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Full Version: Penny for your thoughts? (don't expect "real" money here... XD)
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A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 I hope your feel better soon! hug.gif

@ScarMySoul I'm glad your husband is well! hug.gif And wow...that's a lot of snow!


-I feel better than I did earlier --just been working on various things for a while.

-I'm at my mum's right now. We're about to get Chinese food; I can't wait until it gets here, I'm starving! laugh.gif

-We're watching the Rangers v Hearts game. My mum's all prepared in her Rangers top. It must be working because Rangers scored 4 minutes in. laugh.gif
The guy who grabbed my friend has been avoiding us. He sent her an apology text message, but she hasn't responded to it. In my opinion he should apologize in person, not through a text message.

Third week of the semester, third snow day. And it didn't even end up snowing, ended up turning to ice rain, then finally rain. New England may not be the coldest, rainiest, or snowiest area, but it does have the most unpredictable weather.

My roommate and I had to go move her car so the school could plow the parking lot she was in. It took us over an hour to dig her car out. It turns out that other people dumped snow in front of her car, So I had to shovel the back of her car out, while she was cleaning it off. It turns out her car's front wheels were completely covered in ice and melted water. I don't know how we had ice and water, but we did. And the water was deep, we were submerged in it up to our shins. My roommate then tried to push her car out, while I put it in reverse and attempted to back it up. we did that for a few tries until some nice snow plow guys came and pushed us out. All and all I am glad it is over, but I did ruin a pair of suede boots.

- We got a 2-hour delayed opening for school today. School should start at 9:30AM every day. I felt so well-rested. I even changed out of my pajamas into pretty clothes. With earrings and hair clips and make-up and everything. biggrin.gif

- Why are Senior photos Photoshopped to such a ridiculous extent? It's creepy. Why do they feel the need to Photoshop freckles and birthmarks out of the pictures? Like, seriously, WHY?! I look so weird without my birthmarks.

- Slow computer is slow. :C
A Pierrot's Aria
@Razzy I agree that late starts are great! Having to start early means less time to make myself look half decent. laugh.gif


-My cousin let me borrow her silk shrug a couple of years ago so I could wear it at the prom. Ever since the prom it has been stored away in the cupboard and when she finally asks for it back yesterday, I look in the cupboard to find that it has loads of random stains on it! I honestly don't know how it has happened because it has been in the cupboard for years and I know I didn't stain it at the prom. I feel awful returning it to her in that condition, so since it was my in my care and my responsibility, I'm going to go and get it dry cleaned today. I feel terrible. =_=

-I'm waiting for my sister to wake up --she could sleep for the whole World of England. laugh.gif

- So I won a contest on Deviant art with this image and I won a 4 week premium membership! Woooo! happy.gif

- Total accumulated snow fall for Chicagoland area.... 22.5" ...... ohmy.gif

- This is when the sun came out and the sky turned blue after the blizzard stopped.... So much snow.... snow banks are like 7 feet tall in some areas...

- Hope everyone effected by this is safe and warm! tongue.gif
Scar--Congratulations on winning! And holy cow--that's a lot of snow!

A Pierrot's Aria--So responsible! I hope your cousin appreciates your care!

Razzy--We never get late starts. It either snows/rains sleet and we don't get the day off, or we have no school at all. Yay, west coast!

phoenix dying--Juuust what I needed to be told. How do you do it?


--Good news: My ear's draining! happy.gif Bad news:...down the back of my throat. dry.gif

--Ah, sleep... I got almost 9 hours last night! It was great. smile.gif

--I went to go get ice cream at the campus ice-cream place last night with my friends. None of us intended to stay for an hour, but we wound up doing so and getting into all sorts of conversations, including one friend jokingly trying to faith-heal my hear. It was amazing amounts of fun!
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 Yeah, she does. biggrin.gif I've got to pick it up today and hopefully it's completely clean. smile.gif


-I hope everyone affected by the snow storm are okay!

