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Full Version: Penny for your thoughts? (don't expect "real" money here... XD)
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-Ok did everyone but me have a lucid dream!? The hell man, you're all just trying scare me or something. I'm healthy right? o.o
-Worst. Day. Ever.
-I had a nightmare last night and right when something good happened I woke up.
-Had tons of stomach aches today. xP
-Someone proved my voice sucks. Once again my dreams are crushed and there is no purpose for me in this world but to pursuit my second dream... to be a pyschiatrist.
-My parents were fighting and I think it's my fault. I can't stop crying over that. And I already had tons of things piled ontop of me that I kept as I secret and fought my tears against but this let them all out...
Full Metal SHORTY!!!

- I'm very tired...
- I'm bored
- and I wish I was out shopping with my friend and watching Toy Story 3!!!!!!
@ Carmencita: I'm sorry to hear you had a bad day, etc. I hope things get better for you soon happy.gif And no, I haven't had a lucid dream myself.

-What, USA, NOOOO!!!! Ack, not cool. Well, congrats to Ghana for moving on and keeping Africa alive happy.gif

-Went to Best Buy with my parents today. I chilled in the instruments aisle and played Moonlight Sonata using those red key thingys that tell you what key to press. Good thing I know the song, and have fast reflexes XD. It was fun.

-Might also be getting a new iPod. Can't wait for that.

-My brother is getting mood swings on and off lately. No idea why.

-I think I'm kinda sleepy, but I've only been awake for 10 hours. Weird.
A Pierrot's Aria
@Thalogens I'm sorry your party didn't go how you would have liked...but happy birthday for yesterday.

@Carmencita I've gotten you obsessed! LOL! wink.gif But I'm sorry to hear you've had a bad day. Hope things get better.


-My sister just laughed in her sleep and I almost fell out of my chair with the shock! LOL It was so sudden!

-Mmmm...I have a whole packet of chocolate digestives calling out to me...I think I'll heed their call. biggrin.gif

--Watched "LotR: the Two Towers" yesterday for the first time. I recognized a lot of the not-so-mainstream actors, though, so I didn't feel entirely stupid. I did fall asleep for about 5 minutes during one of the slow parts, though.

--My friend's dad made excellent pizza, though, and I got to see their Pomeranian, Mocha, which really woke me up. I swear, that little puffball is 70% fur! (But I love him so much!)

--Now I just have to see "LotR: the Return of the King", the first two X-men movies, and about a thousand others before I can show my face in public again.

--Why is it that the catchiest songs have the raunchiest lyrics? (Or the most degrading, violent, etc.)

--Wow, a week until the 4th, and the weather's looking... not so great. Who knows--maybe instead of swimming, we'll be ice skating under the fireworks! (Okay, slight exaggeration. It is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but still... not much sun, not incredibly warm... It's not looking promising.)
-Being Busy made me feel alive lately smile.gif
-It feels so good to be back !^^
-I missed my dad soo much. I can't wait to see him. It's been years since I last saw his face sad.gif. Watching the ep. 63 of Brotherhood made me cry and remember my dad. I hope he's fine and healthy..
-JAMMMMMMMMES! and Ryan's chuva chuva chu chu^^

-Played around in the city yesterday for my friend's birthday. We were heading up to where there were a lot of Pride parties when masses of people heading in the other direction informed us that people got shot and they were basically gonna close down that area D: we ended up finding a great bar elsewhere but still, scaaaary.

-My job is driving me up the wall DX the agency I work through apparently only can pay me for a certain number of hours each pay period. I was never told this and was asked to worked longer than I could be paid for. Now it seems the client is freaking out and getting into fights with other family members about paying me after I informed him that I couldn't work unpaid hours because I have, you know, bills to pay and rent and groceries to buy. All I asked is that he sort things out with the agency before asking me to work any hours I won't be compensated for, not for anyone to pay me out of pocket! I don't think that's unreasonable; why is this so complicated!? I shouldn't have to deal with this. Gahhhh.

