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Full Version: Penny for your thoughts? (don't expect "real" money here... XD)
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FMAObsessed, jacksparrow, Pierrot- Thanks for the advice. happy.gif I think we'll definitely try our best to stay in contact with each other. It's something everyone goes through, so I think we'll manage. But growing up is weird... XD;;;

jacksparrow- Ah, that's not good. ohmy.gif I hope your student ID situation gets fixed soon.


- I have not been on in a while. Life is busy. >.<

- This week I'm visiting the college I'm going to! Woot!

- I lost a bet, and had to change my facebook name to something stupid. laugh.gif

- The MoMA trip was a lot of fun! I accidentally stepped on art (in my defense, my art teacher also accidentally stepped on it; apparently this piece was so "modern" that no one could even tell it was "art"). But y'know, besides the random stuff, there were a lot of famous works in there. 'Starry Night' was awesome to see, if only I could see past the people crowding around it to take pics. Seriously, they act as if there are no images of this thing on the Internet. I should have just stood in front of the painting, annoying everyone because I was appreciating the fact that I'm in front of Starry freakin' Night. And all of the famous paintings were crowded like that. Most annoying thing in the world, but kind of funny.

- I used to be able to stay awake until 5AM, now I struggle to stay awake past 2AM. I'm just so tired all the time.
@A Pierrot's Aria: I didn't, but I'm trying. I hope I can get a decent rest tonight. And I hope your back feels better!

@jacksparrow589: I hope your stundent ID problem is fixed soon! D:


- Something keeps hitting the window behind me. I think it's a bug or something...

- Bleh. I really haven't been able to sleep properly. But I now have a new pillow, so I'm hoping that might help a bit. The old one was flat and lumpy... :<

I got 11 hours of sleep last night. I haven't felt this well rested in such a long time.

I went to a bridal shower today. It was my first bridal shower and it was so much fun.

The nose piece of my glasses fell off. It just completely fell off. I tried to fix it by screwing it back in, but the screw and the screw piece thing is completely gone.

My laptop is also physically breaking. It doesn't have a virus. Which is rare for this computer. Instead when I open it, I noticed that the part that opens my computer is cracked. I think my laptop may break in two.
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 I hope the problem with your student ID has been resolved! hug.gif

@Razzy I hope you like the look of the college you're visiting!

@Pyroclasm It's a shame you're still not sleeping well. I hope you manage to get a decent sleep this time!

@FMAobsessed Wow...I could really go for 11 hours of sleep! laugh.gif


-I saw my little 10 year old cousin on Saturday for the first time in quite a few months. We were sat in the pub at the time and the DJ had come in and she asked him to put Bruno Mars on. I was like "Who the heck is Bruno Mars!?" and she's like "YOU DON'T KNOW WHO BRUNO MARS IS!? Haven't you heard that song *sings a bit of the song*" And I was just like "I've never heard that song in my life..." wacko.gif I'm really not down with modern music! laugh.gif I prefer 70s/80s and 90s. (Some earlier stuff as well. xD)

-Our building still hasn't got the census form...When we finally do, I'm thinking of just doing it online...

-I have the weird feeling in my chest and throat that I get when I have a cold brewing...!
A Pierrot's Aria, Pyroclasm, and Razzy--My ID works now! (Don't know how, but the point is, it works!) Thanks! smile.gif


--First day of spring quarter was pretty cool. Two of my three instructors are pretty enthusiastic, and the workload seems reasonable for all.

--Started reading the Millenium trilogy (Stieg Larsson)--my grandma wants my take on it.

--I tried to get pictures of the cherry trees on campus yesterday, but it just started raining at one point. I got some okay photos, though.

- mad.gif they ejected Todd Bertuzzi from the hockey game @*#$&(@)@!!! Not even 4 minutes into the game, and he's out... all over a slightly high elbow on a cross check... frick on a stick....