-I was messing about in the kitchen with my sister earlier. Sort of like play fighting, really. She was pretending to punch me so I kicked, but she grabbed my foot. Then I thought it would be a good idea to hold onto the bench behind me and kick with my other foot, but she grabbed that one too. I should have expected it but I didn't. laugh.gif I had to keep asking her to let me down. It was pretty funny. xD

-I don't feel like going out today because of the weather, and besides, I've been out every day of the week so far. Although, it's really quiet. I wish I had someone to talk to! laugh.gif

-I still have slight heart burn, too!

-Hope everyone is well!

--I was in an odd sort of playful mood last night and nearly took out a friend's laptop by throwing things at him. I felt really horrible about it, so I apologized, but didn't see his reply until this morning. I think we're cool now, but I'm going to have to be on my best behavior around him and his laptop now. (Normally, this really isn't a problem, so I'm frustrated with myself for making it one.)

--In the CSE lab, re-coding my tests... dry.gif

--At least my re-turn-in of the first problem set went well and I got the points! I'm going to need them.

--Another week, and then I can go home for a little while! smile.gif

-Going through tech Saturday. I'm very tired, and I'm at the point of sleeping, eating, and breathing this musical.

-Next week are auditions for another musical that was written by one of my colleagues. I wonder if I'm crazy to try out for that since I'm pretty sick of being so very busy that I almost don't have time to practice piano or do homework. I've managed so far, so I think I'll be able to handle it.

- Anthony Hopkins = Amazing ( I just saw The Rite... loved it)

-That's about it... tongue.gif

My computer got hit with a super virus. The virus somehow managed to get by my anti-virus software. Then it wouldn't let me go on the internet to download another anti-virus program. I am awful with computer problems. Like, whenever I have a computer problem, my first reaction is this; "OMG! What is going on? What does this mean? I know, maybe if I shut my computer off and don't touch it, my computer will fix itself." I need a Mac. I heard that they don't get viruses.

Yesterday, my friends and I got into an improtu salt and pepper shaker tower building contest. My friends and I were at dinner waiting for our food to be ready, when we started stacking the salt and pepper shakers. Some people across the hall saw what we were doing, and started stacking their salt and pepper shakers. Thus, began the tower building competition with everyone in the dining hall watching us. It was epic!
A Pierrot's Aria

-I need to start warming up my Latin skills now before the next semester so I can get into reading and translating texts again. To help I've been translating 'Trisha's Lullaby' from the FMA:B soundtrack. It's a pretty depressing yet heartfelt song! The translation may be a little shaky, but I think it's safe to say that I got the jist of it. happy.gif Although, I'm convinced there are mistakes in the original Latin lyrics, and even a small jumble with Latin and Italian in one of the sentences. laugh.gif

-It's too windy outside!

Pierrot - sounds like an interesting way to learn Latin. You may be right, many languages have been adapted or part adapted from Latin so a mix up is possible.


- I'm semi-back. I have now moved and am in a new place. Internet connection may be iffy from time to time so I shall do my best to keep up with things while I sort out everything else that's going on.
FMAobsessed- I get a LOT of nasty viruses and malware, so I understand your frustration. :\ Malware usually kills my Internet connection, so my computer is usually taken to a computer repair place, and they somehow fix it. If you ask someone tech-savvy, they could recommend a good anti-virus/malware/spyware program. Some computer repair guy recommended my current one, and so far my computer... well, it's still bad, but not as bad as it could be. XD;;;


- Haven't been on in a while... I was celebrating my belated, belated birthday plans (which were so belated because of the crazy snowstorms).

- I saw 'Black Swan', which was not the best movie, but it was very, very good, imo. I also saw 'The Roommate', which was... bad. But I wanted to see it for the lulz anyway. laugh.gif

- The college I'm going to is seriously lacking in foreign languages... They teach Spanish, French, and German...Seriously? Our community college offers more languages than that. I know there are high schools that offer more languages than that. I was really hoping to learn Latin or Russian or Japanese. I was going to learn German, but my grandparents (whose first language is German) even told me, "Don't learn German. It's a horrible language to learn. Learn Japanese, it's more useful." Which actually makes me laugh. XD But I will heed their warning.
Razzy--The university I go to has lots of languages, but apparently doesn't teach any of them very well. I feel your pain. (Thankfully, I got my foreign language requirement done before college.)

