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Full Version: Penny for your thoughts? (don't expect "real" money here... XD)
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@jacksparrow589: ...Cookie dough ice cream sounds amazing, and I want it. D:

@A Pierrot's Aria: Yeah, it only lasted a couple of days, but now it's back. \o/ And damn, that sounds awful... D: I hope you feel better soon! hug.gif

@Chiyo: I hope they get back to you about that moderator job soon!


- The Pokemon Dream World is fun! I got a Hoppip and a Exeggcute... But I really want a Vulpix from the Dream World more than those. And a Zangoose. ...I don't think I can get either of those yet though... :<

- I was outside earlier when it was starting to get dark, and an owl flew over my head and landed in a tree near me. It then sat up in the tree, peering down at me in such a comical fashion that I started giggling. It just seemed really silly...
Pyroclasm--An owl flying over you head is cool! A crow nearly flying into your head... not so much. (Guess which has happened to me! laugh.gif )

A Pierrot's Aria--Oh no! sad.gif Stomach illnesses are the worst! Feel better soon! hug.gif


--So, my boyfriend and I were trying to decide where to go for dinner last night. We're usually fairly indecisive, and we'd ruled out about half the places we could go to, and were walking along, seeing what else there was, and I was naming the sorts of places aloud, trying to see if anything struck a chord. Me: "I know there's a Greek place... There's a Mongolian grill place... I've never had Mongolian grill before." Him: "Never ever?" Me: "Never ever." Him: "We're having Mongolian grill." *practically drags me into the building* It was amusing. smile.gif

--For the rest of the night, it seemed like we were trying to explain our respective musical tastes and/or out-geek each other with music. He called up a song from Pokemon, and when I told him I had the CD, the expression on his face was priceless.

--I'm going over to a friend's house today to work on our costumes for SakuraCon! I'm so excited!
A Pierrot's Aria
@Pyroclasm Thank you! hug.gif And at least the owl didn't fly right into your head! xD!

@jacksparrow589 Thank you! hug.gif And my friends and I are also really indecisive about where we want to go for something to eat, too!


-I feel SO much better today! It must have been some sort of bug --I had originally thought it was something I ate, but my brother had eaten at the same place as me, but he was completely fine. wacko.gif Oh well, nothing a bit of bed rest and plenty of water didn't cure! xD

-It's an absolutely glorious day --the weather is beautiful. I just got back from the next town over; I did some shopping there and picked up some tickets.
Thanks to everyone who donated blood. You are doing a great service!

Do you think anyone would be interested in a thread about geometric constructions and transmutation circles? I'm a huge math geek and I couldn't help but notice that the heptagon used in human transmutation circles is not constructible using ruler and compass alone, which might go a long way towards understanding why no one had thought of it before Ed did. There's some intriguing math behind that.

<Hi, sarahbn, welcome to the penny thread! We have a thread containing Q&A about transmutation circles in FMA; feel free to add your insights and questions there! Or, if you'd like to give us info on Hectagon and explain to us "how to draw" Alchemy circle with Hectagon, then please share the intriguing info with us on Alchemy Circles Drawing: Post your drawing or discuss on drawing Alchemy circles here! in Fanworks forum, and please teach us how! biggrin.gif -Pierrot>
Pyroclasm - I'm so jealous, I'd love to see an owl in the wild.

jack - How was dinner in the end?

Pierrot - haven't we been lucky with the weather? Glad to hear you're feeling better.


- Got my housemates some retro sweeties for Easter, chocolates seemed too predictable.

- Can't escape this blasted Royal wedding. Headline news in one of the papers the other day was that Katie had to get the ring resized. The front page! It was Diana's ring so chances are it wasn't automatically going to fit.

- ....however, to commemorate the event, I have bought myself a new My Little Pony called Royal Twist. It's been a few years since I bought one, forgive me.
Chiyo--Dinner was great! (I think it helps that I'm really not a picky eater, and Mongolian grill is pretty much the exact sort of stuff I really love, in any case.)

sarahbn--Math geeks unite! smile.gif


--It rained this morning for the hour before I had to head out for class, and was threatening more of the same when I left my dorm, so I brought my umbrella along. Didn't need it the rest of the day--it was so sunny! The weather here is so silly sometimes...

--So, cutting/styling the wig I'm going to use to at least resemble L (Yes, from Death Note) in passing went pretty well, as did making my friend's papier-mâché raptor mask. SakuraCon's going to be awesome!

