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Full Version: Penny for your thoughts? (don't expect "real" money here... XD)
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A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 I hope you feel better soon- get an early night in a nice cosy bed!! happy.gif

@Chiyo I wish you all the luck in the world with your new start- hope everything goes how you want! hug.gif


-I spent the day with my's very rowdy when you're in a pub surrounded by Rangers and Celtic supporters. tongue.gif My mum, step dad and some other guys were there with their Rangers tops on, and my uncle and some other guys were there with their Celtic tops on. (There's a clear divide of Catholic and Protestant in our family and with that comes a clear Rangers and Celtic divide. laugh.gif) My mum was gutted when Celtic won but they all got on amicably after the game. xD

We all had a really good laugh, needless to say my mum and the others all got a bit squiffy, and ended up racing each other to another pub, asking these random kids if they could borrow their skateboards. And my mum was singing 'No Surrender' songs all the way there; and there's me walking in front pretending I wasn't with them. laugh.gif laugh.gif

-I feel awfully inspired to start revising. oO
Rainshine--I thought Ed was more around 3-ish when Hohenheim left. In that scene, Trisha asks what Ed and Al are doing up, and Ed says he's taking Al to the bathroom, so I'm fairly certain Al's walking, as well. Might just be me, though. *shrugs*

A Pierrot's Aria--Thanks. I am definitely crashing and burning tonight. smile.gif (Although I wouldn't call my dorm bed "cozy" by any means.)


--Hello, full-blown head cold. dry.gif

--Moving back into my dorm later today. At least my friends and I are doing something special this quarter: Death by Chocolate. Hopefully it lives up to its name. smile.gif

--I played a game of Scrabble today with my mom. For a while, I was pretty far ahead, but then she got 42 points for "quoth", and I thought I was going to lose until I managed to use words with x, z, and j. I won by 30 points. biggrin.gif

--The newest BBC Sherlock series (mini-series?) is awesome. I managed to get it at Borders yesterday for 50% off!
RainshineYeah, I thought Ed was around 3 years old myself since he was speaking pretty well and both boys were walking by then.


-Happy 2011 everybody! In 11 months I'll be graduating from college! ...yikes.

Happy New Year, everyone! smile.gif


- The thought of going back to school makes me want to cry. It's such a waste of my life. Can I just graduate already?

- I got accepted to the college I really, really like! biggrin.gif <333 It's a shame that it was the one college I didn't visit, but it looks like I'm going there anyway. It's the best out of all my options (and the cheapest).

- I didn't do any art homework this break. Matter of fact, I didn't even draw. Or do anything art-related. Except sewing. I did a lot of that. <3

- I'm turning 18 this month. Woooooo~ I still don't know what I wanna do for my birthday. Apparently there's a theater that performs Rocky Horror every weekend in NYC, so that might be a cool idea.
A Pierrot's Aria

-My back hurts when I breath and there's a weird pressure on my chest that's making it feel like I can't get enough air, so I have to take deep breaths which hurts my back more...The last time this happened it turned out I had a flu. >.<

-There was another earthquake two hours ago, but instead of just being in Cumbria like last time, it stretched as far as West Yorkshire. That said, I'm in West Yorkshire right now and I didn't feel a thing. laugh.gif I am 8 flights high, though. oO

-There's also meteor shower going on right now- and there's a solar eclipse in the morning...

...All of these things together...It can only mean one thing...THE END IS NIGH!!

(Sorry just joking around to take my mind off the slight worry I'm feeling at the moment...even if the joke's a little morbid...o.o)

--Whatever this is--cold or possibly winter allergies--it's getting slightly more annoying. Sinus pressure is not something I take pleasure in. To top all that off, I found out that my cold medicine leaked, so now I have maybe 2/3 of a usable bottle, which is around 4.5 doses. I'm only taking it at night, but still, I'm going to need more.

--I found a mistake in the spec/turnin for my CSE class! Granted, it was entirely by accident, and pretty glaringly obvious. It was that it expected a file with a different name than I'd given it. The specification also listed the name I'd given, so I asked, and it paid off. I'm not crazy!

