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Full Version: Penny for your thoughts? (don't expect "real" money here... XD)
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^^ that's seriously your CT at the moment? tongue.gif

[sry, to any mods out there if it seems like we're going OT or something... or me posting my CTs twice in a day]

CTs for now:
-Why isn't it Friday yet?
-Better yet, why isn't it Saturday? I want to GTFO my house now and get my mind off of FMA for a bit.
-lol, I make it sound like FMA is my life.
-kay, jacksparrow, you've got blue christmas stuck in my head, and now i'm listening to it on repeat cuz of your fanfic. It's bittersweet, I guess you could say.
QUOTE (sidekick.kep37 @ Jun 10 2010, 09:20 PM) *
^^ that's seriously your CT at the moment? tongue.gif

Yes, yes it is.
That, and possibly "I hate geometry." XD
(Sorry mods. XD)

More CTs so the mods don't hurt me
-3 more days until school's out. 3. 8|
-*gasp* My hair is finally long enough to put into a (smallish) ponytail!!! biggrin.gif
^^ Oh, no, rainshine, that was directed toward disasterpiece! I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. Good luck on your finals and I hated geometry myself when I took it. tongue.gif

(sorry again, mods. sad.gif Pity the fool tongue.gif )

-Ugh, so "F*ck you" by Lily Allen is playing on my bro's Xbox right now. Well... what an interesting song. I'm gonna go put it on my iPod now.
-My index finger hurts for some reason.
-I think I'm feeling better now. ._. Thank you, Lily Allen.
-Just finished reading the last chapter of FMA.... *sigh*.... Then all of a sudden "Life Goes On" starts playing on my iPod. What a sad sad coincidence.... sad.gif
-I guess in every beginning there is an end. I'm sad but I'm not crying. After all FMA gave me hapy memories... smile.gif
-.....Now, what the hell do I do with my life now?! Nothing to look forward to next month... laugh.gif oh well, that's life! biggrin.gif

-I have absolutely no idea what to do now that FMA is over. Ahhh, this is Harry Potter all over again... but it feels worse, because when HP ended my sisters and I all talked about it for ages. I'm on my own here D': A friend likened it to Twilight, and scarred me for life.

-Can not wait for thursday!! My last exam - THEN I'M FREEEEEEE!!

-I was debating which route I should follow in uni, deciding between architecture and genetics. And the song 'We Are Architects' by Sound of Guns came on the radeo LOL.
I just read the last chapter of FMA.
It feels... weird. Like, this is the end. There isn't going to be another chapter coming out next month.
EniviD EiraM

-- I already read the last chapter of FMA but truth is I'm still stuck with chapter 4 ... no fun ! I already know the ending sad.gif but still, I will finish reading it no matter what smile.gif

-- Start of classes on Tuesday and I can't figure out what to feel ... I don't feel excited unlike last year .... I feel hmmm .... incomplete? it isn't the right word ...uhm, to put it better, maybe I'm curious and kinda pressured, I guess .. *help me Good Lord!

-- I thought of joining a J-pop contest ... I think it's cool but I'm afraid of big crowd sad.gif

-- FMA will always be remembered ...... thanks to Arakawa-sensei, I wouldn't meet Ed if not for her
QUOTE (sidekick.kep37 @ Jun 10 2010, 10:20 PM) *
^^ that's seriously your CT at the moment? tongue.gif

CTs for now:

-lol, I make it sound like FMA is my life.

What? You mean it isn't? laugh.gif

QUOTE (EniviD EiraM @ Jun 11 2010, 09:46 AM) *

-- I thought of joining a J-pop contest ... I think it's cool but I'm afraid of big crowd sad.gif

Go for it XD


- Same here, it feels weird that we've finally read the last chapter.
- Had to take sick leave from work. My left eye hurts and I don't know why.
- I wanted to take the day off at school too but a friend of mine told me there's gonna be quizzes and all so I had to come to class even with my left eye half open... or half closed? Which one is it?
- Oh Jose Rizal. You're the awesomest (is that even a word) Filipino hero ever. You once said that someone who despises his language is worse than a stinky fish. So why are we studying your life in English? D:
- Oh, it's Independence Day already?

