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Full Version: Penny for your thoughts? (don't expect "real" money here... XD)
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-Yessss three day weeked. biggrin.gif
-But ugh, a lot of homework. dry.gif
-I have no idea where this picture came from, but it makes me so happy every time I look at it.
@jacksparrow589: Yeah, but the painful part is I just only see them, I haven't (or not yet) done anything.

@Rainshine: Good Luck for the homeworks^^


- I have no idea on how will I start my composition which is a major requirement for Finals in English. I keep wondering why of all things I choose Teenage Suicide as my topic. I really don't know what method should I use for the introductory paragraph. =_=

- I recently read tagalog poems and I surprisingly love 'em. XD

- I'm laughing while I'm watching this It's not that I hate bieber (I don't like him either), but bieber being shot was just too funny for me, I don't know why xP
@ Everyone Thanks for the well wishes, the day started off crazy bad but it did get better <3 Thanks!


- I'm Back!!

- I had a fantastic weekend. This is a picture of a memorable moment.
Scar--Wow! Awesome photo!

Mhacy--The more you see it, the more you're likely to do something about it, even if it's a little thing.


--My cousin's baby shower went well yesterday, but it appears that, due to medical reasons, she'll be having the baby 2-3 weeks before he's due.

--Everyone brought baby pictures of themselves for a "Guess Who" sort of game. Even the people who didn't know me got me right from a picture from when I was a few months old. I haven't changed much at all.

--One of my friends who lives in a different part of the state sent me a Valentine that I finally got yesterday. Oh, she cracks me up. biggrin.gif
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Click to view attachment

[i seem so out of it in the photo, that's what 3 hours of sleep does to ya]

this was as close as I got to Vic at Katsucon this weekend!

it was a BLAST. cosplayed as the merchant from RE4, Austria from Hetalia, and Hughes!

I even got his autograph on my FMA dvd and Katsucon pass

Before the Q&A i asked him a question about the superbowl since i knew he was a steelers fan, he told me flat out that they deserved to lose as soon as they gave the Packers the advantage in the end of the game, it was pretty funny lol

Then at the autograph signing, i told him he looked 20 years younger than he really was (he's 48 ohmy.gif ) and he said I made his day and that I was his favorite person at the con lol (he probably said that to be nice n stuff but still, he was flattered lol)

THEN i was walking out of a panel later that night when who but Vic walks in. I turn around (oy, i seem like a stalker but i did not know he was going to be paneling at the room after the event i attended >_< ) and i asked him a quick quick question (i couldn't ask him the night before bc he didn't pick me at the Q&A xD )about what experience between voicing ed in the first series and brotherhood was better. He told me it's hard for him to choose because they were both terrific series on their own. I shook his hand and thanked him for coming, he even complimented me on my Hughes cosplay! He's professional and friendly, i can tell he loved doing what he did.

A successful weekend at Katsucon happy.gif

It was my 21st birthday this weekend. I can now legally drink and I had a wonderful time celerating. It feels good to know that I have friends that care about me on my birthday!

I got a copy of Jane Eyre and an iphone 4 for my birthday. And thankfully I didn't drop or drink my iphone at all during the night of celebrating.

Now to work on an essay I should have done a while ago.
@ Disasterpiece

Dude you are soooooo lucky to have been there. Like really, if I end up going to CUA, you know we're going to cons together. Just know it. XDD


-When was the last time I was here? IDK. It had to be Fall of 2010 cuz... I know I stopped coming due to the craziness of high school and junior year.

-I'm envying disasterpiece right now. brb.

-K, back, with less envy. Working on NaNoWriMo early too.
A Pierrot's Aria
@Disasterpiece You lucky, jammy dodger, you!

@FMAobsessed Good luck with that essay!

@sidekick.kep37 Welcome back!!! hug.gif


-Just messing about on my laptop for a couple of hours before I have to set off for my philosophy lecture and Latin lesson...I'm so tired --I'd rather just go to sleep! laugh.gif

-I made a really nice looking timetable to hang up on my wall with all the lectures on it...but I made a mistake! DX Trust me to do that! xD

-I'm not going to have time to grab dinner since I have lectures/lessons at the times the cafés and dining halls open/close. It's like this every Tuesday...I wish I hadn't opted for catered accommodation. That way I wouldn't have to go out to university dining rooms every time I need to eat! I'll have to grab a pizza or something on the way back up...