- I have a messed up ligament in my left foot... it aches like hell, after trying to cope with it for a couple of weeks, but last Saturday gave in and went to my doctor who identified the spot immediately and told me that we need to treat it. So he gave me a course of pain meds for 10 days... hopefully they'll work as the prospects of them not working aren't good at all sad.gif

- Work's getting better... well wait, my attitude towards work got different as crappy stuff is still going on and strong too. The douche of a boss I have is still acting like an idiot, but... I'm trying to be as smug as possible in there, and give him prompt replies to his queries, sometimes trying to be as ironic as possible - so that one day he'll realise that he's ruined all of his Unit staff. Just imagine, me and my senior supervisor were talking last week, and we said to ourselves that didn't we love what we work on as much as we do, we would have requested a transfer. So, damn him, we're gonna continue in our own paths ;D

- Half's off for holiday... so I'm gonna be a bit lonely the coming week... Though, I just hope he enjoys himself loads and manages to take a break for me too as it's gonna be difficult for me to take a holiday this year I guess.

- My FMA craze rather than decreasing with it finishing... it's actually increasing!

- I have two days off work biggrin.gif Today and tomorrow ;P
fma has a habit of making me cry sad.gif
this world cup has been for the underdogs . .Besides the england match , where the underdog got knocked out . .

Little Washu
-Birthday... in 24 days... mp3 player... giving out... need new one :1 Seriously, in the world of technology, it's old after 18 months. Now that this thing is about 4 years old, and is completely dying, I think I should get a new one for my 16th. I quite like the 80/120 gig Zune >.>

-Just found out our health insurance got canceled cause my mom lost her job. And she's going back to school, no money income is kinda... eh. Good news though, today my orthodontist (or one of the 3, rather) has my mom almost convinced to discontinue. I've had these braces for 3 1/2 years. I'm SO ready to get them off.

-Wanna get a job so bad. Then I can pay for my own stuff, and start to save up to pay for the courses and difference for the increase in car insurance when I get my permit. Permit want...
^Happy extremely early birthday!
@A Perriot's Aria: Yes you have! xD

-Why do I post in this thread so much again..?
-Today is like the strangest day, ever: I woke up because I heard a woman's voice. She laughed once, and spoke the second time (but I can't remember what she said). But there was no one else in the entire house besides my father and I. And I'm pretty sure my father sounds like a man. All TVs were off and my puppies, they don't speak. They bark. It was 6 in the morning so who could've been outside. CREEPY. Am I just paranoid or something!? Of what? Good question...

- I"m frustrated

- What's the point

- I'm gonna give myself an ulcer... mellow.gif

I'm eating Apple Pie! happy.gif And my cat seems to think I'm going to share it with her... She's a weird animal... She'll eat just about anything... huh.gif I just gave her some apple and she ate it.

Hmm... I feel like playing Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn again...

- My father made my blood boil today. It'll be my mom's 2nd death anniversary this July and I have to go down south of the Philippines to visit her grave, but he wouldn't give me money for my plane tickets. And his excuse? I'll be absent for school. Hell, I only go to school every tuesdays and fridays, I'll only be absent for a day, and my professors agreed that I'll be taking a different set of exams when I come back. Being absent for a day wouldn't pull my grades down! That excuse is just so lame. I bet he already wasted his budget for some other divorced b*tch that he's living with now. Grrrr.

- Hah. I just realized I still have half of my tuition fee. If he doesn't give me money 3 days before my mom's death anniv, I'm going to use this and let him take care of my school debt. mad.gif

- I just saw Arakawa Under the Bridge's last episode and... it doesn't feel like the last episode at all (well because there's gonna be season 2). And I'm happy about it.

