family has cleaned the bathroom on the main floor of our house in... I don't want to know how long, so the task has fallen to me.)

--I need to stop finding shows that I like on channels I don't get! Hulu generally doesn't have entire seasons of what I want. (Latest find: Syfy's "Haven")

--Blargh... It's sticky. It's not exactly cold, but it sure is damp. dry.gif

--I've been having really plausible dreams lately. It'd be interesting to see if any of them come to pass.
It's been awhile~ @.@ How is everyone?
...Actually, I should probably read the posts prior to mine for an answer to that inquiry xD I'll do that later, though.


-Job hunting sucks! D< Especially when all you have is a high school diploma and computer skills while living in an area not particularly lacking in IT positions. Bleh.

-So...anyone hear about the American Division of TOKYOpop closing down? o3o ...well, actually, it already *did*. I hope all the licenses they lost will be taken by other English publishing companies. Now if only something would happen to VIZ...

-Finished The World Ends With You! ;D Awesome game is awesome~
Razzy: You sew? That's pretty awesome. My step mom sews quilts and is constantly getting fabric in the mail.

jacksparrow589: I hate finding shows you can't watch because you don't have the channel. and I don't really use Hulu either.

Rosicrucian: I know exactly how it feels to be in a job hunt. In fact, I'm still in a job hunt right now myself.


-I went to a rave with a couple of my friends on Friday. That was a ton of fun. I was surprisingly not tired when I drove home which was at about 3 in the morning.

-Yet more nerd moments have been occuring lately. Especially since I'm a huge music person as well. I always seem to listen to music and think in my head "Ok, that song really goes with this character" and so on. I gotta make some playlists in the near future of what goes through my head.

-Tuesday I'm going to be going to my first Warped Tour! I've never been before so I'm super excited. We're driving two hours or so out of our way to go to it, but it's going to be amazing.

-I seem to have random thoughts whenever I'm in the shower which are interesting. For example, this morning while showering I was thinking "Oh gosh... how often does Ed get to wash up while traveling?" and the other day "If I was to ever lose a leg or arm... I don't want a prosthetic, but freakin automail so I can literally be what my user name is, a drummer with automail."
- First thought, hi, I am alive. tongue.gif I am enjoying my new laptop after my old one just gave up on living.
- I really, really missed this place! I have a lot on my plate right now but I'll try to drop by once in a while, even as a lurker wink.gif
- Yesterday I read this 6000-line epic poem written in my native tongue and I have a test tomorrow. Fine and dandy but the characters have about 4 names each, and so do the towns! Dying.
@jacksparrow589: Argh, it sucks knowing that there are shows you want to watch on channels you don't get!

@TheDrummerWithTheAutoMail: Have a nice time at your Warped Tour!

@Razzy: Aww, it sucks that the book collection you wanted was gone... ;-;

@Rosicrucian: Job hunting DOES suck...

@Schnabeltier: Ohmygod, you're alive! ohmy.gif Yay!


- Yesterday my mother took our old dog into the vet because she ripped one of her nails, and they checked her over. She'd been going downhill rapidly recently - she was losing a lot of weight, and could barely walk... They said her heart was barely beating, and she probably wouldn't last the week. So they asked my mother if she wanted to take the kinder option of putting her down...

- She's buried next to our other dogs that have passed now... I'll miss the old girl.
I'm so sorry about your dog, Pyroclasm. sad.gif It's sad to lose a pet who's been a part of your family for a long time.

TheDrummer- Yeah, but I mostly make dolls. I've tried making quilts and clothes, but I'm not that great at those kinds of things. XD And have fun at Warped! Some of my friends went, and said it was great this year.

Rosi- Tokyopop? Wow, I haven't heard that. ohmy.gif I really didn't like Tokyopop for the most part, but they did license some great series.

And welcome back, Schnabeltier! biggrin.gif


- I had a panic attack last night. I've only had one other panic attack in my life, and that was when I was 6 years old. It was... really scary. I almost had another one when I woke up, but I managed to calm myself down before it got really bad. Thankfully I only have them when I'm seriously worried about something (they still suck, but I mean I'm thankful that I don't get them for no rhyme or reason).

- I'm annoyed that it's so difficult to take a screenshot on a Mac. I make .gifs by taking a bunch screenshots of videos... so if that wasn't annoying and tedious enough, now I have to press 4 keys at a time if I want to take one screenshot.