--...Or maybe I am. I managed to schedule my time such that I'm running almost across campus during a passing period. Win some, lose some.
@ Chiyo I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. I too know what its like to watch someone fade away. You'll be in my thoughts and I hope your family is well during a sad time. sad.gif Love ya! smile.gif


- I'm back! California was amazing. I wish I never had to leave! smile.gif


Friday, that's tomorrow, January 7th is the LAST day to submit your contest entries for the Very Merry and Festive Holiday Fan Art Contest! The thread will be closed on January 7th 2011 at midnight Central Standard Time. So please get your entries in and submitted to the gallery asap please! Prizes are starting to come in and I'm excited for the results! Good luck!

A Pierrot's Aria
@ScarMySoul I'm glad you had to hear you enjoyed your trip- welcome back. And yikes...better finish my entry. >.<;


-I've been in for a few days due to being unwell. I'm able to breath a lot more easily now and the pains in back have eased a heck of a lot, thankfully.

-I'm speaking to my sister on MSN and she drew a picture of the Dwarf in the Flask, and our dad said it looked like a smiling Christmas pudding. In response to that she drew a Christmas pudding with a smiley face but he said it looked like a shoe. *facepalm* laugh.gif I have no idea how he's seeing it...

-My contest entry contains a very psychotic looking sheep. o.o laugh.gif


Yesterday I was finally able to catch up with my one of my longest friends, her brother, and his friend. We tried archery and I felt like Robin Hood. Only not as good. But archery was a blast. My mom told me I would have sore arms afterwards. My arms aren't sore though. But my fingertips are, which sounds really lame.

I have the weirdest friends. Our lives are like a soap opera, but the drama is fun and harmless. If that even makes sense.
Scar - Thank-you

I wish to apologise to board members now that I won't be doing a great deal of interacting on here for a few weeks. I'll still be on the look out for spam and spoilers and the like but I won't be posting very much.
Scar--I'm glad you had a great trip, but it's also great to have you back! smile.gif


--So, apparently over-thinking the problem is grounds for losing 5 points out of 7. (Okay, I understand that it was my implementation of the idea that lost me the points, but really?)

--Other than that, CSE doesn't seem so bad so far. I'm sure that'll change as I go through the next 9 weeks, but for now, I'm pretty satisfied.

--I'm glad this has remained a relatively low-grade cold. I'd honestly rather have it for two weeks and never really feel that bad, rather than being absolutely slammed by it for a few days.

--Is this optimism? Nah... just incidentally happy realism.

--Okay, got the Virtual Machine set up to run Linux. Now, I just need one of my friends to help me establish the proper connections to the correct department network.
Chiyo Sorry to hear about your grandfather. I've been there myself. My grandma passed away on 10/14/07, and it was really hard on me and my family. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Though sorrow may last through the night, joy comes in the morning.


-I'm having issues with my left knee. This happened last year, and I didn't do anything about it because I thought it would go away, but it kept getting worse. Apparently I have tendinitis in my knee and it's really painful to walk, especially going down stairs when I have to put all of my weight on it. This only happens during the winter and it makes me feel old that I have this problem. dry.gif I went to the health center at my school to see what can be done, and they recommended using ice on it and take ibuprofen every 4 hours. Hopefully this helps. I can't have something like this slowing me down during a busy time for me.

-I'm really excited about Summer Wars! Has anyone here seen it yet? I saw maybe the first 30-40 minutes of it in Japanese. The website I watched it from didn't have the whole movie, neither did it have another link to direct me to watch the next part of it. I thought that was weird. Guess I'll have to wait till it releases on DVD to watch it.

-My school had its' first rehearsal of The Music Man last night! It's gonna be a great show. I'm so looking forward to going through the play with the other people. We have a great cast. biggrin.gif
Hope you feel better, Pierrot's Aria!


- Stayed home from school yesterday 'cause I was sick. Watched Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World again. It was a good day.

- I also left school early today. I was sick, but well enough to stay. But I figured 1) I wasn't doing anything important in my classes, and 2) I didn't want to face my art teacher and tell him that I haven't done the art homework that was assigned weeks ago. I'm just so awful like that.

- So my mom picked me up from school, and we watched Toy Story 3 (I totally cried.).
It was hilarious; whenever the characters were in peril, my mom would ask, "Why doesn't Buzz fly, and save them?" and I would sigh, and say, "He can't fly, Mom..." because I'm pretty sure that fact was established in the first movie (which she has seen). And then she would just respond with, "Yeah, he can!" XDDD

- I picked out the college I'm going to! Yay! biggrin.gif I hope I don't hate it! XD;;;;;

- I've been watching the Dog Whisperer a lot lately. Cesar Millan is AWESOME.