- Headache. D:

- Black tea smells and tastes good.
^Ok that is bullcrap. I'm sorry but you're father is being a total bast... not sure if I'm alloud to really just curse on these forums so: idiot. He better give you that money! And I'm sorry to hear your mother died. =( I think I'm gonna cry. (No literally I think I'm going to cry)

-I'm so effin' scared. I think I'm beginning to hallucinate and hear voices. First the woman's voice, and last night i was at a friend's house and I told her that I saw something on her wall. As clear as day (despite the fact my vision was blurry because I did not have my glasses) I saw some sort of distorted shape on her wall. SHe never saw it, only I. Not even her brother saw it. In the morning it was gone. I'm SCARED Dx
-I have Devil May Cry 3! YESH
-Why? Just why must the world be so.. stupid.. Over at my friend's house I have to say her brother is.. Anata no Nii-san wa bakayaro desu yo (I think thats how you say it.. I bet I'm way off.)! He was being so cruel to their puppy and I just thought that we are insigificant human beings. I'd give you all a real reason for my saying this but alas, it is personal.
^ I hate ghost stories, they creep me out like none other. And I know what you're going through. Just remember. It's not. real. It's very important to remember that tongue.gif

Also...Cmon! tell us what "Anata no Nil-san wa bakayaro desu yo" means!

-Trigun is one kicka$$ anime
-Sweet jesus I'm in love with everyone I meet
-My feet are colllddddd
-Frosted Mini-Wheats sound delicious right now.
StormGoddess: I am sorry to hear about your mom.


I feel like I haven't posted on this board or any in a while. Well it has only been a few days. But it feels a lot longer.

I am enjoying the new job. But I don't have time for my friends really.

I have been reading a lot of FMA fanfic. I think I am going through a withdrawal.

I think I've developed a habit of only visiting this site once in a blue moon...


- Waiting for my blu-ray Brotherhood dvd to arrive. I still haven't seen it, and I'm getting antsy. Better be worth that $40.

- I hate being sick. A friend of mine is putting a tab on at one of the nearby bars tonight, and I don't have to work tomorrow, so of course, this is first time in ages that I've had the opportunity to go out and act young and stupid (for free!), and I'm too ill to do so.

- Really, really need to clean my bedroom.

- Love the sound of rain right now, so pretty.
@Carmencita ok scratch what I said up there. He already gave me the money I need. Nothing beats a mad.gif face in the morning. tongue.gif

@FMAobsessed It's ok.


- Headache.
- Yeah. 1 problem solved. Then another one popped up. There's this important document that I hid somewhere in the house. Back then I was so sure it was safe there. The problem now is I can't remember where I hid it. I'm totally screwed.
- No, seriously, I'm stressed about that document right now.
Carmencita--The whole "waking up in the middle of the night and seeing creepy things on the wall" shtick happened to me once. I won't tell you what I thought it was, lest I creep you out even more, but when I woke up, I found out that it was my towel hanging from a hook. Maybe it was just a shadow? As to the voice, people drive by my house all the time with weird things on the radio. I normally don't advocate this, but if it helps you to have an explanation, make one up. Hopefully you'll sleep better after that. smile.gif


--Now that my blasted cold is mostly through, I can get out in the nice, damp Seattle air for some exercise! (Of course, the first day I did that, I walked six miles and pulled something in my leg, but it feels better now.)

--Spent about 1.5 hours at the laundromat yesterday in a not-so-nice part of town. At least I got a lot of reading done! (Probably won't do 50 books this summer, but maybe 30...)

--It was a bit too wet to go outside today, so I went to the gym instead. Treadmills are nice, but I always feel like I'm on one after I get off--like my body's moving even though my head isn't, so I get really disoriented.

--Bah... my older cousin won't be back this Saturday, so she and our younger cousins and I won't be able to make gingerbread houses. (Yes, we were going to do gingerbread houses in the middle of summer. We're just that awesome. smile.gif )

--My youngest cousin is an amazing dancer. Her dance academy performed last night, from the little 'uns (3 & 4 years) to the seniors (I'm assuming high school). The really little kids were SO cute, although one did get stage fright and started crying while she was dancing, but she just kept on going! (My cousin's 12, so no stage fright, but still... I envy her skill!)

