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Full Version: Penny for your thoughts? (don't expect "real" money here... XD)
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A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 Thankfully, she turned up earlier. And I wish I was able to handwrite my essays, but everything has to be word processed...wacko.gif


-Mum didn't return home last night, either. But as I was going up to her house earlier today, I saw her walking up the road. I almost had to stop myself from jumping out the car before my dad even hit the brakes! The downside was she was a little tipsy and she went straight to bed; a few hours later, my step dad arrived and mum woke up and they started rowing. It bought back a lot of horrible memories, that's for sure. She kicked him out and went back out to go to the pub again a short while after. At least now she has her phone and I've seen her with my own eyes...

-I've managed to get a new mobile, but I still need to give out my new number.

- I saw this cute little fella in one of the album in my bbf's facebook, I fell in love at first sight though it was just a picture. And yes, I'm talking about the boy in my avatar and signature, isn't he adorable? XDD

- I validated my scholarship yesterday and it turned out that my general weighted average was still qualified. I let out the sigh of relief when they finally gave the check to me, it was a reassurance that I can still attend college for the upcoming semesters, yay! \o/
A Pierrot's Aria
@Mhacy I'm glad you're able to carry on with college! happy.gif


- I've already picked my history modules for level/year 2 of uni. We had to choose two preferences and we'll be hearing tomorrow whether or not we got our first or second choices. I'm hoping to get my first choices, obviously...xD (Which will be work on the Myth of Venice, and China through 1914-78) For my second choices I picked Aztec Society in the Early Sixteenth Century and Medieval Mediterranean history...these topics are also of great interest to me so if I get my second choices, that will be okay too. laugh.gif I have to pick my philosophy modules tomorrow and I'm hoping to get accepted into Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Science...*Crosses fingers*

- I swear the wasps are out for my blood...whenever I'm in a room, they're flying through the window. (And then I'm running out the door.) xD

- I've had a bit of a drowsy feeling all day!
Mhacy--Awww! That's an adorable kid!

A Pierrot's Aria--Thank you for reminding me! I need to pick out my classes for next fall!


--Totally got 6 hours of sleep last night at the most. Staying in one's boyfriend's room 'til 2 AM does that, apparently. huh.gif Who'd've thought?

--Grrr... Java, y u no work?! mad.gif

--I just got a new phone with a keyboard and unlimited texting. I've mastered the whole capitalization/punctuation thing with all its quirks. My mom, however, has not. Silly mom. tongue.gif
Mhacy - is that Selim in real life? biggrin.gif

Pierrot - They sound like fascinating courses, I hope you get what you're after.

jack - Think of it this way, there are people sat in front of a computer keyboard who still haven't mastered punctuation on them yet.


- May the 4th be with you! Happy Star Wars Day.

- I've been taken off the daily medication I've been taking for a couple of years as my new Dr doesn't think I should be on tablets forevermore. The effects of going cold turkey are really starting to set in. I hope in a few weeks I'll be fine (which is what he hopes will happen). If not I just go back on them, but I would rather give it a go. Forking out 14 every 2 months for the rest of my life is something I could do without.

- A month has passed since I last posted here.... mellow.gif Not having the net at home is quite tedious.

- The Japanese Letters thread is closed. If you still had a letter to post but didn't have time, you may still send them to me through a PM please. If there's an art piece you want to send, link it to me in a PM as well. I will be sending out the completed book at the end of May. Also I'll be posting the pages up here for people to see so they know what's being sent! Thanks everyone!

- My mother may have a bone cancer... not too thrilled but I'm hoping that she doesn't. sad.gif So if I'm not back as often as I should its due to lack of internet and dealing with the family problem. I apologize ahead of time.

- ALSO I know its been quite a while and there are three people who are STILL waiting for their prizes from the fan art contest from December. THEY WILL BE SENT SOON! I promise you that. Money has been a bit tight what with spending 50 dollars every two weeks on gas for my car and it may be higher now... D: Please be patient! Thank you! smile.gif
it's been awhile guys! happy.gif

and I am glad Bin Laden is out of the picture in the eyes of the world. Justice has been served.

@Scarmysoul: oh yes I do want to send a letter, possibly tonight! And I hope she is okay.....if they detect a tumor manifesting itself in the early stages, survival chances are increased.

--As a result of getting to bed later, I've been getting up later. I really should change this.

--I woke up this morning feeling really sick to my stomach. It seems to have passed now. I just hope it stays that way.