Chiyo--Good to hear your move-in seems to be going well! smile.gif

FMAobsessed--I know of a few good anti-virus/malware products, most of them free. I've found it's useful to have an auxiliary browser to use if your computer does get attacked, too. (I have Internet Explorer, which I hardly use, Mozilla Firefox, which I use only for linguistics homework, and Google Chrome, which I use for most things. Chances are that if one's attacked *cough*IE!*cough*, at least one of the other two will work.)


--Had a nice, long talk with my mom this morning as I was finishing my homework. We actually got pretty in-depth on a few things that I apparently never told her. Nothing bad, though. happy.gif

--The OldSpice guy is back with more commercials, apparently! I am happy. He's so funny! biggrin.gif

--Saw "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" for the first time last night. So trippy, so funny, and surprisingly clean. I really enjoyed it!
Little Washu
QUOTE (Razzy @ Feb 6 2011, 09:14 AM) *
I was going to learn German, but my grandparents (whose first language is German) even told me, "Don't learn German. It's a horrible language to learn. Learn Japanese, it's more useful." Which actually makes me laugh. XD But I will heed their warning.

German is a beautiful language :c (but it is very hard to learn)
English is Germanic, even.
But I intend to take Japanese~ The schools around here offer it. I need it to teach English there, cuz I'll be living there fir a year or two heh.

-I don't want to go to school tomorrow :<
A Pierrot's Aria
@Chiyo Yeah! biggrin.gif I've been taking Latin at uni and before I go back next week I thought it would be best to warm up again. Mixing the the two interests together makes it more fun! And welcome back!!! It's good to see you again --I hope you're settling in your new house well! hug.gif

@Razzy Any language will be a plus, really, but it helps if you enjoy it. wink.gif It's a shame your uni doesn't have a bigger range. I can tell you easily that Latin is great to learn, but I can't vouch for its usefulness compared to modern languages. Haha! laugh.gif Mind you, it's a good foundation to learning the Romance languages. smile.gif


-I'm so glad to be off that coach. The winds were so bad that the driver had a really hard time driving straight and kept swerving. At one point he was blown onto the next lane and to stop himself he suddenly applied the brakes --I nearly jumped out of my skin! I was grabbing onto the handle on the chair in front of me for dear life. xD

-I didn't think my mum was going to see me off today but she did and it really brightened up my day. happy.gif She got me such an awesome gift, too. She bought me Mahjong! She's going to learn to play so we can play together!

-Eep! Just found out that my Latin exam results will be available in the languages teaching centre tomorrow! ohmy.gif

--I love fire drills. Especially in February. Right after I've showered and my hair's still wet, and it's cold outside... dry.gif (Yes, I understand it's a liability thing, but really, we're in college; I think we know how to evacuate a building.)

--Woohoo! Aced that Geology midterm! (With only about a half hour of studying, too!)

--Let's hope I can do the same thing on my Linguistics midterm Wednesday... *crosses fingers*
That One Dude
I had to spend the day home today because of stomach issues, which my body is fond of giving me, despite no irregularities in my diet. Luckily enough, my professors generally keep us up to date via e-mails, and I excused myself from my classes in that very way.


- Mom bought me some sort of vitamin supplement yesterday that gave me an out-of-body experience. I am not taking those 'Happy Pills' again.
- Watching Let's Play's of Amnesia: The Dark Descent during an out-of-body experience is a terrible idea, especially at night. >8( I cannot stress that enough.
- I'm still giddy from the dose I took this morning, and proceeded to trip out again at around noon. I promptly told mom about it, and she's decided that it is, indeed, best to stop taking those Happy Pills.
- I wish I had a little more time to do my Storyboarding projects.
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 Well done with your geology midterm! hug.gif

@That One Dude I definitely know what it's like to have stomach issues --I hope you feel better soon. hug.gif


-I have a terrible pain in my lower back. It has calmed down for now, but earlier it became so painful that I couldn't even sit down without being in pain. I actually stood up all the way through my Latin lesson because it hurt less. sleep.gif

-I did well on my Latin exam! I'm really happy with my result! laugh.gif

Hope you feel better soon, That One Dude! Stomach pains are the worst.