- I'm watching hockey right now if you haven't grasped that XD

- I'm making chicken tonight stuffed with ham chunks and swiss cheese chucks... yummo....

- Wahoooo!!! Lindstrom shot a goal off the post!!! tongue.gif

- Okay I"m done now XD
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 I'm glad your ID is working now!


-Just completed my census --our building only just got it in the post today. ohmy.gif

-Next week is our last week before the Easter Holidays, and we're beginning to go through the module picking process for next year. I'm quite conflicted over what I want to "specialise" in. In history, I'm stuck between medieval history or early modern history (or maybe something different like international history), and in philosophy I'm stuck between ethical philosophy or political philosophy (or try a completely new area of philosophy). I know I'd definitely like to carry on with Latin, though. smile.gif

-I can't wait until next week - my FMA:B part 4 DVD and Hero Tales parts 1 and 2 will be despatched. In good time, too, since the Easter Holidays start on the 8th April! I sense some marathons ahead. tongue.gif

- So there was this story on the news about these co-workers who won the lottery. There were a few other co-workers who would regularly participate when they played, but just didn't this time. And the winners didn't split the money with those few who didn't play this one time. For whatever reason, that makes me so angry. I mean, I can see if it's like those co-workers just played only occasionally... but it's like if these other few co-workers always played, and didn't play this one time, they should still get a share. You don't even have to split it evenly; at least give them something. After taxes, those winners got almost 20 million each; they can afford to share with a few others. Honestly, how greedy can you be? [/random rant]

- Anyway. I got some money from my college! It's not a lot, since state schools can only give out a certain amount of money. But, still! I am so, so, so happy~!!! biggrin.gif

- My road test is tomorrow (before leaving to go college-visiting). I'm kind of nervous. >___<

- Tomorrow is April Fool's Day! I have to think of a good prank to play on my parents. What kind of pranks can I pull off during an 8-hour car ride? laugh.gif

-Just started teaching myself Polish on a whim. Aaah, Polish is hard. Right now I'm just trying to learn how to pronounce the letters, but even that's kind of hard. The letters for the most part look like the ones in the English alphabet, but some of them are pronounced completely different. For example, the letter c is pronounced ts. :< This might take a while for me to learn.

-...I should probably be doing my homework instead of going on here or facebook or learning Polish. :\

I still need to get to playing Terra and Aqua's stories in Birth By Sleep.
Why the crap is it still so cold out? Should things have warmed up by April?
I spent my entire night stuffing myself with Cherry Coke & Kit Kats. I regret nothing.

- I got a 3DS yesterday! /o/ I haven't gotten any 3DS games for it yet, but it's nice to be able to go online any trade with people in my Pokemon White.

- The past few days have been really cold. It's easy to tell winter is on its way. ~

--I really should get to sleep earlier. Being sleep deprived isn't fun. (Nor is having sore ribs and a sore back... I really need to take better care of myself! tongue.gif )

--A couple of friends and I are going to have a massive Teen Titans marathon tomorrow. I'm so excited! biggrin.gif

--A couple nights ago, I found a random scratch on my arm. I had no idea what it was from, but I knew I'd probably done it to myself. Then I remembered that I had been trying to keep my boyfriend from tickling my sides, and I think I must have scratched myself then.

--So, the people who coordinate building usage really screwed up this quarter: they scheduled my Geography quiz section for a room that had a four-hour long class in it. We had to walk across campus and up to the top of a building to find an empty room. Way to go, guys. dry.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 Awesome! Marathons with friends are always fun!

@Rainshine Good luck with learning Polish!


-Bah! April Fools day...I don't like April Fools day! xD I totally fell for someone's prank! crybaby.gif laugh.gif

-The coach driver really doesn't like my home town! When I was waiting to show him my ticket and get on the coach, he pointed to me and went "NO!" (Jokingly, of course!) He recognised me and knew where I was going. He always says that he feels sorry for me because of where my home town is. dry.gif

-When I was walking through the front door of the house, I could smell paint and said to my dad, "I smell paint." Then I went to close the door, "What have you been paint--" *Sticks hand right on the back of the door that hasn't fully dried yet* "...Oh." laugh.gif

- Happy Birthday to me biggrin.gif I am getting so old.