--It was so sunny for a few days! And then, all of a sudden, it wasn't. Oh, Seattle, you and your silly weather!

--Registration is in a little over a week. At least I get the first day of junior (3rd year) registration--there are a lot of classes I want, including ASL (American Sign Language), if I can.
^ @ScarMySoul - Hope your mom can get the best care, and can stay free of cancer!

Little heads-up announcement...

Starting May 8 (yes, that's Arakawa-sensei's birthday ^^) we are switching the order of Categories for our forum index on forum home page.
Currently, General Discussions are on top, followed by Fullmetal Alchemist Discussions, but starting May 8, we'll be switching that to have Fullmetal Alchemist Discussions on top, followed by General Discussions. ...hence, to come to this "Penny" thread you need to scroll down and past all the Fullmetal Alchemist discussion forums, to the Open Talk forum.

You can read more on this on Forum Change (switching Category orders) is coming on May 8! thread. smile.gif

- I've been so busy, and even though I'm on the board daily, I hardly have time to post in the forums these days... sad.gif
- anyway... happy Cinco de Mayo for our Mexican members!
- and happy Children's Day for our members in Japan! biggrin.gif
- come to think of it, tamale and chimaki are kind of similar.
- although, I like kashiwa-mochi better! xp
A Pierrot's Aria
@ScarMySoul I'm so sorry to hear about your mum. I wish her the best and hope you get news that she doesn't have cancer. hug.gif And don't worry about the prizes, you have more important things to worry about!

@Tombow That's going to seem pretty weird at first, but it does make sense! tongue.gif

@jacksparrow589 I've gotten into the exact same habit, and I wish I could get out of it. My usual routine was going to bed early and waking up early. laugh.gif

@Chiyo Thank you! And I hope that you don't feel too bad without your medication. It must be really hard for people to go cold turkey.


-The module allocation page has been down due to an application error for the past few days, so I've been unable to input my module choices into the form. They're hoping to get it up and running by tomorrow. xD

I also made a pretty depressing discovery --next year my compulsory history module will clash with when the Latin lessons will be, so I will be unable to carry on with Latin. sad.gif

- I've just realised I've been living off ham sandwiches for the past few days...aaaah, the student diet. laugh.gif

- On the way back from our Latin lesson, my friend and I discovered 30 on the floor. We made sure to take it to the reception area to see what they could do in order to return it to its rightful owner. If I had lost that amount, I'd be freaking out --I hope they whoever the money belongs to will be able to get it back!

The "W" key fell off of my keyboard. I never realized how many words have the letter "w" in them. It is awkward to type without a w.

This has been a week of extremes for me. My roommate turned 21 on Monday. So we went out drinking. And I spent all my money on alochol. Which was a bad idea because I need cash. The drinking was fun, just not the after effects.

Then last night I pulled an all nighter to complete a take home final for my Shakespeare final. My friends and I were seriously cracking up at dawn. At least I managed to finished.
@ScarMySoul: I hope your mother doesn't have bone cancer. :<


- I just finished watching the anime School Days. It was awful. Not in the sense that it's a bad anime, but because of what the main character does. >_> I don't think I've ever disliked a main character in any show this much before...

- My sister came to visit yesterday. /o/ She said she has some time off next week, and we're going to go see a movie. That should be fun.
A Pierrot's Aria--It's never fun when 1) the registration system goes down, and 2) you can't take the classes you want. And both of them together... Doubly sad. sad.gif

FMAObsessed--I take it your keyboard has since been repaired...


--My brother needs to make plans to come home soon. I miss him!

--Ugh... it needs to be 45 minutes from now. I want my sweatshirt fresh out of the dryer! The cardigan I'm wearing right now is just fine, but there's something about clothing fresh out of the dryer...

--I need to do homework and job applications today. Great. dry.gif

--I went to the store yesterday to buy jelly beans because I've been wanting them, and we didn't have any at Easter.
A Pierrot's Aria
@FMAobsessed I'm glad you managed to finish your final!

@Pyroclasm I hope you have a great time at the movies with your sister!

@jacksparrow589 Definitely! And good luck with your homework and job applications!