- ... I just heard a loud crash coming from somewhere inside my house. But I can't find the source of the noise... Really, really creepy. >.>
@Chiyo I hope everything goes well for you and your family.
@Razzy good luck smile.gif


- I got half of my life my internet back. hooray!

- It's almost 3AM here and I went out a while ago to buy some burger. On my way back, there were these two suspicious strangers walking on the opposite direction and stopped and asked if they could walk me home. I didn't reply and continued walking past them, and when they got a clearer view of my hair length (which is past my hips XD) they suddenly backed out. I even heard one of them say "whoa, long hair, scary" laugh.gif I feel like I accomplished something today without even trying. And if there's one thing I'm good at, it's scaring people away LOL. ph34r.gif I'm thankful nothing bad happened.

- I need more Royai.

- I want to hear Jackie Evancho sing Brothers.

- I just made garlic Parmesan chicken breasts with garlic mashed potatoes that have those French's friend onions in the mix.... yummo...

- The fan art contest is now closed. Within the week there will be a poll thread for members to vote on their favorite. There's a total of four pieces to look at. Thanks for taking part in it! smile.gif

- Hooray for new signatures! I made this one with a scan from the Skip Beat! manga... this is Ren Tsuruga. The one bad thing about the anime is that its left with an open ending and that's the case with the manga as well... drives me nuts. tongue.gif

- Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!
@A Pierrot's Aria: Thanks, but I'm afraid they won't recover until I'm done with this work. Which should be soon, thankfully. And I hope you're feeling better! hug.gif

@FMAobsessed: Archery is great fun. =D

@StormGoddess: There are people who find long hair scary? That explains a lot ...Brb growing mine even longer. XD

@ScarMySoul: ...You're making me hungry... D:


- Whew. Another busy day...

- On the plus side, I have more than enough extra money now to get my hands on the 3DS when it is released.

- Man I really hate summer. I can't win at all. If I stay out in the sun, I burn, and every time I go into the shade, the mosquitoes are waiting for me... D: And the HEAT...
A Pierrot's Aria
@Razzy I hear anonymous banging noises in this house sometimes, too, and I can vouch for the creepiness it creates- it always happens when I'm in alone. tongue.gif

@Pyroclasm I hate Summer, too!


-My sister and her fiancÚ came up for a surprise visit yesterday, which was nice. At the end of the day her fiancÚ asked her to pick an anime to watch and she picked Ouran High School Host Club, which was a laugh. I do like it, obviously, since it's in my DVD collection; however, it is probably because I'm a twin myself, I've always found myself being embarrassed and slightly horrified by the Hitachin Brothers' antics. laugh.gif

-I did something to my neck and it has been feeling weird to look up and to's not a sore throat, it feels like my actual neck...oO My body seems to be seriously malfunctioning lately. laugh.gif

-I just had some Ben and Jerry's ice cream and it was good.

-I wish there was a dark place nearby with no light pollution, so I can just gaze at all the stars in the sky. (And see the Milky Way!)
- It's been a while since I've been on here aha.

- What a slow, lazy day. It's 2:21 pm and I'm still not even dressed o_o not very likely of me to be like this, even when I'm not feeling so well.

- Tea with honey would be so great right now. I need something to help my sore throat. D:


- Alright, I'm gonna go and do something productive... if I don't get anymore distractions.
Pyroclasm If you hate the summer so much, so should come the U.S., and at least to Michigan. We're under 8 inches of snow and it's 27 degrees out.


-My knee is feeling better. There are no signs of it getting worse, as of yet. The pain comes back and goes away, so it's a bit hard to predict.
Pyroclasm--Summer where I live is usually okay--mid 60's to mid 70's Fahrenheit... kinda cloudy, though. But it's winter for me now!


--I love fixing one little bug in a program and having that solve a whole lot more problems than just the one I intended to fix. On the other hand, I really dislike not knowing where to look when a program fails.

--It wasn't snowing earlier--it was snow/raining earlier. Big, fat, mushy snow. And either more of the same or honest-to-goodness snow is forecast for later this week.

