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Full Version: Penny for your thoughts? (don't expect "real" money here... XD)
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haven't posted in a while!

College is going well so far. Still a little shy with meeting new people (it's the "approach", know what I mean?)

Going to a vigil at midnight for the 9/11 victims...still can't believe it's 9 years...and i never forgot everything i did that day.


--The book I just finished had me totally, completely, and utterly fooled right up to the big reveal. This does not happen very often. I feel so pathetic I could cry. But that would make me even more pathetic, so I'll just marvel in the brilliance of it, instead. (It's not a bad book! I'm just thoroughly disappointed in how easily I was suckered into complacency.)

--I really strongly dislike with a passion just how personal customer service at big-brand stores/restaurants tries to make itself nowadays. At Starbucks, they asked me my name not to call it when the order came up, but just so that they could address me more personally. They're a big chain--they'll forget about me in five minutes! I don't take stuff like that personally!

--I declare tonight a movie night.
- I spent the first 2 days of my 4-day weekend working on art. Awesome. :>
- The Barnes & Noble here is fail. Too bad, because I have a gift card with a buttload of moneyz on it.
- Stomach is killing me. Ugh.
- Went to a bonfire. Now I smell like smoke. But it smells more like cigarettes than a bonfire. How is that possible? .-.
- I wanna write a story or something. But I'm too lazy.
A Pierrot's Aria
@Pyroclasm He's started again...Suddenly I don't feel so bad for my sister doing the same thing to him anymore, it's really cheesing me off... crybaby.gif

@mellulah I'm sorry to hear that you had to quit your National Diploma, but that's an amazing result! Well done, and good luck with uni!

@DisasterPiece I'm glad to hear that college is going well for you! smile.gif

@jacksparrow589 Movie nights are among some of the best nights! biggrin.gif

@Razzy I hope your stomach feels better soon! happy.gif


-Some of my history books for uni came today...and speaking of uni and the post, I wasn't amused yesterday because a letter from uni came through the letter box, only it was ripped and had been opened...! There's still a package that I'm waiting for, too, and Royal Mail are being really slow about it!

-I've just got a week of freedom left, then I'm moving out to go to uni...I'm really scared. I can take care of myself, but I've always had that comfort of someone else being there. I got another activity schedule and thankfully it looks like there are some alternative activities rather than pub crawls, since I don't drink, that's very relieving!

-I've also been trying to decide on some module choices in advance so I'm not stumped when I get there- I also have some unrestricted credits, so I'm hoping to take some Biblical Studies, too, particularly Biblical Hebrew. Failing that, I plan to take a modern language; I've got my eyes on Italian! biggrin.gif

EDIT- Oh luck of the past month...where have you gone? I just started getting texts from that moronic weirdo AGAIN. I knew him stopping was too good to be true! And when I'm home alone, too! I'm so annoyed, it's like he's toying with me! To see if I could resolve it, I text back asking him to stop contacting me and he just replied "Who am I thn?"
I don't know which Orange contact number to call- none of them seem to be the right one to get a number rejected...I'm going to start ripping out my hair at this rate!! This month has been so rubbish, I just want to hide under my duvet and sleep until next month. crybaby.gif
-my friends invited me to watch movie yeasterday, My dormates invited me to go malling last friday. Unfortunately, i have no money so i spent my day watching tv alone in dorm sleepy.gif

@jacksparrow it must be nice having a book to read and a movie night. It's been several months now having no money to buy a new book and DVD. books here is worth half of my one week allowance. Whenever i go to bookstore i'll check out books for hours and come out buying nothing. So Instead, i have youtube and So sad.

@Pierrot there are times where I'm actually like that, like, i felt bad when i need to ignore or reject other people(except when i'm in a bad mood). I always try to be assertive but the guilt is making it difficult. I think that's why i always have trouble scaping an aggresive saleslady in the mall. tongue.gif

don't feel like talking to anyone or doing anything mad.gif

bad week. bad weekend. hate always feeling cheated at everything in my life.
@A Pierrot's Aria - That's not good.. You'll have to block the number, or ignore the jerk, and hope he loses interest and stops doing it.