-I actually feel like drawing something for once...I may start doodling later and see if anything decent comes out of it. laugh.gif

-We're supposed to have thunderstorms later --I hope there are because it's so humid! We need a little thunder! xD

-Just sort of sitting not doing much of anything at the moment. laugh.gif
To any of our forum members who are mothers: Happy Mother's Day! smile.gif


--The forum looks so different! I keep forgetting I need to scroll down so far to get here. tongue.gif

--Caramel apple chips + news that brother is coming home for Memorial Day = happy-beyond-happy jack. biggrin.gif

--CSE homework + friend teasing me in a very crude way = not so happy jack. dry.gif

- My sister is watching Fullmetal Alchemist. I have raised her well. biggrin.gif

- Just over a month until school is out for summer... I really can't wait. This has not been a fun school year for me.

- Ohman, I really need to start skating more. :C
- cant decide what time to meet up with my customer tomorrow
- I really hope to get back my car from my friend. sleep.gif
- I hope he got his car fixed already.
A Pierrot's Aria
@Rainshine Yes, you have raised her superbly!

@Kenji Hope you get your car back soon. Must be a pain without it!


-I feel loads better than I did yesterday, and I now feel even better now that I just looked at my module registration form and seen that I have been accepted for my first choice classes in Philosophy and History! *Dances* I was so worried that I wouldn't have been accepted because it's on a first come first serve basis, and for the first 20 minutes of registration it wouldn't let me on to the form. xD

-The weather can't make up its mind today. It has been all sunny and when I walked out of my history lecture it was pouring it down (although it was still sunny.) It stopped for a minute, then started again. laugh.gif We need thunder! XP

ETA: Yay, it's thundering! laugh.gif
Little Washu
Wow, been gone for about a month and come back to find many things different O.o

Suddenly, we have a cosplay thread~ Lovely, I can troll around there since cosplay is taking over a large part of my anime hobby and I'm starting to make a name for myself in the subject xD

So how is everyone? It's been a while >w>; I'm seeing some old faces (Kenji!) and new faces as well~ I need to start coming on here again, I've been distracted by school and con hopping xD
I hope to be on more ~=w=~

-Anime North in 3 weeks! Will be my 4th con this year, I hope to go to more after <3
-It's hard reading "And Then There Were None" in English without thinking of Umineko, hehe...
-French vanilla muffins. Yum.
-Now to go stalk the cosplay/con forum! (does it work as a normal, being that we can create our own topics about other cons/cosplay?)
Hi Little Washu! I know we've never really talked, but still, welcome back. smile.gif

@A Pierrot's Aria I loooooove thunderstorms! biggrin.gif I hope we get some this summer.


-Ohgod is it weird that I kind of want to start making custom my little ponies? Some of them are just so cool. 8D

-I've been super tired today - more than usual. I just have no energy whatsoever, and almost fell asleep in history class. :c I've also been feeling really dizzy and woozy lately - one morning a few days ago I even passed out. I hope I'm not getting sick. D:

Rainshine - no, start making them! You could make some money doing that.

Washu - it would be good to see the Cosplay section kept occupied! Glad to see you back.

- I think I'm the only person in England who didn't have storms last night, not even a spot of rain!


- Found out something yesterday that's going to take me a while to get my head around.

- However, feeling much better in my body, I'm adapting to not taking medication any more.

- Flatmate has let me swipe several of her albums to put on my itunes. Currently nodding my head to the most recent Foo Fighters album
A Pierrot's Aria
@Chiyo Ahaha! And there's the BBC forecasting days of rain and thunderstorms across the UK. laugh.gif Well, let's hope they don't forecast a barbecue summer, because we'll surely get rain instead! xD And I hope you can wrap your head around whatever you found out about...hug.gif

@Rainshine Me too! usually people are like "noooooo!" when I say that I'd like it to thunder. laugh.gif

@Little Washu Welcome back!


-I handed in my very last essay of the semester this afternoon! It feels great to have no more essays to work on --I was practically dancing and skipping back to my room after handing it in!

-This week is reading week for a lot of people (not me, though), so that means there are going to be a lot of drunkards wandering the streets...very noisily. Like last night, I was woken up by a bunch of guys singing outside the halls of residence. I wasn't the only one that had been woken up, because the next thing I heard was one of my flatmate's windows opening and her yelling out to them "will you SHUT the f*!@ up!" I actually couldn't help but chuckle at that; it all sounded so comical. They left a short time after. xDxD
Rainshine--I had a no-energy day a few days ago. It wasn't much fun. I hope you're feeling more energetic!

Chiyo--I'm glad you're feeling better!

A Pierrot's Aria--"University" and "drunks" seem to go together, especially at the end of the term.