- I'm super emotional today. But not like a sad kind of emotional, just happy... over the most insignificant things. Weird, because life has been more boring than usual lately.

- I'm buying the most random music lately... Which is a lot of fun.

- I totally forgot about my Spanish test tomorrow. I'm... gonna fail.

- I don't even care if my art concentrations look good anymore. I just want them DONE.
A Pierrot's Aria--I hope your back feels better soon! (If it doesn't, you should get it looked at. Back injuries are not at all good.) hug.gif

That One Dude--Stomach issues without an apparent cause are worse than those with a cause. Are you absolutely sure there's no pattern to it? (Whether it's just that it happens regularly, or a certain type of food triggers it or whatever.) I hope you feel better soon! unsure.gif


--I was absolutely miserable last night. When my friends and I met for dinner, they asked if I was okay, and I just started crying. CSE can be so stupid when the bug isn't where you expect it. dry.gif

--Thankfully, I finished the assignment (and worked out the associated bugs) and will turn it in after the linguistics midterm. The one that I have in an hour. The one that I really should be studying for... Yeah...

--But before I go: Week's half-over. YESSSSS! biggrin.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 Thank you --it feels a lot better today, thankfully. I'm glad you managed to finish your assignment and hope that you feel better. hug.gif


-My two friends and I finally managed to sign for a house for next year, which is a lot off our minds.

-Going back home again tomorrow night. Thankfully I managed to keep Friday free this semester --three day weekends are always good. smile.gif

- So interesting thing happened to me, this morning after I dropped my husband off to school, I was leaving the parking lot and about had a heart attack.... There are snow banks at the school that are taller than my car and its hard to see around them, I was going about 5mph when a student goes running by and barrels into my car, does a twist to miss my side view mirror, and rolls down the side. I slam on my breaks, look in the back window and he's running off to his class... I rolled down the window and asked some of the guys that were laughing at him if he was okay and they're response was "he's running off, no worries, he'll live." ohmy.gif I was like jdfk;anda;jkfd;ajkdfl;a!

- This was mine and my husbands conversation whilst playing Beatles Rockband:
Scar: Hey Chad, Here Comes The Sun
Chad: I can see that
Scar: But George says its alright
Chad: Well as long as George says its alright

laugh.gif we said this while we were playing the song Here Comes The Sun tongue.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@ScarMySoul How irresponsible of that guy! I would have totally freaked out if that happened to me, but I'm glad no one was hurt. smile.gif


-I got home at about 11:30 last night. It was kind of irritating when the coach driver made me get off at Huddersfield instead of the last stop where I wanted (and paid) to be. He asked the coach driver who was pulling up in the bus station at the same time as us if he could take me to where I wanted to be. That coach was on its way to London and it actually had to make a special journey, just because the driver of the coach I was originally on couldn't be bothered to do his job and take me to the last stop.

It really wasn't that big a deal, but I was tired at the time and while I just said "okay" when he told me I would have to get off early and get on a different coach, the driver of the other coach refused me at first because it was full and where I wanted to be wasn't on its route. So I was told to get back on my original coach, and then a few minutes later was asked to get back off and go on the other one because the driver changed his mind. I tried not to show that I was irritated but I couldn't stop myself from sighing and rolling my eyes. The driver was like "I'm really sorry about this!" I feel a little bad for being so irritated. laugh.gif

-Some people can be so ignorant sometimes. =_=

-My throat is killing me, I hope I'm not catching something...

- I computed my probable grade in accounting, I was shock for its sudden decrease. Just when I thought I will get a higher grade this term =_=. Now, I have a date with P&C this Monday (which unfortunately Valentine's Day), damn you installment liquidation, journal entry method, statement of retained earnings and shareholder's equity >.<

-I won in the essay contest yesterday, Second Place to be specific, it was unexpected and I know I have some grammatical errors (because I re-read it and noticed those). It has been a riddle for me, how can I possibly win? We all know that grammar has a great percentage in judging such contest.