-Wow...the whole day I've felt like people haven't particularly wanted to talk to me. Well, I guess that's the norm...I always seem to be the 5th wheel who is there to talk to and depend on when it suits people. x.x
Little Washu
@Disasterpiece- I met Vic at Tora-con in 2009, he was sweaty xD; But he seems okay. I've met a few people at the cons, one of my favorites being Chris Sabat <3 He was a nice guy. I met him at UBcon and saw him again at Toracon, and he remembered me :3 People like that are great <3
I can't wait for my con season to start :3 Heh, April through August for me is con hopping season~

Also, thank you to all who gave my great grandmother get well wishes~ She's out of the hospital now, doing much better :3 She's 89 years old today~

-New Pokemon games soon~ I am so excited <3
-My mom didn't pay the cell phone bill... I really hate not having it. I haven't txted my bf all day, and we usually talk everyday. Hope he isn't worried >.o...
A Pierrot's Aria

-I'm slightly peeved right now...=_= My future landlord and I were supposed to meet at 3:30. I got to the meeting place and waited there for about 45 minutes and he never arrived.

I can't wait to get out of this university accommodation; I still find it kind of irritating that the staff can let themselves into your room when they like. I got in and found a note to tell me they had been in while I was out! =/ (And trust it to be the day I left some things on the floor!)
Disasterpiece--Now you're making me want SakuraCon more than ever! But nooooo... 2 months!

FMAobsessed--I'm glad you had a great 21st!

A Pierrot's Aria--Being beholden to university accommodations has its benefits, but it certainly has its drawbacks, too.


--Dear government officials: What do you mean, the GET program could be altered?! It's how a lot of people pay tuition for college! It's really useful! Having it cover only the average cost does not work when the average somehow is less than half of what most people pay! I thought we were trying to educate as many people as possible!

--CSE is really making me nervous! Hopefully my meeting with one of the TAs produces something that actually works. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to use my slack day, but I'd like to avoid it if at all possible.

--We could get no snow tonight, or we could get up to 8 inches. I vote for the latter. I need all the time I can get!

--I may have given my boyfriend the cold I had last week (the one that's still got me coughing and sniffling, if otherwise back to normal). I am not happy with this. sad.gif Thankfully, he's very on top of taking care of himself.
@Disasterpiece: You are so lucky. D:

@FMAobsessed: Sounds like you had a good birthday. Congrats on turning 21!

@Little Washu: Black and White hype fever, yeah! wink.gif

@A Pierrot's Aria: Being left waiting like that is not good. :\ I hope he had a good reason, at least...


- So, uh... This is something that I just have to get out, because I really need to say it somewhere. Today…one of my internet friends confessed his attraction to me. Admittedly, it wasn’t entirely unexpected – some of the things he has said to me in the past have suggested that was the case, though I dismissed them as me just being paranoid – and once he started acting nervous, and saying he wanted to “talk to me”, I knew what he wanted to talk about.

I rejected him, though I tried to be very gentle about it. I have no sort of romantic interest in him, and I won’t lead him on and pretend I do, hoping that one day those faux emotions will become real. At the same time though, I feel guilty about having to do so; I know he’s not been very successful with romances in the past, and wants someone who will care about him, which is probably one of the reasons he’s become interested in me, as I am empathetic toward the people I am close to; friends, family, etc.

I’m also a bit paranoid that I may not have been clear enough while letting him down – I emphasised the distance most of all (he lives in a different country) – and I just hope he doesn’t think that was my only reason. He wanted to be sure there was no awkwardness between us, and wanted us to still be friends, which I agreed to, because that is what I wanted in the first place. But now, I’m worried of what I might say in the future; I don’t want to give him the wrong impression at any point and have to hurt him as he’s been hurt in the past. I also wonder if I might’ve said something in the past that gave him the wrong idea as well, though I can’t recall doing so…

- I really wanted to write today. But now I'm too antsy to concentrate... Which is a pain, because I really need to get it done. It's been far too long since I updated...