--My hands (which are normally fairly cold) are warm, but my feet are freezing!

--I love being able to talk core beliefs with my friends and not having people get so fired up that we all wind up hating each other. Not that I want to do that all the time, but a good, deep, serious conversation is healthy every once and a while.

A Pierrot's Aria

-I've reached the stage where I'm so tired I feel more awake. laugh.gif It's a good thing I don't have anywhere to be tomorrow!

-I got an email earlier regarding the halls I'm living in while at uni. It turns out that 6 ceiling tiles are damaged on floor 3 (the floor where I live) and if no one owns up we all have to pay for it. Which is ridiculous. This is actually the second time that has happened.

-I worked out my timetable for the next semester; the chances of having Friday free are looking good- I just need to make sure I can schedule my seminars on other days!
I was watching the news today, and a lot of the coverage was on the Arizona grocery store shooting. It was such a senseless tragedy. But I think what really makes it sad was a little girl was killed in the shooting. I found out the girl was born on September 11, 2001. Her father said she was born on a tragic day and she died on a tragic day. I don't even know the family, but I feel awful for them. To have a child born on a tragic day, and make it seem brighter, and know that life will go on, but then have her killed while in the prime of youth is just cruel and sad. My thoughts are with all of those effected by the shooting.

Then I found out that the man who was the inspiration behind the mini series Band of Brothers died. I watched that mini series in my history class in 2007. And I really respected the 101st Airborne Division. RIP Richard Winters, a true hero

I heard From People i know that Brisbane and all up that area has become so flooded that the strets are rivers and boats are being needed, Sad really, most of my net friends live up near that way.

I really need to wake up earlier, People are out of the house by the time im awake, its kinda bad

- Wow.... I feel like the left side of my face is swollen... wacko.gif I can't stop sneezing, I was thinking it was allergies but the allergy meds aren't working... NOT HAPPY.....

- The voting polls for the fan art contest will be up shortly, probably by the end of the week. smile.gif

ScarMySoul- Yikes! sad.gif I hope you feel better soon!


- There's going to be a snow day tomorrow. biggrin.gif I'm so glad we got a new superintendent who is more inclined to close school when it snows 12+ inches.

- I really want to see 'The Roommate'! It came out just in time to scare me away from college. laugh.gif I'm dragging my best friend along to see it with me too. It looks like it's going to be slightly hilarious, like a 'Jennifer's Body' kind of hilarious. (...It'll probably end up scaring me, though.)

- I've started working on my fanfic again, after an almost year-long hiatus. Heck yeah!
Scar--That's, um, really not good. Perhaps you should get that checked...? I hope you feel better soon!


--Snow is nice. Rain is perfectly acceptable. Half-melted slush, however... not so much. At all.

--I did get to enjoy the actual snow last night, however; one of my friends and I had ice cream at the campus ice cream parlor. Ahhh, college. smile.gif

--One CSE problem set down, five to go this quarter. Debugging, as usual, will be the most frustrating part. At least we apparently have a group project of sorts towards the end!

--One of my friends in a different CSE class was having a frustration meltdown yesterday, and so, as she'd done for me the night before, I spent 15 minutes just hugging her and letting her cry. (Nobody likes the curriculum restructure--why did they do it?!)
A Pierrot's Aria
Scar - Feel better soon! That sounds awful. hug.gif

Razzy - Good luck with your fanfic!


-I deep conditioned my hair today because it was seriously dehydrated...It looks a lot better now- I'll do it a few more times throughout the next few weeks which I'm hoping will improve its condition. happy.gif

-I'm thinking of going out to buy a Wii fit balance board tomorrow...I always get lots of exercise while I'm out, but I had a go on my sister's balance board when I went to visit her at Christmas and it was really fun, and it's great getting active when staying indoors! biggrin.gif

-Must...start...revising...but really don't want to!
kimonodragon88 - Thank-you. He's in no pain and I take great consolation from that.

- Good idea, the cold weather we had mixed with all central heating we've been in have taken their toll on my locks too. I use the Aussie Deep Conditioner.


- As some of you may have noticed (definitely us Mods) we are getting a lot of Spam Bots appear. I know you are all very sensible but I still wish to remind people not to click on any links/adverts you might see in these posts/threads. We are keeping on top of them as best we can but sorry in advance if we don't remove one right away.

