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Full Version: Penny for your thoughts? (don't expect "real" money here... XD)
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Little Washu
@New staff- My congrats as well~

I started a new MMO recently~ It's called Aika online, and I'm quite fond of it. WoW was lacking in graphics (too many... colors lol), and some of the races were ugly (I do enjoy the female worgen and blood elves tho). This game also has- *gasp* Dual Gunner class. Hunter was okay in WoW, but IMO bullets > arrows lol. It's cool to be able to shoot things and not look totally... weak lol. Sadly, the few things I dislike: Lack of mounts, lack of different races, and hard to earn money. But the game is just starting out, so expansions will come in due time.

-It seems I lurk here often... I should post more lol
-Rare Pokemon events at gamestop! I got my Entei, now for Suicune in a week...
@new staff memebers: When did this happen? But congrats! i know you will all run the board well.

@ [b]A Pierrot's Aria
: Thank you for your condolences. smile.gif


My friend and I went to the gym today. I was there for 2 hours running, biking, and working on abs and arms. I feel fine right now, but morning could be a whole different story.

Today I had my first Shakespeare's Histories and Comedies class. I was glad to have two people from my last semester's Bristish literature class in it. Also the professor is a dweeb but adorable. He asked everyone about their Shakespearean experiences, and one girl said she had been to a Shakespeare festival in Oregon. My professor's face lit up, with the happiness that someone would attend a Shakespeare fextival.

I am also taking American Sign Language. The professor is actually deaf, but she can lip read. I already know some ASL, but I want to be more fluent. I am becoming more fluent in swear signs.
The Staff already know, but my Grandfather passed away last Saturday evening. He went peacefully and he was in no pain and he wasn't alone. Thank-you to everyone who has given me words of support in the past months, I do appreciate them.
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 hug.gif

May your grandfather rest in peace, Chiyo. I hope you're holding up okay. hug.gif


-Just doing some revision, really...I'm entering exam panic stage.

-That was weird...I was just going to have a nap (I've been up pretty early revising because I had a weird urge to) and I was just lifted out of my sleepy daze by the sound of the printer that randomly decided it wanted to print something...I might as well just stay up now. xD
FMAobsessed--Wow... so young. My condolences for your loss.

Chiyo--I'm so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts.

everyone who said congrats--Thanks! (FMAobsessed--I'm going to quote Hiyono from Spiral and say that when this happened "is a trade secret". tongue.gif Suffice it to say, it's pretty darn new.)


--Finally got more than 7 hours of sleep last night for the first time in close to a week. happy.gif

--Partially because I hadn't been sleeping well, partially because I couldn't find the bugs in my program, I spent yesterday in the computer science lab trying not to burst into tears. I did resolve a few things later that evening, but I've still got a little more to go, and it's due at 8 tonight!

--At least there's office hours today. I'm probably going to attack the TA with questions as soon as he comes in. smile.gif

--Despite all the stress, it's been a pretty awesome week. Dates, good friends, actually figuring homework out, tomorrow being a family event... Not bad!
Chiyo: Sorry for your loss. But take comfort in the fact he wasn't in pain and he wasn't alone.

jacksparrow: Thank you for your condolences. I don't know much details, but I believe he had a heart defect.


I am not sure from my workout yesterday. Instead I feel good. I could do this more often.

I have a snow day today. But I already don't have classes on Friday, so its not like it matters. Today for the snow day one of my friends said she was going to watch all of One Piece from the very beginning. I told her it would take her more than one day to watch it all.

For my snow day me and my roommates are going to be watching the Grindhouse movies. We are such girls!

At dinner tonight, my friends and I played an interesing game of Would You Rather? One friend asked a question for the girls. He asked "Would you rather give birth to a watermelon or have cervical cancer?" I picked giving birth to a watermelon. Since I have heard women say that is what giving birth is like. And I want to have 3 kids when I am older. Also I could always have a C-section. But I would never want to have cervical cancer.
A Pierrot's Aria
FMAobsessed I think if someone achieved the amazing feat of watching the entirety of One Piece in a day they should be put into the Guinness Book of Records! xD

jacksparrow589 Good to hear that you've had a good week!