Happy Independence Day EniviD EiraM and angelstar2408 and to all Filipinos out there happy.gif
HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY StormGoddess, EniviD EiraM and of course to all fellow Filipinos! Mabuhay! wink.gif

@EniviD EiraM - Don't worry, I'm afraid of big crowds too and I also want to join a Jpop contest with my band like you so we have to conquer our fears! We can do it! smile.gif

-Well, I spent the night thinking about FMA and even if it's over literally, it will always exist in my heart. I can say I moved on from my depressed state a day ago. I'm not sad anymore.
-I'm really excited to go to school on Tuesday. Probably because of the lack of things to do at home.
-I still have a summer vacation project to finish. I can't believe time flies by so fast.... Oh well.

I can't believe that FMA is over. I enjoyed every bit of it. But now I am wondering what I will read every month. I wonder if Arakawa will do another work, and if it will have the same place in my heart as FMA.

Rain by SID came on when I was reading the last chapter. It seemed oddly fitting.

Now that FMA is done I should focus on other things.
Broken Chouchou
Apologies if this is considered off topic, but I'm posting this here too just in case, since a lot of people visit this thread. (Posted in "What books are you reading"- thread originally.)


I'm not reading anything, and I could use some recommendations actually! I'm going on vacation in the sun for a week and for that you definitely need a good book. Problem is, I got nothing ohmy.gif

Not sure what I want either, when it comes to genre. I want something that'll captivate me and make me want to keep turning the pages. Something good. I can like fantasy, but usually not the elves and dwarves sorta stuff (except for The Lord of the Rings, but already read those books. I'm under the impression that most works in this genre of fantasy is a bit cliche and stale, full of stereotypes. I'd gladly be proven wrong though, if there is something out there with convincing characters and substance in plot and setting, and a hint of originality!), more like Harry Potter and Neil Gaiman sort of 'dark fantasy'. Only read one book by Gaiman though (American Gods), not sure which other ones are good XD

I can like thrillers and detective stuffs too, if they're good, and not a boring drag to read (well that's something that goes for all books now really isn't it). I recently read Shutter Island and really apprecieated the noirish feel it had. I like science-fiction and horror stories, too, if they meet already said qualification of being good. Don't like the unoriginal or overly B stuff.

It should be said I'm not all too familiar with either fantasy or science fiction when it comes to books, my impressions are very generalising, and I know there are some shiny, golden works out there. I'm all for broadening my perspectives ^^

Of course, if you know of a book that you think is simply amazing, that doesn't fit any of the mentioned genres above, still feel free to go ahead and mention it all the same smile.gif

As a general rule, I don't think I want anything too heavy (like 1000 + pages bricks concrete blocks) or with too complex, hard to follow language, seeing as I'm not a native english speaker tongue.gif

Guidance in the vast world of fictitious literature much appreciated!!

Little Washu
@Broken Chouchou- I know a few good books, but depending on what you like as far as pacing goes, will decide whether or not you'd like them~

'Wicked', the novel that inspired the Broadway musical, is a great book. The problem being it starts out very slow paced, but gets better as you go through it.

If you haven't read the original FMA novels already, I would~ They're different stories stemmed off the original, so they'd be interesting if you've finished the series~ I quite like original stories like that, it's why I play the games too ;3

A short but good one I know is 'There's A Coyote In The House'. It's got a cute story, and the style of writing in it is impressive, given the characters~ It's one of those animal's P.O.V. books though~

That's all I can think of for now~


-Need to find a store that carries Eternal Sonata
-Bought lotsa manga yesterday, FMA: B part one, and a Kagami-Miku Nendoroid~
-I need to finish my bubble tea in the fridge...
A Pierrot's Aria

-My first exam tomorrow...I'm freaking out! I'm so glad that after Friday I'll be free! Free as a bird!! Muahaha!

That's pretty much it for what's on my mind right now, and will most likely be the only thing I will be thinking/panicking about the whole upcoming week. xD
^Ouch. Exams. I feel bad for you. Hope you ace your exams! =D

-Tomorrow is my first rehearsal! I'm so excited!
-Writer's Block... I want to kill it!
-I wonder what my mind would think up if I had schizophrenia... O.o Especially with this FMA obsession... O.O
again haven't visited this thread for some time, but what the heck. ^^


-Bah my muscles are all achy. I'm so happy to be back home from that two-day anime convention. It was fun and all, but all that running around with our suitcases and sleeping on a floor during nights totally made me and my friends tired and grumpy at the end of it. D:

-PLUS my card was acting up. I couldn't raise any money from my bank account, so I had to survive with the little money I already had on my wallet for most of the time. Paying with it was kind of fifty-fifty: Sometimes it worked, sometimes it did not. Bah, timing seriously couldn't have been better! D:< I need to visit my bank and talk to them about this.

