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Full Version: Penny for your thoughts? (don't expect "real" money here... XD)
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- New ava/sig combo. <3

- Tomorrow is the last day of school. The last day of high school. EVER. Woah... Time flew by fast... (And hopefully summer vacation means I will be on here more often!)

- I'm procrastinating right now; my Creative Writing project is due tomorrow and I still need to make up a short story.

- I was supposed to go get dinner with my best friend, but she ended up not being able to go. So now I'm hungry, but I'm thinking that's just fine; I really shouldn't be eating a lot anyway. Lately I've been having stomach issues and whatnot. sleep.gif
Razzy--Your sig and avvie win. Gah! I want the second series to come out so badly now!


--Ah, done with all my finals. But it took forever to move out last night... dry.gif And I still have to go back today for checkout.

--I'm going to be watching Dr. Who pretty much all this summer to catch up on what I've missed. Oh my...

--I finally got the second part of Brotherhood yesterday!

--I have a research position until the end of July... Yes! smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 I know that feeling of relief. xP Although, instead of moving out straight away, I have to go back down to uni to move my stuff out later this month. laugh.gif


-My Royai day drawing has been going compleeeeeetely wrong. I have like...three different sketches that I've done and I'm not happy with any of them. >< I feel like giving up at this point. laugh.gif

-I wish I had more acrylic and water-colour paint!

-My pencil sharpener's gone Missing In Action. xDxD

-I changed my explorer bar colour today (as well as my desktop background). It was a brown-ish colour before and now it's bright yellow. I love how it looks, but I'm having trouble getting used to seeing it a different colour. xP I guess it could be because I'm not the type to change my desktop appearance very often. laugh.gif
Current thoughts:
- Man, I want to punch somebody sooo bad!!! mad.gif
-I can't believe I got hit in the eye with a frisbee today in gym class!!! It hurts so bad! I am going to have a bruise there tommorow. dry.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@Blinded Beauty Gal I know we've already spoken via PMs about it, but I hope your mood brightens soon!


- While I've been lurking in the background here for quite a while today I was actually really busy with my picture. xD I finally finished and outlined my Royai day pic...but as soon as I started colouring it, everything started going wrong. xP So I've also been mildly frustrated for half the day. I think I may scan it in and colour it digitally, instead. laugh.gif I'm taking a break from it now, so I'll take a look at it with fresh eyes later on and decide what to do with it. xD!

- My legs really hurt for some reason. wacko.gif

- I was watching Question Time on Thursday night and I couldn't help but facepalm at some of the things Germaine Greer was saying. But I obviously won't start any sort of debate about it here. xDxD A random thing to think about, I know, but I was just reminded of it when I read a news story a few minutes ago concerning how outraged a lot of people were over what she said. laugh.gif

-I've set myself a task for the summer holidays: Learn how to cook. I mean, I can cook...but just basic things. I'd like to have more variety and just generally improve and learn new recipes or I won't survive my second year of uni. xD
@jacksparrow589: ...Your friend is so lucky! D: Also, you just reminded me that Doctor Who is on tonight. Thank you for that! wink.gif

@Blinded Beauty Gal: Aww, that sounds terrible. :< I hope it heals up all right.

@A Pierrot's Aria: Good luck with your picture! I'm sure it will turn out good. happy.gif


- Silly Cheren, your Unfeazant is nothing compared to Skyla's. ~ At least hers managed to put a large dent in my Tynamo's health, unlike yours. /Pokemon commentary.

- So, E3. Nintendo kicked things off with the 25th anniversary of the Zelda series, which was wonderful. The thing I was most looking forward to was news on Skyward Sword, which I got. smile.gif I am officially excited for it now, it looks great! (They also talked about their new console, the "Wii U", but I probably won't be interested in that until they start talking about games I like being released on it.)

- Ugh, it's raining outside, but I need to go out there... :< Maybe I'll just wait a little longer and see if it stops...
Current Thoughts:

- My eye huuuurrrrtttsss! sad.gif it has a bruise around it and it looks like I have a black eye.
- I had to order a new DragonBall Raging Blast game because, apparntly my brother threw it away or sold it to GameStop.
-I am tired. I just woke up. (yawn)

@ Pierrot's Aira- I hope things with the drawing turns out ok. I know you can do it.
@Pyroclasm - Haha, it's kind of sad you have two rival/friends and they aren't that much of a threat. I love Tynamos they are super handy when they evolve.

@Blinded Beauty Gal - That's terrible. My mom gave away my PS and ALL THE GAMES without really asking me. I feel your pain. Hope you find it there! And I hope your bruise goes away soon

- Oh sweet heavens, I have not made any progress with my original work and I keep churning out Royai fanart. Someone punch me.
- School starts on Monday. Goodbye, summer vacation. Goodbye online life (pffft, like I'd allow it!)
- I can't draw people making out, ever. I should find some and observe lol jk
A Pierrot's Aria--Ohh! What are you going to learn how to cook?

Pyroclasm--Yeah, walking in the rain isn't too much fun, but I'm used to it, living where I do. (Seattle: drizzle capital of the Pacific Northwest.)