- I am so, so sorry for my lack of interaction everyone. I'm still dutifully keeping an eye on things but am failing miserably to post much.
A Pierrot's Aria
@Chiyo Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day! hug.gif Pah! Old shmold! tongue.gif


-It must look strange that I've been logged in for hours and hours! I've just been working on something on my laptop and had this tab open in the background the whole time and kind of forgot. xD!

-I went to town earlier and went into the bookshop that has been having a clear out for a very long time. Every book --no matter what it is --is £2 and I managed to pick myself up some awesome books for a great price!

-I'm in a good mood! tongue.gif
Chiyo--Happy birthday! smile.gif


--I did actually go home last night. Made tabouli, which is absolutely delicious, and brownies, which are also delicious. biggrin.gif

--My mom beat me in Scrabble, 229 to 206. The board was absolutely amazing, and we used every letter, but she wound up being able to use x, q, and z. If you can do that, you're pretty much guaranteed a win. dry.gif

--However, I'm back at my dorm now... and super excited to watch Teen Titans! (I feel like such a little kid...)
Happy belated birthday, Chiyo! happy.gif

jacksparrow- Teen Titans is amazing, no matter how old you get! biggrin.gif


- I got back from visiting my college. It is perfect~ The only thing I could complain about is location, since I'd rather be living in an urban setting than a rural one. But whatever. The college itself is amazing, and that's mainly all I care about.

- I got a sore throat this morning and it hasn't gone away, so I think I'm getting sick. >.<
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 Awesome! tongue.gif I like to play a game of scrabble with my dad now and then...I don't think i've ever won or used X or Z...laugh.gif

@Razzy It's great that you like the college! biggrin.gif


-I'm absolutely knackered! I have a coach to catch back to Uni at 6am. I don't usually go this early but I have an essay to submit and the deadline is midday. If I got the coach I usually get, I would have gotten there late. >< When I get there I'm going to print and submit my essay, go back to my room, go to sleep and forget all about it. xD

-I've had this cold since last week, and it just won't seem to budge! I wake up each morning with a sore throat, but it eventually just goes very, very dry.

-Just this week to go and I can relax a little.
A Pierrot's Aria--I hope you feel better soon! Drink lots of fluids and get plenty of sleep!

Razzy--I'm glad you like your college. Your experience will definitely be that much better for it. smile.gif (And I hope you're not getting sick, too!)


--OMG... red pandas... My brain... exploded... The cute... *attempts to pull self together*

--The Teen Titans marathon was amazing. Definitely need to do that more often.

--Ooh! And Firefly tonight! It's just a good week. smile.gif It'd be better if my desk wasn't giving me splinters, though.

--Finally got a start on my homework this morning. Thankfully it's not due tomorrow, and it's pretty darn reasonable.
@Jacksparrow589 Do you mean the show firefly?

- Had a awesome weekend and now the weekday seems like crap
- I have $70 dollars now for my birthday, suggestions on fma merch to buy
- Got around to watching FMa Brotherhood in dubs, not the bigget fan of maxey
- I think i have a cold again sad.gif i always have a cold or something
A Pierrot's Aria and jacksparrow - Thanks! happy.gif


- My parents act like it's unusual to fail a first road test. I failed mine, and they're like, "You suck, and you need a driving teacher". And they're seriously getting me a driving teacher. Okay, I failed for driving through a yellow light. And everything else the driving instructor wrote down was a lie. I've heard that this particular driving instructor is known for failing people all the time. She wrote that I never turned my head while backing up. But I did, and I tried to make it obvious, too. I guess she wasn't looking, or she's just lying because she's a terrible person like that. Now my mom is angry at me for failing (even though she said before the test "It's okay if you fail. Almost everyone fails their first road test"). This is ridiculous. Why can't I fail? My parents both failed their first road tests.