- Oh lovely, seems I'm getting sick now... I have a bit of fever this evening so probably I'll stay home tomorrow and phone the doctor to visit. It's either side effects from the painkillers I'm taking for my foot pain or a cold... and I'm betting it's a mix of both. Darn.

- Missing half like crazy... I want him back (despite knowing that he's enjoying himself like crazy tongue.gif).

- Dead bored, tired and sick. Oh what fun -__-"

- Following the end of the FMA manga, I have now officially become a seeker of rare/uncommon FMA items... my shopping addiction's getting worse pfft.
-Angel Beats!, I will never forget you dear Angel Beats!...
-I need help on Devil May Cry 3. Stupid mini-boss! But I think i got a strategy...
-Tomorrow is the big day! I have to go on stage and sing a song for this talent show (no its not a big talent show so no don't look for it on TV. Not that you would and not that I'm bragging)! And if I win, I get money! I'm sooo nervous! I mean I barely made it through auditions and now I got the big final thing... And I have to play the piano as I sing as well so if I get too shaky I won't be able to play right and I'll be doomed! ohhh~ wish me luck!

- Went to go see fireworks for Canada Day. They were okay.

- Shopping downtown on Saturday, excited (:

- So many people requesting me to do things, ugh

- I saw a lot of people I know from my school during the fireworks it was rather awkward.

- I cleaned my room four hours ago, and it's a mess again. o_o

- A huge spider crawled upon my laptop screen.. scared the hell out of me, but I managed to kill it.

- I think I'm starting to get a cold...
Little Washu

-Since one of my friends has never seen InuYasha before, tomorrow another friend and I are making him watch the first season of it. Normally this would be torture, but we're stopping early in so he isn't watching anything redundant.

-Getting a new kitten on Saturday. My mom actually let me name him this time. And because I'm lame and took advantage of this, his name will be Yuki, cause he's all white <3

-Yesterday night I explained to a friend of mine the entire situation of my relationship right now. Apparently, I have the patience of a saint and am dealing with issues like no one would believe. I believe it. I think I want to be asexual...

-Birthday in less than a month. Need to ask for money for a new mp3 player and laptop repairs...
EniviD EiraM

- I have runny nose and coughs ...
- I lost my voice for about three consecutive days :<
- Inaugural Speech of our new president during Wednesday and we have no classes that day smile.gif I hope our new president will bring the nation together and make the Philippines a better place for everyone especially to those Filipinos
- I feel tired from our scouting activities ..
- I wonder why I'm happy even when problem strikes
^Sorry to hear bout your runny nose. You aren't the only one. TT.TT

-Today is the big day and so far my nose is stuffy! Dx No, it better clear up before I have to sing!
-I drew Miku Hatsune... I think it's staring at me. o.O
-I think I'm addicted to Devil May Cry, now
-I hate my Riolu so much... and my Monferno too...
-Woke up with a cut on my hand. More creepyness yay. Maybe when I switched postitions I proved to myself my nails need to be cut/filed..?
-I started to play tennis again, a week later my friend makes me watch Prince of Tennis. Ryoma-kun ftw
A Pierrot's Aria

-I've spent the best part of today cleaning my room and moving furniture around- now my back is paying the price...xD

-Don't you hate it when you accidentally bite into a lolipop stick and it makes you cringe? >.<

-Feel kind of upset and confused at the moment. ._.

-Finding a job is a pain in the butt...all I'm qualified for is cleaning/maintenance and light horticulture. xD
What a mixed bag of a day , brazil got knocked out smile.gif but ghana lost from a winning position sad.gif

well , my practical exam dates aren't out yet . . This wait is really sucky

i'm BALD . . .

Can't believe fma is coming to an end tomorrow sad.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
@Flamez_Freak Good luck with any other exams you're having. happy.gif


-Sometimes I feel I can't do right for doing wrong. unsure.gif

-I'm in a lot of pain from moving all the furniture around yesterday. My arms, legs and back are all killing me. wacko.gif

-Mmmmm...Fab lollies...Probably not very nutritious, but certainly delicious.