--Pandora's been giving me a lot of Hilary Duff music lately. This concerns me, as does the fact that I can still tolerate it.

--CSE homework, why don't you want to work? *puppy face*

Last night I went to a midnight screening of Tommy Wiseau's dramatic masterpiece, The Room! Now this movie isn't a masterpiece at all. The whole purpose of the screening is to just watch and laugh at the movie. It was so great. my sides were hurthing from all the laughing.

I also finished a five page essay to have my computer delete it. I looked everywhere for the essay, but I couldn't find it. Needless to say, I was not pleased. But I managed to rewrite it in a half hour.

My college had a springfest carnival. It was pretty fun. The best part was when I attempted to go on the gyroscope. The keyword is attempted, because I failed at it. To make the gyroscope work, you have to use all your body weight to make a full rotation. I didn't weigh enough, so it was quite hilarious.
FMAobsessed- I remember when Adult Swim aired The Room for April Fools' one year, but I never saw it. I totally want to see it, though. laugh.gif


- My computer is back~ biggrin.gif The malware has been vanquished! It seems like it came from deviantART, and my friend's computer also got attacked by malware from there (and in the past 24 hours I got at least 2 attempted attacks while browsing, but my old computer still has a crazy good anti-malware program and blocked them). I just won't be going on dA much until this thing goes away. D:

- I just saw Scream 4, which actually wasn't that bad of a movie.

- I don't know what the heck I did to the inside of my mouth, but I've got a small cut on my gums and it hurts to eat. o.<

- My bf is in DisneyWorld for the rest of the week. Waaaaah~ Why can't he be back sooner? ;-;
Razzy - Congratulations on your computer!!! I cannot imagine how to live without mine....

- I finally breathed out since I finally accessed the site .... I thought I had been blocked.... mellow.gif
- I wanted to eat a huge bucket of Ice Cream because I am in a tropical country and it is very hot.
- I am freaking myself out because College Entrance exams are nearer than I anticipated (I anticipated in my Freshman year) and I do not know whether I will pass or fail ...
@jacksparrow589: A crow nearly flying into your head? D: Yikes.

@A Pierrot's Aria: I'm glad you're feeling better!

@Chiyo: Owls are very pretty when you see them. They're not that great when they hoot all night outside your bedroom window, however....

@FMAobsessed: It's sucks that your computer deleted your essay, but thank goodness you were able to write it up again so quickly!

@Razzy: Glad to hear you've got your computer back!


- A lot of my online friends seem to be depressed lately... I wish I could do more to help them than just speak with them... I feel so useless, sometimes...

- One of my cats is taking up all the room on my seat. I'm starting to get uncomfortable... :<

- I cooked up stir fry for dinner. It was amazing.
FMAobsessed--I wish my school had a spring carnival! At least we get a street fair... It's something.

Razzy--I'm glad your computer was able to be recovered!

kazare--Good luck with your college entrance exams! smile.gif

Pyroclasm--Just because speaking with your friends is all you can do doesn't mean you can't help! Often, just knowing that someone cares makes huge strides.


--Three of my friends and I played Scrabble in teams of two last night and came up with some pretty amazing words. My team won by only about 10 points.

--Other than that, though, yesterday was pretty horrible because my eyes were really itchy and my nose was going bonkers due to allergies. Today seems to be a lot better, though.

--I need to get started on homework! I'm not going to have any time this weekend!

--So, I found out my blood type this morning, and I'm thinking this means one of two things: 1) the blood center screwed up (unlikely) or 2) my parents have some pretty interesting blood genotypes (more likely).
A Pierrot's Aria
@Chiyo We have! And now I'm going to be a typical British person and now say that it's too hot! (Only for me to complain about the cold when it gets colder again. tongue.gif) And I know what you mean about the Royal Wedding. I just don't really care for what the Royal Family are up to (as awful as that might sound).

@jacksparrow589 Darn! I hope your allergies let up!

@Razzy It's good that your computer is alive and kicking!

@Pyroclasm I'm sure they feel thankful that you are speaking to them; I bet that in itself is helping them to feel at least a little better. happy.gif


-I've had a great time with my sister --this is the first time I've seen her in quite a while!