- I just found out adjusting frame delay doesn't work on either my Mac or Photoshop Elements 8. Everything is stuck on .2 frame delay. Wonderful. sleep.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 I hope the bathroom cleaning went well! ohmy.gif

@Rosicrucian I think people are way too harsh when it comes to Viz, sure, they make some really silly (yet hilarious) mistakes sometimes, but on the whole they do a pretty good job, I think...I wouldn't want anything to happen to them. xP

@TheDrummerWithTheAutoMail It's awesome that you can associate songs with characters! I hope you can share your character playlists on the thread in FMA character discussions at some point!

@Schnabeltier Hey, it's good to see you again! biggrin.gif

@Pyroclasm I'm so sorry about your's so hard when you lose a treasured pet. hug.gif

@Razzy Aaaargh, Mac controls! *Brain implodes* I swear, you need like, four hands to use some functions. I understand your pain. wacko.gif


- I went flower delivering with my dad this morning. What better way to start a morning and afternoon than the first deliveries being to a funeral home and a graveyard? laugh.gif

- I went to the chippy after all the deliveries and asked for a fish butty (sandwich xP), but as I always do, I asked if they could keep the bread un-buttered because I can't stand butter. (I always have my sandwiches 'dry'.) And the woman behind the counter went in a total huff and stared at me like I asked her to encrust the bread with gold or something. I can't believe how huffy she got about it --all she needed to do was put fish on bread!

I mean, seriously, how dare I ask her to put a little less time into making a sandwich? I must be forgetting, after all these years of not putting butter on bread, how tiring it can be. [/sarcasm] laugh.gif

-Argh, these UK riots are an absolute disgrace! They've broken out in so many cities now --it's just mindless violence. Manchester in particular has been getting a lot of rioting today. I just hope they don't break out any more (there have even been reports of the beginnings of looting in the next town over from here.) sleep.gif Those rioters should be ashamed of themselves! It's quite frightening because I have friends in these areas.
Rosi--Welcome back! biggrin.gif

TDWTAM--I totally do the same thing, matching music with whatever I happen to be thinking about at the time. biggrin.gif

Schnabeltier--I hope the test went well! smile.gif

Pyroclasm--It's hard to let a pet suffer or let a pet go. I'm sorry. hug.gif

Razzy--Oh God, panic attacks. Not fun. I hope it doesn't keep on happening! hug.gif

A Pierrot's Aria--The news of rioting has really been worrying. I hope it doesn't reach you! unsure.gif


--I did a TON of cleaning today. I feel very accomplished. cool.gif

--Also made some cookies. Omnomnomnom....

--My friend and I had an amazing conversation about religion. It was pretty cool.

--Dinner time! biggrin.gif
Think this'll be the third time that I'll be given a new nickname. Ah-hah xD ...Nah, fourth, actually.
Dragon, Bucky, Rosi... heh, heh xD


@A Pierrot's Aria - Hmm... well, they are/were better than Tokyopop xD Still, I get annoyed when they mix-up character names, misspell them multiple times, etc... They just butchered the D.Gray-Man manga =.= Which sucks, because that's one of my favorites.
I also hear that Del Rey has lost the licences of some of their series as well! O_O Well...I think. I know they lost the one for Negima! I just saw the first three volumes printed in an omnibus edition by a company I can't remember at Borders. Maybe it was Dark Horse; they're the ones that took up the ones for Cardcaptor Sakura and Chobits after abandoning Tokyopop :/
And what's this about riots? You live up there? O.O I hope you're alright D:

@jacksparrow589 - Thanks! ;D And cleaning is accomplishing, isn't it? My brothers do most of the cleaning, so all I have to do is my laundry and my room xD Ah-hah.

@Razzy - Panic attacks? o.O I don't think I've ever seen one, but I hope it doesn't happen again for you D: They sound scary~ I had a friend who used to get anxiety attacks all the time. We'd go to our Church's youth dances (four times a year for about four-five years), and, I kid you not, at every one, she always broke down in tears and would seclude herself to the restroom for the remainder of the evening, leaving me freaking out because she'd just run off without telling me where she was going D:
And yes, I read the news about it in June O.O Happened in May. Can't remember why, but they just weren't making any money, I think. They've left their German division running, though.