- I hazard a guess I have an extremely busy week ahead. Working 7am-5:30pm (6am-6:30pm including travel). Sisters prom. Looking after my sick Grandfather. Urgent doctors appointment whenever I can squeeze that in.

- ...and trying to be a decent moderator. Something I apparently can't do too well. 64 will be exciting....but please spoilers? A request from one very worn moderator.
Hey guys! I haven't written here for a very long time! (was it a week?)


-It's so hot over here, I am melting. And my shoulders got brown. I usually never get brown. At least it looks good biggrin.gif

-My cousin Roman is here! We're having a lot of great time together, eating ice cream and going out a little! Too bad he will go on Monday or even tomorrow.

-But even after he leaves I won't be alone, cause my friend comes to visit. He lives in the north of the country. I live at the west. We happened to learn each other at my earlier part time job. He just happened to have a grand-father who knew my cash and he even got more cash than every one of us biggrin.gif But we still got good friends. Hehe, I am so happy that he comes to visit. And he is pretty aswell xD

-Today's some flight show near my town. Gonna visit it. BUT today is soccer and my cousin wants to see Germany failing... or winning.

-I think I won't be able to watch FMA:B 64 tomorrow... I don't know yet. The girlfriend of my guy wants to go shooting with me tomorrow. She kinda decided that on her own. But I agreed... I want to see her shoot. I can imagine her pulling the trigger and screaming in fear, even through the shot is very quiet and has no recoil.

Yeah! But the problem is, that I will have to work for at least three weaks, every single day. But I get paid well and have to do an office job. Pocket money. I hope I don't have to buy a new car (mine is loosing oil) so that I have the money all for myself. I haven't been shopping for ages. I mean it.

-My grand-cousin is having a son. Four years ago he already got a son. This week his wife gave birth to another of his child. It was supposed to be something awesome, but the birth was hard, she got a c-section. The baby is alive, but he has a heart mistake. The operation that is needed will be possible after two years. It's still not sure if he will survive. He doesn't breath without the machines. At least that's what my grand-aunt is telling my mom at the telephone, so we actually have no clue what really is happening. The baby felt better yesterday, I hope he will get well soon and will start to breathe on his own. My grand-cousin is so young. I don't want him to have such an tragic experience. And I don't want anyone from my family die. I want to see ... I heard they wanted to call him "Ilias"... playing all happily in a couple of years.
Chiyo--Yeesh! I hope you get time for a break somewhere in there! (Or at least a decent amount of sleep!)

black~hayate--I hope your cousin's baby hangs in there!


--There is a rather large bug bite on my ankle, right where my sock rubs up against it, and right where my sandal strap passes over. I can't win! dry.gif

--Woke up at 6 AM because a murder of crows (check it--that really is one of the collective nouns!) sounded like it was, well, murdering something outside my window.

--So, I had my dad's cake done perfectly last night (all the right ingredients, mixed properly, pan fully greased and floured) until I took it out of the oven. I was convinced that it needed more time, but it smelled done, and my mom said to leave it out. The thing fell almost completely. Epic fail on my part for not arguing for more time. (I can make a new one today, though.)

--Crunch time! Need to get the last few chores in before my brother and his girlfriend come in, and before I go pick up my cousin at the airport to go do gingerbread houses!
EniviD EiraM

---I'm totally bored! bored! bored!
-I went to at&t today to see if I can get an iphone (I can't but my dad is getting one. How unfair) and one of the employees was an FMA fan! I made a new friend yay =D
-This isn't my computer... x3 *is at Sony Style*
-My Riolu evolved into a Lucario! <3 Wait... I think I already said that.
-I lost the snging competition last night. =( I knew it. My voice does suck!
-YES I finally beat the first mini-boss in Devil May cry 3! Now my only problem is I have these enemies that take much more damage when I use my sword, but I've grown so attached to my guns that if I fight with my sword I die. Instantly. Help?
A Pierrot's Aria
@Chiyo Hope you get to relax soon. happy.gif And don't worry, you're a great mod.