-I've not long woken up from a nap, and I still feel a little tired. But I don't think it's a great idea to have a huge amount of sleep in the evening. I am pretty hungry, though. So I think a little trip to the kitchen is in order. xD

-Wow, too many posts that I haven't read yet, one month has been too long =_=

-Believe it or not, it's Ed in my avatar and signature XD

-I'm having my holidays from now on, Holy Week is one of my most awaited week.

-Been here, Done that.skldlfrgdfkgoptrg, there's nothing to do, I'm quite bored sleep.gif
A Pierrot's Aria

-I'm really happy for my sister! She had an interview for a job today...and just a few hours later, she got a call to say she got it! I couldn't stop smiling when I saw the joy on her face!!

-We're going to the beach on Sunday...I'm looking forward to it --it's been a while since I've been to a beach!

-I donated some money to a charity for disabled children earlier today and the guy gave me a cute little sticker. I'm still wearing it now --I love stickers! Ahaha! biggrin.gif
A Pierrot's Aria - Congrats to your sister for getting that job! biggrin.gif


- I spent my morning bringing a giant pile of dirt into the backyard via wheelbarrow. I feel really awesome for getting so much yardwork done by myself. My dog was just following me and watching me the whole time. One time I turned with the wheelbarrow and I saw she was lying on the ramp, blocking my way into the backyard. She did this twice, like she forgot I had been bringing the wheelbarrow up and down that ramp all morning. I was like, "...Seriously?!" XD

- I finally saw 'Young Frankenstein'. Very funny movie~ It reminds me of 'The Creature Creeps' kind of humor (makes sense, I guess. They're pretty similar).

- I don't like winter because it's cold. But now I realize I hate spring because it's warm, and when it's warm, there are spiders in my house. I am so afraid of spiders, and now they're everywhere. D: I'd rather have wasps in my house than spiders.
Mhacy--If the eyes weren't gold, I wouldn't believe that's Ed.

A Pierrot's Aria--Congratulations to your sister! smile.gif

Razzy--Oooohh... I'd rather have spiders than wasps. Spiders, I can deal with. I hope you don't have too many, though!


--Since I go to a public university, my spring break rarely (if ever) coincides with Easter, but I'm going to have a fun weekend, anyway.

--I learned that I have to add a whole bunch of things to an assignment that I thought I didn't have to add. Ugh... dry.gif

--IT'S SAKURACON! biggrin.gif (Yes, this warrants all capital letters.)
- I am very tortured because they separated me with my laptop and I am currently posting via my Cell.. And the QWERTY keypad just kills me..

- happy birthday anyways to my bro....
A Pierrot's Aria
@Razzy You'd rather have WASPS than spiders!? I'm scared of spiders, but I'd have them over wasps any day. xD When I see a wasp, you don't see me for dust --I'd do anything to get away from one! laugh.gif

@jacksparrow589 I hope you have fun at SAKURACON!!! biggrin.gif

@kazare Happy birthday to your brother!


-I'm expecting a package which will be delivered by Parcel Farce Force. Hopefully they'll actually come to the door instead of taking it straight to the post office and not even leaving some kind of note to tell me this. laugh.gif

-I'm really fed up of hearing about the Royal Wedding. To be honest, I'm just not bothered about it, so hearing about it non-stop is kind of tiresome! wacko.gif People argue that we're getting a bank holiday out of it, but I'm already on Easter holidays from uni; all a bank holiday will do for me is make sure I can't go shopping in town because the shops will be closed. xD

-This hot weather is making it really heard to get a decent night's sleep!
@Razzy: I agree with jacksparrow589 and A Pierrot's Aria, spiders don't sting at least

@kazare: I hope your brother has a nice birthday!^^

@jacksparrow589: Have fun in the SAKURACON!^^ (though I don't know what it is xD)

@A Pierrot's Aria: I'm in the same situation with you, I hardly slept these last few days because of hotness. I'm also getting tired of hearing the endless news about the Royal Wedding, it's not like we're all getting invited for the wedding reception. I don't understand why people made a big fuss out of it.


- I'm having problems about my future, I know that I should focus on my present which is today but future is future. I can't help but think about it, what will happen if I graduated which is apparently a few years from now. To be honest, accounting is not my thing and recently I feel like I've been pushing myself too much. It's like forcing some things that I never really wanted. It's bothering me, if this feelings continues, I probably will not pass the bar exam and how can I get a damn job if all I felt is forcing myself into it. I don't know whether I put this accounting studies in halt or struggle to finish it.