- I was hoping that I would get a splitting headache and fever this morning so I wouldn't be forced to go to school today, but it seems that this bug (whatever it is) is working very slowly. But from now on, I'm hoping it goes away; I actually have important stuff to do after school tomorrow. sleep.gif

- My little brother likes to bake cookies, but doesn't cook them all the way through, so they always turn into a soup-like mess. They still taste good, though. laugh.gif

- I'm tired, but I don't want to go to bed.

- The season two premiere of Superjail! was awesome. I'm really looking forward to this season. biggrin.gif
Razzy - the way you learn to drive over there sounds so open in comparison to here. Anyway, I failed my first driving test too, many people do.

jack - panda's? Where?! Can I have one?

Pierrot - hope the stressful times calm down soon.


- Thank-you for the Birthday messages smile.gif

- The sun has been out, the weather has been warm, thus the tourists have come out of hiding. Excellent for the local economy, but no good when I need to be walking and they stop dead in front of me to point at something and go "oooh"
@Chiyo: I hope you had a good birthday.

@A Pierrot's Aria: I hope you feel better soon!

@jacksparrow589: Firefly? \o/ Great! ~

@Razzy: Lots of people fail driving tests the first time around, and it's kinda silly your mother said it would be okay, and is now angry. I'm sure you'll get it next time, no worries. smile.gif


- It's so nice to be able to trade Pokemon online now that I have the 3DS. ~ And I'm happy that I won't have to miss out on event Pokemon anymore! /o/

- My puppies have been naughty, and chewed up one of my skirts. ;_; It was one of my favourites too...
EniviD EiraM

- aaah. tadaima smile.gif I can't remember when was my last visit here.GOSH. it's already summer time here in my country so I can hang out here tongue.gif *WTH -- 'hang out'

- Anyway, I NEED AN ADVISE ! seriously ... so, I'm entering the DEADLY senior year of my high school life and by that
I'll be graduating soon .. I still can't decide on my college course. I asked my elders about it but I'm not confident about their opinions. I NEED A GOOD SUGGESTION ON A GOOD COLLEGE COURSE THAT IS RELATED TO THE ANIME INDUSTRY. I CAN"T DRAW, OR DO PAINTING AND STUFF. IT SHOULD BE THE TYPE WITH NO MATHEMATICS,ALGEBRA,GEOMETRY,CALCULUS,BUSINESS RELATED, AND LOW PAYMENT/OPPORTUNITIES. pleeeease ! I just don't know where else to seek so I thought of dropping by here tongue.gif

- uhm ... I'm being a burden .. sorry tongue.gif I bet everyone was alarmed about what happened in JAPAN (the earthquake and tsunami incident adn now, the radiation leak ..). it feels horrible. I mean, that's where anime came from so .. yeah, it's sad. most of all, it's very sad that a lot of lives were lost. =(

Little Washu
QUOTE (EniviD EiraM @ Apr 5 2011, 10:39 AM) *
- Anyway, I NEED AN ADVISE ! seriously ... so, I'm entering the DEADLY senior year of my high school life and by that
I'll be graduating soon .. I still can't decide on my college course. I asked my elders about it but I'm not confident about their opinions. I NEED A GOOD SUGGESTION ON A GOOD COLLEGE COURSE THAT IS RELATED TO THE ANIME INDUSTRY. I CAN"T DRAW, OR DO PAINTING AND STUFF. IT SHOULD BE THE TYPE WITH NO MATHEMATICS,ALGEBRA,GEOMETRY,CALCULUS,BUSINESS RELATED, AND LOW PAYMENT/OPPORTUNITIES. pleeeease ! I just don't know where else to seek so I thought of dropping by here tongue.gif

I hope you realize that most of the things you've listed to avoid are crucial to any profession.