-I've been depressed since I already found how low I will sink in this semester and how I lost the friendship I treasured for almost 5 years. And my mom accidentally saw me sulking, she approached me. I don't have any intention to tell her my problems but she's eager to help me. I'm really touched that I didn't even noticed that my eyes welled up. I felt so grateful because she's here, I found refuge and protection in her side. Now, I feel free and relieved. :)
A Pierrot's Aria
@Mhacy I feel that way with my mum too. But I feel I can tell her anything. happy.gif I hope you'll be able to feel brighter real soon. hug.gif


-I went to the doctors today, and it turns out that I have the flu. But thankfully, the fever that I had last night has died down today but I'm still generally exhausted and in pain. sleep.gif I'm seeing about getting a sick note on monday if there's no improvement. I'm just up at my mum's on her laptop to help take my mind off things.

-My brother got the cutest present from his fiancee. It was a little pizza box with a "pizza" with a milk chocolate base and marshmallow topping. laugh.gif

-My computer is dying again. sad.gif This is the 2nd time in 7 months that Windows has stopped working. My brother looked at it and thinks there's something wrong with my hard disc. Guess I'll have to get a new one. Well, it's much better than getting a whole new computer I suppose. I just hope it can be taken care of soon.

-The last two nights of the production of The Music Man were amazing!! biggrin.gif Everyone's doing a marvelous job. Only two more nights to go. smile.gif

-My parents are driving to see me in the play and they're coming for my birthday. smile.gif

- I'm thinking of making a new sig... tempted to make it FMA... not quite sure... tongue.gif

- Lots of take home work from work.... yay! More hours for me then. On top of that we have a new category in the Gallery section for FMA Calendars! Check them out! smile.gif

- This headache needs to go away... sleep.gif
* I've finally gotten myself together in terms of getting caught up on school work and keeping up. I'm still dreadfully forgetful though. Also, found a bunch of my old art in a chest upstairs. Looking back at stuff from 2-5 years ago is weird.

*I really should make myself a new sig/avi too.

*Looks like chrome finally remembered my password for here. It would remember it for the log-in par at the top, but not on the page after you click the log in link. weird.
* Really need to get some writing done.
A Pierrot's Aria--The flu is no fun! I hope you feel better soon!


--Shopping with my mom last night was easy and painless. It was great. smile.gif

--Kicked my dad's butt in cribbage while I was home last night. One 21-point hand changes everything.

--I was able to get something relatively inexpensive for my cousin's baby shower: a set of bowls that have suction cups so they can't be picked up and dumped off a high chair by an enthusiastic baby.

--It's wet, windy, and generally blah outside. But not very cold, surprisingly. Totally great considering I'm going to be walking quite a bit tonight. Seattle, how I love thee... dry.gif
phoenix dying
Well found a nice apartment downtown, move in the first of march. I'll be a lot closer to work now.

A 10 minute commute instead of 40 minutes happy.gif

phoenix dying- Yay! Congrats on finding a new place! biggrin.gif


- One college I applied to says I'm eligible for a full scholarship... I just have to go down and interview and do portfolio reviews. So I have to leave Thursday (Why Thursday? Because they like making my life difficult, apparently...) and stay there for a couple of nights.

- I'm sick. AGAIN. WHYYYYYYY. ;________; I've been coughing non-stop all weekend. Yesterday I had to stay in bed, and watched 'Johnny Bravo' for at least 4 hours straight... Which isn't a bad thing, but it's like, Wow, I did NOTHING all day...

- I'm gonna go crawl back in bed now. I hate being sick... T^T
A Pierrot's Aria
@ScarMySoul Go on, you know you want an FMA sig. wink.gif

@Mellow it's good that you're keeping on top of your school work!

@jacksparrow589 Thank you. happy.gif And the weather there sounds like the weather here!

@Razzy Good luck with your interview and get well soon!


-I'm supposed to be signing for a house with my two friends tomorrow, but since I'm poorly I won't be able to travel. Yet, I'm expected to sort all of this out with little to no co-operation from them. It's getting a little frustrating.