--I found the Christmas special of a show I used to watch as a little kid (Eureeka's Castle). I am content. biggrin.gif

--I have been unable to string together grammatically correct sentences on my first try lately. It's been so weird, but entirely amusing, too!

--Homework... *sighs*
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 Oh yes, no doubt about it! (Unfortunately!) And I also have some grammar-fail days, too! laugh.gif


- I went out to buy a new pad of bristol board --I'm in a very creative mood, so I'm trying to make the most of it. biggrin.gif

- Just taking a break for a couple of minutes from the picture I'm sketching. It's a piece of Silver Spoon fanart. I lost count of the amount of times I've had to draw and re-draw Aki. I think I've got her just about right now, though.

- All going well, I'm getting an Xbox 360 tomorrow. My brother is buying it for me...I have a totally awesome brother. wub.gif I can't wait!
@Little Washu: Your avatar/sig combo is starting to creep me out... D:

@Chiyo: Good to hear you're feeling better!

@A Pierrot's Aria: You're getting an XBox 360, huh? Hope you enjoy it!


- The forum change keeps confusing me. @_@

- We got a new wood heater installed the other day! /o/ ...I haven't let the fire go out since it was put in. tongue.gif The house is nice and warm. ~

- I got bored yesterday and made muffins. They were delicious. (Yes, I've already eaten all of them. ...Stop looking at me like that, there were only 9, and they were small. D:)

- Ugh, today has been hectic... Seemed like everything demanded my attention from the moment I woke up. I need sleep.
Little Washu--(Somehow, I missed your post earlier) Yes! Please bring some life to the Cosplay forum! biggrin.gif

Pyroclasm--Muffins are meant to be eaten! I wholeheartedly endorse your actions! tongue.gif


--One of my TAs for my sadistics statistics class thinks our homework is too hard. The other thinks he made our homework too easy. I'm doomed.

--Date night! wub.gif

--The shopping center downhill from where my dorm room faces has been blasting music since 7 AM. Apparently, it's to advertise that they're taking 20 percent off everything you buy and donating it to the Hutch (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research). That's absolutely wonderful, but... 7 AM? Really?

--I got all my classes for fall quarter! Hardware/Software Interface, Greek & Roman mythology, Intro to Philosophy, and ASL (American Sign Language) 101, here I come! smile.gif
Welcome back, Washu~ *waves* :3 I totally need to get back into cosplay... but the only thing I can afford/attempt right now is Toki from 'Metalocalypse'. XD


- I apologize for my absence. School has been crazy busy. I just had the art AP; I thought a weight would be lifted from my shoulders once 2 long years of work was over, but the craziness was just beginning with other stuff like the school's art show (I hope I'll win some scholarship money *crosses fingers*), and now I have final projects and research papers. AND in exactly one week, I have my one act play, and it is just... insane. So unprepared. I will never direct a play ever again. Especially if that play is a stage adaptation of 'Regular Show'. I don't know what I was thinking in picking that for my play. I'm stupid.

- On a brighter note, I just got back from my friend's birthday party. Tonight was so fun. It was the happiest I've felt in a long time. Which is good, since every day for the past week my anxiety has made me lose my appetite, and constantly made me want to puke. It's partly due to the fact that I'm such a nervous person, but it really doesn't show as much until I'm under stess.

- Gotta say, not the worst Friday the 13th I've had. I found a 5 dollar bill in school. Didn't pick it up, but I found it. XD There was a Six Flags trip today, but I didn't go. Because it's Friday the 13th, and I wouldn't want to ride Kingda Ka on an unlucky day. (seriously, I'm crazy...)

- Wow, I loved the newest episode of South Park. Not the best episode... but I lol'ed so much. laugh.gif This season isn't terrible so far!

- I have so much to do right now... But I'm so tired, I think I'll just go to bed. T^T
phoenix dying

What happened to the layout of the forum?



<Fullmetal Alchemist Discussion Board latest news: Forum Changes smile.gif >

You got to come by here more often. ^_~ Anyway, sorry for the confusion. ^^ ~ T.
A Pierrot's Aria
@Pyroclasm muffin for me?

@jacksparrow589 I'm glad you got your classes! Greek and Roman Mythology sounds amazing. Good luck with it all!


- I'm surprised by the amount of people who still worry over Friday 13th (everyone was mentioning it on their Facebook status etc.) It was certainly lucky for me and I had a great day. XP

-Got a bit of a stomach ache, but it's not too bad.