The Polling thread for the A Very Merry and Festive Fullmetal Fan Art Contest is open and underway! Please go vote! Vote Here! This thread will be open for two weeks! Thanks! biggrin.gif


-Thanks everyone for the well wishes, IT WAS allergies... the following morning after I posted that, yeah I was fine... tongue.gif

-Have I ever said that I love Robbie Williams? Because I do...

-My hands are so cold right now, they feel like they're going to fall off.... unsure.gif My house is cold lol....


The NE United States got hit with a blizzard. It feels like a while since there has been snow to this magnitude.
All the trees on my street look like they are in danger of collapsing.

I can't believe I go back to school this weekend. I know I have had a month off, but it seems like it has only been a week.

I can't believe that in Harry Potter Clue, Voldemort is not a suspect at all. Maybe it is assumed that Voldemort is pulling the strings.
@A Pierrot's Aria: I'm glad we agree! XD

@kimonodragon88: Believe me, if I could, I would. I would spend winter in the south, then move up north when summer rolled around so I could stay in winter. Then, when it was summer in the north, I would move back south! tongue.gif

@jacksparrow589: Well, I don't know my Fahrenheit too well, so... *checks* Okay, summer down here usually hits over 85 Fahrenheit, though it's not uncommon for it to reach over 100... We haven't had anything that hot yet, but, then again, those hot days don't usually hit 'til February...

@Razzy: Good luck with your fanfic!


- This weather is crazy; hot one day, and pouring with rain the next!

- Things look terrible up in Queensland... D: I can't imagine how terrible it must be to have your home washed away like that... My thoughts are with those poor people.

- I just finished Vampire Knight Guilty..... Love it.... though, the ending was kind of a "well geez if they'd have done that like 5 eps ago it would have saved some time" kind of ending.... The Vampire Knight series is still good over all...

- To all board members, if you happen to see posts that are really wierd, like in another language or full of advertising, PLEASE DON"T CLICK ON THEM! They are spam bots and us MODS are trying out best to keep it under control... So far there's been close to 100 spammers this month.... by not clicking on anything to do with them it will not only help us but help you in the long run because the links could be easily virus's etc.... so please avoid them! Thanks!

- Hope everyone has a great weekend!! biggrin.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Chiyo From what I hear Aussie Deep Conditioner is really good- I must try it myself!

It seems like there's a spambot pandemic sweeping internet forums...they're everywhere. laugh.gif


-I did an hour's worth of aerobics and yoga yesterday and I had a great night's sleep. biggrin.gif

-It looks like such a miserable day outside, but I think I may go and visit my mum...

--I went home (as in, to my parents' house) last night, so I made muffins for breakfast this morning. I wound up doubling the amount of milk, but they still turned out okay somehow... huh.gif Not gonna complain.

--My mom and I decided to play Scrabble, and what a battle to the death! I won only by virtue of getting a double word bonus with the 'z' and a triple word bonus with the 'q'. We managed to use up all the letters, and our words weren't lame, either. I'd call the game a success even if I hadn't won!

--And my evening... suffice it to say I'm a bit of a giggly girl at the moment... smile.gif

- Popped up again after a long while, probably since Christmas I guess... wishing all of you al the best for the new year once again smile.gif

- I'm currently a bit bored as passed a really calm, quiet Sunday morning and afternoon (actually, spent the afternoon sleeping more than anything else) since this morning I actually had a painful headache that was honestly flipping me off... but at least tonite if just feels alright so...

- I'm starting to get fed up of my job... I mean, I like what I do, but my work environment is becoming unsustainable and I don't know if I'll manage to make it for the next coming years... despite being almost 5 already. Bah we'll see... point is, I'm quite hating my boss... case in point, last Thursday I snapped at him in a meeting room full of people... so... yeah. I'm at that kind of breaking point, so to speak... at least I'm trying to keep my spirits up out of work... kind of.

- At least I have my half that cheers me up, thank you dear!
(To anyone who lives in the U.S.) Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! biggrin.gif


- Just got home from hanging out with my friends. I was a lot of fun~ We played Just Dance 2 for like, 3 hours. THAT GAME IS AMAZING. And we saw my friend's pet sugar glider; it's the most adorable animal I've ever seen (no exaggeration).