Blinded Beauty Gal--Oh no! What happened to your eye?! sad.gif

Schnabeltier--Your last thought made me laugh. tongue.gif


--Okay, the 36 hours before 1:30 PM yesterday... really sucked. When I'd finally had enough, I broke down sobbing. Thankfully, the rest of the day went a whole lot better.

--I have a job for the next 6 weeks! A research job! biggrin.gif

--And, of course, it's Royai Day, which pretty much always makes me happy. smile.gif
Little Washu
My Zune came home from repair yesterday :> She's as good as new, repaired and happy~ She was having troubles syncing, and I think her hard drive had to be replaced. So I called Microsoft support and after a few miscommunications, I finally got her sent out and she returned to me yesterday~ I have to say, my only complain about the Zune is that it wont show Japanese/foreign characters. I have a lot of untranslatable Touhou music :c Still, MACHA is 80 gigs so it isn't as if once I give them a name I couldn't fit them all xD;

-Yay for my returned Zune c:
-I am having so many issues with this style of bra. The cup size is too big but the band too small. All my 34 B usually fit, and now I may have to get a 36 A. Why can't bras just be small, medium and large, amirite ladies?
-In not too long, American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns will be released! I am so excited, I played the original so long ago! Nostalgia hehe <3
@jacksparrow589 - You're welcome ahaha. I hope you feel much, much better now and everything today made up for it, hopefully smile.gif
@Little Washu - Oh definitely. It would make everything so much easier, if only there was a way!

- School starts tomorrow, and I swear I am not ready for it at all! I have classes for five hours with zero breaks in between and the buildings seem to be as far away from each other as possible :'(
- At least I got to celebrate Royai Day first.
- Today was really fun, with so much works shared by everyone
- Generally, I'm in a good mood and today was swell, except there's school tomorrow.
A Pierrot's Aria
@Senri I'm sorry to hear your audition went badly! hug.gif Would you have to rap the song? ohmy.gif Maybe you could try and sing it in a different, slower tune to make it more yours (and a little easier to sing and understand)? Maybe for the lyrics you could record yourself singing it and then keep playing it back so it's in your head? biggrin.gif

@jacksparrow589 I want to learn how to cook more meat dishes, most definitely! And vegetarian meals would be good to learn since my friend that I'm moving in with next year is a vegetarian. ohmy.gif Congrats on getting the research job and I hope you feel better!

@Little Washu Yeah, bra sizes can be so annoying sometimes!

@Schnabeltier Aaaaaw, good luck for when you go back to school! I hope you can still stick around when you have time! biggrin.gif

@Pyroclasm When I heard about the "Wii U" I was just like..."Wha?" laugh.gif I wish they could have picked a better name!

@Blinded Beauty Gal That was a really awful thing for your brother to do! If my brother doesn't like one of my games then he just doesn't play it.


- I've been such a lazy git these past few days! Today I slept in until almost midday --I never do that! xD

- Gosh, I need to give my room a quick tidy at some point...It's not too much of a mess but I don't like it when there're things lying around. I wouldn't say I'm a neat freak, but I do like to have things organised. tongue.gif

- I'm a little sad that my brother hasn't called like he usually does every weekend...Oh well, I'll just have to call him and see what he's up to!
Current thoughts:
- YAY! my cold sore on my bottom lip finally went away!
-I watched 2 Discs of DBGT yesterday. It was so funny! (episodes 50-60)
-I want that magazine to come in!!!!

@ Pierrot's Aria- It is awful! I am still kinda mad at him because he knows how much I love DBZ and then he just sells it to Gamestop! dry.gif
@Blinded Beauty Gal: It sucks that your brother got rid of your game, I hope you can get a new one. :<

@Schnabeltier: This is my first time using Tynamo, well, it's Eelektross now. It seems pretty good so far. And good luck when you go back to school!

@jacksparrow589: Sorry to hear you had such a bad day. hug.gif Hopefully things get a lot better, and good luck with your research job!

@Little Washu: Indeed. It would be so much easier...

@A Pierrot's Aria: Yes, it's a bit like that, isn't it? I think it will take some time to get used to the "Wii U"... And I should give my own room a clean up, or at least my desk. XD There's stuff strewn all over it!


- The other day, my mother was cleaning around the house, and she asked me to help her out. I was cleaning up in the bathroom when I found one of my mother's earrings, which I assumed she must have dropped when she was cleaning in there before me. So I gave it back to her. It turns out it was an earring that she lost months ago and she had given up hope of ever getting it back. XD What a lucky find!

- If all goes well, I should be able to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie this week! /o/ Yay!
@Pyroclasm - I love Eelektross because of the whole no-weaknesses thing. It does its job well when trained properly. And lucky! I've been meaning to watch it but I neither have the time nor money. Sometimes I have one but not the other. Also, I love finds like those. I give up looking pretty easily only to bump into it soon after haha.

@Blinded Beauty Gal - Cold sores are awful, great that it's gone at least! smile.gif

@A Pierrot's Aria - Oh I intend to stick around. I love it here. Also, one time I slept all the way up to 2:00 pm and I didn't even realize it laugh.gif That was 14 hours, I think. I know what you mean, though, I always attempt to clean my desk but my sister (we share a room) keeps leaving things there after I do. Sigh.