- I was able to fall asleep. laugh.gif I feel better now, but still a little tired. happy.gif

-I can't wait until next week is over with, then I can just spend a week just relaxing completely...!

--Of all the times I could pick to lock myself out completely, I did so while my roommate was out and the front desk for my hall wasn't open. Hello, $10 charge for a moment of forgetfulness. dry.gif

--The family celebration I was at last night was fun, at least. Lots of interesting conversation, including the planning of a baby shower for my cousin.

--My aunt took a picture of me sitting on the couch, and the way I'm holding the glass (and the color of the sweet tea in it) makes it look like I'm drinking something not necessarily legal to drink.

--In the hangout time before I left for the family party, one of my friends was doing her Linguistics reading, and she came across a definition for "streaker" that had us in stitches because it included the words "indecently unclothed". Ah, political correctness rears its fearsome head!
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 Indecently unclothed!! I've just ended up in stitches, too! laugh.gif


-Ouch...My head hurts, particularly across my forehead...

-I think I've just about gotten through all of the topics I have to revise for my history exam. I have to go back to uni next week, but only for my three exams. I'm actually looking forward to the new semester, though. Now that I've experienced my first semester at uni, I feel like I've learned from my mistakes so I won't repeat them in the second. Therefore causing me less stress! xD

- I"M BACK!!! biggrin.gif

- Thanks to the members who said Happy Birthday on my profile here! wub.gif

- I was in Detroit, Michigan this weekend attending a Red Wings/Blackhawks hockey game... I was so amazed... I've never been to a live NHL event and it was so surreal!! Scar and Husband at the Joe Louis Arena tongue.gif Just thought I'd share!! XD The Wings lost sad.gif but I'm okay with that, we're still top of our division! YAY!

- I just realized that the title of my photo seems a tad funny... laugh.gif

- ONLY FIVE DAYS LEFT TO VOTE!! If you haven't voted please Vote here!

- Hope everyone had a great weekend!
A Pierrot's Aria
@ScarMySoul Welcome back! That photo looks really sweet. happy.gif


-It seems that cruddiness of last week has seeped into this Monday. I feel a little hurt that my mum didn't want me to see her today, although I do understand why...And being completely ignored is kind of hurtful. sad.gif

-I need to order my tickets soon. ><

-I apologise for the very emo-ish posts recently!

-On the bright side- I feel quite confident about my history exam. I'm just mulling over the information in my mind, and I'm surprised and relieved at how much I remember! happy.gif
Scar--Welcome back! (And happy belated birthday!)

A Pierrot's Aria--It always hurts to be ignored. sad.gif I hope your day gets better! (And your week in general!) *hugs*


--Well, this week should be fairly good. I know I said that last week, and, really, when all was said and done, that turned out more good than not, but... life just seems a bit more manageable this week.

--Bleh... it's raining again. Or rather, it's that fine mist that Seattle seems to perpetually have in winter.

--Half the clues to the crossword I'm working on are obvious. The other half are maddeningly obscure. I think I'll try the Sudoku instead. (This from someone entirely lacking in spatial ability.)

Today it was below freezing in Massachusetts. Actually, correction at my campus it was 1 degree farenheit. Which in my opinion is freezing. And of course it is the day where I have to take the 10 minute walk across campus back and forth. It wasn't just cold, it was painful to walk in this weather. My thighs were numb, and I had to motivate myself to keep walking.

Also my roommate discovered that we had ice on the inside of our window. Well, that explains another reason why it was so cold for so long in our room.

But thank goodness for New England's unpredictable weather. Because tomorrow I will have a heat wave. It is going up to the 30's!