- My tooth aches like hell =_=
@jacksparrow589 & A Pierrot's Aria: Thanks guys. I do know that talking with people, and letting them know you care, is a great help to them, but I still wish I could be there for them... I suppose that's a downside to forming close relationships with people over the internet though, and there's not a lot I can do about that currently...

@A Pierrot's Aria: Congratulations to your sister, have fun at the beach, and I hope you get that package all right! (And I'm sick of hearing about the Royal Wedding too... And I don't even live in the country, I'm sure it's a million times worse over there! XD)

@Razzy: You'd rather have wasps?! That's crazy! D: I know spiders aren't good, but wasps are evil, evil creatures.

@Mhacy: A choice like that can be difficult to make... I hope you figure out what you want to do soon. :<


- My order for The Name of the Wind finally came in! /o/ It's been a good read so far. After this, I'll be going straight on to the next book.

- I'm thinking about going on a shopping spree at the bookstore that's closing down, since they've got a lot of things out reasonably cheap. Of course, I need to get into town first, and I'm not sure when it's actually shutting down, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get in there before it closes...

- My friend has gone camping again. He'll be back Monday. I suppose it gives me plenty of time for reading, but... :<
Pyroclasm - books can seem expensive at times, so a sale is always a wonderful prospect. I hope you get there in time.

Mhacy - a lot of people go through a phase similar to what you are now. Sadly you have to think practically about your future. What I would suggest is to look at the different areas of work accounting can get you in to. Think of the variety of companies that need accountants, or jobs that involve accountancy. Find something else in life if you can, a hobby or similar to focus on. As important as they are, your studies are only a part of your life rather than all of it.

Pierrot - lovely as it is, weather like this does just tend to make us Brits irritable eventually doesn't it? Lack of sleep, hayfever, overheating...we just aren't built for it. Add to that a wedding being thrust down our necks wherever we look.


- Easter Sunday tomorrow, a day we are almost legally obliged to east chocolate biggrin.gif

- Look like a robin red-breast, my fault for not putting on sun cream in this weather. Least I'm not suffering as much as the cats who last all of one hour outside before they come in.

- Read an entire book today, it's been a while since I've done that.

Well, nothing's going on, really q:
I'm going to, i think a shower, today
Mhacy--SakuraCon's an anime convention near where I live, so, naturally, I must attend! smile.gif


--The weather today was absolutely glorious. Sunny, warm but not too warm... It was wonderful. smile.gif

--I actually made some headway on my homework this morning! It wasn't as terrible as I'd feared.

--The second day of SakuraCon was amazing. We got to watch cosplay chess and take pictures and eat yummy food and just have a ball in general. I joined the Dark Side and got a cookie, and I bought an omnibus of Girl Genius and got it signed by Kaja Foglio right there in front of me!

--Then, when we got back to campus, a group of us went out to eat since it's my boyfriend's birthday. The burger place we went to (aptly named "A Burger Place") was great.

--And tomorrow's Easter. I love this weekend... smile.gif (Although it is supposed to rain tomorrow. dry.gif Oh well. I'll hunt for eggs regardless! tongue.gif )
jacksparrow, A Pierrot's Aria, Mhacy, Pyroclasm - Trust me, I wouldn't say that I'd prefer wasps over spiders if I didn't know what it's like to have wasps flying around my house for 3 years, finding a minimum of 5 every day during summers. XD Yet I'd still prefer them over spiders. (But that huge wasp nest has been removed from my house since last year, fortunately.)


- My bf got me a Perry the platypus plushie from DisneyWorld. :0 If you squeeze its paw, it makes his platypus growl noise. It is sooo flippin' cute.

- I should go to bed soon, or else I'm going to get less than 3 hours of sleep tonight... but I'm not very tired right now. laugh.gif

- I don't want to go back to school this week. I still have so much work to finish before spring break is over! sad.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@Chiyo You've got that right! Irritation caused by heat + Royal Wedding = even more irritation.

@Pyroclasm Yeah! Trust me --there isn't a day goes by where I don't hear about the wedding. I switch on the news and it's practically, "Forget about the economy and other issues, Kate Middleton is picking her CAKE!" xD And yeah, book sales are the best!!