- My day went perfectlyand my professors all seem to be pretty impressive, but my History professor takes the cake. He's phenomenal and mindblowingly awesome. Seriously, most other classes would just re-enact battles in the school's open field as Spartans-- that's pretty cool already-- but he said that was silly. Instead he's going to make us build life-sizedtanks and throw water balloons at each other. All the while admitting it is totally irrelevant to the lesson. Wow. Just... wow.

- My internet is broken and I'm leeching off of my neighbor's Wi-Fi. The one across the street so I kind of have to crouch near my window. It's harder than it sounds okay laugh.gif

- Accidentally hit my throat, now my voice is raspy blegh.

EDIT: - First time I saw how member profiles worked here today. It's so... sophisticated, compared to other forums'. Makes me wish I'd found this place sooner. tongue.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@Blinded Beauty Gal It's good that your cold sore has gone away!

@Pyroclasm Haha, same here! What will their next console be..."Wii U Me"? *gets booted for bad joke* And I hope you enjoy the movie!

@Schnabeltier That's great to hear, I'm glad! And your history teacher sounds simply awesome!


- To be truthful, for the past few days I haven't been in the greatest of moods. I've been worrying about a couple of things recently and my mind finally went into overdrive last night thinking about everything. It's what happens when I go to bed; I spend quite a while laying there, thinking. I did get a bit teary. They aren't serious problems or anything, but I think the more I dwelt on them, the more upset I became. I did get to see my mum today, though, that made me feel a little better. happy.gif I'm meeting her again tomorrow to go for some I'm kind of hoping it will just be her and me this time, at least for a little while.

- My nose kind of hurts a little...I was just sitting yesterday and felt something hit my hand. I looked at it and it was blood; then I realised that my nose was bleeding. xD That was pretty random, but there is a little unexplained pain. It's not too bad, though!

- I'm going to start doing more aerobics again tomorrow --need to get back into the swing of it!
Little Washu
American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns comes out tomorrow~ I'm so ready to get it and start pwning~
Sadly, our PS3 never leaves my brothers room because he's a greedy brat. So, I had to bribe him by saying I'll do all his summer school English homework for him for as much time as I want on the PS3 to play this game.

I've a strong urge to pwn the 360 and Wii and get my own PS3.

The game itself is gonna be like... $55. So I need to bring in some games as trade ins to lower the price. Sadly, all I have are old gamecube and PS2 games... which are very out dated now OTL
Maybe they'll be worth SOMETHING...

-There's a kitty sleepin on me. But I have to get up :c
And just like Kale a few posts back... and with him nagging me to do so, I'm back for a post after months and months! Hope everyone's OK smile.gif


- I. need. a. holiday. Work is eating my brains... and with all the work to be done and my boss being stupid, well, I'm always looking forward for the day to end to get out of there asap.
- I realised that after FMA I haven't read anything new - only thing I managed to, in I don't know how many months, was yesterday when I read three volumes of Hero Tales... and quite liked it too.
- Hopefully, I'll manage to catch up with a lot of things during summer... smile.gif
Kale Mustang

- Passed my Japanese final despite barely being able to study before it. I can read, understand and write but speak? Pffftt... I get tongue-tied too easily.

- Counting down the days until combo Disneyland/Anime Expo trip at the end of the month.

- Bleh, just remembered that I have bills to pay this week. dry.gif
Schnabeltier--Your history professor sounds amazing. I wish all my professors were like that!

A Pierrot's Aria--Sorry to hear you've had a rough go of it lately. Things will get better! :hugs:

amestris_star--Glad to have you back! smile.gif

Kale--I've found that that's usually how learning languages goes, especially when you're not a little kid anymore. (If it helps, I know I'm going to screw up ASL this fall.)


--I... think I just got a 3.5 GPA for the quarter for the first time in university. ... biggrin.gif

--Urgh... My iron level is consistently just too low to give blood. It needs to be at 12.5, but it's at 11.4. And, since I take calcium, it blocks the absorption of iron, so I need to take them at different times of the day. dry.gif

--First day of work went well--it was mostly just getting acquainted with what I'm going to be doing. smile.gif

--Babysitting tonight for the first time in... a year, I think. A really, really long time.
Current thoughts:
- I just cannot believe that idiots at school started a fire in the girls bathroom! dry.gif ( luckily, the fire was under control and taken care of.) Phew! laugh.gif
-YAY! there is only two more days of school then, SUMMER VACATION!!!! cool.gif biggrin.gif
- My Xbox360 game is coming in this thursday!
-ugh, that magazine will never come in.
-OUCH!!! my eye is killing me! It is black mixed with a color blue.
Little Washu
I got my Alice: Madness Returns game today >u< I was so worried I wasn't gonna be able to afford it, being $55. But, I brought in a bunch of old games (like, 6) that ended up bringing it down to $23 <3~ The ones that cost the most were my Kingdom Hearts games, for about $6 each and Final Fantasy Tactics for like, $5. The one that cost the least was Pryzm: Chapter One - The Dark Unicorn (hardest game ever made, by the by) for 20 cents. 2nd lowest was a Naruto gamecube game for 25 cents. I found out my .hack// games are pretty pricey too. .hack//QUARANTINE would be $12, and the entire set of IMOQ and G.U. would be nearly $30. Honestly though, I could never part with my .hack// games <:3

I also found out today that the Michaels near me will be selling Copics soon. Usually, I have to drive 15 minutes to Deput or 20 to downtown Buffalo to get them, and for like $6.49. That's like, the gas alone to get to these places haha.