When it comes to the true-blue anime industry, it's near exclusive to the Japanese. If you can't draw, there goes being on the art team. If you don't want it to be business related, you probably should avoid marketing and the like. The only other option available would be voice acting if you have experience with it, and even then most voice actors/seiyuu will tell you it can't be your main job, you need something else to get by. If you have a splendid talent for music, I guess you could pursue doing music scores for anime.

It's the truth, sadly. Anime is a very artistic profession, unless you go into the business part of it. Even then, you may have to design logos and websites and such.

Sorry to say, but unless you can do any of the above, leave the anime to the Japanese. Sorry to crush your dreams, but ya know...

Wow, what a way for me to come back to the board: Crushing dreams.

Anyway, I haven't been around much, but I'll try.
This weekend starts my con hopping season. This year, I'll be at UBcon (Buffalo, NY), Toracon (Rochester, NY), Anime Boston (Boston, Massachusetts) and Anime North (Toronto, Canada).
If any of you are going to any of them, maybe I'll see you there~ Gonna be sticking to my Touhou cosplays this year.

-I need to finish up my scyyyttheee...
-I could go for some DQ right now. A rootbeer float or maybe strawberry shortcake...
EniviD EiraM--I know nothing about the anime industry, but could you look into writing/scripting?

Chiyo--Red pandas. Some of the cutest things ever. wub.gif

EdokunEdo--Yep, I do mean the show.

Razzy--While I honestly didn't fail my driver's test my first time, I know a bunch of people who did. You're not alone, and, unless you didn't do anything right at all, I don't think a driving coach is warranted.


--Totally got myself some Easter candy today. Oh! And goldfish crackers. smile.gif

--My CSE homework is not working for some reason. I thought this quarter was going to be better! Ah, well...

--Just a couple more weeks 'til SakuraCon! biggrin.gif
EniviD EiraM

Little Washu and jacksparrow589, thanks for the reply. I'll try my best to look for a suitable course. maybe I could go for script writing or something like multimedia arts if possible .. I would also love to be a voice actress .. I think it's cool smile.gif

- my friend told me about the upcoming FMA movie. She mentioned it will be out on October or something in Japan, I'm not sure but that's what she said. I'm excited ! smile.gif I'm looking forward to it.

A Pierrot's Aria
@Chiyo Thank you! smile.gif And I dislike it when people stop dead in front of me, too. It's irritating. xD

@Pyroclasm Thank you! I do feel a little better! It's a shame about your skirt...but you can't be mad at puppies! D:

@jacksparrow589 Thank you! You just reminded me that I should totally get myself some chocolate. (Easter or otherwise! laugh.gif )


-Pretty much just finished my Latin homework for the day. I've been working on it for the last hour or so. I never really understood how time consuming translating could be for translators until I experienced it for myself! laugh.gif It's fun though. smile.gif

-My cold is clearing up...kinda...oO; I'm not feels a little bit better. But the most prominent thing is that my throat is just matter what/how much I drink, it just doesn't feel hydrated.

-A freaking massive wasp flew in my window earlier and I was scared as hell! I grabbed my book to get ready to whack it, but thankfully it just flew back out of the window. I'm surprised I had the courage to even go near it --usually if I see a wasp you wouldn't see me for dust. laugh.gif
EiraM EniveD--The new FMA movie is coming out in Japan in July, according to the latest news I can find on one of the new FMA movie threads in the FMA:MiloStar Movie part of the forum.


--I can't figure out whether the song "Polizisten" by Oomph! is satirical/disrespectful or actually just a "this is how it is, and we have to live with it" sort of thing.

--Went and bought a book yesterday at my university's bookstore just for kicks. It looks like a good one, though, so I don't think I'll be disappointed. smile.gif

--Another day, another hairstyle: my hair's finally long enough that I can put it into two braids! (Go on, laugh; this is an exciting development after a year and a half of not being able to do anything with it!)