@jacksparrow589 I'm glad you're enjoying Sakuracon! biggrin.gif

@Razzy I'd still prefer spiders over wasps...We had a wasp infestation in our dad's house and they'd always end up in my room...In summer I'd wake up to them flying around my room and I'd by diving out of my bed and straight out the door! xDxD


-Myself, my sister, our dad and my sister's fiance went to the beach today. It was kind of a rocky start; for one, the weather wasn't good...but we ended up getting banned from the pier arcade. dry.gif We went up to the second floor and booked a game of bowling for 2 o'clock and then went to a bar that was on the same floor and ordered three drinks...that NEVER came, even after about half an hour waiting at our table. And pouring a drink never takes that long. Not only that, but there were flies crawling over everything...they were even in the nacho chip machine. It was kind of sickening...So my sister's fiance went to get his money back. He requested it so politely, yet the barmaid's attitude stank. All she would say was "sorry, darling. I'm not giving you your money back --you'll have to make do." So, rightfully, he went to the manager and complained. He paid for something we never got, which is a complete rip off! He eventually got his money back, but the manager started giving lip because it turns out that the barmaid was his sister...We did absolutely nothing wrong and we were told to leave the premises.

We tried not to let that ruin the day, though. And we ended up having a fun time. Went to the sea life centre and relaxed on the beach. I was wandering around picking up pretty shells and rocks. laugh.gif I have a bag full. Ahaha! And before we were told not to come back to the arcade, we had fun on the games there, too. xD

-I came back home with my dad and we had some car trouble. One of the tyres was completely dead --we pretty much just got back. We had to call my uncle for back up in the end. xD

-Yay! My package is in the country!

Happy Easter to those that celebrate! I had a great Easter. My grandmother came up from Florida for the first time in 15 years. My dad and her got in an argument about the weather. Then my grandmother told me not to drink soda because it has high fructose corn syrup in it, which causes cancer. She encouraged me to drink beer instead. These are typical interactions with my grandmother.

Anime Boston was also this weekend. It was a good time but tiring. I bought FMA volume 25! I was also looking for the manga Kodocha, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I was sad about that. And I went to an FMA fan panel, which was really good. It wasn't just a screaming panel, we talked about the two series and what we liked about each one.

I was glad to see FMA cosplayers. And especially glad that there were like zero Hetalia cosplayers. Hetalia annoys me. And last year there was a swarm of them going around screaming PASTA!!!! so glad I didn't have to deal with it this year. And i only saw "Man-Misty" once this year.
A Pierrot's Aria--I'm glad you made the best of what started out as a not-so-great day!

FMAobsessed--I definitely saw male versions of Chun-Li, Winry, and Faye Valentine at SakuraCon this year. I'm pretty sure I also saw a male Misty, and a couple of other guys dressed in skimpy girl outfits. But there was also a woman who had her child (no older than 5 or 6) dressed up as Ed. It was adorable. wub.gif


--Oh, what a fabulous Easter that was! Family, food, egg hunts... Yes, I'm 20 and I still participate in egg hunts. It's awesome. tongue.gif

--I wound up getting the hiccups for almost an hour. It kind of hurt. dry.gif

--My younger cousins and I watched "The Tourist". In our collective opinion, it just wasn't a good movie, but we had fun making fun of it!

--"Your Woman" by White Town is such a weird song...

--*sigh* Back to school tomorrow...
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 Argh! It's terrible when hiccups last for ages! And I'm glad your Easter was a good one!


-My package didn't come today...but now the expected delivery date is tomorrow. So I hope they stick to that date!

-I miss my sister...the week I spent down at her place was so fun! But now she's sending me strange youtube videos on Live Messenger...I think I'm going to be scarred for life by the end of our conversation. laugh.gif

-I just was Easter yesterday and I didn't have any chocolate. I haven't had an easter egg in years...xD!

- I have so much chocolate... My mother went and bought a heap of it earlier, more than I can eat, really! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it all... @_@

- I finished reading The Name of the Wind! /o/ It was good. Now I can move on to The Wise Man's Fear...
A Pierrot's Aria
@Pyroclasm Don't know what to do with that chocolate? I'll PM you with my address...! laugh.gif wink.gif


-After all the nice weather we've's finally raining again! But I don't mind's a welcome break from the heat!