- ...How long has it been since I was last here, anyway? D:
Pyroclasm - You faced a difficult situation. Though I can see where you're coming from, had you gone on to elaborate why you weren't interested you risked feelings getting hurt. The distance should be a good enough reason, as it means it isn't HIM you don't like but it isn't something that can be changed. In theory, this way he knows he can still talk to you but that a romance isn't on the cards.

Pierrot - I was on the loo when a group of them came in to my room. Luckily I had shut the door to my little on suite but was still rather peeved at walking out and finding 4 people stood in my room, one of them looking at what I was doing on my computer. Thank goodness it was actually work.

sidekick - Welcome back.


- Just got to 13m on QWOP. On my knees granted but it's victory all the same.

- The girls I've moved in with have cats. I've discovered, I'm really not all that much of a cat fan.
Chiyo- QWOP is the best! I once got to 82m on my knees. I was so close! D: At 50m, though, there's a hurdle... Which I had to knock over and somehow continuously kick in front of me for the next 32m, making it way more difficult than it needed to be. laugh.gif

Washu- Glad to hear your great grandmother is better! biggrin.gif And omigosh, I am SO excited for Pokemon BW. >w<


- Sorry I haven't been here in a while. I've been sick/busy. >.<

- I am so sick of winter. My house is always cold. Last night I invited my best friend over to hang out. The heat worked at first, but then it... I dunno, just decided to stop working, I guess. So by the time she left, we were both shivering and wanting to leave my house (I was the unlucky one who lives here, so I couldn't leave of course). D: The house is a little warmer now, though.

- I'm very happy that my dog isn't struggling to walk across the kitchen floor anymore. She was at a point where she got so scared that she wouldn't come in the house and stayed in the mudroom (which is freezing!). But she'll come in the house now, and she doesn't slip on the kitchen floor as much. My family knew it must have been a psychological thing; if she didn't realize she was walking on the kitchen floor, she wouldn't have any difficulty walking across it. Silly dog. Either way, I'm glad she's over it. biggrin.gif

- Should I spend all my birthday money now on Elton John tickets (for seats that probably won't be very good), or should I wait until he has another concert (I dunno when that'll be, though) and I have money for better seats? I have no idea what to do. sad.gif Seeing Elton John in concert is something I've always wanted to do. But is it worth it if the seats suck? >.<
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 For me it certainly has more drawbacks. laugh.gif

@Pyroclasm turns out he was waiting somewhere else... ._. We eventually met later, thankfully. laugh.gif And don't feel bad about having to reject your web friend...I've actually been through that situation before; it is very awkward. I hope he's gotten the picture and understands, though. happy.gif

@Chiyo Gosh! I would have been absolutely mortified if people walked into my room while I was on the loo! wacko.gif

@Razzy I hope you're feeling 100% now! happy.gif


-Uuuh...kinda being lazy right now. I feel tired. I had this forum open on one of the chrome tabs earlier and didn't realise, so I apologise if I let any spambot threads hang about in general anime!

-I'm looking forward to returning home tomorrow!

-I want to eat my last chocolate orange biscuit. I've eaten the rest so I think it's pure cheek to leave the last! tongue.gif

- It's been a while since I last posted here, though I'm actually just lurking around XP
- I finally got a life job, but for some reason I don't feel happy about it. Maybe it's the salary, and/or the schedule, and/or because the work is more on hardware when I specialize on software/programming. What's worse, I had to turn down 4 job offers, all in web development, just because this company hired me first. sleep.gif
- My first medical exam. I didn't know it was that... uhhh... horrifying? can't find the right word to describe it, but I feel violated. wacko.gif Good thing the doc was female, but still...
- Rewatching Hunter X Hunter to lighten up my mood. This anime never fails to make me happy.
Razzy--Right there with ya on being sick of winter.

