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Full Version: Penny for your thoughts? (don't expect "real" money here... XD)
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A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 Thank you. smile.gif I do feel a lot better now. hug.gif


-Sorry about the very dour post I left last time! laugh.gif All I can say is that bad week was bad. One thing happened on Monday which really set a precedent for the whole week. I'm home now and I'm much brighter. biggrin.gif

-My friend is coming round later, so that gives me an excuse to go buy ice cream and chocolate biscuits and other junk so we can pig out when we have our movie/show marathons. laugh.gif
Pierrot - sounds like a good day is planned, have fun.

Pyroclasm - I've been in to pet shops like that, always wondered how they get away with it.

Rainshine - hope the test went okay.

Razzy - that's a good book, odd that it was edited that way though huh.gif


- Spent a few days with oil on my hands. Had to remove, charge and replace my car battery and then mess around with water/oil levels and all before it had its MOT. On the plus side it passed it's MOT...on the negative side, I'm having to sell it.

- Christmas shopping nearly completed. It's like a compulsion that once I start I have to get it all done.

- My calendar arrived today. I'd contemplated cancelling my order, give that moving around as I will be I might not be able to keep it with me. Now I've seen it however, I'm keeping it, if only for memories sake.
@jacksparrow589: Congrats with your football game!^^

- Our school will hold its Diamond/ 60th Anniversary this December and we have been assigned for Street Dance. It sucks, for me because the weather here is still damn hot. I already got a tan for practicing, what if, it is the actual performance where we need to walk and dance simultaneously under the heat of the sun plus the distance (it was pretty far). I wonder how dark can I get.
- Just finish watching Angel Beats!, Oh well, I just can't take it out of my mind biggrin.gif. It was a nice series. happy.gif
- I will having a free time next week! yatta! no more homeworks and school papers for now biggrin.gif
Chiyo- Yeah, apparently before the 80s, American publishers cut out the last chapter, on the basis that they thought "Americans won't like it". Although I could only get a hold of the 60s version, the last chapter is easily found on the Internet. I read it and I thought it was a great ending. But I laugh when I imagine publishers saying, "Of course Americans won't like this chapter! There's not enough violence in it!" laugh.gif And lucky!; I need to get my Christmas shopping done! D:


- I found my older brother's Harry Potter costume at the last minute. And I wore it to the premiere. XD The movie was AWESOME, just in case anyone was wondering.

- All of the 'Beyond Belief' episodes were deleted from my DVR. fffffffff D:<

- My eyes hurt. >___<

- I'm so glad we have insulation in our house now. Winters aren't going to suck anymore! laugh.gif

- What should I do today? Hm... maybe art homework.

- Soooo normally seniors are exempt from taking final exams if they maintain a grade of 90 or above in certain classes. BUT I've actually paid to have these classes count toward college credits. SO I STILL HAVE TO TAKE THOSE STUPID FINALS. And I have a 99 in Calculus AND Spanish. It's so unfair! sad.gif

-I've come to the conclusion that I can't draw anything that's not cute. I tried to draw a picture of Voldemort today, and he somehow ended up kind of adorable. I give up. I'll just live out the rest of my life drawing cute little bunnies and kittens and puppies and people and horsies and dinosaurs. :|
Rainshine- Aww, drawing cute things isn't particularly a bad thing! biggrin.gif And adorable Voldemort would be totally awesome~ :3


- Tonight was sucky. Neither my bff nor my bf could hang out. I tried to rent 'A Clockwork Orange', but Verizon is terrible and had technical issues or something.

- And then I got annoyed and lonely and I thought about other stupid sad stuff. Like how I realized I won't be able to get Christmas gifts for my family or friends because I still haven't been able to get a job. I was going to borrow money from my parents, but that seems ridiculous.

- And now I'm thinking about other stupid stuff. Insignificant stuff, yeah. But it puts me in a bad mood nonetheless.

- I just feel really crappy right now.
Mhacy--Thanks! biggrin.gif The team has gone kinda downhill in the past couple years, so it was nice not to watch them be beaten on national television.

Rainshine--If it's any consolation, I can't seem to write anything without it turning at least slightly angsty. Cute Voldy > angsty Harry any day!