@Pyroclasm - Oooh, a new member o3o I'm Rosi. Or Mori. Heh xD
I'm so sorry about your dog! D8 It always sucks to lose a precious family member >>

@TheDrummerWithTheAutomail - Another new user~ xD
Yus, job hunting stinks with a passion >>; Fortunately, I have an evaluation to go through with this staffing company on Thursday, and yesterday I got a call from a temp agency about a couple job openings that they would like to put my name in for, so I'm crossing my fingers for one of those to come through *w*
And I'm pretty sure Ed doesn't wash up too often xD; He doesn't have the time for it when adventuring *shot*


-Job hunting is...kinda going well. Waiting to hear back from a couple people, going to get evaluated by a staffing company, constantly checking with Monster and the temp agencies to see what they've got... I can't wait until I get one =.=

-I really hate it when my friends invite me to social gatherings and such two-days before the event, expecting me to be there when, knowing full-well, that I'm in Colorado and they're in California, and that I'm broke and license-less >> *sighs*

-Tweedledum/my little brother got a Wii for his b-day! ;D Loving Mario-Kart~
Omamori- I like your new username. happy.gif I'll probably call you Mori rather than Oma, though... 'cause Oma is what I call my grandmother. XD;;; And that's weird about your friend's anxiety attacks... maybe she has some kind of social anxiety? Sometimes people get scared out of nowhere when they're in that kind of situation (surrounded by people they may or may not know).

A Pierrot's Aria- Those riots sound so scary. sad.gif I hope you stay safe!


- Today is my parents' anniversary. happy.gif I wish they would do something other than have dinner at home, though... they should go to a restaurant or something special.

- And tomorrow is my dog's 10th birthday. XD

- It's taking all of my energy to not fall into another panic attack. I can't stop worrying about this one thing... and it's so seemingly ridiculous that I can't even describe it. But when I think about it, it's so serious to me. I've been talking to my best friend about it (anyone else would probably think I'm crazy), which does help a little... but not much. I just try not to worry about it, but it's difficult.

- I hope the movie "Un Monstre Paris" will be released in the U.S. It looks interesting, but I hope they'll add more than just a "Phantom of the Opera"/"Beauty & the Beast" type of storyline. That kind of theme has been done too many times.
Omamori--Your new username is so much fun to say! biggrin.gif

Razzy--As I've said, I've been there/done that with panic attacks. No matter how trivial you think the trigger should be, it just isn't. I'm glad you have someone to talk to about it, though. That's usually a huge step towards at least dampening the effect. Personally, I'd face whatever it is head-on if you can before trying to ignore it. I hope all goes well!


--I'm watching Julian Smith's "I'm Reading a Book" for the millionth time. It still hasn't lost its amusement value. biggrin.gif

--Tea with friends tomorrow... YES!

--Crab... is delicious. (And I've had some for dinner the past 3 nights!)
First off I know I'm super behind on all that people have shared so I'll be catching up... um... NOW! haha!

Schnabeltier: Well Hi there! I'm a new member and it's nice to meet you!

Pyroclasm: Aww I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I know how it feels to lose an animal and it's pretty painful.

Razzy: Damn a panic attack? That really sucks. At least you're doing better now.

A Pierrot's Aria: Oh really? Well I'll gladly start posting away about my playlists and how I think they relate to characters. I always have tons of fun doing as suck.

jacksparrow589: Yay I'm not alone! It's tons of fun isn't it? And mmm cookies... even though I'm diabetic... mmm...

Omamori: Yesh! I am a new member! Nice to meet you. Job hunts are such a pain, especially in this economy, but I wish you the best of luck! And I figured as much. Lately, after meeting some friends that are in bands they always say they don't get to shower much because they're on tour, and it got me to thinking about since Ed travels a lot, if he doesn't shower much at all.

Razzy (Pt. 2): Why don't you do what I did one year. We couldn't really do anything special for our parents, so we got some take out, set up a table for two in the living room, and gave them dinner.

jacksparrow589 (Pt. 2): Delicious... crab meat... alright sea food it is. Sorry that sounds real good.


-Warped Tour Tuesday was so freakin amazing. I saw a crap load of amazing bands (A few of them were some favorites of mine), got some awesome merch (shirts, cds, wristbands, etc), got to meet one of the bands and have them sign a shirt of mine, met up with some friends who recognized my dad and I from another show and get this... they were in one of the bands that played! (I felt real awesome at that point) I got tons of videos which will be posted soon. And, since it's not a concert unless I get hurt, I got kicked in the head by a crowd surfer AND got super freakin sun burnt, but it was all totally worth it.

-Because my scalp got burned, it hurts to tie my hair back for now. but it's bearable for now.

-I decided to relive my childhood today and bust out the Nintendo 64. I know, old school, but hey I grew up with it and I felt like I was 6 all over again.

-I swear I've been more of a helpless romantic lately. I don't really make a huge deal about the fact that I'm single, but my friend recently texted me the other day and was like "Uhh... Greg you need a girlfriend." And I responded, "Well, if God wills it, he'll put someone in my life. if not, then I'm content that I'm alive and breathing." But since then I seem to be lurking on anime couple threads on deviant art. I'm seriously a helpless romantic and (I'm sure I've said it before) but I think romantic stuff like that is adorable.
TDWTAM--Ah, jeez, I hate having a sunburnt scalp! Hope it heals up soon! Get some aloe!