- Felt nostalgic yesterday and played Pokemon Yellow. What a step back in time! How things have changed over the years...

- Though thinking of Pokemon, some of the new ones that have been revealed this week have been pretty cool. I like the dark type cat Pokemon. Finally, a cat that isn't a boring normal type! I hope it evolves into something useful, because I'm going to get me one of those! XD
QUOTE (Disasterpiece @ Sep 12 2010, 08:07 AM) *
hate always feeling cheated at everything in my life.

Life is hard. And we need to get used to it. I already started to do so. Do we even have another choice?


-Has been busy. There will be a test at school. Economy. I hate it more than everything else in this world. And if I fail the test, I will fail the whole year. Yes. That's why I'm spending my free time with hardcore learning

-The GUY I have been talking about... remember? Well, he didn't come to my birthday party with the explantation that he doesn't want a girlfriend because of college soon and that he doesn't want to go any further with me so that it "won't hurt in the end". Oh my, how dramatic xD I don't really am sad cause I hadn't any feelings for him. He was so perfect, but... no feelings... Well he wasn't in love with me either or else he wouldn't say stuff like this. I don't really feel bad about it, I am actually glad it happened as it should.

-Ouch my hand HURTS SO BAAAD... my whole arm and shoulder! That's because at shooting training someone offered me to shoot a .357 magnum... but it actually was fun... even if it really honestly hurts! I'm such a softie biggrin.gif. But today I shot 4 different weapons. That's a new record for me. But don't worry, the ones who worry. I know what I do and I know that I am responsible for what I do. I would never ever even aim at a person. Or animal.
QUOTE (Disasterpiece @ Sep 12 2010, 07:07 AM) *

don't feel like talking to anyone or doing anything mad.gif

Except ranting on the forum?

- There should be a setting on your phone itself somewhere to "reject" or block numbers. It should be costumer services you call to get this sorted OR if you have an Orange shop near by, go and talk to someone.


- Job interview tomorrow. Wish me luck.
@ Chiyo Good luck good luck good luck!!! biggrin.gif


- I got a new hair cut and I'm lovin' it.

- Wow big news, Obama is blaming Bush for the bad economy... where's the change YOU promised.... not that I voted for you but as you JUST stated "what have I done?" Nothing is the answer....

- Whoa sorry lol I'm watching the news right now...

- Hope everyone has had a great weekend! smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@baquira That's the exact same with me! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who feels guilty for ignoring sales people!

@Pyroclasm Me too. >.< I'm definitely going to block the number now...It just sort of irks me that even with that, he'll still have my number. But I doubt that he'll go out of his way to contact me with a different phone...I hope! laugh.gif

@Chiyo I don't have an option like that on my phone, so I'll have to phone up....thankfully I found their customer service number which was ridiculously hard to locate! laugh.gif And good luck with your interview! happy.gif


-I am the epitome of calm today. I was kind of on the verge of spontaneously combusting last night! But I'm fine now, all is well. xD I just had one of those moments where there was one thing that needed to happen before something snapped, because in general it has been one of those months in which irritating things kept happening and it just eventually built up. But as always with me, the feeling of anger never lasts long! I apologise for my outburst! laugh.gif

-Mmmmm...salt and vinegar Pringles...
A Pierrot's Aria--Hey, we all need to get angry every once and a while. I took up racquetball for that very reason! I'm glad that things are looking better, though! (And I hope the transition to university goes smoothly for you!)

Chiyo--Good luck on your interview!

Disasterpiece--If this has to do with people, you should tell them, but calmly, mind you. I've found that when I stand up for myself, I tend to feel a lot less slighted because I did something about it.

baquira--I do that same thing, since I pretty much have no money. They actually know me at my local Barnes & Noble--no joke! I also go to the library a lot and use Hulu to watch tv shows, though I did actually rent "Shakespeare in Love" from Blockbuster.


--On that note, "Shakespeare in Love" is a pretty good movie! At least, the second half of it is. My mom and I had a lot of fun watching it!

--Given how politically charged this past week has been, it's nice to just have a quiet, peaceful day at home. It's just been so screwed up lately. Lots of ranting on my part about how, as long as it's not hurting anyone, why can't we all just live and let live? (Rhetorical question--I'm very much an idealist, and it comes back to bite me sometimes.)