StormGoddess--Glad to see you posting here again! smile.gif


--I know it's winter, but it's cold even for Seattle. I'm wearing jeans, thick socks, and thick knit leg warmers under my jeans, and my legs and feet are just warm enough in large lecture halls. Can't take off my coat, either, and walking from class to class, my fingers freeze if I don't wear gloves, and my ears start to hurt around my earrings.

--We didn't even get our snow! I'm a little disappointed, not that it would have done me much good. dry.gif

--It's almost the weekend... which will be spent mostly working on my GUI for the current CSE assignment. I barely finished the last assignment on time last night, and I had to turn in some rather shoddy work or skip another day of classes. I made sure to voice my complaints in the reflection section.

--On the bright side, I registered for Spring Quarter this morning and got all the classes I wanted where and when I wanted them. I now have something to look forward to.
@Chiyo: I was extremely worried about hurting his feelings at the time, which is why I used the distance as the main excuse. Ideally, that should be enough, but he did drop the hint that he wasn't interested in staying in America - which I'm fairly certain was a spur of the moment comment - and wanted to know if I thought there could be anything in the future... But thank you, you've made me feel like I handled the situation as I should have. happy.gif

@A Pierrot's Aria: Oh man, talk about a mix up! XD Well at least you managed to meet up with him in the end. And yes, it IS very awkward when it happens, isn't it? :\


- Thankfully, things haven't been uncomfortable with my friend. He hasn't brought it up since then, and I can only hope he doesn't. I'm not really sure what I should do if he does try again... I guess I'm just being paranoid...

- It's surprisingly hot today... I think that may be the cause of my current headache. I guess I haven't been drinking enough today...

- I discovered that they've finally set a release date on the 3DS for Australia! /o/ Now I just have to wait until the end of March to get one.

- Pokemon Black and White hype is reaching its peak! I can't wait to get my hands on my White version!
@StormGoddess: I' glad to see you here again^^


-It's so cold here though there isn't any snow (we never had anyway). How come nights are this cold when summer is drawing near? =_=

-I don't know what to do first, the report, the presentation, filipino, english composition, review on accounting or just sleep and do all those things tomorrow. School is giving me an headache.

- I've been listening to disney classic movies songs, it brought back some childhood memories, those good times. . .
A Pierrot's Aria
@Pyroclasm It certainly is --but I'm glad things aren't uncomfortable between the two of you. smile.gif

@Mhacy I love Disney songs!


-Ugh...why do things keep going wrong? =_=

-I wish I had something chocolatey...

- I am starting to get a horrible headache... I'd stop listening to music, but I don't like the house being so quiet. I'll just put on soft music. =.=

- Working on homework... which I should have done last week. Why do I procrastinate so much? ;n;
Mhacy--I love listening to Disney songs! smile.gif

Razzy--Dang it! I hadn't noticed I had a headache 'til I read your post!


--I had a bit of a meltdown this morning, and decided to call my mom, who knows that being tough on me is the right thing to do. (She did offer to come out and see me, but let me be the one to realize and say "and what will that do?")

--It was in the middle of this, where I'm sniffling and all that, that someone realizes he's left his card in his room and asks me to swipe my card for him. (I was in the main lounge of my building.) It actually amused me a little that I did this without stopping talking to my mom or crying.

--Well, programming a GUI isn't as bad as I'd thought, but that's not saying much, considering my expectations. (And it's only slightly better, anyway.) If I'm not around much this next week, that's why.

- I've been reading FMA fanfictions lately, (I missed FMA so much :'( ) and I hate myself for having a goosebumps after reading RoyxRiza fic, there's no smut but still romance is...disgusting. It makes me creep =_=. I must read more fictions to get rid of this beyond normal behavior.

-I've been addicted to Pocahontas, why haven't I discovered this movie before? This was much entertaining than the movies currently showing in our theater.

-More Disney Songs including Phineas and Ferb Songs, Oh Disney why you make great music. . .
jacksparrow - I'm sorry that I accidentally gave you a headache! ;____; Hope you feel better!

Mhacy - Disney music is amazing~ biggrin.gif P&F is genius, too. My favorite song from that show is 'Gitchee Gitchee Goo'~ So cute!