- My friend offered me a summer job. The problem is that it's 8 hours every day, the summer before I go away to college. But the good news is that I get about $4,000 by the end of it. ffffffff I gotta think about this... Maybe I should. I mean, I've never worked a day in my life (not by my choosing), and this could be good experience for me.

- I'm addicted to Vocaloid right now. :T

- We're learning about government cover-ups and conspiracies in my U.S. Government class. Some of it is ridiculous... but it's all very interesting to learn.
A Pierrot's Aria

-I'm such an idiot...! I've just totally messed up a simple task. I'll just have to work with the options I have left, even if they aren't ideal. Edit: wow...I managed to get a good outcome despite messing up. laugh.gif That was too close!

-I think I'll just work some more on the picture I started last night...
Razzy--Were I you, I'd take the job, if only for the experience.

A Pierrot's Aria--I'm glad things resolved themselves...? Is that a fair assessment?


--I'm kind of a giggly semi-nervous wreck right now, as I have been pretty much since Saturday evening. Having a date does this to me.

--Computer Science homework doesn't help, but apparently I'm doing pretty well, as far as that goes. I need to work in the lab for 6 hours today, though, since the version I have on my laptop is being screwy. I should probably e-mail my professor about that...

--One of my friends made teriyaki chicken and fried rice for dinner last night, and his girlfriend made lovely chocolate stuff for dessert, as this quarter has been designated "death by chocolate". (The "lovely chocolate stuff" being a box of devil's food cake mix combined with a can of pumpkin puree, baked for 15 minutes.) Good friends and delicious food make for an awesome Sunday evening.
I moved back into my dorm today. And I learned that there was no heat whatsoever. No heat in the middle of winter, leads to a very cold dorm room. I didn't take off my winter coat for the whole day, then at 9 at night decided to head home.

I also bought my books today. 500 dollars for books, UGH! And my english anthologies are the thickest books I have ever seen.

I hope the heat is back on in my room by Wednesday.

- laugh.gif Soda came out my nose... see second point to find out why

- Dear JaronLoch I'm sorry that I severely murdered your sn! First it was JarenLoach, then JaronLoach, my apologies all around. Sincerely, Scar. tongue.gif

- Loach's are the coolest fish out there... cool.gif

- Oh dyslexia, you've struck again.... why you do this?

- That is all.....

@ Pierrot's HA! laugh.gif I've done that before or I type in something and it suggests something just awful.... happy.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 Definitely! Thankfully, I got a better outcome than I was expecting- it's like the mistake had to happen or something. laugh.gif I hope your date will go/ has gone well! hug.gif

@FMAobsessed I feel your pain! Books can be so expensive! And I hope that the heat is returned to your room with no problems.

@ScarMySoul We all have those moments...I remember typing (or trying to anyway!) "Hobbycraft" into Google to see where the nearest store was...but somehow I typed "boobycraft" instead.... ._.


-I hope my dad's alright...he said he'd be back at four but it's five now. Maybe he has gone shopping...

-I'm going to do some revision tonight. (I don't know why, but I feel more motivated to get revision and homework done at night time...)
A Pierrot's Aria--Oh, my date went splendidly! Thank you! smile.gif


--So, apparently, I was the last to know that I was going to be asked out. Almost all of our close friends knew and kept mum about it for... at least a week, if not longer. Words did not completely describe the look on my face.

--Not much to say about the date itself, other than that it was awesome and, at points, pretty amusing. One of the freshman from his dorm saw us and said, "I have a potentially awkward question..." and asked us if we were dating. His reaction to "yes" : "I've always wondered who [your] girlfriend was!" (Obviously, this was not directed at me.) Us: "Um, this is fairly new. Like, two days new." Him: "Oh..."

--My brother's turning 24 today! Yay! smile.gif

--Unfortunately, the shackles of academia are rattling. sad.gif Time to head off to class.
A Pierrot Aria: A few maintenance guys came into my dorm to fix the heat. They did fix the heater, but the room still has not warmed up at all. I am considering sleeping with a winter hat on.

jacksparrow: Dates that go well are always a plus!


Today it was sleeting, snowing, and raining all at once. It was also freezing. Then by dinner time some of the snow began to melt. And as I was walking to dinner, I stepped in a huge puddle. My whole foot got wet and became freezing.