--My dad actually decided to watch NCIS with me a few nights ago. It was rather amusing, since he didn't ask as many questions as he does about anime, but would still make totally off-base guesses, and then complain about why it wasn't that obvious. He's so funny. biggrin.gif


Don't want to get into it sleep.gif"

but at least i can have schoolwork and stuff to distract me from it. And HSOTD and Occult Academy epis

Good luck Chiyo! biggrin.gif

- Play auditions for Inherit the Wind are this week at my school! I really want to get the part of Hornbeck! I think we're short on boys in the drama department, so a girl like me might have a chance of getting that part! laugh.gif Also, I'm a senior, so I get priority, yay~
- Finally installed a decent anti-virus program.
- Making modern art is annoying. Throwing random crud onto a canvas is harder than it looks! XD
- I want a job. Oh. Correction: I need a job. sad.gif
- I got 9 hours of sleep, but I'm still tired.
- Where is my iPod?
- My friend works at Starbucks. Yesterday, he served coffee to one of the actors from Avenue Q. And they had a conversation about Avenue Q and other stuff. So awesome. XD
@Chiyo: Good luck! Hope it goes well!

@A Pierrot's Aria: That's good. Though if he goes out of his way to get ahold of another phone to bother you with, I'd start worrying... Not meaning to make you feel paranoid or anything. tongue.gif


- I was speaking with my mother this morning. She mentioned that her "friend" might be coming down during the school holidays. (He's a teacher.) She said he was a bit nervous about the idea, because he was afraid that it might upset me. We burst into laughter simultaneously.

- Now I feel kinda bad. When I spoke to him on the phone the other day, I suppose I should've tried to be more friendly, instead of just my usual self. I might have scared him a little bit, even though I didn't mean to. I guess to people who don't know me, I come across as moody rather than impassive...
A Pierrot's Aria
@jacksparrow589 hug.gif
I hope I get to take a stress relieving sport when at uni...I'm sure they have a karate course. tongue.gif And thank you! I'm hoping the change goes smoothly, too!

@Pyroclasm Haha!! I've gotten to the point where I can just laugh at the whole situation now. laugh.gif Although it would have freaked me out if he described what I was wearing or what I was doing! o.o And I hope that you and your mum's 'friend' will get along fine! biggrin.gif

And more good vibes for Chiyo! biggrin.gif


-I'm spending a couple of days with a friend this week...I'm looking forward to it!

-Emotes everywhere! biggrin.gif

-I'm in a good mood! smile.gif

--After I'd been reading about the Brazilian wandering spider, I just knew I'd come across a spider in the house. And I did--one of those really big European house spiders. My reaction was to let out a few nonsense syllables (but I didn't scream like a little girl!), capture the thing, and put it outside.

--My neighbor's cat seems like he's got a cold or something. Poor kitty... sad.gif

--Ingenuity: Realizing you can break open the molasses bottle to get the last of it out for the yummy molasses cookies you're baking... and then realizing that you compromised said molasses by putting tiny shards of glass into it. Arg! I am buying only wide-mouthed molasses jars in the future!

--They're still awesome cookies, though: crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. Just the way I like 'em. smile.gif

--I also made a batch of bread pudding yesterday, and it was some of the most awesome-smelling stuff ever.
Have fun, Pierrot's Aria! biggrin.gif


- Some screen-printing ink arrived in the mail today! Once the green arrives, I'll make my first shirt.

- I'm still super excited for the play auditions! <3

- Sociology class is awesome! Today we tested subliminal messaging on students. laugh.gif

- Ugh. Am I the only one who doesn't know that it takes oil paint a long time to dry? D:

- I love being a senior~

My whole attitude this semseter is different. Instead of focusing on drama, I am focusing on myself and being a better student. I plan to really focus on my schoolwork. My freshman year of college I had a fantastic gpa, but in sophomore year, it faltered a little bit. But this year, I want to improve it again

My roommate will help me with that. Because she keeps her side of the room neat and will study. So if I see her studying or having a clean desk. I will study and clean my desk too.