- My shoulder hurts from playing Wii tennis over the weekend. It makes it really difficult to sit at the computer, an activity which already hurts my shoulders. Like, it really hurts. >__O

- I don't like using the Photoshop on the school computers... someone always messes around with the brush settings and I don't know how to fix them. Most of the time I'd rather use cruddy Elements on my own computer.

- I was absent from school before vacation, so I didn't get the art assignment. So I have to complete a realistic portrait by tomorrow. I'd be totally excited for this if I wasn't already behind on my art projects.

- I should probably do that now...
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 I hope you're not feeling upset anymore. hug.gif

@Mhacy I don't read fanfictions that often, but some of them can be pretty dodgy. I remember one claiming to be a brotherly Ed and Al fic...Oh, it was brotherly alright...very 'brotherly'. *shudders* I think I'm still scarred. laugh.gif

@Razzy When I did graphic illustration at college it was frustrating when I lost my brush on Photoshop. Perhaps you should try saving your brush and naming it something, so you know that the brush is yours, and it'd always be there for you to go back to. And keep your brush settings on a word document just in case you do need to reset everything. That's what I used to do. happy.gif


-The guy that works at the chippy seriously freaks me out. He's always asking me where I live and what I do for fun and asking me really weird, out-of-the-blue questions. I don't mind conversation, but he just has this really creepy air about him, so it makes these innocent questions sound really weird. It's hard to explain. ><; Oh well...I thoroughly enjoyed my chip butty. xD

-I had an elementary logic lecture earlier, and ever-encouraging as the lecturer is, he began: "At this point, those of you who love logic will really start enjoying yourselves. Those of you who don't will be wishing you were dead." It's lucky the whole lecture made sense to me. laugh.gif
@jacksparrow589 – Sorry to hear about your meltdown. I hope you’re feeling better now.

@Razzy – My shoulder usually hurts after playing a Wii Sports game. XD

@A Pierrot's Aria – That does sound a bit creepy. Maybe he has a thing for you? ._.


- So I had an odd surprise waiting for me when I logged on today. A week or so ago, a friend of mine wrote something that offended me (not seriously, mind) and I hadn’t forgiven him despite his pleas for me to do so. When I logged on today, I found he’d written some lyrics to the tune of Hallelujah asking me to forgive him and recorded it to show me.

- …I really had to forgive him after that. XD
Pyroclasm, A Pierrot's Aria, and Razzy--Thank you, all! I feel somewhat better now. smile.gif I just don't have the time to learn all I need to learn, and unfortunately, there's really nothing for that. dry.gif


--Okay, my neck needs to stop being sore now.

--One of my friends and I went in together on buying ice cream for our dinner group last night. It was fun, but the stomach ache this morning wasn't. Whatever it is, I'm sure that it's not just lactose that flips my stomach out--there's gotta be something else reacting with it. If it was just that, my discomfort after eating ice cream probably wouldn't vary so much. Wish I knew what it was. *shrugs*

--Java... what can I say that hasn't been said already? Nothing.

--The cherry trees in the quad are budding. They should be in bloom by finals week. This makes me happy. smile.gif
phoenix dying
If your into war movies go watch/download/acquire "The Deer Hunter"

Do it now!
A Pierrot's Aria
@Pyroclasm Wow! Your friend must have been genuinely very sorry to have gone to those lengths to apologise! smile.gif

@jacksparrow589 Maybe you should see someone about your stomach/see if you do have an intolerance of some sort? ><


-I went to a Japanese restaurant with my Chinese friend yesterday. I learned two things while I was there. I don't like sushi; I tried it for the first time and it had me gipping. I managed to swallow some, but I spat out the rest. Which was kind of embarrassing, yet pretty hilarious. The second thing was that I can't for the life in me use chopsticks, no matter how hard my friend tried to teach me! She was laughing her head off when I eventually asked for a knife and fork. laugh.gif

-I couldn't get to sleep last night. I did stay up pretty late anyway, working on an history essay and a logic assignment, but when I did eventually retire for the night I hear a commotion brewing outside. I don't know exactly what it was about, but it did involve taxi drivers and a bunch of drunken students. All I could hear at first was (I presume) a taxi driver saying over and over "where's my money?" And then a student saying over and over again "let her out of the car! Let her out NOW!" and then something about a girl vomiting in the taxi, and the taxi driver warning someone not to touch the car. They were so noisy!