-I'm in a strangely good mood, considering I woke up with a monstrous stomach ache that keeps coming back every now and then. xD

-I'm STILL also hurting from that furniture moving...I'm so weak! biggrin.gif

on this day in history our Forefathers declared their independence from tyranny and oppression, and by doing so, our country was born. Lest we forget the noble sacrifices they and so many before us made, 234 years ago today.
QUOTE (Disasterpiece @ Jul 4 2010, 02:23 PM) *
on this day in history our Forefathers declared their independence from tyranny and oppression, and by doing so, our country was born. Lest we forget the noble sacrifices they and so many before us made, 234 years ago today.

What are you talking about? On this day a bunch of terrorists rebelled against their legally recognised rulers of our country and would go on to attempt to be the worlds police. We can only hope that one day they return to the Empire.
Popogeejo--You seriously win. (I write this as my dad puts out the flag, but you seriously just made my day. smile.gif )


--So, not only did I construct gingerbread houses yesterday with my cousins, we wound up blowing one of them up. It was amazing!

--What crappy weather! It's all gray and nasty.

--My brother's girlfriend is a wonderful person! This week is going to be great!

--Had a nice talk with my mom this morning about math, of all things, and matrices in particular.
Popo - I logged in just to see if you had any interesting comments on the 4th of July event.

Today U.S. American's celebrate an event that we ourselves would never allow. It was right for U.S to break away from the British, but when anyone wants to break away from the U.S., it is an evil that must be stopped (secession of the confederate states).

It's funny how it works that way.
I think we're all forgetting the true event we should be celebrating: Filipino - American Friendship day.
@ Popo: I lol'd as well... and yay for Filipino-American Friendship Day! *is Filipino*
@ Chiyo: You're doing fine happy.gif
@ Black Hayate: Aww, I hope your great cousin (is that the correct term?) pulls through. He's in my thoughts and prayers.

-Staring at the anime website where I watch FMA:B. It says it's subbed. I'm just scared to click and watch it. tongue.gif

-Oh yes, Fourth of July. Yay. I'll probably be too busy later on tonight to be staring at fireworks...

-Heading to LA on Tuesday via roadtrip for my mom's college reunion. Can't wait, mostly because I love roadtrips. I'm gonna miss being here on the board though.

-Recently got her hair relaxed and a brand new iPod nano (yay for being up to date. I've had 2 2nd Gen iPod Nano(s?) before this one)

-I should be cleaning my game room... but I'm not. lol.
QUOTE (Chiyo @ Jul 3 2010, 07:18 AM) *
- I hazard a guess I have an extremely busy week ahead. Working 7am-5:30pm (6am-6:30pm including travel). Sisters prom. Looking after my sick Grandfather. Urgent doctors appointment whenever I can squeeze that in.

- ...and trying to be a decent moderator. Something I apparently can't do too well. 64 will be exciting....but please spoilers? A request from one very worn moderator.

@Chiyo - (As I keep repeating ^^) I can't thank you (and ScarMySoul) enough for all you do for our board! ^^
And, hope your sister will have a good time at her Prom, and hope your Grandfather will get better soon!
Also, apparently you don't believe me when I keep telling you how I think how awesome of a mod you are, (and how awesome of a mod team we have!) but yes, I really mean it. smile.gif

And with that, I will leave the current forum mess modding stuff to the excellently capable hands of Chiyo (and/or any other available Moderators) to take care of, since I'm currently already having more than handful to take care of with multiple on-going operations on the board. ^^
I just came in to say...

- Aha, I was not disappointed!
- I kind of look forward to each July 4th with the special "Dear America" banter on our board. laugh.gif
- Good to see ἀρχή-san still delighting us with his wits and humor. biggrin.gif
- Whatever this day means to each, I still like the "corny" 4th of July celebrations for this occasion, fireworks and all. smile.gif
- And yes, happy Filipino - American Friendship day, also! ^^

I had a good 4th of July with my family. We had a cookout by the water at my house.