I can't explain why I feel happier. But I am at a point in my life where I have just accepted how things are. And it has made my life so much easier to deal with.
QUOTE (Chiyo @ Sep 4 2010, 04:52 AM) *
- Tombow is still feeling unwell so please heckle me if you need help.

Thank you so much, Chiyo for taking care of the board while I was on "sick leave"!
*hugs* (Hope your job interview is going well!! )

Also, some board stuff...
QUOTE (Chiyo @ Sep 4 2010, 04:52 AM) *
Rainshine - you're right. I didn't notice until you mentioned it. I shall find out what's going on. It may have been after the Board went down for a couple of days and something needs resetting

Yes, finally got around and corrected it. Sorry for the delay. sad.gif

- Finally, I'm back!
- Yeah, I was rather badly sick for over a week. sad.gif
- Catching up with stuff now...
- Missed the coming out of the new Gaiden... Just checked.. was not what expected, but it's sweet.
Little Washu
^Welcome home Tombow, glad to see you're feeling better :3

First meeting of the school anime club today. The new freshies are kinda meh. Mostly mainstream, one didn't know anything. Regardless, I'll make fans out of them eventually.

My friend Autumn and I have a dream. A dream to own a cafe. A cyber/anime cafe, in which the waitresses are maids.
Hurhurrr I would enjoy.

-Homework... no motivation to do.
@A Pierrot's Aria: Haha, it's good that you're feeling happier now! wink.gif

@Tombow: Welcome back Tombow! Glad you're feeling better.


- With the awesome new games coming out soon, I feel so excited. smile.gif I've long since accepted that I won't be able to hold myself back from spoilers, so I'm glad that spoiling a game beforehand never ruins the experience for me.

- Gah I have a Chilblain on my toe. T_T It's annoying...
Tombow--Welcome back to the land of the (in my case, semi-) alive!


--Today is one of those days when I do not want to move more than about 10 feet for any reason. And I have to babysit tonight. I hope I don't slip and take out my annoyance on the children--it's not their fault!

--One week, and I'll finally be back at school again! smile.gif

--Yesterday, I bought the books for the classes I know I'll be taking, and between using my rebate from last year's purchases and my buyback voucher from last quarter, I didn't have to pay anything! $180 worth of books for "free"! (The qualification being that textbooks are ridiculously overpriced, and so it's more like I pre-paid for them by buying other books.)
A Pierrot's Aria
@Razzy Thank you! I certainly did! biggrin.gif

@Pyroclasm hug.gif
And I hope your toes get better soon!

@Tombow It's really lovely to see you back! hug.gif

@jacksparrow589 I'm sorry to hear you're having a bad day, I hope you feel better soon! happy.gif


-I'm back from my friend's house now! I had a great time! When I got back, I did a bit of shopping for my move.

-I also got a letter in the post from the college I went to, I'm paraphrasing here but it basically said that I did so well in my Classics exam that they're requesting a script of my answer from the exam board so they can use it to help future Classics students...I'll probably refuse though because I'll be too embarrassed to let anyone else see. laugh.gif
-@Tombow: It's so nice to see your face on the forum again. wink.gif biggrin.gif


-Wicked is coming to a college very near me in December and tickets come on sale on the 25th. I really want to go see it. There's just the matter of how much I'll be getting paid this month.

-Need a new laptop charger since mine won't charge my battery unless it's off or sleeping. dry.gif Such a pain. Wasn't technology supposed to make our lives better?

-What's a Chilblain?

grrrrrrrrrrrrr website won't recognize my university zip code. What the efff?
@A Pierrot's Aria: Thank you very much. hug.gif And you should let them use your answer! ...Though admittedly, if I were in that position, I'd be too embarrassed as well...

@kimonodragon88: A chilblain is a red and itchy inflammation of the skin, usually on the fingers and toes, caused by excessive exposure to cold damaging the capillaries.


- Sneezing, coughing, headaches... Yep, I remember why I hate you, Springtime...
@ Disasterpiece have you tried sending Tombow a message? He's back and maybe he can help with that? smile.gif

@ pyroclasm Hope you feel better!!!

@ kimonodragon88 ohmy.gif Wicked is gonna be there! I never got to see it when it was where I live...