- wow I've not been here in a little while, sorry for that sad.gif

- I've been so busy with home life that I've not had time for much else. We're in the process of doing an adoption.... we've decided his name is going to be Havoc.... lol.... can you guess what we're adopting?

- My hours got cut at work so I've been in a foul mood lately... *sighs* what can you do really, at least I still have the damn job so I guess its not all that bad...

- My mom got word that she is still on the kidney transplant list! yay! hopefully something happens with that.

- I just got the worst stomach pain ever... oh man.... mellow.gif
A Pierrot's Aria--About 5 years ago, my doctor said she was fairly certain it was lactose intolerance, and I've just sort of rolled with it ever since. Based on my reactions to certain foods, it's really the best guess, and since it's fairly mild and my mom had the same thing happen in her teens/20's, I'm opting to just let it run its course unless it takes a big turn for the worse. I bring it on myself most of the time, anyway. ^^;

Scar--I hope things look a little more up for you! (That the good things get better, and that the bad things go away.)


--Didn't sleep much last night. I just kept waking up and tossing and turning... Oy.

--It didn't help that I got back to my dorm at 10PM (usually I'm asleep by that time) because I'd opted to spend time with my boyfriend. In my defense, that's something I probably won't get to do today.

--I e-mailed my mom about bringing me a few things, and I asked that she respond either in kind, by phone, or by carrier pigeon. I hope she laughs.

--I have today (and tomorrow, should I choose to use my last slack day, which I probably will) to finish my CSE assignment. I hope I can get it done! On the bright side, I have only one class today, and it's this morning, so I have all day to work on it. After this assignment, though, I should have a little more free time, so hopefully I can do more of my duties here... We'll see.

- I'm not on the mood to reply at any thoughts that have been posted in here, I'm sorry, I'm just not in the right condition, maybe next time. But I surely has a lot of ideas, I just don't know how to put them into words, my brain is dead right now.

- I've been suffering from stomachache for almost a week, at first I thought that I can get by with this and I'll surely feel better on the next day but it's getting worse. I barely sleep last night, trembling with the terrible pain this stupid stomach had given me. My mom said it's the result of my stubbornness because I don't eat on time even if she commanded.

- I will not be around for awhile. I need to rest, the best option I have right now. =_= Pain, pain go away. . . :(
- Just took my english exit level exam, im always nervous with those things.
School is a drag same thing nothing fun good thing i have some friends XD.
I hate not getting sleep everyday i wake up at 3 or 4 for no reason. Im just odd like that.

- i havent been here for a while, still looking for some friends on here smile.gif but FMAB will keep me company XD Listening toAvenged sevenfold "wlcome to the family"

- Evry time i try to give my mom hints of my life and who i really am she seems to shrug it off ive never had a serious talk with any of my family members there the ones usually doing the talking.... >.> 2 more min till class end agh.

- Blahh well good venting ..kinda hahahahaha

spring break is coming!

planning to make my first AMV in years after marathoning FMA. Sidekickep knows what it is laugh.gif

and i plan on breaking ground on my first FMA fanfic ever

This week has been so hectic and stressful. It was midterm week for me. But I didn't have any midterms, just essays, tests, and project presentations. Instead all my midterms are after spring break.

I did do well on a Shakespeare presentation though. I didn't feel like I was prepared enogh, but my professor said I did a good job.

I need to buy FMA volume 24
@ Jack Thanks tongue.gif


- We're going to get our baby today... not an actual baby but close enough ;p

- I want to do the Walk for Breast Cancer in Chicago in June, but if I sign up, I'd have to raise 1800 dollars minimum... that's the only thing that's hindering that... dry.gif

- tgif man.... tgif...
@A Pierrot's Aria: He knew I wasn't really mad at him, but he's a funny guy. Someone suggested he sing me a song to make up for it, so he decided to make up his own parody. XD And I don't like sushi either.. XD

@ScarMySoul: Good to hear about your mother. And I hope your "adoption" goes well. wink.gif

@Mhacy: I hope you feel better soon.