It was a good day :3

-Argh I seriously need my own PS3 since my brother wont let ours out of his room...
-I wanna play Alice so bad ;w;
@Schnabeltier: Yeah, it having no weaknesses is pretty cool. And that Professor of yours sounds awesome. ~

@A Pierrot's Aria: ..."Wii U Me"? Don't even suggest such a thing! D: (I am going to be laughing so very hard in a few years if that actually happens. XD) And I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been in a good mood. hug.gif Hope you're feeling better.

@amestris_star: Welcome back!


- I got to go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie today! /o/ It wasn't the best of the series, but it was still enjoyable.

- I got a new pair of sneakers today to replace the old ones that were chewed up by my puppies. I went the shop after watching the movie, and the woman went through the whole business of measuring my feet, even though my mother told her what size I needed. Then she tried to put me in a size too small judging from the measurements she took... Like I don't know what size shoe I take by now. :\
@Pyroclasm - Aww, I've been meaning to watch Pirates, mostly for the sake of pirates because I love pirates. I hope they're still showing it here.

@A Pierrot's Aria - I won't lie, Wii U Me sounds hilarious, but I wouldn't be all that surprised if it happened. Speaking of Aerobics, I'll be doing that tomorrow morning for PE laugh.gif

@jacksparrow589 - Congratulations! ... is that a good thing? I'm not really familiar with other systems laugh.gif

@Kale Mustang - Ohh, I know the feeling of being tongue tied. I feel for you.

- Oh my gosh, my History professor singled out people from my high school (just three of us in class) and basically said he had very high expectations for us. I hope he wasn't serious about keeping our index card profiles with him at all times (he actually stuck them in his WALLET).

- My dad just told me my major was worthless and I should change it to Accounting. No way. :/

- I met a fellow FMA fan in my Fine Arts class! She noticed I had doodles of Roy and Riza biased, who, me? in my notebook and she recognized it was FMA! I hope I can talk to her more soon, she seems really nice.

- I'm constantly exhausted. I think it has to do with waking up at 5 every morning.
Blinded Beauty Gal--I hope your eye feels better soon!

Little Washu--I've heard the American McGee Alice games are good, but I've never played.

Schnabeltier--We use a 4.0 scale here. A 3.5 is... a high B or a low A, usually, if you use letter grades. Roughly the equivalent of an 87.5 %, if that makes it any easier to understand.


--I got an amazing dress yesterday: it's a one-shoulder dress with the one having a kimono-type sleeve (I love kimono-style tops/dresses), and being relatively fitted otherwise.

--This research project seems kind of fun so far. I'm designing little demo runs.

--Made my first attempt to straighten my hair by myself this morning. It didn't turn out too badly. Not great, but, as I said, it's my first time. It would also help if I had something that wouldn't make my hair frizz so much.

--I'm going to the zoo tomorrow! wub.gif (Aside from the Pacific Science Center, it's one of my favorite places to go.)

--I'm very quickly becoming obsessed with Dr. Who. I'm half-way through the second series (currently watching "The Impossible Planet"/"The Satan Pit") of the more recent version, and I've been watching it for only about six days!
Little Washu
Played through Alice 2 a bit last night. It is HARD. I have to say what I dislike most... are the graphics =/ Zoomed out they're good. Zoomed in... pixels.

I was gonna post here that I'm selling a lot of anime stuff to save up for college, and there was mass amounts of FMA... but upon my waking this morning... all my FMA stuff is claimed to be sold xD;
If anyone is interested tho, I'll give them the link to my dA journal stating all I'm selling thats left. Lots of Naruto and InuYasha lol. Soon to be original TOMY Pokemon figures and Digimon xD

-Hunger :c I has it
A Pierrot's Aria
@Pyroclasm and Schnabeltier Hahahaha! Remember, you heard it here first. tongue.gif

@jacksparrow589 and Pyroclasm I'm feeling much better now, thank you. hug.gif I think the main culprit was lack of sleep and over-thinking simple things that I know are going to be okay. Never a good combination. laugh.gif

@jacksparrow589 Well done on your 3.5!! hug.gif That's great! And I totally know how you feel with the frizz problem! The first couple of times that I straightened my hair by myself, it would just go into a straight frizz. But I started deep conditioning my hair regularly and also use anti-frizz serum before and after straightening, which usually does the trick. biggrin.gif

@Schnabeltier It's so lucky that you met a fellow FMA fan in your class! biggrin.gif

@Pyroclasm Yeah, PoC4 wasn't that great, but it was entertaining at least. xD!


- There was a full lunar eclipse tonight (I believe it's just ending in the next hour or so --so it'll only be partial now) and I can't see a thing because of thick cloud cover. I've seen one before, but I still find it fascinating! So I'm kind of gutted that I couldn't/can't see it!