-I sure was gone for far too long from this forum. However, I found another forum to hang up on. A Bleach one. My newest obsession.

-No new messages in my message folder, almost nothing changed here, as quiet as always.

-Life however is totally different right now.

-I wonder if someone remembers me.
Welcome back, black~hayate! I remember you~ biggrin.gif


- I was posting when my Internet totally went down. D: My Internet connection is sucking lately.

- I'm praying for no snow tomorrow. If it snows too much, the closing ceremony at the college art show will be cancelled, and I won't get to see my art in the gallery... sad.gif

- fffffff Art homework sucks.

- We've been watching season 4 of '24' in my Government class, but the course ended before we could finish. MUST. WATCH. ENDING. I hope the library has it available.

- I hope everyone is doing alright. biggrin.gif I haven't posted here in a while.
~hayate--I saw you on this morning (for me), and was so excited! *hugs*


--I'm actually on top of CSE this week! How did this happen?!

--Maybe it's easier because we have a midterm next Monday... sad.gif

--Oh well. Despite the necessary studying, I might actually have a bit of a weekend. That's something to look forward to. smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 Thank you. hug.gif And I hope you enjoy your weekend!

@Razzy Yeah, art homework always sucks. laugh.gif


-I've just arrived at my uni halls. I'm so glad I'm off of that coach, I was getting really travel sick!

-Thankfully I got to spend the day with my mum yesterday and she explained the whole situation, so that made me feel a little better. (And she made her awesome lentil soup which is just to die for.) And she also saw me off when I left this morning- I'm eating the sandwiches she prepared for me now. wub.gif
ohmy.gif Welcome back hayate!! biggrin.gif

@ Pierrot Glad everything is good between you and your mom! smile.gif


- For the first time in months, I finally drew an picture last night... its of Kyoko from Skip Beat! *whispers* its in the Beauty of You're Own Art Work Thread *whispers* laugh.gif

- So much stuff to do at work! That's a good thing I guess, but geez its a lot of paperwork, I JUST got done with all the work I've needed to catch up on when I was gone in December...

- Rice Krispies are so good for breakfast... yummo...

- Remembered that I actually have an account on this forum (Hi!).

- Bought a new netbook and am having fun fiddling around with that. The down side is, it's only a little one, so it doesn't have the flashdrive(?) required to play The Sims. Ah. Woe.

- Had a nice day off for Australia day, went to the cinema and saw Tangled (so cute) then spent the rest of the day napping. Really should go to bed soon, I don't have the type of job where I can afford to be half-asleep all day. Ha. Whoops.

-Rewatching all of FMA-1. This is the third time that I've watched the series (something to do while I wait for the new Brotherhood volume to be released here), and I love how each time I watch it, I fall in love with it alllll over again.

Hope you're all well!
@ Saving Grace Welcome back! smile.gif


- So my makeup theme for today is TEAL! I have teal eye liner, light beige shadow with emerald green accent and my eyelashes are teal... no joke, I found teal mascara.... coolest mascara ever... tongue.gif

- I'm currently writing a story, maybe one day it will evolve into something, so far the beginning is rather tragic.... *shrugs* when I get it onto DeviantArt I'll link it here.... tongue.gif

- Red Wings won their game last night! YAY!

- Hope everyone has a great day! tongue.gif
Saving_Grace--Hey, I remember you! Welcome back!

Scar--Teal mascara? Sounds... interesting... tongue.gif (Eh, if it was for a costume thing or something, I'd wear it.)


--Been hitting stumbling blocks on homework lately, but I think I've got it. I think. Thankfully, I've got almost all day today and a few hours tomorrow.

--So much P!nk in my iTunes... This makes me a happy girl. smile.gif

--Huh... it's foggy out! That's kinda unusual.

--Trying to learn how to make a decent origami heart before Valentine's Day. Also need to buy those Dove chocolate hearts. (I don't think my friends totally believe that I will actually throw it at them, but I will.)