-Man, my shoulders ache...laugh.gif

-I can't wait to watch my DVD later...I finally got it even though I ordered it quite a few weeks ago. And I got a nice little customs charge to accompany it. dry.gif laugh.gif Oh well, can't say I didn't see it coming, really! xD!!
Pyroclasm--I second A Pierrot's Aria; I'd totally take some of that chocolate off your hands! tongue.gif

A Pierrot's Aria--It seems like your weather seems to be paralleling mine lately! (Except it's probably not been as warm here. It did get up to 68 Fahrenheit--20 Celsius--on Saturday, though.)


--I read all of the archived "Scandinavia and the World" comics this morning. It's amazingly hilarious, but also incredibly awkward (and, it follows, rather inappropriate) at times to my USA sensibilities, but that's part of the point. I can take a shot or twenty. I don't think the USA is any better or worse than any other country; it just has its own quirks.

--I need to work on my CSE homework... dry.gif

--I think I'll go to the bookstore first; see if I can't pick up some new reading material.

-School kept me pretty busy for a while, but the semester finally ended last week so I'm happy. smile.gif

-Still waiting for my grades to be posted. I don't understand why it always takes the University so long to get around to doing it.

-It's rained almost every day this week, and I'm getting sick of it. I'd really like to do some shopping at the open-air mall.
@A Pierrot's Aria & jacksparrow589: Heh, I'd send some to you guys if I could... XD


- Ugh, I've felt absolutely miserable over the past couple of days, and I'm not sure why... But I feel much today. Thank goodness it passed.

- The new season of Doctor Who is airing down here in a couple of days. /o/ I can't wait.

--Had a splitting migraine a couple nights ago. It was so bad that I was almost in tears. Darn weather... dry.gif

--Sudoku is being nice to me this morning. The crossword puzzle, however... sad.gif

--I got my homework back from one of my classes yesterday, to find that I didn't do so well. Apparently I'm not the only one, though.

--On the bright side, in two days, it'll be the weekend!
That One Dude
My best friend is coming back from her school trip to Italy today, and while I'm happy she's coming back, I'm also incredibly jealous she got to go in the first place. I recall when I had my own school trip to Europe, even though under normal circumstances it was enjoyable, I got left behind a few times. The one that strikes me the most was when I was abandoned in a French restaurant while I was using the bathroom, and had to run a few blocks until I found my group again. The only one that noticed I was even missing was my History teacher, who was nice enough to take my bag along.

No such thing has happened to my friend, and I feel terrible for feeling jealous, but I know it's more because the people she's with actually care about her enough to notice if she's missing or not. It's still tearing me up inside, though; I more than expressed that raging jealousy of mine via text messages, and I feel like she's probably going to come back and, like the rest of those people from that school, shun me for being a weirdo of some sort. This has been plaguing my mind for about two days now, since we were last in contact. I'd say that we're good friends because we've had our arguments and differences before, and we always get over them, but the fact is that she's known those people longer than she's known me, and even if we have just a little bit more in common, I still feel that uncertainty. She calls the people from her school 'like family'. Then, I'm less important, aren't I?


~ I can't wait for the new Looney Tunes show.

~ I can wait for the new episode of Game of Thrones even less. I fell in love after I saw the first two. But, Sean Bean's character always dies... it isn't even a spoiler. He just always does. I could list off a few of his movies, and they're guaranteed to include his character dying. Makes me sad; I love his acting, as well as that adorable accent of his...

~ I wish I could play Amnesia, but I have an Intel processor. .n. thisupsetsme.

~ Cartoon Network's shows have been growing increasingly more deranged. I don't know if this is good or bad; I like Adventure Time, Regular Show and Chowder, but I absolutely detest MAD. Why do kids like that sort of thing? I'm all for potty humor and all that, but MAD's just gross. .n.

~ I'm in love with this '.n.' emote right now. Conversely, I also like this one '.u.'.

~ I want my new tablet pen. My old one broke after one fall too many, so my dad tried ordering me a new one. But the official website apparently doesn't do shipping anywhere outside of the United States... ugh.

~ This particular post is probably gonna be really long... eh, doesn't matter. :3; Only a couple of people are probably just gonna skim it, anyway.
A Pierrot's Aria
@That One Dude I can relate to how you feel with the situation with your friend...I often feel the same because, sometimes, even with my small group of friends I can feel left out. I always seem to be the person that someone comes to when they want something, though. >< Hope things aren't soured between the two of you. And I love Sean Bean. laugh.gif I come from Yorkshire, too, so I have the same accent; I think that's the first time I've heard someone say that the Yorkshire accent is adorable. xD!!