-Aand it sucks to be a female when you need to walk somewhere on midnight. Seriously. sleep.gif Brrrh.

-And on more positive note.. latest Brotherhood ep is actually out! With Eclipse subs! Woohoo. biggrin.gif *is off to watch*

- I'm sambam, but I just changed my display name. xD
- I went to the hospital in the middle of the night, I wish my stomache could feel better. sad.gif
- Eight more days of school left, but it's a good thing I don't have any exams.
- Feel like crap.
- I'm going back to bed, I only got three hours of sleep since I almost spent my whole night in the hospital.
- Ahh wait, I have to watch the new Brotherhood episode! That just instantly made me feel a bit better lol.
QUOTE (StormGoddess @ Jun 11 2010, 11:42 AM) *
QUOTE (sidekick.kep37 @ Jun 10 2010, 10:20 PM) *
-lol, I make it sound like FMA is my life.

What? You mean it isn't?

...Okay you have a point there. It kinda is... especially during the summer ._.

-Eating lunchables pizza for breakfast. Yum.
-Summer is soooooooo boring. I need a life. Away from my computer.
-Going to LA in July for my mom's college reunion. Anybody on here live in LA? (Yeah, that desperate to kinda get away from the family, hahaha)
-Where did my phone go? It disappeared somehow.
-Well, gonna go do something "productive" I suppose. i.e. fanfiction tongue.gif

ETA: zomg! Thank you broken chouchou for reminding me about E3! ohmy.gif Dang, I missed Reach. D:
Broken Chouchou
@Washu, thanks for the tips ^^


- Watching the live stream of E3, Microsoft's having their press conference. They just showed a video of Metal Gear Solid: Rising. And... holy crap. It look's awesome!! ohmy.gif Forget hack 'n slash, I think "slice 'n dice" has just been established as a new genre XD Seroiusly though, looks very good. Right now they're showing Halo Reach, but meh, not very interested in that. Does look pretty good, though.
- One of the things I'm really looking forward to this E3 is the new Zelda, but I'll most likely be abroad when they show it.
- I'm leaving early wednesday morning for vacation on a sunny island made of lava and beaches, won't be back for a week. It's going to be really nice biggrin.gif
^ CT

IS E3 TODAY???? ohmy.gif

- excited for AnimeNEXT!!! Hughes costume and Merchant costume!!
A Pierrot's Aria
@Carmencita Thank you! smile.gif


-So, I had my Greek Lit exam today, and I feel that it could have gone so much better. sad.gif Can't stop thinking about the things I may have done wrong or the things I didn't have time to write.
@ KwiatekAlchemist ohmy.gif love the name change!! happy.gif

@ Pierrot Hope your exam turns out well! I know how those can be, I remember my first Criminal Evidence exam I was like hdanjkdlanjdsa I suck! XD

@ ChouChou I hope you find something worth reading, um a series I could suggest are the Hannibal books by Thomas Harris. I just got done with Hannibal Rising and it was a great book. The movie was good as well... I believe the order is, Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal and Hannibal Rising, its kind of confusing in a way since hannibal rising is set in the past... Right now I'm in my vampire stage so I wont recommend those XD Not like Twilight vampire phase but books that are worth reading... Xp



- I paid my bills and now I"m broke.

- I'm really full, I just ate a sammich... filled me up...

- I got a bad sunburn on my arms when I went fishing on sunday... was worth it though since I caught a 14" large mouth bass... ohmy.gif

- Hope everyone had a nice weekend!
@A Perriot's Aria: Your welcome! ^^
Yay I'm back with more Cts. xP

-Everyone clapped when I sang during auditions today (and they don't clap for every person, meanies)! I feel special! <3
-Couldn't fall asleep yesterday... So tired... and hungry... Ack now I have a headache. Dx
-sheesha was ok, but being with your beloved one was wonderful ^^
-sheesha brings an headache, I just approved of that once more. ._.
-i still couldnt get used to the idea that fma is all finished ._.; i read the final chapter six times.
-i hate my parents when they're home. when they're away i love them. so i pray to God to let me get rid of them sleep.gif telephoning rocks sleep.gif
-i'm, now, so sleepy that dozing is just a matter of time ^^;
-everyone, good night ^^ hope all of you can overcome the troubles you're in n.n
I wanted to see fireworks over the weekend but it rained so there was no point in going.