Razzy--I hate being in that sort of mood! Do something you enjoy, like, now.


--What's this fluffy white stuff falling from the sky? I think the universe might be disintegrating or something... Snow just doesn't happen here!

--My mom made "Butternut Squash Soup with Thai Gremolata" today. It was so freakin' good!

--My dad just finished reading the 6th Harry Potter book for the first time. His goal is to get through the final book by Christmas, especially since, whenever he'd ask, "What about this? Why does it happen this way?" my mom and I would go, "That's in the 7th book--we can't tell you."

--3 days, and then no school (or work) until Monday! My poor brother has to work Black Friday at Target, though. sad.gif
@Jack Sparrow and Razzy: Yeah, I guess so. XD And I've managed to make him a little uglier now, so I guess I'm getting better at drawing ugly things? XD

-I'm totally loving on my new AVPM avatar and sig right now. XD There's a little hidden easter egg in there, can you find it? ohmy.gif
-I should be writing right now. :| Ok. I'm going to turn of the internet, and then write like a madwoman. Yes.
@Chiyo - I've wondered how they get away with it too. They shouldn't be able to keep them like that. sad.gif

@Razzy: I hope your mood improves.

@Rainshine: Get to work on that writing! Disconnect the internet if you have to! wink.gif


- Gah... It's so hot today.

- I had my cousin's birthday the other day, and went another party today... I think I've used up my social skills for the month. laugh.gif

- Though, at my cousin's birthday, he asked me what I'm going to do for my 21st. When I told him I probably wouldn't be doing anything, he said that's no good, and told me we should plan something. ...I'm scared...

- 10 days to go... :3


QUOTE (Disasterpiece @ Nov 22 2010, 01:45 PM) *


I have no idea, I really haven't been keeping up on any of this stuff.

jacksparrow and Pyroclasm - Thanks, I do feel a lot better now. biggrin.gif

Rainshine - OMG WHUT. XD That's a pretty awesome game, though I prefer the original Robot Unicorn Attack. biggrin.gif "Alllllways~"


- I realized that I'm so sick of high school already. I can't wait for college.

- I like the fact that I've become more assertive lately.

- I so don't want to do my art homework. It's the only homework I have, but it's so much work. D:

- South Park is so awesome. I haven't seen it in a long time since last night. But the new episodes are hilarious. XDDD

--"Bring it on, Mother Nature", I said. "Show me what you've got; snow!" I said. It snowed. It's still snowing. There's already an inch on the ground, and it's supposed to keep up like this until tonight. This does not happen in Seattle--not before Thanksgiving! (I was eight the last time it snowed before Thanksgiving. I'm twenty now. You do the math.)

--It did make for some pretty pictures, though, and it's an excuse for the hot chocolate and molasses cookie I'm having right now. smile.gif

--I did find a bit of irony in my Classics class's greenhouse fieldtrip today. It's coming down outside and we're looking at desert-blooming plants... Waitaminute...

--The snow's apparently going to give way tonight/tomorrow morning to a cold, clear freeze. If people thought today's commute was bad... Seattle can handle wet hills. Seattle can't handle icy hills. Thank God I live on campus!
My roommate got me sick. But where she got better, I got an upper respiratory(sp?) infection. I am going to bed early tonight. Like 9pm early.

Hollywood is making a Mean Girls 2. Is this even necessary? I saw the trailer and it is not even funny.


When I realized it was snowing, I was so excited I just ran outside barefoot, and stayed there until I couldn't feel my feet anymore.

iv never seen snow!
Is it awesome

On my mind: Just a few more hours till i can play assassins
EdokunEdo--Snow's pretty awesome. The fluffy stuff that's still moist enough to stick together is the best.


--Wow. My university suspended all nonessential operations today, due to icy roads. I had to work in the dining hall (which served breakfast until 2:30), but didn't have to attend classes. Weird.

--And now I may have to get home by bus tomorrow, depending on how hard it freezes tonight and how much it thaws by tomorrow.