- My mum and I went up to a friend's house today so my mum could do his ironing (because he's pretty useless at it! xD) But when we got there, my mum went to open the blinds, pulled the cord and the whole thing fell down. Her face was an absolute picture; I wish I had a camera with me. As for myself, I was just sitting there laughing my head off --I tried to hold it in, but I just couldn't. Thankfully, my mum's friend saw the funny side! xDxD

- I promised myself I'd try and have an early night tonight, but that plan has gone completely out of the window. xD
Pierrot - I missed it too, just wasn't the weather for it.

Washu - Digimon eh? How childish and uninteresting.....*is curious*

jack - that dress sounds lovely. And Congrats on the Uni grade.

Schnabeltier - I once spoke to a stranger on a train because he was reading FMA manga smile.gif


- Went to the castle for the first time today. I figure I've been here a few months, it's about time. Had a lovely time but got rather wet on the walk home. They had stuffed animals and medieval artefacts and Egyptian Mummies etc. All pretty much things I'd seen before but I love museums.

- Now I want my food shopping to hurry up and arrive, there's a cherry hot chocolate with my name on it!
Little Washu
QUOTE (Chiyo @ Jun 16 2011, 10:26 AM) *
Washu - Digimon eh? How childish and uninteresting.....*is curious*

Yeah, a lot of the original small figurines that would come in packs~ I also have some digivolving ones (kyuubimon to taomon) and some that open up into playsets (veemon, renamon, ect.). I just don't have a lot of room for it now, and they just sit in a box and do nothing ^^; So I'd rather find a good home for them and earn something for them along the way :3 I'm thinking of selling some of them in sets (i.e. Koromon, Agumon and Greymon would be a set). Man, I have too much stuff xD;

The TOMY figurines are the good old Pokemon :3 Granted, there are a few I'd keep, like Clefairy and Umbreon, but I have toooo many ^^;
Anyone who wants them, after I'm done with all this FMA and InuYasha junk, Digimon and Pokemon may be next~ Naruto... I have little hope for >_>

-Agh Alice: Madness Returns is a HARD game. I'm on easy mode, and I die... so easily. So often. While my initial fear of it being less horror was realized, at least the story isn't all that bad. It's more though like your usual RPG rather than horror sad.gif (not that I'm the kind of person who feeds off it, but it was a unique feature of the original)
A Pierrot's Aria--At least you live in a place where you would've been able to see the eclipse! *is jealous*

Chiyo--That sounds like an awesome museum!


So, yesterday started out with me catching the bus to get to the zoo for a date with my boyfriend. We'd agreed to meet at 9:30, and I'd planned out the bus route so that it would work. As we were going up over a bridge we needed to take, the driver said that, despite being an express bus, we needed to use the local (non-express) route because the transmission was overheating and he needed to stop soon.

He pulled over right by (but not at) a bus stop, and we had no idea how long we'd be there, but I needed to be at a different bus stop as soon as possible, so I got off the bus with a few other people and, in sight of the driver, walked to another stop. Not three minutes later, the bus driver turns the bus back on and drives right past the stop! Thankfully, there was another bus right behind it that got me where I needed to be, but it had to stop at a bunch of other stops, so I was rather late getting the other bus I needed. Stupid driver. dry.gif

--I made a coffee cake with apple-pie filling in the middle and a milk/powdered sugar glaze on top. Sooooo yummy. :3

--Going to the doctor today to see what I can do to raise my iron level so that I can give blood again.

--Because of that, I'm missing the meeting we're having for research, so I need to storyboard the ideas we have, and scan them into the computer before I leave. Magical (crappy, stick-figure-type) drawing powers, go! biggrin.gif
Current thoughts:
-Summer vacation is finally here! YAY!! cool.gif
-my eye is hurting a little bit, but not that much. happy.gif
-My game came in yesterday. I played that game for hours today!
- That magazine still hasn't came in! dry.gif
@Blinded Beauty Gal - Lucky! It's the reverse for me. My summer just ended laugh.gif

@jacksparrow589 - Then our grading system's more or less the same! I wasn't sure if it was the other way around with 1 being the highest. Ugh, that's terrible. If it makes you feel any better, bus drivers here think they're motorcyclists and are speed devils swerving all over the place. There are no real bus stops and sometimes they make you get off while the bus is still moving. laugh.gif

@A Pierrot's Aria - Whenever I hear there's a solar / lunar eclipse I always rush out to see it, but I never do! The one time I could have seen it, I wasn't paying attention!

@Chiyo - I wish I could go to a museum soon! I might have to though, my Fine Arts classes require me to!

- It's 5:40 am and I am completely exhausted. I am sick of having to wake up at this hour- 5:00 am sharp - for an 8:00 am class. :| I'm going to have to do this about 5 - 6 times a week and I am not happy. I mean, it's fine if I get there on time but I get there so early that I have to spend an hour and thirty minutes in a mostly empty building.