-I visit DeviantArt every so often to take a look at the art. I'm glad I left there when I did because every time I go back it just seems to get worse and worse. A lot of the art is amazing, but also, a lot of the people are just...nasty. There's just no need for it. The internet can be such a horrible place on the whole, though.
A Pierrot's Aria- I'm still wary of Friday the 13th (though for some reason, I've always been excited about that 'holiday')... I'm actually wary of anything '13'. I won't leave my T.V. volume on 13. XD;;; I'm kind of superstitious, but not super superstitious. laugh.gif As for deviantART, I just don't go on much anymore because of the crazy viruses/malware/etc. that have destroyed my computers. I haven't run into too many nasty people there (though I see it a lot on the comments of some Daily Deviations). Although I won't disappear completely from dA, I think I will still be posting my art more on tumblr now; dA is not worth the trouble it gives me. But I still love seeing the art there.


- I'm trying to look for a job over the summer (I didn't get that amazing job with my friend)... problem is, no one wants to hire someone who is leaving for college in August. That's cool, bro. I don't need money. Just going to college. Y'know. It's not like college is expensive or anything... *headdesk*

- The past week in school... I watched 'Rebelde' in Spanish class, played some kind of digital 21 Questions in Math, watched 'The Graduate' (how the heck is that movie rated PG????) in English, watched Dane Cook in Economics, and the rest of my day is made up of study halls. I would want school to end, but I still have projects to do.

- I hate Sundays.

- I saw Thor last night. I thought it was pretty good. Loki was my fave character~ wub.gif

- I watched Drawn Together last night. I haven't seen that show in forever, and I almost forgot how much I love this show. laugh.gif
@Little Washu Oh, yes. Hi. I am back happy.gif On a brand new start point.

- I cant sleep (its 4 am now)
- I blamed it on my new found love mellow.gif
- I don't know how to make my appropriate first move. mellow.gif
Razzy--I hope school calms down for you soon! And I'm in the same boat, job-wise. It sucks.

A Pierrot's Aria--I hardly remembered it was Friday the 13th! tongue.gif

Kenji--Oh? *tries very hard not to ask anything else* (<--js589 trying not to let her girliness get the best of her)


--The shoulder I messed up last summer is giving me trouble, again. Crap... dry.gif

--I have a midterm for my Data Abstractions and Algorthims class tomorrow. Whee.

--Need to finish up my Geography lab.
phoenix dying
QUOTE (Mr. T @ May 14 2011, 08:50 PM) *
You got to come by here more often. ^_~ Anyway, sorry for the confusion. ^^ ~ T.

I usually come here when I'm cleaning out my bookmarks every couple of months. Then I realize this had stayed on the list for how many years. mellow.gif

- I have to cut my one act play. It's too complicated, my actors aren't prepared, I'm not prepared, and I'm not a good director. Due to all this stress, it constantly feels like I have to vomit. I honestly thought I had learned the lesson of not biting off more than I can chew... but apparently I didn't. I pray that the drama teacher will let me cut my play. I don't care if he gives me a hard time, I don't care if he yells at me or blames me for screwing everything up, as long as he lets me cut my play. I feel bad for my actors, but... there is no way this will be ready by Friday. I've wanted to participate in these plays for years, but it's not worth it at this point.

- Not gonna lie, I'm really hating myself right now.
@Razzy - I know how you felt. I always get that in school. One more, I really hope that your teacher will let you off this once. biggrin.gif I really do. Sometimes being a leader sucks right???


- currently at the mall listening to a children musical recital. Sometimes they were so out of tune but it is okay as long as they are still cute biggrin.gif
- just wracked my brains for an essay.
- I am really happy as soon as I step into the college ladder.
- I am quite nervous because this is the first time that I bought fresh food from the supermarket and I am worried that I got everything all wrong....
A Pierrot's Aria
@Razzy We've all gotten to a point where we've went in way over our heads. If it's affecting your health and you really think it can't be done, then there's no shame in admitting defeat --even if someone does give us a hard time for it. After all, we all make mistakes; so please don't hate yourself. I hope that everything works out whatever happens. hug.gif

@jacksparrow589 Nor I, until I was informed on Facebook. XP I hope your shoulder is feeling better now!

@kazare Good luck for when you go to college!