--My mom bought a 12 lb. turkey since we might not be going to my aunt's for Thanksgiving as planned. Oh well. I'll miss my dad's family, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

--Any way it goes, this holiday's going to be an adventure. I'm actually kind of excited!
@Rainshine snow..... i like the sound of snow but i have never seen it in real life i hoping to though


-Why must it rain, it makes me sad crybaby.gif
-I cant wait for the end of the term YAY and then Christmas yippie group.gif
-*plays Uso* i wanna lie i feel a little cheeky chair.gif
-im gonna finish my Amv and put it on youtube yay and then make a new one

@EdokunEdo, Lunar_Crescent_45, and all other posters who started posting on "Penny" thread recently:

Welcome to the "Penny" thread! ^^

"Penny" is the longest running thread on our board, and posters here follow current "traditional posting format" for this thread.

Please check out the first post of this thread for posting style to follow, how to avoid your post being viewed as "Spamming Penny thread," and other info on posting on this thread. biggrin.gif
I don't mind snow. I just hate winter in general 'cause it's too cold. D: I usually end up sledding once or twice, since it does snow a decent amount in the winter here. It actually snowed here just a few weeks ago. It was freaky. laugh.gif


- I noticed that I walk/run/whatever when I think. It's a bad habit that I need to get rid of. Since I do look very weird when I'm in deep thought, yet running and sliding around on the hard wood floors in my house. XD

- The computer needs to restart for updates or something... I hope that doesn't mean it's gonna take hours to install stuff. Because I need to do art homework. D: Which is turning out pretty nice so far.

- I love Government class! We've just been watching '24' this whole week! I love that show. biggrin.gif

- I ate too much junk food today...

- I still haven't been able to see 'A Clockwork Orange'. D: I'm going to try and get a hold of a copy during Thanksgiving break.

- They're already playing Christmas songs on the radio. It's way too soon to start playing that stuff, man. DX

- I saw Harry Potter on Friday, and it was AWESOME. It really didn't feel like two and a half hours; it felt more like a mere half an hour.
- Leaving for Arizona tomorrow. Yay. I'm absolutley thrilled about this. How, I wonder, am I going to hold all of my anger in? On the upside, I just received one hundred dollars for the trip. Now that is something to be happy about!
- Life is too damn complicated right now. Firstly, I'm in a love diamond. Yeah, my best friend, some other girl, and I like the same guy. If only my friends would just shut up about it, it would be a whole lot better. Secondly, I don't get to see either of my parents for thanksgiving. My dad has to work, and I haven't seen my mom for nearly half a year now. Damn.
- I think I had too much sugar.

-I'm home for Thanksgiving break! Time to tie up loose ends and hang with my friends that i missed dearly sad.gif

-i feel energetic and its rocking out on my guitar
Disasterpiece - have a fun Thanksgiving back at home.

theanimalmafia - sorry to hear yours isn't looking as positive.

- don't expect to be blown away by the film, did the best thing by reading the book.


- We are also expecting snow over the next few days, which is fairly early for us...but then we don't usually get much snow anyway, last winter was a fluke.

- The whole country is going to get April 29th off next year. Splendid, but I certainly won't be spending it watching the Royal wedding.

- Sold my car in the space of 5 hours, happened so quick my brain barely registered its gone, woke up thinking I'd be out defrosting the windscreen and oh's not there any more.

- It's raining today! Lovely. ~

- So they've announced the english names for the Pokemon Black/White starters. No surprise, people are whinging, as usual. Most are complaining because Snivy wasn't named the fan given nickname, Smugleaf, despite the fact that Snivy is an accurate translation of Tsutaja apparently. There are also complaints that the region name was changed from Isshu to Unova. I mean, all they did was localise the name because it is based on the US, as I've heard:

They localized the meaning of the name Isshu. The name Isshu, "isshurui" according to Bulbapedia, means "one variety" or unity out of diversity. Isshu is the first official multiracial Pokemon region. So in English it's Unova, or derived from Latin "Unim Nova" meaning one new unity.

But, haters gonna hate, I guess...
A Pierrot's Aria
Chiyo I won't be spending April 29th watching the wedding either. laugh.gif

Pyroclasm Wherever on the internet you go, there are always haters that hate. D: (Usually over the silliest things, too). laugh.gif


-I'm in a happy mood this week- part of that is probably because I finished my history essay and handed it in on time. I've also booked my ticket home for the weekend. All I have left to do tonight is do my mock Latin exam.