I saw the new house down the Cape my parents bought. It is nice and pretty spacious compared to the cottage my family had for the summer. I like the view the best.

Worked at my first baseball game down the Cape. I basically run around setting up banners, watch the bathrooms, and sell raffle tickets with one of the pitchers. It is a blast, but I don't get any chance to sit down.

My roommate and I have been talking about how we need to hang out soon. But things keep on getting in the way. And the sad part is my roommate is my friend that I have known since we were six, and she lives about 5 minutes away from me.
CT's: (or more like, E3 hype)


-Now watching Gamespot E3 stream and waiting for Nintendo to start smile.gif Can't wait to see some new Zelda footage (hopefully!) Maybe there will be something of the new Pokémon, as well?

-I'm hungry. D:
Guys. I love you all. And I dunno why.
-I feel so happy like never before. At least it seems so. Nothing changed. It's just that it's summer time and I can relax before the summer holidays stuff. It's just that as soon summer starts, I'll have to write applications for my schooling. I dunno who I'll become. But now I have three weeks to enjoy life. I realised it yesterday. So today and yesterday seem to be the best days of my life. Relaxing. Not thinking about bad stuff. Just living, without any worry.

-I'm schooling my guy Russian. He is still together with that chick, but I don't care. He has been such a sweetheart and he understands fast and very well, when it comes to languages. I teach a boy German and I teach a big guy Russian. Haha, time to be proud biggrin.gif.

-My parents said that I should write an application for the police career. I dunno. I'm bad at sports. But the shooting and stuff... that would be an awesome bonus. I always dreamed about protecting the people. I always were thinking that I don't have enough power for this. That's why I wanted to become an attorney or something like this (jurist). That would be a possibility to protect people not with the power of the body, but with the power of my mind. I'll try to applicate for both. But for the attorney thing I need to go to a university. Not like I mind, but I need to write my application for this later.

-I feel like hugging everyone who comes across. But I don't do it actually. Aww...
For discussions about E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, please post your thoughts in the thread I have opened for it here.

Some posts have been moved there smile.gif
Black Hayate: Oddly enough, I'm in a rather happy mood myself. Hugs for everyone!!

-I have discovered an amazing fanfic that ate up my time yesterday and today. Though I'm pretty sure most of you Royai fans are aware of it, so yeah.
-Candy sticks- my new addiction in addition with cream soda. It's nice knowing that my can of cream soda and candy sticks can be mistaken for a glass of beer when poured into a glass and my candy stick a cigarette given the appropriate distance. tongue.gif
-Gonna go watch Karate Kid today; does anyone else think that Jaden Smith looks maybe a smidge like Riley from the Boondocks? o.O?
-My brother gets the most annoying ego boost when he's talking with his friends over on XBL. It's annoying. Really annoying. Like a 12-year-old-walking-into-a-college-frat-party-and-thinking-he-owns-the-place annoying. He's killing my happiness. And then he yells at me for having my earphones in my ears with itunes tuned all the way up when he's talking to me... as if he's ever talking to me when he's playing on XBL anyways
-Oh no. Boredom sinking in. No! Not the boredom. I need something fun to do this summer. dry.gif
More CTs yay...

-OMFG. I cannot turn my head to the right nor up cause my neck will hurt like hell! Whatever I did, I just HAD to do it! UGH Someone help me! TT.TT
-Imma make a sammich. :3
-Wow rehersal today was something. It pissed me off. Because of my neck, dancing was a problem--and I had to sing at the same time so it was all like "N~Y~OW!" instead of "NYC~ The shimmer of timesqaure..."
-Still happy I got a main role! (I got Grace!)
-I should stop bragging to the forum...
-I think I will write a short story... entitled... Envy. x3
A Pierrot's Aria
Thank you, ScarMySoul! biggrin.gif


-Just one more exam to go...I had my medieval history exam yesterday, and I hope I've done as well as I feel I have. Now the only one to contend with is Roman history which is tomorrow. Then all I have to deal with college wise is my portion of the art exhibition...I can't wait until it's all over! happy.gif

Speaking of things I can't wait to be over...