- Today's midterms were cancelled/rescheduled because of the snow. But our school is so stupid that it actually rescheduled (for tomorrow) some students' midterms at the same time as some of their other midterms (How are students supposed to take two midterms at once...?). My friend has that problem (and that is a HUGE problem), but I don't. Honestly, though, they should reschedule all of today's midterms to Monday instead. It makes more sense.

- So, that ceremony at that gallery thing was cancelled, due to the snow... sad.gif They didn't even reschedule it... *sigh*

- But, I do have something to be happy about. Every year, my school holds a 'Band Night', and every year the art students compete to create a T-shirt design for it. And my design was picked (along with one other student)! So my design will be on the T-shirts, and I get free admission to the Band Night! And hopefully people will want to wear mine. biggrin.gif (Though I have a feeling more people will want to wear the other design, because it's so much more awesome than mine...) I'll be helping out with the T-shirt printing tomorrow. I'll post pics! happy.gif

- So bored. I can't even study for midterms, because I left my review materials at school. *headdesk* I'm such an idiot. >.<
@ jacksparrow589: Hahaha throw? Heck, I'd enjoy getting chocolate thrown at me xD Well good luck with the origami stuff. That sounds really cool happy.gif

@ Razzy: Yaaaaaay snow. It's funny how snow likes to mess everything up. I'm sure you guys will turn out okay with midterms though. I mean, it'd be pretty lame if your school screwed up like that and didn't take responsibility for it. And congrats on the t-shirt design! That's so cool biggrin.gif


- Whoooo snow day! The funny part about this snow day is that it happened to fall on one of the two days that I have classes. So I only had one day of classes this week. w00t! xD

- I'm hoping to get rolling on a new song that I started writing yesterday. So far, the lyrics are... sketchy. But that's okay >.> I'm thinking industrial would be a good style for it. Hopefully it turns out alright... *crosses fingers*
~hayate: I remember you, welcome back!


Second week of school, second snow day. I am liking this pattern.

My roommates and I learned that if you say beer can in a British accent, you are saying bacon in a Jamaican accent. Our minds were blown.

I love how nerdy my dad is. I was telling him how in my science class, my teacher wanted me to plot and estimate population growth data. And my dad told me to send him the data and he would do it for me. I told him that I could probably do it myself. And he goes "no, send it to me anyways, I want to do it for fun."
A Pierrot's Aria
@Saving Grace When I watch it I fall in love with it all over again, too!

@ScarMySoul Thank you! And your make-up colours are too cool! I love green- it's my absolute favourite colour!

@jacksparrow589 Good luck with any of the homework you have left, and with making your origami heart!

@Razzy Sorry to hear that the ceremony was cancelled -- you seemed really excited about it. hug.gif

@KimbleeWorshipper Hope your song goes well!

@FMAobsessed Aha! I remember that old beer can joke. laugh.gif


-One exam down...two more to go! I took great pleasure in crossing today's out of my diary and writing a big 'DONE' next to it!

-I'm sat doing a mixture of things right now...working on a tutorial, revising, listening to an anime I'm 'watching' while I do these things (laugh.gif) all while nursing over a bag of Werther's Original. xD
phoenix dying
Apartment hunting...


@ jacksparrow laugh.gif yes its teal mascara, in fact, its not really noticeably teal unless your in the light... I've also found pink and lime green mascara...

@ Pierrots I know! I love Emerald Green, my wedding ring is a emerald, not a typical diamond, mostly because its my husbands birthstone lol tongue.gif I love anything green, especially eyeshadow...


-TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO VOTE!!! Please cast your vote for the fan art contest!!! If you haven't yet please vote here! The poll will be closed at midnight Central Standard Time in the USA.... since that's where I live lol... please vote if you haven't! smile.gif

- THANK GOD its Friday.... I need this weekend, not only to draw, but to work more on my storyline... yay!!!