--Went swimming and had tea with friends yesterday. It was fun. smile.gif

--My boyfriend's dog would be an amazing attack dog... if he wasn't a 13-pound maltese mix who's very careful about play-biting. XD

--NCIS season 7 for 60% off? I think so! biggrin.gif
@ A Pierrots Aria- Oh my gosh! I had heard about it on the radio but it seems like it is a lot worse the way you described it! I hope everything goes alright. Be safe, and if those gits come into your neighborhood, call the Police!( Scotland Yard).

@Pyroclasm- Im sorry about your dog's parting.... It must be difficult for you.

@Razzy- Oh dear... I have been reading that you had a panic attack. I hope things get better for you!

Oh, good I am sooo glad to be back online. If my dumb brother hadn't of left the modom in the computer during a thuderstorm I would have been online a long time ago and I would know what was going on! AND the modom would not have gotten shocked either. (we got a new one)

-ugh, why oh why does it have to be so damn hot outside!?!?!

-Yessssss!!!! I have finally caught Mewtwo on Poke'mon HeartGold!! biggrin.gif

Yeeeessss! my uncle finally let me borrow his DBZ Broly movies! I only watched the first and second ones and they were good movies. ( he is a DBZ nerd, I tried to get him to watch some FMA but he said no, I don't really like FMA. I was very offended by those words, but people have their opinions.....)

-Summer has flown by sooo fast! I am going to be starting school again........Ugh.. dry.gif
@ Blinded Beauty Gal - ...
Can we trade uncles? *w* I am, apart from my younger brother, the only other DB/Z fan in my entire family. It sucks xD

@ jacksparrow589 - It is, isn't it? ;D OMNOMNOM---*shot*

@ Razzy - Mori is fine x3 Or you can keep calling me Rosi, if that's what you're used to ^^
o3o Oooh, German family? That is also what I call my grandmother smile.gif And my parents are Papi and Mami xD
And that could be possible :/ It's kind of weird, though; she was always the one dragging me along to those events xD A-ha. And "Un Monstre Paris" sounds like a good movie :3 What's the plot?

@ TheDrummerWithTheAutomail - Yup, traveling makes bathing a pain xD
Thanks! ;D So far, I believe I've blown all my interviews because I tend to freak when under pressure. BUT I'LL TRY TO GET BETTER AT TALKING TO PEOPLE I SWEAR~ >3 *shakes fist*
And you still have a Nintendo 64? biggrin.gif Man, that takes me back... I haven't played one of those since I was 11, I think xD


- I love to role-play. What I hate, though, is starting a bunch of role-plays, then forgetting to reply to them, or being unable to think of responses for them >>; Bleh.

- Well, my evaluation went...well. The keyboard they had me use kept sticking, however, and my typing test score was half of what I'd gotten at the last interview o.o

- So, I saw 'The Help' today! biggrin.gif It was a great movie, and I'm looking forward to reading the book if I can manage to snag a copy xD
jacksparrow589: I would still teach that dog to become an attack dog. sometimes small things do the most damage. and Yeah, burns do suck.

Blinded Beauty Gal: Yeah summer has gone by super fast. I start next Tuesday.

Omamori: Yeah! It makes you cherish every shower you get. I wish you the BEST of LUCK! You'll definitely find something soon, I'm sure of it. and YES I still have mine. Yeah it shows its age and glitches up a little here and there, but it takes me back to when I was 6 or 7 and how I thought Super Mario 64 was the hardest game in the world when now it's almost child's play. And role-playing? I haven't done that in quite some time. I should get back to that at some time.


-I was invited to a last minute movie night put together and it was a freakin blast. I chilled with a bunch of friends, we watched "Hobo With A Shotgun" which is now one of my favorite B-Movies I have ever seen in my life. Super ridiculous and funny because of the poor writing and unrealistic situations. Plus seeing it with my friends made it that much more awesome.

-I had another random debate with a friend of mine, which I love doing occasionally.

-I can't believe that I start school next Tuesday. This summer flew by real fast. Plus I was super busy with tons of fun stuff with friends since a few of them are going out of state for college which sucks. But this summer has indeed been fun and even with school starting, only going two days a week is awesome. Thus there will still be some sort of summer left for me thankfully.
@Omamori- Dang that really sucks.

@Omamori2- I am starting to become a nerd myself.... I am collecting like a maniac. Pictures, cards, games, action figures, you name it.

@TheDrummerWithTheAuto-mail- You start next Tuesday?! we don't start until Sep. 6th!

I don't really have anything to say right now. I just woke up and I am REALLY hungry right now.