-I'm kind of nervous. I have my Latin exam today. I'm tired and panicked, as usual. But I am pretty confident when it comes to Latin translation; it's the Latin grammar exam on Thursday I'm more worried about. I sometimes struggle to remember each ending for each of the five declensions; more so the ablative and dative endings. laugh.gif

-I'd love nothing more than to jump back in to bed right now. xD

-I had to type out all of this again due to some serious keyboard fail that made everything close. XP
Razzy--You can't hate yourself for 1) trying, and 2) getting involved with what you might have thought was reasonable at the time, but later turned out not to be. If it's affecting your health, there's nothing you can do. I hope your teacher is reasonable about it, at the very least, and I hope you do something for yourself--give yourself a day--to help you just relax and recuperate. hug.gif

kazare--As long as you didn't buy anything that looked really questionable, you probably did fine. It takes a while to figure out which fresh food is good and which isn't.

A Pierrot's Aria--Good luck on your exams! hug.gif


--Ugh... I don't want to read The World in 2050. It's going to be utterly depressing!

--I officially need to go get my neck and shoulders checked out after my laundry is done. This is ridiculous. dry.gif (EDIT: Well, looks like I might have to do physical therapy. Better than just medicating it, in my opinion, though.)

--Just finished watching the season finale of Castle. The first bit I saw coming, and I know that the ending can't be what they're making it out to be, but still... I am beyond angry with the writers right now.

--I think I'mma go read the paper. Specifically, the comics. Maybe that will calm me down.
Aww, Razzy... sad.gif I know it's probably hard to see any bright side right now, but I agree with A Pierrot's Aria and jacksparrow589 above. I hope you can give yourself credit for trying, and knowing you, I'm sure you have tried your best, so, I hope you can give yourself credit for that also, and also I hope you can give yourself credit for realising the situation and taking some action! I'm sure going to the drama teacher and asking for the cut is a scary/unpleasant thing to do, but you're bravely facing that now, and I give you a huge credit for that also!
Or.... alternatively, before you set up the meeting with your drama teacher, how about having a meeting with your actors and any other persons involved in the play, and tell them that you're thinking of asking the drama teacher to allow you to cut the play, and see how they react? Maybe that may cause them to somehow get their "act together" (no pun intended xp) and make themselves ready? Or, even if they can't perfect it by Friday, maybe you can present it as is, imperfections and all? That might still be better than cutting the play???
Of course, I don't know the situation to give you any useful advise, and I'm sure you'll choose the best solution in the given situation, and I give you a huge credit for trying your best in the difficult situation! Anyway, hope you don't beat yourself up for this... that could make you sick, and not worth it! Whatever happens happens and whatever that would be, IMO, that is definitely NOT worth worrying yourself sick! (Or so I think. ^^)
Hope it will all work out well somehow (or works out with the least damage ^^) and then, like jacksparrow589 suggested, hope you can give yourself a nice day off, or some days off, to recuperate!! *hugs* hug.gif

QUOTE (kazare @ May 17 2011, 01:35 AM) *
Sometimes being a leader sucks right???

Gahaha, yes, I think so (for various reasons ^^). tongue.gif

@phoenix dying - Do you clean out your bookmarks every couple of months?! Wow mellow.gif ... I haven't cleaned out my bookmarks in ages! Mines are one huge jumble of mess! tongue.gif By the way, LOL, I kind of like "Mr. T"! That might sound better than "A sentient plant of some kind" XDDD

@jacksparrow589 - I hope your shoulder is getting better!

@A Pierrot's Aria - Hope your Latin exam went well!! ^^

@Kenji - Best of luck with your new found love! biggrin.gif

@Little Washu - Nice to see you! ^^ And yes, please post in the Con/Cosplay forums! I wanna see the pics! biggrin.gif

@Chiyo - Hope you're doing all right without the medication! hug.gif

- My Web connection is seriously slow today.
- And, to compensate, the browser is switched to "quick connect" mode with lower graphic quality.
- And, that's making smilies look all kind of crocked and look weired. mellow.gif
Thanks Tombow, kazare, A Pierrot's Aria and jacksparrow. hug.gif My stomach reacts so badly when I'm stressed. T^T So I talked to the drama teacher... and he didn't react at all how I expected. He wasn't upset at all. Although I was fully prepared to cut the play and say to myself, "Well, good job for trying, eh? XD", he told tell me I should wait until Thursday's dress rehearsal to make a decision (based on how prepared my actors and I are). He told me that my tech rehearsal was "awkward" (which I thought was a huge understatement, lol), but he said he's seen worse. He was very nice about it, even though I'd expect him to be easily annoyed by these things. And I know he's not the type to just say things to make someone feel better; if he thought my play was not ready, he would tell me so. So... yeah, that helped me feel a little better, but not completely. I decided to cut the last scene of my play, so now the situation is only mildly stressful. laugh.gif In addition to that, I have an extra dress rehearsal to work things out. My actors keep suggesting things like, "Hey, maybe we should do this for staging, instead of our original plan" and I'm like, "Guys... if we keep changing things, we won't be prepared... e___e;;;" (Like you said, kazare, being a leader sucks laugh.gif ... and I've learned through this experience that I'm not assertive enough to be one. XD) Anyway, thank you for all the comforting words, everyone. I was seriously freaking out there. *glomps*