--The live action Japanese version of Hana Kimi is absolutely hilarious, surprisingly touching, and freakin' adorable. biggrin.gif

-It's sunny! I want to go outside and get unpale. xD

-Procrastination, ugh. I should really get my lazy butt moving..

-Lately I've been wanting to watch Conqueror of Shamballa again. Bawling is to be expected, since I cry my pathetic eyes out everytime I watch it, but still. xD I want to see it. I do this sometimes. Movies that just shake me to pieces and make me bawl like a broken child, or just send me into a depression for a few days, I LOVE THOSE MOVIES.
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 It's not silly, it's always good when your hair finally gets long enough that you can do something with it. And also, when you can't be bothered you can just tie it back; whereas with short hair you most likely have to go to the trouble of styling every day. laugh.gif

@Rainshine Funnily enough, I always have a random urge to watch CoS! biggrin.gif


-I've had such a lazy day today, but it's a nice change. happy.gif I've got the veranda door open and there's a lovely breeze coming in; the atmosphere is very summery! I love it!

-I woke up with an stonker of a stomach ache this morning, but thankfully it has gone now. I'm generally feeling a lot better on the whole!

-I'm in the mood to draw, but each time I try getting some ideas down they go dreadfully wrong! laugh.gif Oh well, I'll just leave it for now and try again later.
EniviD EiraM

jacksparrow589-Glad to hear it, thanks ! smile.gif

- just saw this new Arakawa-sensei's work: something ,though it's still new and only have one chapter ... LET'S ALL SUPPORT HIROMU ARAKAWA ! biggrin.gif

Pierrot - the perils of the sunshine, makes you feel a great deal better, but also calls you to procrastinate and enjoy it while we have it.

Rainshine - getting a tan would technically be doing something...right?

jack - which book?

EniviD - the series title translates as "Silver Spoon" and we already have a discussion thread for it here. Nothing gets passed our eagle eyed members smile.gif


- Went to the seaside yesterday. Bit of a cold breeze by the coast but that didn't stop me tucking in to a blue, bubblegum flavoured ice cream, complete with Flake. Since I used to live in the centre of the country, the seaside is still a novelty for me.

- One of the cats lost his collar the other day outside and we couldn't find it. He came in earlier and plonked a present by my feet, his missing collar, and sat waiting for me to put it back on him. Black cats, they really are magic.

- Cooking Spaghetti Bolognese, shame I have to let it simmer for 2 hours, smells good enough to eat now.
Chiyo--Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks. It's supposedly a young adult book, but I find it very dark and very deep-thought-provoking so far. (Oh, and blue bubble-gum ice cream sounds delicious!)


--Spent some of yesterday morning running around a coffee shop, watching my cousins' little boy. Two year olds are fast!

--I also got to hold another cousin's 5-week-old baby. Wow, can he wriggle! (He's too little to hold up his head, yet, though, so everyone had to make sure his head didn't flop around.)

--Rounded out my day by going to pick up a friend from a bus stop quite a ways from campus after she visited her boyfriend for the day.
I woke up this morning and watched some T.V.

Ate some breakfast then went back to bed.


could not use the phone to talk to my boyfriend sad.gif

currently online and little sisters are watching Sleeping Beauty mellow.gif
I don't often come here because of this damn test I'll pass the next month, then my life goes as I'm less often on internet forums... Then I came here because I didn't find Raiden18 3rd chapter and I saw all work done about Arakawa other staff, moving topics and... thank you, thank you for all your links you rock all.
Now I'm gonna cry tears of blood with these damn chemistry exercices.
A Pierrot's Aria
@Chiyo Definitely! Although I must admit, I'm allowing myself to procrastinate at the moment. laugh.gif ...And Spag Bol? Darn it, I should have went to your house for tea! tongue.gif

@jacksparrow589 Aaaaaw, toddlers are so energetic! I can relate to your experience because when I had to babysit my cousin when he was 3...he was fast! xD

@CutEowyn Hope you enjoy Raiden-18! And good luck with your Chemistry work!