It was funny in Latin yesterday, Mr.Pompous said that he hates dogs and our teacher says "dogs are lovely. If you say you hate dogs then you automatically fail the exam!" And then he replied "Oh, I've suddenly had a change of heart; dogs are the best!"

So then we all asked if writing "I LOVE DOGS!" at the bottom of our exam paper would gain us extra marks...she said yes, jokingly, of course. laugh.gif

After that Latin lesson, (I know it sounds awful) I tried to get away quickly so I wouldn't have to end up walking with Mr. Pompous (the South v North guy I mentioned before) because he goes the same way as me, and has taken to walking with me. But no luck. When I eventually turned off to where I needed to be, he asked me if I wanted to be his slave. What the heck!? *facepalm* So yeah...that takes the cake for strangest question of the week. laugh.gif

-Noooo! I really don't want it to snow. D: I fall down hills just fine without it. laugh.gif
-im bored

- and cant wait for christmas yay

QUOTE (EdokunEdo @ Nov 24 2010, 09:01 AM) *
iv never seen snow!
Is it awesome

On my mind: Just a few more hours till i can play assassins

lol im thinking of food (ling yao lol)
A Pierrot's Aria--If you were in first grade, I'd say Mr. Pompous likes you. As you are not, and so he should know far better, I think he deserves to have his butt kicked for being so inappropriate and, well, pompous. (Although, if you derive amusement from him and don't take him seriously at all, I guess that's cool, too. happy.gif)

Chiyo--Weather-wise, it's looking to be an odd winter all around!


--One of my friends taught me how to do the "Jacob's ladder" trick with a cat's cradle string. Took me 10 minutes to learn. We then went for ice cream, just because it was snowy out and we're crazy college kids.

--Being cold wasn't a problem last night. I slept in a t-shirt, sweat jacket, pajama pants under sweatpants, and 2 pairs of socks. All that and the 2 bedspreads I heaped on kept me nice and toasty, even thought I'm pretty sure it was below 60 Fahrenheit, if not below 55. Stupid dorm heating doesn't work... dry.gif

--[rant]As if we didn't know it was coming, some idiots, upon getting the official word that we wouldn't have classes today, ran down the halls at 1AM, banging on doors, playing loud music, and screaming "No class! No class!" Annoying, but I fell back asleep. Then my neighbors started playing a loud movie at 2AM. The same neighbors who I asked earlier in the week to be quiet. Sure, we weren't going to have class, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to stay up until 4AM if I don't know how I'm getting home![/rant]

--I was worried it might start snowing again today--it certainly looked (and still looks) like it might! But my mom got me home safely and I can't wait to start making pies for Thanksgiving!
@A Pierrot's Aria: Yeah, they'll complain about it for a month or so, then they'll get over it. Seems like just yesterday they were complaining about how ugly the starters were in the first place... But really, I wonder how many Snivys are going to have the nickname "Smugleaf"? sleep.gif And all these people will think they're so clever because of it...

And that guy is still being annoying? What a pain...


- So, the UK website for Dark Dawn has screwed up something awful. They have stated that Amiti is a girl. ...Okay, I know what you're thinking. Amiti is a girl's name. Really, it's more commonly a girl's name, because it's also a Hebrew boy's name. But I already know Amiti is a guy, since he appears in the game topless. Obviously, they just saw the name, and assumed. So much gender confusion... We had this problem with Rief as well... Why is it always the Water Adepts..?

- Went christmas shopping with my mother today. I'm going to have to put the tree up so we have something to put the presents under...

- And I went to EB Games, and saw a display box for Dark Dawn. I quite literally skipped out of the store. laugh.gif

- SEVEN DAYS... :3

- People are probably sick of me talking about Dark Dawn...
Pyroclasm - I wouldn't think that Pokemon names would annoy people so much. Also, Smugleaf sounds too close to Nuzleaf, I'd think.

jacksparrow - Agh, that's annoying. D: My English teacher was actually telling a story yesterday about how, in college, one dude on his floor would knock on random doors and challenge them to broad sword duels at 3AM. XD That would annoy the crud out of me. Also, cat's cradle is awesome. biggrin.gif

Happy Thanksgiving, to all who live in the U.S.! biggrin.gif


- I finally saw 'A Clockwork Orange'. It was really good, though I don't understand why they didn't explain the significance of the title. I guess that just makes the movie seem even more strange. laugh.gif Of course the book was better, as is usually the case. But I still really liked it.