Today I also learned that in new York City you can be arrested for carrying an open bottle of liquor in the streets.

I have to take another MTEl in less than a week. Blah, so many test to take if you want to someday become a teacher.

"Lets eat Grandma!" "Let's eat, Grandma!" Punctuation it saves conversations, and maybe even grandma.


- He's back! (And I'm extremely happy about that fact).

- Finally starting to feel better at last, despite the torrid heat we have here at the moment.

- And went to work and managed to get quite a few things done (we're working half days now till the end of September, yay!) Hopefully tomorrow will be something on those lines too.

- And will go back to work with my car tomorrow... after a week (well, kinda) of being left without it since it was at the mechanic for repairs (with a hefty bill too).
To the ladies fighting with handbags at dawn, i.e Popo, Disasterpiece and ἀρχή, I have shifted the results of your perfectly friendly and highly irritating/space consuming cat fight over to the Dear America thread. No more hair pulling in Penny please.

Tombow & Others - appreciate it, just feel that I'm getting to everything too late and all I do seem to do is berate people on their spelling and spoilers.


- Yesterdays surprise was rather exciting hey? Or at least it caused excitement.

- Only 4 days left at work. The longest I will spend, both literally and emotionally. I simply can't wait to escape the back biting and making up for other peoples bone idleness.

- No longer escorting my sister to the prom in my little car. She's going with a friend in a Porsche. Though I should be above it I envy how people have fallen about getting her what she wants and she's still so ungrateful

--Okay, swimming a mile and then slipping on a ladder and hitting my face as I climbed out of the water... the results are kinda painful. But I'm alive!

--My uncle's fireworks display was awesome, as usual. It was even better, actually, because the wrapping for one of the mortar sets caught on fire, thankfully after all the mortars had launched.

--Unfortunately, it rained. A lot. We had to rig up a tarp over our picnic area. At least it worked! happy.gif

--Played cards with a whole bunch of people, even taught a game--that was fun!
QUOTE (Chiyo @ Jul 5 2010, 12:02 PM) *
To the ladies fighting with handbags at dawn, i.e Popo, Disasterpiece and ἀρχή, I have shifted the results of your perfectly friendly and highly irritating/space consuming cat fight over to the Dear America thread. No more hair pulling in Penny please.

Good call. I can't help but pull hair and/or be irritating.

My Thoughts:

- Today is the last day of my mini-vacation time.
- I'm learning an important lesson about work-life. I can't change people and their priorities. I can only use them to my advantage and/or minimize situations where other people's priorities do not sync with mine. It's truly a difficult skill to master. It requires a much more long-term attitude of patience and acceptance that people in power are not going to do the right thing. It means that I have to use their lack of enthusiasm as a tool rather than try to infuse them with enthusiasm (a losing fight).
- I'll go back to strategizing tomorrow when I go back to work.
I am exhausted from this long weekend of fireworks and beaches.....time to go to sleep...get up early...and WORK....ugh
I'm so very sorry to hear that everyone has to go to work after such a nice holiday weekend. Must suck. But hopefully it'll soon be over?

-One episode away from finishing Angel Beats!. I think I'm beginning to fangirl over Naoi-kun a bit. Well what can I say? Hypnotism kicks major @$$!
-LOL Avatar is rated PG-13 for epic battle sequences.
-I have the sudden urge to draw....
-I'm tired but I just can't fall asleep.... *yawn*
Little Washu
It's... too hot...

Why can't NY state be good for anything?

"An overtaxed hell hole in the North Eastern United States that has moronic law makers, sky high taxes, and sh!tty weather for 5 months of the year."

I agree, except sh!tty weather all year round... why do I live here?

-Too... hot
-Stayed out at a friend's last night until about 6:30 AM... and I can't sleep and rest because of the heat...
-I feel bad for my new little kitten... he may have white fur, but he's long haired...
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