- I found a new website for my writing to get good reviews and critiques... amazing people there.... smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@phoenix dying Good luck!

@ScarMySoul Yes! Emerald green is a gorgeous shade --I can easily say that you have one of the most awesome wedding rings ever!


-Okay, so that's two exams down. I'm so tired but I need to stay awake for more revision; I had to get up early this morning as the exam was at 9 and the exam venue was a half hour walk and a 20 minute tram ride away. And there was obviously the time taken to wait for the tram and some extra revision before hand.

I have one more exam and that's my history exam, which is tomorrow. Only the History department could be mean enough to schedule an exam for 9am Saturday. dry.gif But on the bright side, I'm off home for an extra week after the exam.
KimbleeWorshipper- Yeah, snow is awesome, but can be annoying. And thanks! biggrin.gif

phoenix dying- Good luck with your apartment hunting! ^^


- I helped out with the T-shirt printing in school today, and all of mine are done. biggrin.gif Afterwards, we ordered pizza, but my best friend and I had to sprint to our Spanish midterm because we were late. XD;;;

- I'm in one of those awesome moods where I wanna get some work done. But I'm starting to get such a heachache, and my throat is killing me. Arrrrgh.
A Pierrot's Aria
@Razzy I love when I get in those moods! Sorry about your head and throat, though --I hope they don't give you too much bother!


-I'm SO happy! I just came back from my last exam and I'm so relieved it's all over! party.gif

-On the way back up I looked in the Oxfam shop window and saw a volume of Case Closed I wanted, so I popped in and got was lucky I looked in! laugh.gif

Although, when I got my mail I got a letter from TV Licensing saying that I'm going to be fined for not buying a TV licence/Not declaring I don't need one...and I was like WHAT!? Then I opened the other letter that was there and it was like "thank you for getting in touch, it is now on our record that you don't need a TV licence" and I was like...yeah, that's more like it. laugh.gif
phoenix dying
I'm looking at two places on Monday.

My only issue is the placement of my motorcycle during the summer.

Being in the city and all...

- For those of you who participated in the Very Merry and Festive Fan Art Contest, thank you for your pictures! Within the next week we will be judging them in the final final judgement and the winners ALONG WITH THE PRIZES will be announced! YAY!

- This is what my teal make up looks like when I do it Scar's Teal Eyes I love this stuff... makes my eyes blue green tongue.gif

- I have the worst headache EVER.... *sighs*

- Yesterday I joined a gym for $1... and then later that day I went and used their elliptical machine... simulated jogging that isn't as rough on joints as it would be with regular jogging. I did 3.5 miles in 50 minutes!!! *so proud* lol... made me feel great!
Scar--Pretty! Your eyes do look quite blue-green. (Are they normally another color?)

phoenix dying--Good luck with the apartment-hunting! I hope all goes well!

A Pierrot's Aria--You definitely need to relax after exams. It's, like, an unwritten rule! tongue.gif


--So, my friend might have mono... And I might have been exposed, considering I swiped a part of her breadstick a couple of days before she started feeling ill. This wouldn't have been bad in and of itself--I took from the end she hadn't eaten from. What worries us is that I dipped said bread into the marinara sauce she was using. I'm hoping that she's just got a nasty cold and that will be that... and that I don't get mono.

--Study weekend! Two midterms next week! XP

--At least I get a reprieve this evening. That'll be great. smile.gif

My roommate and I were walking back from dinner, when one of her friends came up from behind and took her hat. She asked for it back, but he wouldn't give it. So she did a light tap upside of his head. He got pissed and grabbed her by the arm hard. And his voice became all icy and he got angry. He was saying, "don't ever hit me upside the head." I was about to step in and say "Don't you ever grab anyone." But my friend said it first and he let go after a few seconds.