I wonder what I am going to do today?

ETA: below @A Pierrots Aria- OMG! that is creepy...... EW.... wacko.gif

I just got back from Peebles to do some last minute school shopping with my two sisters, mom, grandma, and cousin... It was not fun. Why? because my cousin is kinda bossy and well she started bossing everybody around and stuff. Then, I started to get a little annoyed and irrtaded. After that we decided to go to Wal-Mart to get some food and stuff, I wanted to go to the games section to look at the games I did but only for a few seconds before she had to go and drag me off over to somewhere else. She also has this smart mouth she likes to use a lot. I love her to death, yes, but she is just..... I can't even describe it.. Ugh!!! mad.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@Omamori Ahaha, D.Gray-Man is exactly the series that I had in mind when I said Viz could make some hilariously bad mistakes! laugh.gif
The only Del Ray manga I own is Fairy Tail (but I won't be collecting more of that because I went off it very quickly!) They seem like a good company; the only thing I don't like is how they leave suffixes in like 'chan', 'kun' etc. wacko.gif But that wouldn't stop me from buying, mind you! xD And I hope your job hunting goes well! biggrin.gif

@Razzy I hope whatever you're worrying about will be sorted soon so you'll stop experiencing those panic attacks! hug.gif

@jacksparrow589 It's great you had fun with your friends! biggrin.gif You also reminded me that I haven't been swimming in years. xD

@TheDrummerWithTheAutoMail Wow! School starts early for you! I don't go back to uni until 26th September!

@Blinded Beauty Gal Hope you find something fun to do for the day!


- I was speaking to a friend I met quite a while ago yesterday. We haven't talked in ages, but he was really freaking me out. xD; He asked me if I have a boyfriend and when I said no, he asked me to send him some photos of me. I just said I don't have many pictures (which is true), so then he suggested that I take special pictures just for him. To which I replied that I don't like taking photos of myself. Then he suggested using a webcam while chatting. And I was relieved to inform him that I don't own one. But then he kept randomly saying throughout the conversation "hurry up and buy a webcam" and eventually adding "so we can do things that only adults do." At that point I was truly like WTF. o_o

- I went to see my brother today and he got me to play Splinter Cell on multiplayer/co-op on the Xbox 360. Put it this way --my brother said that if he was ever on a secret mission, he wouldn't take me with him. tongue.gif I kept mixing up the controls for taking cover and firing the gun. So when I accidentally fired the gun, I alerted the enemy to our position. laugh.gif It was my first time playing that game --that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

I was even worse when we played Worms Armageddon...Every weapon I fired ended up smacking the wall and bouncing back, killing my worm. Or I just totally missed my brother's worms with some embarrassingly bad aiming! It was all a really good laugh, though!

- Thankfully the riots have fizzled out now! The only thing that annoys me is that, even though it was a minority that were involved in these riots, people have gotten the impression that everyone in England is uncivilised. I can't help but feel kind of offended. The majority, who are actually law-abiding, are just as disgusted by the rioters' behaviour than anyone else. =/ [/mini rant]
mori--That sucks when a less-than-stellar performance isn't your fault. sad.gif

TDWTAM--What I forgot to mention is that this dog is also afraid of most people he sees for the first time. And you have only 2 days of class a week? Lucky!

A Pierrot's Aria--Whoa... Creepy guy! wacko.gif I'm glad the riots have fizzled out, and we know you're not uncivilized--it's just the minority making the majority look bad.


--Okay, family get together was going to happen tomorrow... but it ain't happening now. All of a sudden, things came up for just about everyone. It sucks, 'cause I wanted to see my mom's family. sad.gif

--I just skinned 10 chicken thighs *like a boss*, but now, my hands are all dry and chapped from washing them so much. dry.gif

--Well, time to make some blueberry coffee cake! biggrin.gif
Lucky Lucy
@Razzy - I know how terrible panic attacks can be. I used to have them every now and then some years ago, they were phobia related. I managed to stop them from happening so if worrying makes you have them I think you should just try to calm down and not worry so much.(I know it's easier said than done, but hey I've confronted a phobia and I actually won!) Just try being optimistic, it will make you fell better and maybe you'll worry less. biggrin.gif
@Pyroclasm - I'm very sorry about your dog! sad.gif Pets are indeed a part of our family and it's very sad to lose them...
@Schnabeltier - Welcome back! And I hope the test went well! biggrin.gif
@TDWTAM - I always think about how some songs fit a character and/or an anime. It's similar to the feeling of hearing a songs that goes well with something that happened in your own life:D And I'm also a helpless romantic so welcome to our club laugh.gif
@ A Pierrot's Aria - Ugh, guys like that just freak me out. You should have just stopped talking to him, it wasn't worth it. And don't worry, we know very well that not everybody in England is uncivilized. I personally cannot judge a whole country by the actions of some irresponsible people who can't control their rage, especially because there are people like that everywhere in the world...
@jacksparrow589 - Blueberry coffee cake...that sounds so delicious! biggrin.gif laugh.gif