@ Perriot's Aria ohmy.gif ohmy.gif congrats!!!! biggrin.gif


- Today is the first day I'm actually WORKING from home.... ohmy.gif Never done that before and its great!! I work at my leisure...

-Everyone please send your thoughts and well wishes to Chiyo!! Job hunting is a crazy thing!! Good luck this week Chi!! tongue.gif

-I really hate getting phone calls from bill collectors... although when the bank that I can my car loan through calls, my ringtone says this.... "You know what really grinds my gears, people in the nineteenth century, why don't they get with the freakin program, its called an automobile folks, its much faster than a horse..." <3 Family Guy... I'm not late on my payment for them its just I get a bajillion reminders about my bill being due soon... XD

- Hope everyone has a great day! biggrin.gif
Uuuugh... school sucks.


-Tired. And afraid. There will be a test next week thursday in economy. And if I won't manage to write a "Okay" grade, then I'll have to repeat the year. So my whole fate, future, what ever is depending on this test. I always did bad before in this subject. But now I don't have another choice. I'm learning every second day for two hours with someone explaining everything to me. I hope that will be enough... You know, if I won't manage, I will just die.

-And that's all what is coming into my sense. So afraid... sooo sooo sooo afraid. And my French teacher decided to write a tiny test on Tuesday. I told her, maybe we will write later since the economy test? But she didn't even want to listen. Great, now I have to learn for two topics. Maybe I'll just forget about French and concentrate in economy. Ugh.

-We sold cake at school. I helped. We got 175 Euros. The money comes to our celebration after we are done in school. It costs tons of money and so we started to earn money now.
A Pierrot's Aria
@Pyroclasm No worries! And I'm still deciding...I have this horrible thought that my teacher will look at it and think "how on Earth did she get a high grade with this?" I know she probably wouldn't think that, but...laugh.gif

@ScarMySoul Thank you!
And I'd worry about putting a ring tone I liked for someone I didn't like hearing from...Dread would run down my spine every time I heard it! laugh.gif

And loooooads more thoughts and luck for Chiyo!


-Custom charges...My mortal enemy! cursing.gif

-My sister has had her eye on a guinea pig in the pet shop for a while now. It's only 6 weeks old. She went down to buy it but didn't have proof of age with her. I bumped into her walking home, (she went to the pet shop and I went to pay aforementioned charges and pick up my package laugh.gif ) and she decided to use me as reinforcement, and I ended up going with her to get it as I had the necessary ID. I got it, and she called it Mustang. Its cuteness can melt the coldest of hearts. laugh.gif Our other three guinea pigs are like...3 times as big but they get on brilliantly!

-The intercom went earlier and when my dad answered and the person on the other end said it was the Police...and we thought...'WTF!' We waited and heard the typical policeman-type thumping at the door. And as always when dealing with the Police when you never really have done before, even if you know you've done nothing wrong, you feel guilty as hell. laugh.gif I answered the door and it was just my brother! (Who, of course, was laughing at us!) laugh.gif
A Pierrot's Aria--Thank you! happy.gif It's nothing I haven't dealt with before, or anything I won't deal with again, but I do feel quite a bit better today!

~hayate--The last thing you should do is worry so much that you can't concentrate! You know what you need to work on, and you're working on it. You'll do the best you can, and that's all you can do. I hope it goes well, though! Keep on studying! smile.gif

And a lotta-lotta-lotta more luck for Chiyo, of course! Go get 'em! smile.gif


--I saw my middle school band teacher yesterday when I went to help my mom with a few things where she teaches. I ran up and gave her a big hug. I was so happy! happy.gif

--I also got to see the lady who ran the before/after school program at my elementary school when I picked up the girl I was babysitting. I miss her!

--So, apparently, I'm crazy because I actually like going to the dentist. After 10 years of monthly orthodontist visits, you just get used to doing what they tell you to do. And it feels so great to have clean teeth afterward!