- I'm getting sick. Nooooooo. D:

- I think I should do some sewing today.
Just went through checking a huge stack of store sales ads for after-Thanksgiving-Day sales, while TV was showing mostly-unchanged-for-years Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in the back, and now the tempting aroma of pies and other food wafts in the air.

Yes, I'm spending my tame & traditional Thanksgiving Day, and I'm liking it. biggrin.gif

@Mhacy - Welcome back! ^^

@Rainshine - Like you, the sight of snow falling gets me excited also. biggrin.gif

@EdokunEdo & Lunar_Crescent_45 - Yeah, snow is fun!! (till it starts melting and turns side-walks into a messy brown mush. xp)

@Razzy - Hope you're not going to get sick! Or if you do, get well soon!

@Chiyo - Funny thing is that, I think, come next April 29 we'll have people glued to the TV for the satellite feed from UK here. XD
Anyway, congratulations for the engagement of your future King! (I think it's about time they make it official. xp)

@jacksparrow - Glad you got home safely for the holiday! Hope you're having wonderful Thanksgiving! ^^

@FMAobsessed - Hope you're feeling better!

@Disasterpiece - Hope you have a fun Thanksgiving at home!

@theanimalmafia - Sorry to hear that your holiday isn't working out very well. Hope you'll get to see your mom soon! sad.gif

@A Pierrot's Aria - Haha, glad your teacher got Mr. Pompous in the class, and you had a fun time at the class! XD

- Chiyo is back, and I can take a break from watching over the forums. happy.gif
- This year's Black Friday sales are lame, lame, lame for me.
- No great sales for me to make me want to get up at 3 am in the morning and rush to the stores.
- I guess I'll opt for getting some extra sleep tomorrow morning, instead. xp
- Those who are spending time with families, friends, loved ones, etc. for the holiday, hope you'll have a great time! smile.gif

Happy Thanksgiving Day! (to members in U.S., or wherever you are if celebrating this holiday. ^^)
JackSparrow: I would probably sleep in multiple layers if not for my wonderful down blanket.


-I'm glad to be having a restful Thanksgiving Day, unlike some other retail/grocery store employees(and to be getting paid to spend time with the family).
-I think I've officially become the cat's favorite pillow.
-I have a couple things I want to pick up tomorrow, but I have to work at 9 a.m., and it's a full shift...*headdesk*
-Chaos will ensue at my place of work for the remainder of the weekend with out "Black Friday" ad and two other sets of coupons ending on Sunday...
-My nephew is flipping adorable!
-I hope everyone celebrating has a wonderful(relaxing) Thanksgiving Day!
Happy thanksgiving everyone! happy.gif


contemplating my costume for Hughes...

are all military jacket tops supposed to be shorter than they are? and are the pants wore higher?
Little Washu
QUOTE (Disasterpiece @ Nov 22 2010, 04:45 PM) *


That was pretty damn predictable lol

QUOTE (EdokunEdo @ Nov 24 2010, 09:01 AM)
iv never seen snow!
Is it awesome

Oh God no... it is one of the worst things... I hate it so much...

In other news, happy thanksgiving~

-I gotta say, my personal favorite part of thanksgiving dinner is yams/sweet potatoes and candied carrots.
-I've been feeling overly emotional lately... ugh.
-My boyfriend is gonna be in an area with no service from now until Saturday. I don't even know where he's going, and the snow will be here soon... ugh *sighs*


-Hope everyone is having a nice holiday!

-Welcome back Chiyo!! biggrin.gif

-29 days until I see my mom for Christmas!!

-exciting announcement coming soon! biggrin.gif wooo!
Tombow - Thank-you. Truth be told I'm not all too interested in our Royal Family, but he seems a genuine guy and she's down to Earth so they are good future prospects. Now go take a break, I won't let you down.

Scar - So sweet smile.gif Looking forward to that announcement.

Causmicfire - don't cats have a wonderful way of putting us in our place?