☆I haven't been on here for almost two weeks...And that's sad because I rally love it here ^ ^ wub.gif

☆Unfortunately, I found out that I'm not going to London anymore, but when I asked mom if she would like to go to Wales instead she refused. Which is a pity actually, because Wales is such a great country. I wasn't looking forward(at least not too enthusiastically) to the trip to London, not the same as Wales though. I hope I'm going to be able to go to the seaside somewhere else though, I miss the sea so much. sad.gif

☆I really needed those books. My parents(as I said before, my upset mom and pretending-to-be-father) are really irresponsible and I can't believe it. I'm wondering when am I going to study for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test while I also strive to get a scholarship at school, that is if I ever actually get those books.

☆Sometimes unexpected things happen. Like someone dear to you whom you haven't met in a while suddenly talks to you and tells you many lovely things, just when you're already thinking that you've lost your hope... Or when you coincidentally meet that same person the next day. Not knowing how to react to such an unique chance surely is possible, especially for me. I'm wondering if it has ever happened to anybody else. Being told all those lovely things by the person you've wished for the most to say them and then becoming distant all of a sudden. Maybe I was just scared...

☆There's only one month to go before school starts...I can't believe it!

-Today I got my hair cut so I would have bangs again. When I looked in the mirror, I thought I was little again! laugh.gif

-My parents were outside today, They told me to come outside and look at something. They pointed to a very strange looking bug, and that very strange looking bug turned out to be a Praying Mantis!!!! ohmy.gif *shudder* I literally let out a scream and ran into the house! Those things give me the creeps...... I was pretty embarassed afterward. I HATE THEM! they are creepy and disgusting.

-Anyway, I am really, really, nervous about going to school next year.... Cuz there is this guy that really likes me(psycho,obsessed! wacko.gif ) and stuff and well, I found out last week that he is really coming to my school! If he trys anything funny Im going to use self-defense and kick him in the batteries! (And then run!,I don't like this guy he is a creep!)
Mori- Yep, my grandparents are German. XD And "Un Monstre Paris" is an animated movie and it's basically like a Phantom of the Opera type of story, from what I've heard. There's this giant flea monster (or something weird like that) in Paris who people are trying to capture (basically "the bad guys" of the film). But a woman (a singer) befriends the monster and they start performing on stage together (after the monster disguises himself). I think it looks pretty cool. There's also this song/clip from the movie that's already pretty popular on the Internet. It's of a song called "La Seine" performed by Vanessa Paradis & M (who star in the movie). It's a really addicting song. XD

Thanks, jacksparrow, TheDrummer, Blinded Beauty Gal, Lucky Lucy and A Pierrot's Aria. I've been feeling better lately. smile.gif


- I'm leaving for college on Friday. My mom and I shopped for (most of) my college stuff today. The car probably won't be able to fit everything. My little brother wouldn't be able to join us on the trip even if he wanted to. D:

- Geek Squad is useless. My printer/scanner wasn't working on my Mac, so I brought it to them to see what the problem was (the printer worked, not the scanner for some reason), and 3 of them couldn't figure it out. They actually suggested I leave my laptop with them so they could... I dunno, do something with the hardware. I was like, "Heck no, you're not." In the end, I had to find the Apple guy who sold me my Mac, and he fixed the problem in 10 minutes. The problem was: Macs are stupid.
A Pierrot's Aria: Oh wow that's real creepy. It's a good thing nothing happened.

jacksparrow589: I laughed at the "Like A Boss" part. But I'm sorry your family plans fell through. Are there any talks of it being rescheduled at all? and poor dog!

Lucky Lucy: I can seriously sit there for hours and think of what songs I listen to either relate to what I'm watching at that point in time, or how it relates to my own time. And I seriously think we need a helpless romantic club/thread/something for all us. and I'm super sorry that you're not going to London anymore. :/

BBG: (It's getting late here so I felt like abbreviating your name) Well at least you had someone who knew how to cut hair properly, which is a good thing. Last time I got my hair cut, the lady messed it up bit time. And I hate insects and bugs in general so I'd freak out as well.

Razzy: First and Foremost, I'm glad to hear you're doing better. Second, leaving for college huh? Well that's pretty cool because I originally wanted to leave where I lived but I couldn't afford it. Make the best of the new experiences because, the way I see it, college is the chance we all get to spread our wings and create our own identity.