--My dad is getting capitalizing on my last week here by having me do chores. Yeah. Love you, too, Dad! dry.gif

- Can't wait for AWA this weekend! My BFF is dressing as Winry, and I's gonna be Sheska. :3

- Don't think I can go to bed tonight. 2 major papers due since I've been absent. Stupid hospital visits. >_<

- Brain scan came back, I got no tumors. biggrin.gif Bad news is the doctors still don't know what been giving me these awful headaches. sad.gif

- Need to get back to work, but I can't stop talking with my friend about AWA! Ahh! XD

@A Pierrot's Aria: If your work is good enough for them to want to use it, I doubt she'd ever think that! laugh.gif

@ScarMySoul: Thanks, but I'll be like this for 50% of the season. Hayfever is a pain... But I'm used to putting up with it by now.

@black~hayate: I hope you do well on your upcoming test. Study hard, and try not to fret too much.

@jacksparrow589: You enjoying going to the dentist doesn't make you crazy! I never mind going to the dentist either...

@Hagaren_4ever: Good to hear that your head is tumour free. I hope the doctors figure out what is causing your headaches.


- Sending my well wishes to Chiyo once again. May the winds of fortune be at your back, Chiyo!

- Fans make me laugh sometimes. Just because you see the silhouette of a character with a ponytail, it does not mean that said character is the descendant of the character with a ponytail from the previous generation. Hairstyles are not hereditary. XD

- So tired... I shouldn't have stayed up so late last night... But I wanted to see all of the new Pokemon as they leaked out! sad.gif
EniviD EiraM
@Little Washu:
- wow. it must be nice to have an anime club at school ... smile.gif


-- currently watching hagaren episode 40 ...

-- I miss my bestie very much ! some of our old friends had a movie marathon at my bff's house while I'm having my freaky exams !
I miss hanging out with her and some pals during elementary .. sad.gif I wish I could go back to our old days ...

-- I need friends !!!!!!! lots of them !!!! T.T
Thank-you to all who sent well wishes. Got a second interview with the one job but didn't get it, however am waiting to hear from a place I had an interview at this morning.

Starting a volunteer job with physically handicapped children tomorrow. I am excited to see which child I will be working with.

I have become addicted to Doodlejump. Its such a fun game.

One of my suitemates is having heart problems, which is most likely due to stress. She doesn't eat right, doesn't exercise at all, and doesn't get a goodnight sleep at all. I tell her she should eat better and excersise, and get a goonights rest. But she doesn't listen to my advice. She just gives excuses. I want her to be healthy but if she doesn't make any changes...

- Holy mother! My stomach is killing me right now. It's gotten so bad that the pain has spread to my chest. And it's kind of hard to breathe. I blame genetics, having given me this uncooperative stomach. *shakes fist*

- Not going to bed until I feel better. ... I might be awake for a while. laugh.gif

- The cast list for the school plays was not posted today. Instead, it'll be online tomorrow. I'm so nervous, but excited! Ahhh! >____<

- The new Pokemon for B&W are crazy. imo, they're terrible. An ice cream cone Pokemon? That's just... I don't even know what to say.

- It's cold in here...

- I wanna see the movie 'The Fourth Kind'. My friends said it was insanely scary/creepy. And I'm always up for a scary/creepy movie. Especially one about aliens. XD
Feel excited for Glee season 2!
There are new cast and one is a fellow filipino Charice.

Also, i missed Fin's cute face. wub.gif

--Just made blueberry pancakes. Yummy, and lots of fun!

--My mom's side of the family is celebrating summer birthdays today. More fun times! smile.gif

--My grandma and I just did not get the cards in pinochle last night, though my parents went set (weren't able to make the amount of points from their bid) more often than us. (Only because they took the majority of the bids.) It was kind of pathetic.

--Stupid scratch in my ear. Grrr... It's right where my earbud is supposed to go! (This is why I have my monster headphones, but I prefer not to use them.)

--What is with this rain? We've had 2 inches in the past couple days. Ridiculous!

--I need to start packing for going back to school. I move back in 3 days. We'll see how that works out...

-This forum's gotten reaallyy quiet since I left. D:
A Pierrot's Aria

-In my uni room...feeling a little scared and a bit lonely.

-I'm also really hungry...there was a very conveniently placed domino's pizza menu in my drawer. laugh.gif

-I feel quite intimidated with all of these outgoing girls chattering away outside my door. I feel awkward just stepping out and saying hi because I feel like I'm intruding...