-Two of my packages are out for delivery now. The delivery estimate was today all along, but the tracking was seriously delayed; so that lead me to think that they weren't going to be out for delivery today. But I just randomly checked about an hour ago and got a whole list of updates from over the past couple of days and this morning, then "Out for delivery". One is going to my grandma's but she chose this day to go out! laugh.gif

-I can't wait until my friend comes over tomorrow! She's bringing her Japanese cook book and we're going to go shopping for ingredients to try our hands at some of the recipes. I have hope for my friend --she can actually cook. But me...well...I guess my cooking borders on edible at least!
@A Pierrot’s Aria: I know, it’s impossible… But my skirt. D: I know it was getting old, but... ;_; And I hope you have fun cooking! I'm sure it will turn out all right. happy.gif

@Chiyo: Mmm, bubblegum icecream… Now I want some. Damn you! And what a clever cat! ~ It reminds me of when I was hanging washing the other day, and one of the puppies came up to me and dropped a peg at my feet. laugh.gif

@jacksparrow589: 2 year olds have so much energy. @_@ Trying to keep up with them can be hectic…


- *sigh* My friend is away on a camping trip. I miss him... Even though he's only been gone for one day so far. XD

- Though today I finally got around to checking out the bookstore and looking for that book he and a few other friends told me I should read. The bookstore didn't have it, and were unable to order it in because they're apparently closing down. D: I was not happy when I heard that, though I managed to get the sequel cheap because of it... I had to order The Name of the Wind from the other bookstore, but it will take a week or more to arrive, so I'll have to wait to read both of them for now... Damn.
CutEowyn--Show that chemistry who's boss! smile.gif


--I'm going to give blood for the first time today. I'm a little nervous, but it should be okay, barring something really crazy.

--I think I actually got 8.5 hours of sleep for the first time in a week or so last night. It was lovely. happy.gif

--Arg... Eyelashes everywhere! I object to being poked in the eye this often!

--The campus ice cream parlor has Huckleberry Heaven as their special flavor this week. I can't wait to try it!

- Malware is currently killing my computer, so I'm using the old computer. This is a problem because I need to use Photoshop. While I have Photoshop on my old computer, it doesn't work because my C drive is full (I don't know how that's possible, seeing as how I'm only keeping on there everything that is absolutely essential to keep the computer and the Internet running; everything else was thrown into the F drive or an external hard drive). So, I'm freaking out about the art AP. No PS = nothing gets worked on. Now I really do have to go to school this week; although being in school isn't the best way to waste my time, the school does have functioning computers with PS.

- It seems that things like this only happen when I procrastinate. This might be karma or something. I dunno.
Razzy--Karma or not, I hope your luck changes for the better, and soon!


--Well, donating blood went just fine. The worst part was the hemoglobin test only because it stung more than the actual donation itself!

--I have one of the more ridiculous scenes from the Japanese live-action Hana-Kimi stuck in my head. It won't go away! XD

--Yes! Only two classes tomorrow! Life is good. smile.gif

--My friend and I are going to get together this weekend to help each other finish up our SakuraCon costumes. It should be fairly entertaining. biggrin.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@Pyroclasm Aaaaw, don't worry. You'll see him when he returns, right?

@jacksparrow589 I'm glad to hear that the blood donation went well!

@Razzy Aaaaw, it's just typical things like that happen at such inopportune times. I hope everything is sorted soon!


-I had fun with my friend yesterday. The cooking went well, but we really need to master portion control! Rice always seems to multiply when you cook it.

-I've just had something to eat and it has burned the roof of my mouth to hell.
QUOTE (jacksparrow589 @ Apr 11 2011, 10:02 AM) *
--I'm going to give blood for the first time today. I'm a little nervous, but it should be okay, barring something really crazy.

Good luck! I'm giving blood for the first time tomorrow, I'm really excited and nervous too. :0


-So much homework to do, so little time. :\ Guh. Silly, stupid, procrastinating me.