My friend and I both take karate and know self-defense, so I knew she would have hit him first before I even got there. But if he wasn't going to let go in a few seconds I would have grabbed and hit him. But if he had grabbed any of my other friends I would have hit him instantly.

Sorry, for rambling on. But in my mind a guy does not grab or hit a girl under any circumstance. To be honest the exchange didn't even last 30 seconds, but now that it is over, I have to admit it was scary. At the time I wasn't scared though, I was more prepared to help defend my friend.
FMAobsessed-That does sound scary! This guy must have some serious anger issues if he threatened your friend in that fashion.


-Today I got back from my first seminar. It's obvious that the farther you go into education, the environment changes a lot. I enjoyed going very much! The only set back was that the descriptions that were given on the university's website were not at all how they were when I got there. For instance, one panel I attended was called "Small Church-Big Mission". I thought it was going to be about how to have your small church connect more with other bigger churches and/or within the church. The speaker touched up on that at first, then she went on and on about the churches in China and Africa and how they expanded over time. At first, I thought I was in the wrong panel, because she didn't talk about anything that was in the description. That wasn't the only panel like that either. It was really weird.

-My roommate moved back home while I was gone. It feels weird to have my own dorm again. One side of the room is completely empty, so I'll be doing some rearranging soon to not make it echo so much in here.

- I got randomly sick on Friday, and haven't really been able to do much all weekend. I had a wicked headache, sore throat and fever. D: But I feel a lot better now. Though I still have to take these stupid antibiotics... I freakin' hate antibiotics so much. >n<

- I'm gonna see 'The Roommate' next weekend with my friends. laugh.gif Gonna be fun.

- I've been watching 'Venture Bros.' lately, since I got the first season for my birthday. I had forgotten how much I love that show.

- ...I need to do art homework. And study for my Calculus midterm.
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 I think I'm incapable of relaxing. laugh.gif I hope that you didn't catch mono!

@FMAobsessed That sounds awful --I'm glad to hear that it didn't escalate. hug.gif

@kimonodragon88 It's good that you enjoyed your seminar! I really don't like them, personally. xD

@Razzy I'm glad you're feeling better now!


-I feel quite sleepy right now...but I'm waiting a while before I go to bed, though. It's a little early.

-It feels weird not to be worrying about any sort of work right now. I'll be sitting, then I'll suddenly think "why am I just sitting here!? I should be doing...Oh wait...I don't have any work/revision to do for a week." It seems I'm so used to worrying about things!
I've been making myself useful with some other things, though...
FMAobsessed--I'm glad the situation didn't get too out of hand, but that's still scary! (And it makes me angry--people shouldn't grab people like that in general, no matter the gender if it wasn't meant to be confrontational.) I'm glad you and your friend are able to defend yourselves.

Razzy--Being sick is no fun! I'm glad you're feeling better!

A Pierrot's Aria--We don't even know for sure if my friend has mono or not, and it could be a couple weeks before we know, if we ever do. She seems to be feeling a lot better, though, so maybe things will be okay. At least, for her...


--The past couple days, I've been feeling like someone socked me on the left side of my face, specifically my jaw. Now, the pain, as low-grade as it is, has spread from my jaw into my ear and neck. This is generally not a good thing. dry.gif

--I feel like a bit of a wimp: my boyfriend and I were watching Inception last night, and where Mal commits suicide nearly sent me into hysterics, it disturbed me that much. It was so believable compared to a lot of other portrayals I've seen, and considering I've known people with that same sort of mentality (even though nothing big happened to them), it was very upsetting.

--Need to keep on studying for CSE, though I went to a review session today, and a lot of my intuitions were correct, even if I couldn't phrase them correctly when I was trying to volunteer an answer. rolleyes.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 It's good that your friend is feeling better! Hopefully the diagnosis won't be bad when/if she gets it in the next few weeks. happy.gif I hope you feel better soon, too!