-Going to the doctors again tomorrow. The doctor is going to ring me up tomorrow morning to arrange a check up. I'm sort of trying to stay up for a while now because all I've done all day is sleep; no matter how much I sleep I feel shattered when I wake up! ><

-To take my mind off things yesterday, my mum started teaching me how to crochet. I'm really slow at it, but I can do the stitch and it's quite easy even though it looks a bit fiddly. She also made me a cosy blanket which I love to bits. wub.gif

-On the bright side, I'm starting to get my appetite back. I can't quite stomach a full meal yet, but I can have a little more than soup now, thankfully. happy.gif

-Thinking of changing the ol' username...unsure.gif
phoenix dying--Congrats on finding an apartment! I hope your move-in goes smoothly!


--Relatively productive day, not that it required much in the way of actually being productive. It was nice. smile.gif

--Finally got the correct insurance card, so I can finally bring some resolution to the whole college-not-liking-my-insurance-card debacle.

--So many for-fun books, so little time... *sighs*

--Ugh... Someone remind me never to take Excedrin on an empty stomach. Caffeine already does funny things to me, but caffeine jitters + upset stomach = unhappy js589 dry.gif
@ A Pierrots Aria Hope you feel better!!


- New sig... young Hoenheim... tongue.gif I have a feature on my editing program where it made the image all cartoon outlined and weird... I rather like it. tongue.gif

- Finally getting things situated for the gallery yay! biggrin.gif

- I'm watching Family Guy... love that show... tongue.gif
Little Washu
So I finally got a tumblr account
Anyone else got one? I need more people to follow xD


-The temperatures are looking warmer for this week, I'm pretty happy about that.
-My teacher has assigned us a homework that... confuses me. I dislike... progressive homework. I prefer something you do once, not over a course of time. Gah, I hate this.
-My great grandmother is in the hospital again, it seems. Heart issues again. This is really destroying my work ethic.
@ Little Washu: I have been thinking about getting a tumblr. I will follow you if I do.


School is getting so busy. I feel like I don't have time to be on this site. And that makes me sad.

I found out today that South Carolina thinks that they can make their own state currency. I have one thing to say to South Carolina about that, "Article 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution."

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!
A Pierrot's Aria
@ScarMySoul Thank you! smile.gif And love your new sig --funnily enough, that was the image I was going to use for my avatar/sig set before I decided on Trisha, instead. wink.gif

@jacksparrow589 Never take Excedrin on an empty stomach! tongue.gif Hope you feel better. smile.gif

@Little Washu I'm sorry to hear about your great grandmother, and good luck with your homework. hug.gif

@FMAobsessed I think a lot of other people are super busy too for similar reasons --but I hope you'll still drop by now and then. happy.gif


-I'm not 100% but I definitely feel MUCH better than I have been. All that I really need to recover from now is the general stuffy feeling and the tickly cough and sneezing. I feel I can get around more, too!

-I kept getting so confused yesterday! I went to grab some cotton buds from the cupboard but I went into the kitchen and looked in the fridge. Then I picked up a wrapper from the living room that I meant to throw in the bin, but I went into the bathroom and threw it into the toilet. wacko.gif I'm going slightly mad, I'm going slightly's finally happened, happened ~~

-Hopefully I won't have anymore nosebleeds... mellow.gif
A Pierrot's Aria--Glad you're feeling better!


--I hope I'm wrong, but I think the ear thing I had a few weeks ago has been biding its time, only to now flourish into a full ears/nose/throat extravaganza. Either way, I'm not happy about it. dry.gif

--My boyfriend's roommate played "guess the song" with everyone in the lounge on their floor last night. I was surprised I recognized as many as I did.

--Last day of homework freedom for a while... *sigh*
@A Pierrot's Aria: Thanks :) and I'm glad to hear you're alright now.

@Little Washu: I hope you're great grandmother feels better.


-I finally confirmed my midterm grade and as I expected I sink in very deep =_=. But it does not matter anymore, failure sometimes means learning. I failed but I learned at the same time. It's quite an experience. There's no point of being depressed.

- This will be the last time I'll give more time on doing stuff I do not supposed to do. I let my hobby outgrew my studies. Perhaps, that's the reason why I keep on getting low grades. I MUST focus.
I hope your great grandmother feels better, Washu! sad.gif
As for tumblr, I don't have one, and will probably never get one, because I'm afraid of becoming obsessed with it and spending more time on the computer than I already do. XD;;; I'd totally follow you, though.