Hope all my pals across the pond had a wonderful Thanksgiving


- I have been neglecting my forum duties, and I can only apologise to my fellow Mods for leaving them in the lurch like that.

- Given parts of the country are deep in snow, it is yet another day of bright, clear skies for me, and looks set to mostly stay that way. Bloody freezing though.

A Pierrot's Aria
jacksparrow589 My mum thought that...but the thought just scares me. tongue.gif And I'm sorry to hear that your flatmates were noisy- it's similar to how people are on Thursday nights/Friday mornings; they assume just because that they don't have Friday lectures/classes, that myself and some others don't...!

Pyroclasm Haha! I think this guy is always going to be a pain. laugh.gif

Tombow Sleeping in is always nice. biggrin.gif

Chiyo Where I am also has blue, sunny skies. laugh.gif It seemed like it was desperately trying to snow yesterday, but after about 10 minutes of extremely light snowfall it just stopped. But it is freezing outside! laugh.gif


-I just got two books for my Philosophy essay- it's about Lecretius' and Epicurus' views on death, so this should be fun to write. xD wink.gif

-I'm still in a good mood despite a certain someone telling me that I'm incompetent. dry.gif Git. xD

-I also had a good night's sleep despite the noise last night. I'm fed up of hearing dubstep, though! Argh! It sounds like someone's speakers are having a breakdown. xD

--I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday had a good one!

--After dinner, my cousins and I all just lay on the floor in the living room, giggling madly for no apparent reason. It was so much fun. smile.gif

--Now, we have a ton of pie leftovers. A half each of peach, pecan, and apple, probably a third of blueberry, a slice of pumpkin and two pieces of the delicious confection, pumpkin crunch.

--As if all that weren't enough, my mom's going to make a turkey today. I'm not fond of turkey--not at all. I'll get through it somehow.
Hey everyone! If you wouldn't mind taking a gander at this new post! I'd really appreciate it! FMA Fan Art Contest Poll

The reason I've made this post is to see what you think regarding submissions for future contests!

Thanks! ~Scar


- It is so flippin cold in my house, i'm literally shivering as I'm typing... lol....

- Going to the family house for a late Thanksgiving Dinner... they just got back from a cruise so we decided to have it today. smile.gif

- Hope everyones holiday was great!

Little Washu
One thing I do hate about the cold weather, almost more than just being cold, is that it makes my nose bleed... and the it heals up and its hard to breathe from it. Actually, in retrospect, it would probably heal a lot faster if I would let it be...

Anyway, Panty and Stocking with Garterbeld. Great anime right there. It's so Gainax, so very Gainax. My new sig and avatar are from it, avatar being Panty. I see much of myself in Panty... the obsession with underwear, the bluntness, the general look of her. I may attempt to make a cosplay of her transformed mode since it's easy and I need practice.

-I'm so hungry...
-I made plans today... but I don't wanna go through with them :/
Washu- I really want to see that anime! Is it relatively new? It looks Western style, a bit. Which is really cool. :0


- I went to the fabric store this afternoon. There were, like 15 people on line to cut fabric. WUT. And you know how long it takes those employees to cut fabric? WAY TOO LONG. They are ALWAYS unreasonably slow with measuring and cutting. So I left. Not worth the wait.

- I want to try out faux fur. I'm going to get some for an Alex DeLarge plushie (for his hair). So I'm going back to the fabric store in a bit. Hopefully things are calming down there. .-.

- I'm really annoyed right now. dry.gif I love when people are total jerks.

- I hate having a sore throat. It's just annoying.

- I'm so sick of listening to my iPod right now. I just don't want to listen to anything right now. Except Billy Joel. I can never get sick of him.

- Oh! I finished one of my conentration pieces for art. biggrin.gif Whoooooooo~ This proves that I'm NOT lazy! XD
Little Washu
QUOTE (Razzy @ Nov 26 2010, 05:10 PM) *
Washu- I really want to see that anime! Is it relatively new? It looks Western style, a bit. Which is really cool. :0

Lol it's kind of. It's not that western at all. But, it's rated M for sex and all that, as Panty is a nympho. Still, I love her and can't wait to dress as her <3 <3 <3

EDIT: I made a topic for it, found here: Panty with Stocking and Garterbelt Topic

- A new announcement will be taking place December 1st! So be ready smile.gif

- Hope everyone's weekend is going well!