-I feel very happy today. My sister is coming up --I'll be meeting her at the train station later. biggrin.gif

-My stomach is a little achey though! Oh well. laugh.gif It was worse earlier but it seems to be dying down.
@ JackSparrow My eyes are usually just a blue grey... but depending on what I wear, they change.... blink.gif


- You WILL NOT get to me today... I won't let you.... my aggravated meter is almost bursting due to the stupidity.... what the fetch.....

- Going to the gym today... getting my iPod ready with work out music... because in all honesty, Japanese instrumental music doesn't work well with jogging... no it does not... laugh.gif
@ ScarMySoul: Wow. You're eyes are gorgeous! I love it when there's that hint of grey in someone's eyes. It's very pretty. And I know what you mean about wearing different colors and having your eye color change. Mine look really yellow when I wear warmer colors. It's fun xD Also, I'm sorry you're so on edge. Rock out at the gym and hopefully you'll feel better smile.gif

@ FMAobsessed: Yikes. That sounds pretty crazy. I'm glad it didn't get too out of hand. I mean, showing off some self defense would be pretty awesome, but I guess it's always best to avoid stuff like that, right? ^^;

@ jacksparrow589: I don't blame you for being freaked out by that part of Inception. It is pretty messed up. Thinking about how someone's mind can get so out of whack like that is definitely unsettling.

@ A Pierrot's Aria: I hope that stomachache goes away in time for your sister's arrival, although I'm sure it will. Have fun!


- Oye. I stayed up all night doing piano homework. I finally realized why I don't play piano... It's hard. It's also a little stupid that my teacher wants us to submit our recorded homework each week on Sunday. Why Sunday? Why can't we just have the whole week to do it like every other class? ...But at least it's done. </rant>

- Although I'm pretty freakin' tired, I'm looking forward to my boyfriend coming over today. I'm planning on the day consisting of video games and chicken tortilla soup. I've never made it for him before so I hope he likes it... happy.gif

- As for right now, my dog is sleeping next to me on the couch and he's dreaming really hard. I love it when he's asleep and he starts barking softly and kicking his feet. He's such a goof tongue.gif
jacksparrow- That pain doesn't sound good. D: I hope it goes away soon, though!

KimbleeWorshipper- I can imagine that would get annoying, having to play an instrument for a class. ^^; I would totally hate that; I like playing piano just for fun, otherwise I'm sure I'd hate being forced to play. XD


- We're getting more snow soon. Geez, there's still about eight inches on the ground... When will these snowstorms stop? o.o

- The kitchen floor is too slippery for the dog to walk through... She's been having trouble with it lately, but I think my dad spilled grease or something on the floor. I feel so bad for her; she can't get into the living room through the kitchen, and even if she tries, she gets scared and slips and hurts herself. sad.gif But, some good news is she hasn't had a seizure in about 3 months. I'm glad about that, since she usually doesn't go 1 month without having one.

- I actually didn't wear pajamas to school today. That's an accomplishment for me, since I rarely ever feel motivated to get dressed into real clothes. laugh.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@ScarMySoul certainly seems like someone has really pee'd you off! I hope whatever the matter may be that it's resolved soon!

@KimbleeWorshipper Thank you! And Sunday really does seem like a rubbish day to have to submit homework! huh.gif

@Razzy If I could get away with wearing pyjamas everywhere I go, I probably would. I usually hate shopping --but the level of excitement that most girls feel when they buy a new pair of shoes is in fact the excitement I feel when I buy a new pair of pyjamas. laugh.gif


-I'm glad my sister was able to come up for the week! We've had a really fun day so far. We went to the shop earlier to buy some munch-ables to snack on while we had our FMA marathon. wink.gif

We were thinking of grabbing a KFC, but we weren't sure, so we were thinking about it as we pressed the button on the pelican crossing. The walk signal appeared but we were so busy pondering getting the KFC that we didn't cross the road. The drivers must have been thinking "what the heck!?" laugh.gif

-I got impatient and turned my Calendar to February; oh well, there's only about 25 minutes until it's the 1st Feb here. wink.gif
@ KimbleeWorshiper thanks! dance.gif are your eyes like a hazel color for them to turn yellow? That'd be really neat tongue.gif

@ Pierrot's Aria meh I'm okay now, just drama central when that happened... its all good...