- Staying home from school again because I'm still sick. :\ I totally wanted to hand in my Spanish project... I put so much effort into it. I hope I don't get points off for being late.

- It's official; I'm taking the art AP exam. And now I am stressed beyond belief. But I'm kind of excited at the same time. It's a crazy amount of work, but it will all be worth it. I think.

- I haven't hung out with my best friend in a long time (she's been grounded, or I've been sick, or other nonsense). It's really upsetting. sad.gif But hopefully we can hang out over the break next week.

- What can I have for breakfast? Hm...
@ Razzy Good luck with the exam!! I took a few AP exams, one being Art History and I passed it! I was the only one who scored a 5 out of 5 in my class... I was totally shocked... smile.gif

@ Pierrot hahaha yeah all I did was type in fma in the search bar and that was the first one that came up. Then I made it my own creation tongue.gif


- Uuuggghh.... my left eye is red and swollen and burnish.... I'm using visine but that only takes away the redness... stupid eyeball....

- I'm going to be gone this weekend, I'll be at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary! biggrin.gif Can't believe that its been that long already. Tomorrow is the actual anniversary day but we're not going anywhere until Friday smile.gif

- Hope everyone feels better with their ailments and such.
@ScarMySoul: Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary! smile.gif


- I just realized how low rank modern Filipinos are (not all but most of them). I'm a Filipino but the way I see it, we're lacking of nobility and compassion and I think most of us are selfish, selfish enough to steal the wealth of its fellow citizens. I wonder if there could be a change in our deteriorating systems and practices. =_=

- I want an ice cream or something that is sweet >.<
Scar--Happy 5th anniversary!

Razzy--I believe in you! AP exams are hard, but very worth it. (Except for Chemistry. Stupid getting a 3 when a 4 was the cutoff for college credit...)

Mhacy--Greed isn't limited to just one country/culture, unfortunately. (Really, it's unfortunate that it even exists.) Fortunately, there are also people like you who see the problem.


--My stupid head cold is still hanging around, but at least I feel mostly human today. Yesterday was horrible. Today, I can actually breathe.

--And back to the crushing reality of CSE assignments. I will start on that after lab section.

--I don't understand any of the shows on TLC. It's absolutely ridiculous how over-the-top they are.

--One of my friends sent me a video of a Jack Russel terrier doing a whole bunch of useful tricks. I think I just about died, it was that cute.
Very, very, very sorry for my lack of being around.
A Pierrot's Aria
@Chiyo Don't worry about it! smile.gif hug.gif

@jacksparrow589 Hope you feel better soon!

@Mhacy I'd love some ice cream right now!

@ScarMySoul Aaaaaaw! Happy 5th Wedding anniversary! wub.gif


-Apart from a cough, I'm feeling tip top! *Over-dramatic triumphant pose*

-I also got my elementary logic assignment out of the way and submitted online, so I can just relax now.

- sad01_anim.gif unfortunately this day has gone down the tubes....

- Thanks to everyone that said congrats.

- Nice to see ya Chi wub.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@ScarMySoul I'm sorry to hear that your day turned sour. hug.gif


-I couldn't believe it when I woke up this morning. I looked out of the window to see the place covered in snow! I had hoped that we had all that snow we were going to get, but unfortunately that's not the case. =_= I really dislike snow!

-I was playing a game on the Wii earlier and I kept losing. laugh.gif It's a good thing I'm not an angry gamer! I'll have another go later. tongue.gif
A Pierrot's Aria--Thanks! I'm feeling a whole lot better now. smile.gif

Scar--I'm sorry it wasn't a good day. sad.gif


--It just seems like it hasn't been a good week for anyone I know. I'll spare you all the rest of my trials and complaints, but I'm just gonna say that I hope next week is better, because things certainly can't get much worse. dry.gif

--Oh 72% dark chocolate, how I love thee: a shining beacon of bliss in an otherwise pretty crappy day.

--I keep forgetting I have a necklace on. What is this thing tickling my neck? Oh...
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