- I went and got a haircut the other day. I really needed to get the split ends out, so I went in with my mother, who was getting her hair dyed, so I could get the ends trimmed off. The hairdresser started on my mother, then turned her attention to me while she was waiting for the dye. The trim didn't take long, but then she pulled out a curling iron, saying she wanted to test out her "new toy" on me. ._. So, uh... I walked out of the hairdresser's with more than I wanted. XD Thankfully, they washed out easily enough.

- I don't think curls really suit me.

- I had another guy tell me that he likes me. ...Really, what is it with people and confessions lately? I mean, two people, barely a week apart! I feel rattled. Are they plotting with each other or something...? /paranoid. What in the world am I doing that they like so much? Maybe I should just stop being nice to people... ._.

- /rant. Okay, I'm being a little silly there. Admittedly, I do actually like this guy, and he actually lives in my own country, but I don't really feel like I can be in a relationship at the moment. I told him as much, and though something wasn't possible now, it might be at a later date, which he was apparently happy with.

- Pokemon Black/White are out in Europe... ;_; I still have to wait until next Thursday to get my copy...
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 and FMAobsessed Good luck with your assignments/presentations!

@ScarMySoul Aaaaaw! Is it a puppy?...Or maybe a cat?

@Pyroclasm Wow! You're such a guy magnet, heheh!


-Uuuuh, I don't really know how I've been feeling this week. I guess "meh" could sum it up quite accurately, though...It seems that I've just been messing up with everything. It feels like no matter what I do, I'll never be good enough.

-I've been getting these weird, sharp pains in the left side of my back and chest since yesterday. It's kind of worrying. If it doesn't stop I'll have to go get it checked out.

-I had so many books to bring back home with me to work on my essay over the weekend. You know you've got too many books when you have to resort to wearing layers of clothes you can't fit in your suitcase.

-And after this little vent (which I kind of needed off of my chest), I'm going to pick myself up and dust myself off. xD
Pyroclasm- Next Thursday? Man, that stinks. D: I'm getting Pokemon Black in two days! >w< I'm so excited!


- Yesterday I nearly vomited due to stress. I'm really hating deadlines right now.

- I wish I had the XBOX in the basement. If I did, I could play DDR. It's usually how I stay warm during winter, and I'm freezing right now. ;-;

- There's a field trip this year for the MOMA in NYC. I really wanna go (I probably will; I just need to get my permission slip in on time). Seriously, that place is the best! <3
Razzy--Been there, done that in terms of stress. It sucks. sad.gif Feel better soon!

A Pierrot's Aria--No! Don't feel like you're not good enough! You are!


--If I never have to program a GUI using Java Swing again... Oh dear God, I'm glad that assignment is done!

--I can now have a weekend! A Friday night, a Saturday night, and a Sunday night! YES! biggrin.gif

--Unfortunately, it's raining outside, and it will be most of the weekend. dry.gif

--My cousin had her baby! They're both fine, but he has an infection of unknown source. His vitals look good, though, so he should be home early next week.

--I need spring break NOW. Not in 13 days--now!

- I just made home made pizza from scratch, dough and all... turned out soooooooo good...

- Well we did it.... we adopted a new member to my family, we got a 3 month old female ferret... wub.gif we've named her Arya (arrr-eeee-uh) its the name of the main elf character from the Inheritance Series by Christopher Paolini... tongue.gif
@A Pierrot's Aria: You laugh now, but I swear I'm going to have a nervous breakdown or something if it happens again anytime soon... >.< And it sounds like you're feeling a little down... I hope you feel better. hug.gif You ARE good enough!

@Razzy: Yeah, thursday. :< I suppose I can wait that long... But I want it now... ;_; So jealous...

@ScarMySoul: A ferret? So cute! :3


- ;_; I want my Pokemon White...

- It's so cold at the moment... But I'm snuggled up in my blanket with a cat, so I'm nice and warm. ~

- Here's pic of the new baby! Arya She's so cute!! happy.gif

-Hope everyone has a great weekend!
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 Thank you. hug.gif And I'm glad your cousin and her baby are well! Congrats to her!