-I start college tomorrow. I'm feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement. Nervous because none of my friends have any classes with me at all, so I'll be all on my own. But excited to finally start a new chapter in my life. I'm ready to start meeting some new people, experience life, and start learning how to take care of myself now so that when I truly move out and I'm on my own, I know how to fend for myself.

-In my streak of having songs that I seem to relate to anime and characters, I came across this song that really seems to go with Trisha in her last years when she got real sick. I'll post somewhere else my full explanation, but I just thought it was fascinating.

-My best friend, who is gay, texted me telling that a dude in his math class was hitting on him and I found out that my friend got the dude's number! I'm so happy for him because he's never been in a true relationship and hopefully things work out for me. Now if only I had luck with the ladies... I swear I feel like Havoc most the time with my luck with the female gender. *sigh* but it's alright.
@A Pierrot's Aria: Argh, that guy sounds really creepy. D:

@Lucky Lucy: Sorry to hear that you're not going to London anymore. :<

@Blinded Beauty Gal: I don't find the Praying Mantis creepy... :< I think it's pretty cool.

@TheDrummerWithTheAutoMail: Good luck starting college! And I hope things go well for your friend. (I'm sure you'll find someone for yourself as well, someday!)


- I had a pleasing day today. I caught a ride into town with a family friend and I went shopping while she took her daughter to a class. I raided all the bookstores in town, and came out with Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, The Amulet of Samarkand, and the first Song of the Lioness book. happy.gif It was nice.

- After the class was done, I caught back up with my family friend. Her daughter came up to me, hugged me around the legs, and said "I love you." It was the most adorable thing. XD

- And my Ocarina of Time 3D OST arrived in the post today! You see, Club Nintendo? My address DOES exist! XD
LuckyLucy--I'm not sure quite what your story about hearing from and then seeing a special person is saying, but I hope it turns out for the best! smile.gif

BBG--I personally think mantises are cool, but my dad's a biologist. tongue.gif

Razzy--Good luck with the shopping, the move, and starting college! You'll do awesome! smile.gif

TDWTAM--We wound up just having the few people who could make it, actually. Good luck with your first day of college, and I hope you make some new friends! (And maybe a new friendship with someone will turn into something more, eh?)

Pyroclasm--I love it when little kids do stuff like that! It's so cute! biggrin.gif


--Bleh, shoulders still sore from swimming. But it was a fun time. biggrin.gif

--I need to make cookies for a friend's birthday and get new shoes and some sushi. Oh my...

--wub.gif (Yes, it is its own thought. I have no words for it. They go to mush every time I try. It's... wonderful. /js589 being a giggly girl)
@TheDrummerWithTheAuto-Mail- Oh no, It wasn't one of those ladies who cut your hair in a barber shop, It was my mom who cut my hair! laugh.gif I told her she should get a job as a hair cut person, (I forgot what they call them.) but she said no. But anyway, Im sorry that lady messed your hair up! wink.gif Also, Good luck! <- ( Razzy too.)

@jacksparrow589,Pyroclasm- People have their opinions! laugh.gif (I guess I get it from my grandad because he doesn't like them either. laugh.gif )

@Pyroclasm2- Ah, I have read the Amulet of Samarkand and Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone(that is wat the book title is called in the U.S. (in case you did not know) for some reason. I like the Philosopher's stone better though...) They are both good books according to me.

-This day has been boring......
- Im thinking about taking a nap....
-OMG! a jet just flew over my house, it was flying low too. It startled me. (The Sayians are coming! ha ha.. JK)
First Off, Thank you everyone for all the "good luck" and stuff like that. Whether it was on here, a comment on facebook, a PM, whatever, it really meant a lot to me and helped me along today.

Pyroclasm: You had me a Zelda! That game brings back memories... well the original does. but you know what I mean.

jacksparrow589: Yeah that would be pretty awesome if that happened. But I'm not going out of my way to find someone. If God wills it, He'll put someone in my life. (Not getting religious, but it's what I believe) But here's hoping I find the closet thing to a real life Riza as I can. and I wish I could've gone swimming today because it was hot. But it's cool you had fun.

BBG: It was quite some time ago so my hair has been able to grow out thankfully. And really? I love/hate it when jets fly over my house. The loud noise startles me a times.


-My first day of college was amazing. It was nothing like high school in the best ways possible. No arrogant people there to bully me, everyone was so accepting of each other, the teachers were real awesome, I met some amazing people. It was an all around amazing day.