--Just got my training schedule for my dining hall job. Do I really have to?

--Still have to start packing to leave, and now I definitely have to move in on Tuesday and stay. As much as I want to go, I dislike this last-minute stuff. dry.gif

--My cousin announced that she's pregnant! I'm so excited!

--My aunt and uncle got me 3 pairs of knee-high socks. I absolutely adore them, but I have no casual skirts to wear them with! This will have to change.

--I declare today a sushi day.

I've never been the shy type when meeting individuals on their own, but now in college, when i see a group of people i want to get to know, I get..well, shy unsure.gif

For me its more nerve-wracking if i run into them on a daily basis like between class....i'd want to takl to them to be friends and all but's the approach i dont know how to do =| I just feel out of place when i try to get to know a group like if they're sitting in the dining hall or in the kitchen in the dorm.

Does anyone have any tips? unsure.gif

Went to Chinatown in Boston today and had a great time. Went to a resteraunt where Chinese people came up with carts of food and would ask if we wanted dumprings!

My roommate and I people watched today. It was such a good time.

Beowulf and I are going to best friends this week.
Disasterpiece- Oh boy, I've definitely been in that situation before. Well do you know what they like or what their hobbies are? You could maybe approach them by starting to talk about something that you have in common with them. Or maybe talk about a class you have with them? You could also maybe see if you could start making friends with one or two of the people in the group (when they're not all together), and you could integrate into the group that way? I dunno if that's any help, but that's what I'd do (and have done before). Good luck! biggrin.gif

- I didn't get the part I wanted in the play... I was incredibly disappointed. Especially since I'm a senior, so this is my last play. It sucks. sad.gif
- But I feel a little better, since I ordered some Scott Pilgrim online, along with Avenue Q: The Book! biggrin.gif I'm so excited!
- My throat hurts...
- I wish I had an energy drink right now.
- I have so much work to do...

well i mean like i see them all the time when i pass them by, and again i dont want to be like a creeper, know what i mean? but i doubt they and me have anything in common (Metal, anime, etc) They're kinda like mainstream folk so =\

But thank you!


Saw the latest OVA.... it was very interesting to watch happy.gif
Disasterpiece--Getting to know people isn't just about what you have in common; it's also about respecting others as they are. I'd say you've got nothing to lose by at least introducing yourself. Something like, "Hey, I have a class with you!" or even just a casual "What's up?" Hard? Yes--incredibly so for me. But once I actually tried, it was totally worth it! smile.gif


--I finally finished the Korean drama I was watching. It was so much fun! It's hard to believe it was only 20 episodes!

--The three shows I really keep tabs on--Castle, Bones, and NCIS--are all premiering this week. Hulu is a wonderful thing!

--All packed and ready to leave! I should be all moved in by this time tomorrow.

--Yesterday, it was rainy as heck, and now it's all windy. *sigh* Oh, Autumn, how I've missed you.

--My dad said something about making chili. We have just enough tomatoes...

--He also mentioned applesauce. While the tomatoes are not doing well, we've got a bumper crop of king apples this year!
phoenix dying
QUOTE (Disasterpiece @ Sep 19 2010, 04:17 PM) *
Does anyone have any tips? unsure.gif

PARTYS! Go to them. You will meet people and there is most likely booze to drink as well! A little liquid courage for your ice breaker.

-Yaaay, I finally wrote my "About Me" page here, and it only took about 2 years! :DDD

-I'm totally just procrastinating on chemistry homework now. >.>
A Pierrot's Aria

This morning I found out my guinea pig, Alba, died and I'm absolutely devastated.
Then I had to spend hours and hours in line for module enrolment. The only plus here is I managed to sign up to learn Latin...Then there was a massive queue for Uni registration. It was so long that the line went right out into and down the street. I just gave up and decided to do it early tomorrow.

I've been drowning my sorrows with chocolate fudge brownie ice cream...

And then embarrassingly, I burst out crying when one of the support group people came to see me. I don't know if anyone else does this, but when I'm upset and someone asks me if I'm okay it just makes me cry...! She said she'd check up on me again later.

These past few days have been a nightmare...
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