@Pyroclasm I'm glad you're feeling brighter! hug.gif

@jacksparrow589 Hope you feel better! I know that migraines can be so painful! ><


- I had a lovely time with two old friends yesterday --we went to see Thor (which was amusing xD) and then went to an Indian restaurant. The food was tasty!

-My mum moved house, but she had to get rid of the dog...I'll miss him! It was nice to see my mum today again, though. She made her lentil soup again, and as always, it was to die for. wub.gif
That One Dude- Don't feel terrible about feeling jealous; I'm sure most people would feel jealous in that situation (I probably would, too). And being left out is never fun, and I can relate to that... Hope you feel better, though. Oh, I agree with you on CN's shows; even though they're crazy and have no intellectual value whatsoever, I love them. biggrin.gif But, if you've noticed, they've started airing Courage the Cowardly Dog again... if you compare that old (well, sorta old) show with the newer shows, you'll realize cartoons were always deranged. laugh.gif


- My older brother is back from Afghanistan. smile.gif But we still have to figure out when he'll be home, and when he does, he's gonna stay for about a month, which is awesome!

- Casey got voted off of American Idol. He was my favorite. sad.gif After that, I watched the last Steve Carell episode of The Office. I crieddddd.

- I have a very weird headache right now. It's not very painful... just weird.

- AP exams are next week! And the district's art show is in less than a week after that! *panics* At least I get to skip my classes in order to finish my work, but I wonder how well my other teachers will take that.
Ct's - Just started playing online with a few people, Its hard
Final Fantasy X has been annoying lately, Bosses i cant kill D:<
Getting off holidays soon but i dont wanna go back :/
That One Dude
@ A Pierrot's Aria: Baw, I hate it when other people do that. It's like they're only friends to mooch off of you. =3=; Also, I'm not sure if I should feel proud about that or not. XD;; Regardless, I still find the accent adorable. I just feel like swooning whenever I hear it.

@ Razzy: You... have a good point there. XD It's just MAD I could do without. But, the animation itself is taking kind of a weird turn, especially with the new show premiering, The Amazing World of Gumball. It looks like it's gonna mix in 2-D and 3-D elements, so yeah. biggrin.gif

Thanks a ton to both of you for making me feel better. =u=; I was starting to get a stomachache... but, things with my friend are better, she's back home, and I no longer feel that raging jealousy. Whoopee~


~ I find myself surprisingly addicted to Squidbillies. Why? Why? .n.

~ If I don't start going to bed earlier, my biological clock is gonna be all out of whack when vacation time is over and I go back to college... but then again, it's still about three days until I gotta do that. =u=

~ I feel sooooo lazy lately. .n.

~ I could go for a snack right about now... maybe some... octopus. Mmmmm.......~
A Pierrot's Aria
@Razzy Good luck with your upcoming exams!

@That One Dude Yeah, exactly...And you should be proud --to be from Yorkshire is to be awesome, so you like our awesomeness! tongue.gif Heheh.


-My mobile took its last dying breath today. Yesterday the left side of the touch screen stopped responding to touch, then today, the whole screen stopped responding to touch. xD

-My sister's fiance's car got broke into last night --they didn't steal the stereo, sat nav or anything like that. They only stole a package that my sister was intending to post. (It was actually a gift that my sister got for me, so she was really upset. I just told her not to worry about it, and at least they didn't steal the actual car or anything...)

--Apparently, all three of my professors (All male, and none with ties to the UK near as I can tell) stayed up to watch the wedding this morning. Neither I nor any of my classmates did, and our professors seemed pretty put out by this for some reason.

--Professors who give half-credit back for making corrections make me happy. smile.gif

--Facebook has apparently decided that my boyfriend is a ninja. He's either in the "Friends in Chat" area twice, or not at all when he's talking to me. It's really very strange... huh.gif

--I've been in a really odd mood today. I've been feeling kind of sad for no apparent reason.

--I just beat my mom in Scrabble, 275 to 187. It wasn't that I played much better than usual; I just got incredibly lucky. And it still didn't make me feel any better.
@jacksparrow589: I know what odd moods are like. Hope you feel better soon! hug.gif

@A Pierrot's Aria: Whoa, that sucks. :< But it's good that nothing else was stolen.


- It's been raining all day today... It's nice. Wet and miserable, but still nice.