A guy I went to high school with died yesterday morning of a heart attack. I am still shocked by this because 21 year olds are not sppose to die from heart attacks.
A Pierrot's Aria
@ScarMySoul Haha...yeah! That also reminds me of when I was trying to find out the time difference between China and Australia- I meant to type "World Clock" into Google...but I accidentally forgot the "l" in Clock... oops.gif

@jacksparrow589 I'm glad it went well for you!

@FMAobsessed I'm really sorry to hear about your friend. May he rest in peace. hug.gif


-I've been revising most of the morning and afternoon and my brain is officially frazzled. I'll be doing some more later on though. I wanted to go to the library today, but it's closed on Wednesdays, so I'll be going there to study tomorrow. smile.gif

-I've got a bit of a headache coming on. blink.gif

-I got my A-Level certificates in the post... I also got vouchers as a prize for "outstanding academic achievement" and it was the subject prize for Classics and Medieval History.

- I've been feeling so down lately. I don't know why. I get so angry with my family, and then I feel bad for being angry. My birthday is tomorrow, but I haven't made any plans, but I really want to. I'm not excited about anything. I feel like I've lost contact with so many people, especially over the Internet, and I feel so lonely. I'm just in a funk. It's annoying, and ridiculous because there's really no reason for it.

- I have to submit my concentration statement for AP Art. I have no trouble figuring out what I'm going to write (In fact, I've known it for over a year now.), but I hate that the other kids are going to see it. There are few things that sound crazier than "My concentration is about a man who is abducted by space aliens..."

- ... I think I'll buy some music. I got an Amazon mp3 gift card for my birthday~ (Originally I was upset that it wasn't an iTunes gift card, but I realize now that Amazon is so much better because it's nowhere near as much of a music nazi as iTunes is.)

- My parents were angry with me the other day because I said I don't want to have children when I get older. I LOL'ed, but I get so angry that my parents expect me to have children because they want grandchildren. I told them that my brothers will have children, but my parents started whining even more, saying, "It's not the same as your daughter having children!". Alright. That still doesn't change my mind. So deal with it.
@jacksparrow589: Nice to hear you had a good date. smile.gif

@Razzy: You seem a bit depressed. I hope you feel better soon. hug.gif


- Tired... So tired...

- So, some genius decided that starting work at 6AM was a good idea. ..Okay, so I understand the reason behind it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Getting up at 5AM is not good for me...

- My boss bought a DSi for his son. He has become quite interested in it too; after playing around with it he is thinking about getting one for himself. Though he's still learing how to use it... I had to explain to him today where the R button was located. XD
A Pierrot's Aria
@Razzy I have times like that...I hope you feel better soon and have a good birthday. hug.gif


-There must be something in the air because I don't feel that great, either- I feel kind of useless.

-Even so, I'm going to try and get myself off to the library today...or maybe I'll just stay at home. Haven't decided yet...
Razzy--Aw, I'm sorry to hear you're in a funk. Those are never fun. sad.gif

A Pierrot's Aria--You are not, I repeat, not useless!


--Oh, what a week! (And it's not even really done yet!) Computer science homework gave me so much trouble, and while I'm getting past that, I still have to finish it up! Thankfully, I pretty much have all day today and 4/5 hours tomorrow.

--I got 6 hours of sleep last night. I went to bed at 9:45, tossed and turned 'til 11:45, woke up at 4:45, and dozed on and off 'til 7. Today is not going to be a fun day. *grumbles* Stupid not having a reason to (not) sleep... */grumbles* dry.gif

--On the bright side, once I'm done with my homework, I can hang out with my friends, and there's a family celebration this weekend for "The Boys of January" as we semi-officially call it.

- First and foremost I'd like to say WELCOME to the mod team jacksparrow589 and Razzy and A Pierrot's Aria!!

- I have such a headache from absent minded griding of my teeth.... I really need to stop doing that.

- Tomorrow I leave for Detroit, 6 hours to get there but all the more sweeter to celebrate my birthday with my husband, cousin, AND the RED WINGS.... biggrin.gif YAY!

ETA: Thanks for the edit whoever did it tongue.gif
I also forward my Congratulations to our new Staff Members happy.gif
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