- On the bright side, I get to meet up with my high school friends today

- My aerobics class went swell, but it's a little more intense than the one I had in high school. My abdomen hurts when I laugh, sneeze or lie on my belly. Same thing with my other classmates, so when we're laughing hysterically it hurts like whoa.
-I'm going to my best friend's mom's memorial tomorrow. I want to write something, but... I don't know. I'm kind of at a loss for words right now.
-Also, I'm totally unprepared for father's day. I'll hopefully be able to draw/write him something, if I get the time.
-Summer always makes me realize how much I enjoy not wearing clothes.
-Summer has been really lazy so far. Which I suppose it's kind of nice. It's always nice to have a break. But right now I think I need to do something or I'm going to go crazy. I NEED HUMAN CONTACT. D: *hyperventilates* *hasn't seen friends for days*
@Schnabeltier: It's cool that you met a fellow FMA fan in your class! /o/ But you poor thing, having to wake up that early... :<

@jacksparrow589: Doctor Who obsession, yay! But yeah, hair frizz is so annoying... It happens to me all the time. And what a horrible bus driver. :<

@A Pierrot's Aria: It would've been nice to see that eclipse... They're always good to watch.


- Sooooo... There was a fire at my sister's workplace the other morning. The manager was in the kitchen cooking his breakfast, and a fire started (which he tried to put out with teatowels since he couldn't find the fire blanket for some reason). Now the kitchen is totally destroyed, and my sister is out of work until they can repair the place...

- On the plus side, she's coming to visit next week since she now has plenty of free time on her hands...

- Went to go see a family friend and her 3 year old daughter yesterday. Poor woman isn't feeling too well at the moment, thanks to her pregnancy. :< But her daughter was as animated as ever. XD She got upset when me and my mother were leaving because she wanted to come with us, the poor kid...
@jacksparrow589: that's why I hate to take bus and btw you just made me drool, I love coffee cake and with that filling and that top…that’s simply delicious xD

@Chiyo: I don't know secret garden has a novel.

@A Pierrot's Aria: I heard ya...I tried that so many times but I always failed xDD


- It was just two weeks since the classes have started but I feel so exhausted already..I give up my social networking life for my studies. Thanks goodness for giving me a break today. Anytime soon my brain will explode. But it’s weird; I honestly have fun at school.

- I have my holiday this Monday, yay \o/ however I still have a long accounting exam and JPIA assembly on Tuesday =_=

-It’s Fathers Day tomorrow; unfortunately my grandfather will fly to Abu Dhabi on the very same day. What a perfect timing to leave. I feel so depressed, my father’s not here either. I really want to spend that day with them :<

-I’m trying to write a letter for my dad now and my eyes suddenly welled up. I miss him so much, I really want to hug and kiss him tomorrow and say I love you personally. Why is the world so cruel?? :’<
current thoughts:
-I just got finished watching the series of GT and I am disgusted and depressed. I am disgusted by the way they ended GT and I am depressed by the GT movie. Everyone is dead! All the Z-fighters are gone and the only one left is Pan and she is old! sad.gif
-I feel like crying.
-(mood swing) I am so disgusted by the GT series I feel like selling it! *angry*
-My eye has finally stopped hurting. (YAY!)
-Is that magazine going to come in?


--I just lost a fairly close Scrabble game to my mom. There were some excellent words!

--I had pho today, and I'm going to have sushi tomorrow. I love me my Asian food!

--In the first couple months since I've had texting, I've been sending and receiving several hundred texts. Feels to good to not have to worry about costs piling up! biggrin.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@Chiyo I love museums! Particularly history or science museums. biggrin.gif

@Schnabeltier I wouldn't survive 8am classes, that's for sure!

@Rainshine Haha!! I feel the same way! My summer has been very lazy so far, too!

@Pyroclasm I'm sorry that your sister is out of work because of the fire! I hope that nobody was hurt!

@Mhacy Aaaaw, I'm really sorry to hear that your dad and grandad won't be around for Father's day....hug.gif

@Blinded Beauty Gal Yeah, the GT ending was absolutely terrible. laugh.gif

@jacksparrow589 I love Asian food, too! But sushi is something that I really don't like. xP


- I think it's safe to say I've reached my daily dumb quota for the day. Among other silly things I did earlier this morning, I was preparing some breakfast earlier and was practically wrecking the whole place. My dad was (and still is) asleep and it's no use trying to be'll just end up dropping everything. Like the knife that I dropped, which nearly landed on my foot. I was being scatterbrained because it was early...that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! laugh.gif

- I went to the hospital yesterday to visit my grandma. She was rushed in two days ago. Thankfully she's looking and feeling a lot better and they'll be discharging her tomorrow. While I was in the hospital I was reminded as to why I don't like them. It's that hospital smell! And the room door was open and I could hear someone on the ward screaming --it's one of the most agonised screams I've ever heard. She was screaming and yelling "please, no!" I don't know what was happening (it wasn't a child birth scream, that's for certain. And we were nowhere near the maternity ward anyway). I was tearing up just hearing it. ><

- Happy Father's day to my daddy. wub.gif (He isn't up yet! D:)
@A Pierrot's Aria: Yeah, no one was hurt at all. And it's good to hear that your grandmother is okay. hug.gif


- Argh, yesterday! >:\ I was playing Majora's Mask, halfway through Snowhead Temple, and what happens? THE POWER GOES OUT! I lost all of the progress I'd made in the Temple, and opening it up as well, because I thought I'd have enough time to go through it before the third day was up.