I seriously can't stand football, and I can't wait until the world cup ends. xD (And vuvuzelas are the Devil's creation!) And this really is a current thought because my dad just made me sit through the Greece V Nigeria match. >.>;

-My... my exams are over. I don't know what to do anymore. My life seems aimless.

-Ahh, the college I'm attending next year sent me a letter today, and I'm missing the induction day. That means come september I'm going to be totally lost. Damn.

-I had a nice long nap earlier, the first on my very long list of things to do once exams are over.


-dyed my hair black-ish! Actually it's dark brown, it looks like a natural black on me. I love it! I feel like a black hurricane biggrin.gif. Finally I am actually the same as my nickname here.

-And I also cut my hair. Even shorter than it was before. Need to make some pictures. My guys said they love it. So I love it too. They gave me so much self confidence.

-Applied for a part time job for holidays. Excited Hayate is excited!

- Haha. Yesterday I was outside while school break. I catched a may-bug (those are harmless brown bugs with a green head/chest part). I am actually afraid of insects and almost every bug, but lady bug, may bug, butterfly is okay.

-And that little bug BIT ME! Have you ever had a BUG BITE you? It didn't hurt at all, but why would that thing bite me? I didn't hurt it! It must have been confused about my soft skin, must have been strange for him walking over it. Maybe he thought that I am something eadible.

-And then I got it. Could it be? I has a flavor!

I went to the gym today with a friend. I will probably be sore tomorrow but I had a good workout.

Then I went over to my friend's house afterwards and we decided to make Jello. But the Jello was taking to long to set, so we got the bright idea to try drinking it. Jello does not taste that good when it hasn't set. So we added in sugar, and that made it taste better. But I don't think I will be doing that again.

Today I realized that I will be missing the English dub of episode 19 of Brotherhood because I will be in the new house that night. And I will be working, and cable and internet hasn't been installed. I will have to watch it online or something.
Observation of the day: @ Black Hayate: You've been madddd happy lately. Hahahahaha! I don't know why that's funny, but it's just a random thing I've noticed from your posts

@ Thalogens: Good for you that exams are over! I hope you find a friend or someone to help you navigate the college once the school year rolls around.

@FMAobsesed: You're missing the dub of 19? That's a felony on these forums! No jk, but I do hope people get it up online soon though so you can catch it. No matter how the dub turns out, I'm bound to rewatch it numerous times biggrin.gif

-Lately, I've been in a rather festive mood. No idea why, but I'm just feeling kinda happy.

-I bought more of those candy sticks and my bro said, while holding up one of the boxes with Spider-man on the front "You smoke like two packs of these things a day! I thought you were trying to quit!" I replied, "Actually, I've cut down to half a pack a day, thank you. But it usually depends on how bored and frustrated I'm feeling that day." We lol'd.

-I've started watching some new anime on one of my said days of boredom. Rainbow (Nisha Rokubō no Shichinin) and Big Windup (Ookiku Furikabutte). Both have their odd quirks- the latter with an overly sensitive kid who has an inferiority complex and self-esteem issues much worse than mine, and to boot, he's the ace of their team; the former... well, it just has those creep-the-crap out of me moments that make me want to become a social worker (not that it's a bad thing or anything).

-Going crabbing tomorrow morning with my family. We're leaving at around 6am. It's a quarter past 1am right now. LOL, I'm terrible.

ETA: I realized I post most in this forum when I'm being a nightowl. I also draft/write/edit most of my fanfiction at night too. Hm.
Hey! I'm new to the forum and saw this thread. Thought it was cute so decided to give it a post tongue.gif

-It's currently 3 am and I've been "studying" for my math final all night (it's hard when you have 3 forums to keep track of). I'm just excited because it's the last exam of the year for me. I'm just glad to have it over with.