- The winners and prize announcement for the Fan art contest are posted here. Please take a look! smile.gif

- We're supposed to get 18 - 24 inches of snow today... fear.gif

- My husband is sick... possibly with Pneumonia.... unsure.gif I hope not, thank god we can take him to the VA hospital for free since I don't have health care anymore...

- My bottom eyelid on my right eye WILL NOT stop twitching... my god its annoying.

- The announcement for the Fan Art contest will be made today along with the prizes... so be on the look out for that! biggrin.gif
@Scarmysoul I'm getting 12-15 inches of snow tonight and another 3-5 inches tomorrow. I'm praying for a snow day, but I think that will highly be unlikely. Michigan is very used to these huge blizzards. I think there was one snow day my entire time in college and that was during my freshman year, which was 4 years ago. It also helps that most of the professors live close to campus by a couple blocks.


-I lost my mp3 player at the hotel I stayed at this past weekend. I was so scared that I lost it for good! fear.gif That thing is my life line! Thank goodness that my prof. sent out a mass email to all the girls in the group about the hotel finding an mp3 player there. They lost my cell number when I called them about it, so they found it and will be sending it to me soon! yahoo.gif

ScarMySoul- Oh, geez, that's a lot of snow. D: We're supposed to get about 5 inches here... though it's going to be followed by freezing rain. And I hope your husband feels better!


- Just finished season one of Venture Bros... I've seen a lot of the newer episodes, but that doesn't make the season one finale any less depressing. :C And I'm glad I saved my gift card from that obscure DVD store. Now I can buy season two!

- My stomach hurts. fffff.

- ...Nothing interesting is going on with my life. But that's okay.
A Pierrot's Aria
@ScarMySoul I hate it when my eye lid randomly twitches...the annoying thing is, is that it can last for days and days!


-I went to see my mum today with my sister. She seems a lot better since the last time I saw her, which is great! We started talking about the silly mistakes we all make sometimes that are actually hilarious when you look back on them. I remembered the time I dialled what I thought was the number for a Chinese Take-out, but instead of hearing "Hello, Jade Garden" I heard "Hello, Samaritans!". I just put the phone down --they must have thought I'd given up before trying to talk to someone. laugh.gif

-My neck is killing me! But I think it's safe to say the directory I just put together is pretty much done. biggrin.gif
Scar--I hope your husband gets better soon! unsure.gif

To all those who are (going to be) hit by the snowstorm--Stay safe, and bundle up!


--Well, it's not an ear infection, per se... it's fluid buildup, and since the sinuses on my left side are apparently swollen, it's hard for it to drain. Guess who gets to use saline nasal spray for the next, like, month? *raises hand*

--My friends were being incredibly creepy at dinner last night. I really need to stop reacting so much, as fun as it is for all involved. rolleyes.gif

--Time to actually start working on my CSE homework! No rest for the weary... dry.gif
phoenix dying
@jakebirdpersonperson who posted before me. Last time i used an nasal spray I got an uncontrollable nose bleed. That was several years ago, but it kinda turned me off to nasal inhaled medication. Or the type of drugs you would ingest though you naval cavity. happy.gif

Well so far I've found a bunch of places that I would rather not live in.

The search shall continue.

@ Everyone who gave well wishes: My husband is fine. smile.gif Thanks for the concerns.


- 18" accumulated snow so far.... mellow.gif Dude, Where's My Car?

- I'm so not at work today, I walked out of my apartment, snow is up to my thighs in the parking lot.... wacko.gif Parking Lot

- Hope everyone that's affected by this storm is safe! smile.gif
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