-Then, a little later, I was having a shower, and what happens? THE POWER GOES OUT AGAIN! This time, permanently. I was left standing in the shower with conditioner in my hair, and no running water. I had to get freezing cold water from the rainwater tank to wash it out! >:\

- And it didn't come back on again until 12:30 this afternoon! According to the news, some power lines were blown down in the strong winds yesterday, so I assume that's what caused it. But knowing that doesn't make it any less annoying. >:\

- ...I managed to make up the progress I lost on Majora's Mask today.

- And my sister came to visit, just as she said she would. It was nice. ~
Current thoughts:
-Yesss! I finally got all of the Dragon Balls on my game today. biggrin.gif
-Oh, boo... I think that magazine is never going to come in. dry.gif
-Why is everyone yelling about the Super Mario Bros. Wii game? Is it because they lost? or, do they just feel like yelling? huh.gif It is giving me a headache.

@ Pyroclasm- Dang that really sucks.... on time, my brother was playing his game for the Xbox360 and he had achcieved something really big and then......... bang! the power goes out.
So, I had an interesting time getting into downtown today. All the buses I would've used were screwed up because of a stuck drawbridge. I came to learn this when a lady came to my bus stop and asked me if I was going downtown before telling me the driver of the bus she was just on had given her the info. She then asked me if I wanted a ride into town, to which I said yes. I didn't know her before, but she lives in a house I used to walk by all the time. Thankfully, she got me into town on time for catching the bus I needed to get out to the university.


--Different browsers doing different things with different websites is an absolute pain. dry.gif

--Just finished baking chocolate cookies. They smell delicious... :3

--Apparently, my iron count is low enough that I have to take a specific iron supplement. Thankfully, my doctor clued me in about slow-release iron, so I don't just absolutely kill my stomach.

--Milk, however, sadly still kills my stomach. sad.gif

--It was actually sunny and warm on the first day of summer! This never happens in Seattle!
A Pierrot's Aria
@Pyroclasm I remember when something irritating like that happened to me while I was playing Ocarina of Time! But it was years ago, back when my granny was alive. I had just completed the Water Temple (the worst temple of them all, I swear!) and I was just about to save my progress when my granny threw a shoe to move it out of the way --but she just threw it randomly behind her...and it hit the N64 and it crashed... wacko.gif

@jacksparrow589 I'm glad to hear that your doctor told you about a supplement that won't cause too much trouble for your stomach...hug.gif And...I want a chocolate cookie...*puppy eyes*


- Aaaaah...that moment where you accidentally call your dad "mum". laugh.gif

- Myself and my two friends have finally managed to get everything pretty much sorted concerning upcoming rent payments; so that weight is gradually being relieved. The downside is that I'm going to have absolutely no money left and I have a debt to pay to my sister and dad. xD

- I tried out my brother's 3DS. Ocarina of Time looks incredible on it, I have to say. But it's such a pain in the eyes; my eyes were aching after just 15 minutes of game play. laugh.gif

- I'm sooooo hungry right now. xD *Goes to eat*

Lucky Lucy
Current Thoughts:

☆Even though it's holidays and I should be having fun, I'm going to start studying for the Japanese Exam( which is in December by the way), but...I mean if school starts, I'm not going to have any time for that and I heard that N2 is really hard! I'm kind of worried!

☆Maybe I'll go to an aerobic class with my best friend, we should keep fit.~ Mens sana in corpore sano! ~

☆I want to start cooking! I'm looking forward to improving my tamagoyaki-making skills laugh.gif And I really want to try baking some cupcakes...doesn't everybody just love them?
@Lucky Lucy - Take it little by little! You don't have to start on everything right away. Try lightening your load a bit by spreading it out or something. Also aerobics is fantastic. It hurt when I just started but I'm sure it'll be more fun in my next class laugh.gif

@A Pierrot's Aria - When I was little I couldn't decide whether to call my mom or my dad first and I ended up saying "mapa" and it just sounded like I was asking for a map!

@jacksparrow589 - I know exactly what you mean! I had to switch between three browsers because they all loaded different bits and pieces of certain sites and it's just so frustrating.

@Pyroclasm - I can't stand cold water in the shower. I get all... disturbed and I want to scream. My class had a trip once and I knew the showers would be full if I didn't get up early. I got up at 5:30 and the water was downright freezing and I couldn't make a sound because everyone was asleep laugh.gif

- So a storm just passed, and you would not believe the insane amount of rain. Glad they canceled classes.
- I'm doing an ambitious project for something relatively minor. I'm writing a pretty long poem with illustrations to match. Finally, original content, yay
- I met another FMA fan in another class, who again just happens to be sitting next to me and just happens to see the one doodle I have. Interestingggg.
- I'm just terribly exhausted these days, so as much as I want to come here I don't have a lot of time or energy
A Pierrot's Aria--I think it's even worse when they're not related to you. Some of the kids I worked with would accidentally call me "mom" sometimes. I've also been mistaken for their mother... blink.gif

Lucky Lucy--*waves hand wildly* Oooh! Me! I like cupcakes! Save some for meeee... tongue.gif

Schnabeltier--Lucky you, finding all these people who like FMA!


--Made scones from a mix that's been sitting in our cabinet for God only knows how long. They aren't bad, at least...

--I convinced my mom to try some of my bubble tea today. She didn't like it, as I suspected she wouldn't.