-Right now, I'm listening to the Ocean's Eleven/Thirteen soundtrack. Some of the best songs ever on those soundtracks.
-Crap, I have to wake up for school in 3 hours TT_TT
A Pierrot's Aria
Welcome to the forum and penny thread, TheRuffian! And the best of luck for your exam!:)


-My final exam was today and I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Now I can't wait 'til Brotherhood dub episode 19! biggrin.gif

-I'm going to have fun throwing all my revision notes in the bin. *dances*
Kale Mustang
After floating around during the past two weeks, I'm back. As for my aunt, she passed away last Saturday morning - the cancer finally won. She went peacefully and was surrounded by her family. The funeral was held yesterday morning (we released doves into the sky in remembrance of her) and since it was only in San Diego, we caught a flight back home a few hours after the funeral.

Thank you everyone for the thoughts and wishes.


- The US team got ROBBED of that last goal, but rules are rules... dry.gif

- Toy Story 3 was amazing!

- It's good to be back home, even if it's only for a week...

- I'm quite happy with the end of FMA.

- Another dog of mine passed away just some moments ago... in front of me. It's past midnight here. I just finished eating my dinner, and I decided I'd give him my spare chicken. He usually stays in my room or out there in the terrace, but then I found him just beside the stairs. He was breathing heavily and I immidiately realized something was wrong. I called my cousin (to be honest, I'm not sure if she's a relative or a friend of my step brother) from her room and asked her to help me or do something. And you know what she did? She went back to her room. F!@#$%^&*().You see a dog dying and all you did was go back to your sleep?! I was panicking and aside from my cousin, there's no one at home, so I called my father and told him to go home immediately. My father told me that my step-bro wasn't taking good care of it while we're gone.

I am so traumatized right now. The look on his face, it was just too painful. And the last person who died in front of me was my mom, and this just reminded me of that. I know, it's just a dog, but it's one being that I valued so much. And it's our second dog that died this year. If only I spent some more hours here than at work and school I could've taken care of it. And maybe I should tell them to stop adopting dogs that they can't take care of.

- And yes, I'm crying. I feel so stupid right now.

- And my cousin, ugh, if one day I see her dying in her room I'll go out and lock her door so that no one could come in and help her. I feel bad for saying that but how could she ignore that situation?!

- Great. It's raining.

- gonna post his picture here if in case anyone wants to know what he looks like

- I'm sorry for this long post. There's no one here to talk to.
^^ Oh my God, I am so sorry. That totally broke my heart just now and since I've never had anyone die in front of me (including a dog), I can only imagine how you must feel right now. I don't really know what to say other than I'm extremely sorry for the loss. As a fellow dog lover and a human being, I agree that your cousin shouldn't have ignored your dog's death and you have every right to feel infuriated at her (frankly, though I don't know her, I'm kind of mad at her myself; blind rage, I know ). And no, it's not stupid to cry, especially given the traumatizing event you've just gone through. As I said before, I can't imagine what you're going through and I... well, I'm sorry. I hope things get better for you soon.

@ Kale: Welcome back! Hope you're doing well with the recent loss. Thoughts and prayers still going happy.gif

- [b]StormGoddess[/s]'s story makes me want to punch something. And hug my dogs.
- Mangoes are fruits you should never eat barehanded. It's kinda messy.
- My bro will not shut up about Jews and the Amish with his friends on Modern Warfare 2. I swear, he gets the most inflated ego when he's around his friends. Confidence is good for a guy like him, but don't be a douche, bro.
- Oh yeah. I went crabbing today. Woke up at 5, arrived at around 6, set our traps and lines, sat around for a couple hours, caught one crab, moved to a different location, caught nothing. Catch: 1 poor, irritated male crab. Came home around 11 and felt kind of weird it wasn't noon yet.
- And now it's only half past 1300H. It feels like 1900H for me. My sleep clock (or whatever the technical term for it is) has had it's gears realigned. I feel so weird being awake 8 hours and it's not the evening portion of the day yet.
- 19... dubbed. I need it. But I'm nervous to need it. Ackkk, it's in 34 hours for me (lol, I'm counting it off in hours, I'm so lame). I... I don't know how to feel about it.
QUOTE (StormGoddess @ Jun 18 2010, 08:04 PM) *
- And yes, I'm crying. I feel so stupid right now.

- I'm sorry for this long post. There's no one here to talk to.