-Omg. I think I'm addicted to My Little Pony. *_* Hrrnnng.

-I'm leaving for Greece for two weeks on Sunday. I'm so excited I don't even 'as;dkjlshdg SO. EXCITED.
@A Pierrot's Aria: Yeah, he's back now, and all's well. And yes, rice does always seem to do that...

@Rainshine: Everybody seems to be addicted to My Little Pony lately...


- Yay, the Pokemon Global Link site is running! \o/ Now I can finally check out the Dream World!

- I didn't really feel hungry today for some reason. I only ate dinner, and didn't end up eating much of that anyway. It's odd...
A Pierrot's Aria--Yeowch! Burning the roof of your mouth... I hope it's feeling better!

Rainshine--I hope both the giving blood and the trip to Greece go well! smile.gif

Pyroclasm--Not everyone's addicted to My Little Pony! I'm not!


--The universe has apparently decreed that everything is going to happen on my boyfriend's birthday. Stuff just keeps piling up; it's crazy!

--Cookie dough ice cream is amazing and I love it. biggrin.gif

--Ugh... I think I might be coming down with something... This would happen just after I donate blood. dry.gif I hope it's just allergies!

--I just realized how long my fingernails are. I really ought to do something about that before I accidentally hurt someone.
A Pierrot's Aria
@Pyroclasm I have random days where I'm just not hungry, too...Hope you get your appetite back soon. hug.gif

@jacksparrow589 It has gone from the initially burned stage to the stings-like-hell-whenever-I-eat-something-solid stage. laugh.gif I just had some yoghurt though, and it was so soothing. wub.gif Hope you're not catching anything serious. ><

@Rainshine That's awesome! I hope to be able to go to Greece one day!


-The heartburn I've had pretty much all day is finally calming down, which I'm glad about. It was getting really painful.

-I've had such a lazy week and it has felt good!

Rainshine - yea I'm hooked too. Watched the first episode of "Friendship is Magic" yesterday and I'm now on episode 5. Not been this attached since I was a child and watched the original series. Good luck with the blood donation.

jack - if you're like me, you'll probably injure yourself first. I'm forever catching my nails on things.


- Ordered two packages from one company, the one that was posted yesterday just arrived but the one posted 2 days before hasn't. Hmm, I'm suspicious, but at least my Cherry Blossom tea is here.

- My housemate went to go see Derren Brown last night...came back looking as if she'd seen a ghost who'd put on a performance. Mesmerized but with a slightly haunted look in her eye.

- Getting impatient waiting to hear back about a Website Moderators job (full time paid, oh yes). Two weeks since I did the task they set for me now and not a word, even after I got in touch with them asking politely when I might hear the result.
A Pierrot's Aria
@Chiyo Good luck with that moderator job! I really hope that you get it! hug.gif


-I hate sitting alone in my dad's house sometimes. It always sounds like there's someone else wandering around. laugh.gif

-I feel like I've unwittingly said and/or done something dumb most of this week. I'm hoping to balance this out by doing and/or saying something intelligent...but this is me we're talking about. tongue.gif

-I have such a hankering for yoghurt right now...
Chiyo--I hope they get back to you about the job soon! (And I hope you get it! smile.gif )

A Pierrot's Aria--I had an epic coherence failure last night at dinner. The words kept coming. The sense... not so much.



--Ooohhh... It's definitely allergies/hay fever. Awesome. dry.gif

--As a result, I have no motivation to do much of anything but sit around and zone out. dry.gif x2

--I've been on a '90's music kick lately. Ah, nostalgia... tongue.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 That happens to me...a lot! And I hope your allergies don't get you down too much...


-I'm quite tired and feel quite unwell. I've been up since about 3am with a terrible stomach ache; and of course, since I'm really lucky, I've spent the last hour or so throwing up. @_@ I'm just on my laptop to take my mind off it right now...Sorry if this is TMI, but...we all do it. blush.gif Man, I feel cruddy...

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