- Found my old 'Now!' CDs, uploaded them to my iPod. Now I'm listening to Smash Mouth and *NSYNC and Britney Spears... and that weird 'Blue (Da Ba Dee)' song. I haven't heard some of these songs since they were first released. I feel so cool, with my amazing 90's music.

- My little brother and I had a swordfight with spatulas today. laugh.gif

- My older brother won't stop raving about Blu-ray. laugh.gif He claims he will never watch a movie on DVD again (especially if it's Pixar; which I can imagine looks amazing with that). I'd like to see something in Blu-ray sometime (I probably will, since it seems like it's gonna replace DVD soon...), but I don't think I could say I'd never watch a DVD again... or VHS, for that matter. Sometimes I like being nostalgic by watching VHS tapes... That's not weird, right? XD
@Razzy - i am so very happy for you!!! Hope that will make things for yah a bit easier.

@tombow - look at the bright side! At least your computer is still working.


- drenched in the rain. (and that happened while I have an umbrella) so over all I am in a so not good mood.
- I ,therefore, am freezing my butt of in the mall.

Little Washu
@Razzy- In my psychology class, we watched Inception on Blu-ray. It was pretty awesome.

I should be doing school work but I'm posting here instead :1

- Decided to rewatch all my InuYasha movies. Man, if not for Rumi's inability to end a story, that series really could have ended well. It started out so good :<
-Anime North next weekend... and my tails are not started. No Ran Yakumo for me ; ; It's cool tho, Komachi and Momiji ftw.
-American McGee's Alice Returns... I need to preorder it. But... for the PS3 or 360...? I like PS systems SO much more... but my brother wont let it out of his room...
@A Pierrot's Aria: ;-; I'm sorry that I ate them all. I'll save you some next time. And I hope that exam goes okay! hug.gif

jacksparrow589: I want to ask you what happened on the season finale that made you so angry, but I don't want it spoiled. ;_;

@Tombow: I hate it when internet connections get slow like that. :<

@Razzy: I'm glad things worked out okay. hug.gif


- *sigh* I really haven't felt like doing much at all lately... I feel so lazy... >_>

- A friend of mine who I haven't spoken to in a while messaged me the other day. /o/ It's nice to reconnect with people.

- My mother bought be a shirt today. It says "If you're cute I'm single". ...I don't know why she got me this, it's not something I would ever wear...
Razzy--I love listening to music from the 90's! (Actually, most music from before 2000 in general is cool. Except for a good deal of 80's music.)

Tombow--Thanks! I'm going to schedule at least 1 physical therapy appointment, though. I really could use it.

Pyroclasm--Things and stuff happened. When will you get to see it, do you know?


--We got "breakfast in bed" today from Housing and Food Services. Yay, brown paper bags with stuff I don't eat in them! (Seriously, of the 5 things they gave us, I'm having only the orange and the orange juice.)

--Totally just about inhaled that orange juice. Whoops.

--I should probably ice my shoulders for a bit now. It seems to be helping, at least.
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you everyone, I think the exam went okay. happy.gif

@Razzy I'm glad your teacher took it well and that your feeling a little better.

@Tombow It must be really horrible having such an unreliable connection. ><

@Pyroclasm I wouldn't wear a shirt like that, either!

@jacksparrow589 I've been strangely addicted to orange juice lately...xD It's a shame they didn't give you a decent breakfast!


-Ack, once again I've been left to organise something on my own even though it doesn't concern only myself. I normally wouldn't mind because people know they can trust me with things, but it gets a little frustrating when I get little to no co-operation from the other people concerned. Without it, I can't get on with it. This sort of thing is always left to me, so that must be all I'm good for! xP!