You don't need to feel stupid. You lost a valuable friend. I'm sorry to hear that. Also sorry to hear about your mom. At least the dog won't suffer anymore. I'm sure that it believed in you till the end and wasn't mad at you and I don't think it's your fault.

And don't worry. There are some of people you can talk to. If you feel very itchy to talk, talk to me. I promise I will listen.

@Kale, I TOTALLY missed your posts before where you explained what happened. I wondered why you were gone for so long. Now I know why you were. Also sorry to hear about the cancer story of your aunt. But it sounds like it was very peaceful. Hope you are allright.

I give out free hugs today. You want one friendly hug? ^^

-Remember my awesome-good mood? Well, it's gone now. I hope it will get back tomorrow.

-It's gone because of an old friend of mine. I liked him when he was 15 and we were good friends. We live far away from each other but he visits our town sometimes. We were talking and he had a bad mood. I totally sucked up his bad mood like a sponge. He was feeling quite happy after talking to me and his NEW FLAME (love). And yeah, I kinda got excited about everyone getting along so well. I'm the only one who gets empty compliments (Hey Hayate, you look so beautiful today. Oh, your new hairstyle. Hey, you are so cool) by men. When it comes to see me more often, they all wish to run away. I am so dissapointed.

-And then I was talking with one of my best friends ( I usually say: I don't have best friends. Every friend of mine is the best, because they dare to be friends with me). And she kinda showed respect to my mood, cause I said "I get pretty much agressive when I see couples". And her boyfriend went to me and said then, when I was very depressed: "Yeah, bye Hayate, gotta go cuddle with my girlfriend". He then told me that I maybe have to think about everything once again and change myself, before it's too late.

-Well, the stuff he said was rubbish, because I don't want to change for someone falling in love with me.
If I don't get a proper love, then I don't need one at all. Yeah, that is it. Maybe I should get used to be lonely forever.

-Since I need to clear my head, I will go to the swans now. We have a pond near the house with the swans and I'm gonna give them some dandelions. They love the leaves. It's getting dark and cold, but I don't care. Hope my mom doesn't mind.
QUOTE (phoenix dying @ Jun 18 2010, 06:11 PM) *
I would just like to mention that the U.S. should of won against Slovenia. What a terrible unexplained call by the refs. Bah...

^ @PD - Joined your post to 2010 FIFO World Cup discussion. ^^


...I can't make my usual long-form replies for this thread because my Net connection is not cooperating at all, but just coming in to give StormGoddess a hug, and send my condolences.

@StormGoddess - My goodness, that is awful the way you didn't get the help from that person, and I'm so sorry you have to experience the death of your dog this way! sad.gif And no, of course it's not "just a dog" and you're not stupid or silly acted the way you acted!! I can totally feel you in your situation and understand the shock and all that (one of my cat died when I was not expecting it also. T.T)
If you need some safe place to just post and express your feelings, we are here for you.

(I know, I know, we usually say "only a few post a day on this thread, please" blah blah, but that's for the our usual postings. And in case like this, it's perfectly all right to go beyond that, and we understand. ^^ Although, if everyone starts talking about their pets, we may later move that conversations to our "Pet talk" thread. Hope you guys don't mind. ^^)

And, to Kale Mustang, sending my condolences and prayers your way, for you, your family, and your Aunt's family, on the passing of your Aunt. sleep.gif

And, she may not read this post but, to Turdaewen, sending my condolences and thoughts and prayers on the passing of your Grandfather. sleep.gif

- Still so much work to do. >.<
- And, still hampered by less than reliable Net connection...
- It keeps going down on me. And of course that happens when most inconvenient. >.<
Kale--My condolences for the passing of your aunt. I'm glad it was peaceful, though.

StormGoddess--You are not stupid! You have every right to feel as upset as you do, and I wish there was somebody there who would actually help you.

black~hayate--That guy is stupid for telling you to change, especially if you're fine with who you are. I'm surprised he has a girlfriend with that attitude of his! And don't worry about not having a guy at this point in time. Seriously, it's been two years since I've had a boyfriend, and I've been shot down a few times, but I think of it this way: there is definitely someone out there who will appreciate you exactly as you are, and because you are who you are. If anyone can't do that, then it's not worth investing any sort of feelings in them. (Okay, disagreements are fine, but telling you to change when there's nothing wrong with who you are? Nuh-uh. Not cool at all.)