-Coming home super late seems weird. (I get out of my final class at about 9ish at night because it was the only time I could take my math class) and it was strange seeing my dad home that late. (He works nights, but he has training in the morning so he didn't have to go in tonight)

-I'm hoping to start writing some more music soon. I've had tons of ideas brewing in my head and I need to get them out soon.

-I keep lurking around deviant art and looking at random RoyAi art these past few days. Fanboy much? Yeah I do... all the time to be in fact. (Not just with RoyAi, just pairings in general)
Lucky Lucy
@Blinded Beauty Gal - I find mantises cute, but my cat loves killing them which is sad because they are really friendly sad.gif laugh.gif It's great that your mother is good at cutting hair! I wish mine was. And I know the feeling of looking in the mirror and feeling nostalgic because of the haircut resembling the one you had when you where a child.It happened to me too. ^ ^
@jacksparrow589 - The thing with the special person is complicated but thanks biggrin.gif Oh and your dad's a biologist!! That's so cool!! *turned into an obsessed fangirl/aspiring biologist laugh.gif* Oh and good luck with the cookies! (you're always talking about yummy food and I'm getting hungry laugh.gif)
@The DrummerWithTheAutoMail - I'm glad that you like it at college! And I'm sure that you're going to find someone great for you! biggrin.gif And going to a new school/college can be a possibility for a great encounter. Don't forget to follow your heart. ^ ^
@Razzy - I'm glad that you're feeling better and I hope that the trip to college goes well for you! biggrin.gif

☆ Finally, my father gave me the money for those books. I hope I won't have a fight with my mom over them sleep.gif But, still, I'm happy because I'm going to get the books I need(for JLPT) and maybe mom's going to let me buy the other ones as well.

☆ Lately, I've been trying to help a former classmate of mine who was feeling depressed. I guess we could say that I was being a part-time psychologist. I don't know exactly what I've said to her, but it seems that it worked and she's feeling better! biggrin.gif

☆I've started designing some clothes and it's a great load of fun! I can't wait to finish all pieces and post them onto deviant art! wub.gif And it would be great if I could find someone who'd make them for me. It's hard for me to find clothes that I really like, let's say that I'm picky! So having clothes that are exactly as I want them to be would be so great, especially because I've got a wild imagination laugh.gif

☆I have been neglecting my piano lately...Maybe I should start/restart practicing Love Me by Yiruma.

☆I'm getting really excited, because both Razzy and TheDrummerWithTheAutoMail are going to college and it sounds so great! Being a high school sophomore means that I have to work hard and get a scholarship and I've got to think of a million possibilities sleep.gif Well yeah I guess I have to dream on biggrin.gif
TDWTAM- I am glad that you had a great first day of collage! happy.gif and speaking about Zelda, my brother just got finished playing that game.

Lucky Lucy- My mom cut my hair for the first time (a looooonnnggg time ago) and she cut it wayy too short and get this, the next day was picture day at school! It was horrible. sleep.gif But she has gotten a lot better now though. laugh.gif

- The first thing I did today was turn on the wii to transfer all of my Pokemon on Pokemon Colloseum to my Sapphire version and then migrate the PKMN on SV that I got off of PColloseum to my HeartGold version which added a nice colletion to my Pokedex. It took about three hours because I had forgot to catch a whole bunch of wurmples. Grumbling, I had to catch a lot of wurmples. Now, everything is all done and I am tired out.

-I finally learned how to put the stuff in the washing machine(ya, know the fabric softner, powdered bleach, washing detrget.) I am proud of myself, cuz last time I screwed it up and added way too much fabric softner and ended up spilling some on the kitchen floor. ohmy.gif My mom wasn't too happy.
TDWTAM--Hey, I don't judge! tongue.gif I'm just saying, like you, that it would be totally awesome for that to happen to you! I'm glad things in general are going well, at any rate. smile.gif


--Banged my leg on the bathroom counter this morning... dry.gif

--The girls I was babysitting did not want to be nice to each other about the first half of the day. dry.gif x2

--I did, however, manage to entertain the girls for a while with a watered-down telling of Princess Tutu, complete with awesome stick figures. tongue.gif

--I also started drawing a red panda, and it doesn't look half bad! biggrin.gif
Lucky Lucy

☆ My cat was neutered today and he was feeling bad because of the anesthesia so I had to take care of him. He was dizzy and falling all over and then , he kept throwing up sad.gif He is feeling better now, though... biggrin.gif

☆ It's 3 AM and I'm drawing some fashion designs for my collection on deviantArt while listening to Use Somebody by Kings Of Leon. Right now, this song helps me concentrate.

☆ It's the first time I've used a charcoal pencil and I find it great wub.gif

☆ I've started reading Kyou, Koi Wo Hajimemasu and it's such a great manga biggrin.gif
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