-I was a bit lazy today and slept in until about just before midday...And I had the cheek to be still tired even then. xD

-Just been hanging around with one of my friends and went for a nice meal.
@ Everyone: Thank you so much for the well wishes.... Its very much appreciated! <3


- Forum changed and I was caught off guard.... I really need the net back on at home... sleep.gif

- My mother doesn't have bone cancer, the tests finally came back and it was negative!!! YAY! BUT she did just recently undergo a bone marrow biopsy to see what is depleating her bones. For example she has circular holes in her shoulder blades and they don't know why. So answers soon! I hope....

- Hope everyone is well, I will have an update tomorrow with what the folder looks like for the Japanese Embassy Project. If you're letter wasn't sent to me via PM then please send it to me! I will be sending this folder out May 31st! So the sooner the better!!

Scar- I'm glad to hear your mother doesn't have bone cancer! smile.gif And I hope that whatever is bothering her shoulder now is identified and treated soon!


- Today's rehearsal went so much better than the last one. *relieved* Part of my play is a stage adaptation of the Youtube video "The Yes Dance". laugh.gif I was so scared, because, while the 2 main dancers have been practicing on their own, I have never had a rehearsal with all of the backup dancers (the rest of my actors; so there's 8 backup dancers). But... I swear, they all did it perfectly! I don't know how... they all just did it. blink.gif They all got on stage and seemed to get in their own places without a thought.. they lined up exactly as I would have wanted them to. Their dancing was so synchronized. Basically, it was like one guy did something, and everyone else followed. It was... crazy! If they can do that again for opening night, I would be so happy. I honestly can't believe how well things are turning out... I'm seriously in shock...

- My bff says that someone stole my dress for prom. What... the... heck. But I don't even know how that's possible; I bought my dress two years ago. Where could anyone find that dress now?? Though I'm hoping maybe my bff doesn't remember what my dress exactly looked like, and is wrong... EDIT: Nope, that's... that's my dress. I'm so upset right now. But I know I'm gonna look way more fab than that girl. *totally going into sassy teenage girl mode right now* Ugh... but I'm still so annoyed! I never really understood why girls would get so upset about something like this... but I am!
phoenix dying
QUOTE (Mr.T @ May 17 2011, 02:50 PM) *
@PD - Do you clean out your bookmarks every couple of months?! Wow mellow.gif ... I haven't cleaned out my bookmarks in ages! Mines are one huge jumble of mess! tongue.gif By the way, LOL, I kind of like "Mr. T"! That might sound better than "A sentient plant of some kind" XDDD

Well if you think about it you bookmark things so you can conveniently go back to it. Nothing easy looking for one in particular in a 50+ list.

plus you can now say "i pity the fool"!"


Anyone else going to Bonnaroo this year?
A Pierrot's Aria
@ScarMySoul It's great to hear that your mum doesn't have bone cancer! I hope they'll be able to manage whatever is wrong with her bones, though. hug.gif

@Razzy Aaah, I remember my prom...And I also remember dropping some BBQ sauce on my dress. Thankfully it was in a pretty inconspicuous place. laugh.gif


-Thankfully, I have a response from one of my friends --it's a good start! Sorry if it seemed like I was going off on one yesterday, but it IS kind of frustrating when I'm trying to sort out issues concerning where we're going to live next year, yet my room mates weren't really seeming to be aiding the process for a while there. laugh.gif

-I'm so clumsy --I just went to get breakfast and kept dropping my change. mellow.gif It got kind of embarrassing yet it was funny. XP

-I keep considering a username change. I know what I'd like to change it to, but I'm still not sure. I keep lurking in the name change request thread but then I keep deciding against it. *headdesk* xDxD

--I keep on getting calls for people who aren't me. Who keeps on giving out/dialing my number?!

--My friend's birthday party is today. I'm so excited! biggrin.gif

--Well, I actually understand my statistics homework... sort of... heh, heh? happy.gif
@jacksparrow589: I'm not sure when I'll get to see it... I'm not really sure how far I am through the current season...

@ScarMySoul: I'm glad to hear your mother doesn't have bone cancer! And I hope they figure out what's going on quickly.

@A Pierrot's Aria: Oooh, a name change, huh? What're you thinking of changing it to? ~


- Grrr. Dengeki magazine was supposed to reveal a new Pokemon game this issue, but it apparently didn't. :< Perhaps they're saving the announcement for E3... *sigh* I guess I'll have to wait a little longer to find out.

- I'm going to go shopping tomorrow! /o/
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