- I rescued a bird that flew down my fireplace earlier. XD Of course, I then had to rescue it again when it started flying around the house and my cat took an interest in it...
jacksparrow- I hope that odd mood of yours goes away soon. Feel better!


- I just saw 'Insidious' with my friends. I have never, EVER been so scared by a movie (during the first half, at least; the last half of the movie was hilariously awful! laugh.gif) It is always disappointing when a movie is really great at first, but then just becomes so terrible so quickly.

- Gotta work on homework or something now. Do not want.

- Firefox 4 is certainly a noticeable update, the screen is so much bigger! It's handy to be able to see more but it's odd.

- I caved and watched the Royal wedding, then went round to a friends house, got squiffy on Pimms and had a BBQ. Delightful biggrin.gif

- Why is Sunday such an awkward day to try and pass the time? It's lovely and sunny but a very strong and very cold wind is making gardening hazardous. Cleaned the car but it's already covered in dust again. Hmm. Maybe the new episode of My Little Pony is online...
Pyroclasm and Razzy--Thanks. I feel a lot better now. smile.gif


--So, my day yesterday was somewhat adventurous. I got a new phone, which was great. I got a not-so-great haircut because the stylist did exactly what I asked her to do and I'd had no concept of how it was going to look in the end. It was more how she styled it than anything, but also that she trimmed up my shorter layers when I specifically asked that they not be trimmed. But the way she styled it--how I'd look after having been through a tornado or something--really looked so bad to me that I was in tears. My mom convinced me to go get another haircut at a different place and when I refused because it was, after all, just what I'd asked for, offered to pay for it. The second stylist did a much better job, the haircut was cheaper, and we just got along really well.

--After all that excitement, my boyfriend and I went to see the symphony. When we got downtown, we had a little time to kill, so we took the massive amounts of steps down to the waterfront. I was wearing new shoes that, while they stayed on, rubbed against my heel a little too much. The only place that was selling bandaids at that point was a tourist shop, so I wound up getting enchanted unicorn bandaids, which was more amusing than anything.

--Now it's a lazy Sunday, and I just have one piece of homework to do. smile.gif And the weather's absolutely gorgeous (65 F and sunny with little breeze), so I might just go lie out in the quad for a little while.
A Pierrot's Aria
@Razzy Good luck with your homework!

@Chiyo I watched a bit of the wedding, too...but I got bored pretty quickly. xD

@jacksparrow589 I'm glad you're feeling better!


-I feel slightly has truly been one of those days. I'm so worried about my mum; she and my step dad had a falling out and she didn't return home last night, and we haven't seen her all day today. She doesn't have her phone with her and we don't know where she is. We've desperately been trying to get hold of her, but the one time we did know where she was, apparently she was asleep but we weren't convinced; she never sleeps during the day. Every little problem caused in our family usually comes down to one thing: alcohol. I seriously wish the stuff didn't exist.

-I also still feel a paranoid itch down to a little creepy crawly...I did a lot of walking today, that includes under tree branches. I don't know what made me do it, but when I returned home, I put my hand on my head and felt something squishy. It was a... caterpillar. The initial shock made me throw it to the ground, but I picked it up and let it out...But now I just feel like there are bugs crawling all over me...

Osama bin Laden is dead! My roomates and I are waiting for President Obama to give a press conference. He was suppose to be on a half an hour ago.

Now that bin Laden is dead, hopefully this war on terrorism will be near over. If gase prices go down too, that will be great too.
I'm afraid even with the death of a person (which we doesn't even knew of its existence) will do no good to the current skyrocketing gas price.

Weakening dollars, they Syria turmoil, and the Libyan War. Then there's the Japanese disaster. Too much factors driving the price of gas up.
It was quite some news to wake up to. I'm afraid to say the news concerns me more than anything. His death will make him a martyr and everywhere will have to be on high alert for signs of people taking revenge. At least the man who encouraged so many to go out and destroy innocent lives is gone, a day to globally be recognised.
I'm still mulling it over, and I really don't think I'll ever find even satisfactory answers to the questions I'm asking myself, but one thing I'm sure of is that it's not going to be over just like that. It's a horrible thing to think, but this has been going on for so long that there's no way I can believe that everything will be considered done just like that.

A Pierrot's Aria--I hope that you've been able to locate your mother! hug.gif


--It went from being nice and sunny to cloudy and muggy. Great. dry.gif

--I love how, even though I write out my homework, I have to turn it in electronically. Hooray for scanners!
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