- 27 days until I head to california! YAY! We're taking a train out, so that should be interesting. tongue.gif

--This is the 8th year I've been (and still am being) a helper at my local mall's photo-with-Santa event. I love it so much! Almost all of my cousins in the area stopped by, since our uncle is Santa.

--My cousin, his wife, and their 2 year old son came over for dinner last night, which was amazing amounts of fun. At one point Owen (the little boy) ran at me, and I was trying to pick him up, but the way I caught him, I wound up turning him upside-down, which he apparently thought was pretty awesome. We also played with Jenga blocks and read The Dr. Seuss Sleep Book.

--Just finished reading Jane Eyre for the first time in my life. I kind of wish they'd required it in school--it was miles more entertaining than most of what we had to read!

--Back to school for 2.5 weeks, and then Christmas break. I want it to be break NOW.
EniviD EiraM
CT's :

--- what have I done Penny? I got my new twitter account so I completely forgot to update here. :<
I miss being here in the forum ..

--- where should I start? hmmm ... okay so I'm back at school and life has been normal. We're going on camp again next week. I'm away for 6 consecutive days surviving in a farm along the highway far from home. It's like survivor, really. I'm not really busy doing homeworks and stuff just the scouting thingy really exhaust the hell out of me. I'm trying to think as positive as convincing so I won't regret joining in. It's not that easy at all. Imagining the campsite gives me psychological death (?)... worse than a headache.

--- guess I'll have to prepare and pack up my things. 'till next time ...
jacksparrow- We had to read Jane Eyre for English class this year. Nobody actually read it though, because it was 400+ pages and our teacher only gave us a week or so to read it. laugh.gif But I thought it was better than most school-required books, judging from the first 40 pages that I read.


- RAMMSTEIN. IS COMING. TO NYC! ...If tickets weren't a ridiculous amount of money, I would so go see them! But minimum price is around $110... *sadness* ;_____________;

- I can't believe Thanksgiving break is already over. I really have no desire to go to school tomorrow... or ever again.

- So today I'm going to be a judge again in the annual kids' art contest for the newspaper. It's always so much fun! I can't wait~ biggrin.gif

- I got these really fuzzy sheets and pillowcase for my bed. Soooo warm. <3
I hope those that celebrated Thanksgiving had a good time and nice holiday. Mine could have been better because I was sick, and spent the day in bed.

While I was sick, my mom made me tea at 2 am. I felt bad for waking her up with my coughing, but I was thankful for the tea.

On Saturday, when I was feeling a bit better, my best friend and I saw Harry Potter 7. I haven't seen her since June, so it was nice. Plus I was glad she was home, because we have seen every HP movie in theaters together.
Little Washu
Leslie Nielson died today. The film industry has suffered a very, very great loss...

-I... i loved Leslie Nielson...
-Apparently, people who know me thought of me when they heard the news lol
@jacksparrow589: I've never met a young kid to date who doesn't enjoy being tipped upside down. laugh.gif

@Little Washu: I read about that just before... It's so sad...


- RIP, Leslie Nielsen. The acting world just lost someone great... T_T

- I have baby chicks hatching! :3 I went to check just before; there are several eggs with small cracks in them and I can hear little cheeping noises. wub.gif

- Three days 'til Dark Dawn! Some people in the US have their copies already... DO WANT.

--I love getting calls during class from numbers I don't recognize. I kind of wonder if it's the guy I went to a dance with last spring, trying to figure out why the heck my number's in his phone, but I deleted his number, so I don't know if it's his or not. Whatever. It's pretty amusing, actually. tongue.gif

--I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm all shaky all of a sudden. I've been feeling like I'm coming down with a cold, too, and my back hurts. This is just not my week. dry.gif

--My nails are way too long right now. (Er, by my standards. Apparently, they're short to most other people.) But I'm being lazy, so I'm not going to cut them.

--Actually, I have a good excuse: my piles and piles of homework that I need to finish. This is what happens when you don't do your work over break, kiddies!
EniviD EiraM

--- camping ... here I go ! T.T
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