@Pyroclasm Thank you. hug.gif I didn't feel down, just more...fed up, if that makes any sense. Stressful week at uni was stressful. wacko.gif I just find myself wondering sometimes how it is that I managed to get in. laugh.gif

@ScarMySoul Oh, a ferret! I was way off! And it's one of the most cutest things I've ever seen. Don't mind that noise you can hear, it's just me coming in to steal your ferret! biggrin.gif


-I had a fun time with my friend today! It was really good to see her! I haven't seen her since before Christmas, which was awful; when we were at college we were practically joined at the hip! She got me a cute little squirrel stuffed toy to add to my little stuffed animal collection I've got going on, and a really beautiful candle holder with candles.

-I should probably get on with that essay that's due in on Monday. laugh.gif


-I'm seriously very tired right now! Finished the history essay that was due in today and I got up mega early to finish it. (4am *dies*.) It's now done and dusted and handed in. I'm relieved.

-I may go for a snooze shortly. I'll be sleeping through my history lecture but I can always ask my friend if I can look at her notes. ><

Sorry for having to merge your two posts, I had to move the post with music on it to a music thread and to prevent the "double post" i merged your two. smile.gif ~Scar

- My little ferret is so amusing! lol I love it when she gets all hyped up and foofed... she goes crazy over a toy I made her out of an old pair of rabbit skin earmuffs.... Arya playing Love it!

- hopefully I get my money in time from my taxes.... sure would be nice to pay some bills.... sleep.gif

A Pierrot's Aria
@ScarMySoul It's fine that you had to merge my posts. You've got to do what you've got to do! tongue.gif And Arya is way too cute...wub.gif


-I'm getting my history and philosophy exam results tomorrow. I'll be extremely upset if I don't pass. laugh.gif

-I really feel like drawing and colouring! But I have none of my materials here. It's a good thing I'm going down to my sister's this weekend! I can get my markers back. laugh.gif I was sitting in my lecture earlier just doodling some ideas.

-It's such a beautiful day outside-- weather like this puts me in a good mood!

-Why are train tickets so expensive? D:
Scar--Arya's adorable!


--They said it was going to rain today. They lied. It's sunny for once! Spring is on its way! smile.gif

--Apparently Daylight Savings Time begins this weekend. The weekend before finals. js is not amused. dry.gif

--I emailed my TA about some formatting issues I was having formatting a mini-essay I was supposed to be writing. He didn't email me back, but talked to me in class today. This was his response: "So, I got your email, and I was really space-y and had, like, 10 other things to do, but in my head, I wrote you back saying that's okay. I just never wrote you an actual email. So, we're cool." He's so funny. laugh.gif

--I'm going to see one of my friends on Thursday who I haven't seen since summer. I'm really excited!

- So we gave Arya her first bath.... she's never been in a tub with warm water and she made the most awful sound I've ever heard.... but she got her bath and was promptly taken out... maybe after a few more times of experiencing that she'll be okay tongue.gif

- Got my hair cut today, its above my shoulders... NEVER had it that short before...

@ScarMySoul: She's so adorable! :3

@A Pierrot's Aria: I hope you did well in your exams!


- I'm going to be able to get Pokemon White tomorrow, yay!

- Unforunately, thanks to my mother, I won't be able to get it until late in the afternoon... dry.gif
@ScarMySoul: I want to cuddle her right now XD

@Pyroclasm: I feel so much better now, I'm grateful for the concern :)

@A Pierrot's Aria: I hope you'll get great results


- I've been working on my composition in English since 2011 has started and I haven't even finish the introductory paragraph. What's the matter with me? Lack of ideas and enthusiasm? =_=

- I got my prelim and midterm grades in accounting and hell, it was not what I wanted. I'm being a grade conscious recently though I kept reminding myself that grades cannot accurately measured how much I developed and improved, they were only judgments based on my performance in school and not on my attainments as a human/student. I can learn something that was not taught in school so I must not worship grades. (I should always remember that)

- I missed my high school friends and my dad. I hope they were all in good condition.
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