--My mom and I watched "The King's Speech" last night. It was a very well-done movie, and I enjoyed it. wink.gif

--I went to the bookstore today and spent almost all of my time in the History section. I think I might've missed my calling to be a History major. tongue.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@Lucky Lucy Good luck with your cooking!

@Schnabeltier It's awesome that you're meeting more FMA fans! I wish I could meet fellow fans at uni. I joined the anime society but I stopped going when I couldn't tolerate watching Chobits any more (after four episodes xD) so I didn't really get the chance to meet anyone.

@jacksparrow589 Aaaaaw, but it's quite cute coming from a child! And yes, I can definitely say that history is amazing!


- I spent quite a bit of today with my brother; it was fun. :-)

- The weather has been absolutely sweltering. When I went out I actually felt really dizzy and sick. I hear that it's supposed to be hotter tomorrow...wacko.gif

- I finally found the ingredients I've been wanting to work with for ages. I'm looking forward to trying out some recipes!

- Ouch! The phone just rang whilst I was typing the above thoughts and I ran to go and answer it, running into the wall in the process. I'm a clumsy git. xD
Lucky Lucy
@ A Pierrot's Aria - Yay, I'm not the only one who likes cooking biggrin.gif
@Schnabeltier - Thanks for the advice biggrin.gif And I can't wait to try aerobics! Also, I wish I could meet FMA fans like that laugh.gif I mean other that those I met at some anime conventions, I only know one FMA fan(a classmate + friend of mine).


☆I'm so hungry and I'm going to eat strawberry yogurt for breakfast laugh.gif

☆I keep hearing strange sounds from outside: the cicadas keep singing, cars are passing by, and something big fell somewhere in a construction site nearby. And this is usually a quiet neighborhood.

☆The weather has gone crazy. Here, it always rains in summer, but it never gets as cold as it was yesterday. I was at a restaurant with my best friend and I was so cold that I had to go back home and get a jacket(I was wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt).

☆Right now I'm trying to make my allergic rhinitis stop. It's so annoying and I can't breathe well. sad.gif
@Schnabeltier: Some of m classmates actually like FMA during my high school and they're surprisingly all boys. Ahhh, it brings back time when we spent our break time talking about FMA xD. Now, I think none of my classmates even watch anime (I stop watching them too).. :'<


- I should be reviewing my accounting but, as always, I end up procrastinating. I just unmotivativated like my mind has been full of too much information that there's no more space for more. Sure, school is fun but studying too much is not, I need some kind of break.

- I've read so much e-mails and stories of my friends who had undergone in too much pain because of their broken family. I mean their parents are separated from each other which, I can't deny, is common these days and they had lost a family member. It made me realize how lucky I am for having an almost perfect family. Even though I hardly see my father because of his work. In the end, all I can do to cheer my friends up is to listen and give advice (which I'm not good at).

- I slowly losing my faith in God these past few years, there were times when I don't even go to church to attend the mass, listening to gospels again and again. I always encounter Déjà vu when I went to church like 'I heard that before, isn't it the homily last year?'. It's like reading the bible from the beginning to end and repeating it over and over again. I know I'm being ridiculous but I can't help it until this day come I don't know what or who knock some sense on me, in once glance everything seems comprehensible and understandable. I gain my faith back and my belief on Him. Now, I have proved that I'm crazy because if there's one thing that I don't understand, it is myself.
Mhacy--I won't go on about it because it's a topic probably better suited for the debate district, but I definitely had a rough go with religion when I was 15, and, almost 6 years later, I'm still sorting some of it out. Being able to talk with someone really helps, and if you don't feel you can talk with people in your community, you can certainly find someone on here. I hope that, with time, you'll be able to sort out your beliefs. smile.gif

A Pierrot's Aria--Can't say it was exactly sweltering, but it was really muggy last night. I woke up around 4 AM and didn't get back to sleep until around 5 AM. dry.gif I feel your pain.


--My boyfriend's dog is adorable. He decided to jump up on me while I was lying on the couch because I wasn't paying him enough attention. This just made me laugh as opposed to petting him, so he decided after about 5 minutes that I really wasn't worth it. laugh.gif

--I'm going through Doctor Who so quickly! But the angels... the angels... *shudders*

--Must make more cookies...
@jacksparrow589: The angels... Oh god, the angels... >_< Those things are actually scary.

@A Pierrot's Aria: A shoe? D: What a random stroke of unluckiness... And you lucky person, getting to play OoT3D! *still won't have the game for a couple of days yet* And I run into walls all the time. >_>; Well, door frames, mostly. Or doors, when they're usually OPEN instead of shut...

@Schnabeltier: Yes, cold showers are awful. Well, during winter, anyway. In summer they're a godsend. And geez, you're lucky meeting all these FMA fans!

@Lucky Lucy: Argh, allergic rhinitis is such a pain. :< I hope you feel better.


- I finished my replay of Majora's Mask! /o/ Now I'm all ready to get OoT3D in a couple of days...

- I ended up getting distracted halfway through playing though, because I started reading Full Metal Panic light novels. XD But I decided I'd better hurry up and finish it.

- My mother decided she was going to completely clean the house, and yet, everything is now a mess! XD
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