--The only good thing about Hollywood video going out of business is getting the movies for $5 for keeps. It'd be nice if they actually worked, though. dry.gif

--Made seven layer bars the other night. Good Lord, I love sweetened condensed milk! (And coconut, and chocolate, and walnuts, and graham crackers. And I love all of it put together.)

--2 weeks and one day until my brother and his girlfriend come home for a week! I'm really excited, both to see him again and to meet her.

--Watched "Holes" with my mom the other night. And "Dead Like Me". Hilarious show, but FULL of bad language.
Little Washu
StormGoddess- I'm sorry to hear that :< I remember when my rat Jasper died, he had been getting thin and sleeping a lot, and I went out for a bit, and came home and he had already passed. At least you were there for him, which probably meant a lot to him <:3

So I was terrified that I would fail my Global regents exam. It's 2 years of lessons. This year, I spent a lot of time texting in that class. I just checked my grade on it.
I'm pretty relieved, to say the least.

-Yak-gwa, milkis, some blueberry pie and toblerone. An enjoyable weekend meal <3
-Victoria's Secret is having a sale on lingerie, $10 each. I should walk to the mall...
EniviD EiraM
@storm_goddess - I feel sorry for what happened. I hope you'll be okay. sad.gif
@kale mustang - condolence .. mellow.gif


-- hmmm .... my first week of school was fun and busy but yesterday, I wasn't totally happy. It was something I don't want for someone to say those words. It felt cold and hopeless for me T.T
... I wish I could see God in my dreams and tell him all my doubts and worries .... It's fun when I'm laughing but when it's out .... it feels heavy . no matter what, happy or sad, life must go on! Never say die ! !!!!!!!!!!

its been a long time since i've posted here .
Well , i have my final exams starting from monday and i have to admit . . I'm extremely nervous .
And i have to admit , 2010 fifa world cup might turn out to be a world cup for the underdogs
Flamez_Freak - I agree with you, please keep up World Cup discussions over at News & Events in the World. We need more people over there chatting, I'm sure there must be more than just a few of us following the football.


- Finding out I might have up to 6 more weeks at work was an odd mix of emotions. Money wise, yes it is wonderful, but I have many things I need to do and I now have so little to do I'm virtually falling asleep on my desk.

- So did a miniature shopping spree. Usually too tired so lazily shop online which stops me spending so much. Actually went in to shops today and spent £100 in two hours. Only £25 of that on DVD's/Books for once.

- Need to see my beau soon. I miss him.
Thanks for the comforting replies, everyone. I feel grateful that there are people like you guys who can make a stranger like me feel better.

QUOTE (sidekick.kep37 @ Jun 18 2010, 11:24 AM) *
- 19... dubbed. I need it.

Looking forward to that, too. happy.gif You guys in the other side of the planet are lucky to see it first XD

QUOTE (black~hayate @ Jun 18 2010, 12:40 PM) *
If you feel very itchy to talk, talk to me. I promise I will listen.

-Well, the stuff he said was rubbish, because I don't want to change for someone falling in love with me.
If I don't get a proper love, then I don't need one at all. Yeah, that is it. Maybe I should get used to be lonely forever.

Thanks. I might do that sometime. I hope you won't hesitate to do the same.
Yes! Love yourself first. If he can't love you for what you are, it's not your loss.

QUOTE (Tombow @ Jun 18 2010, 03:44 PM) *
...I can't make my usual long-form replies for this thread because my Net connection is not cooperating at all, but just coming in to give StormGoddess a hug, and send my condolences.

I'm so thankful that you did that even though your net connection is that, erm, lazy. Thanks.

QUOTE (jacksparrow589 @ Jun 18 2010, 04:18 PM) *
StormGoddess--You are not stupid! You have every right to feel as upset as you do, and I wish there was somebody there who would actually help you.

Yes. I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking straight when I said that and I feel guilty. If there's one thing I could call stupid it's ignoring a creature that was fighting for its life. sad.gif

QUOTE (Little Washu @ Jun 18 2010, 07:44 PM) *
StormGoddess- At least you were there for him, which probably meant a lot to him <:3

That's what I've been thinking, too. I hope I was good enough to be his owner.

QUOTE (EniviD EiraM @ Jun 18 2010, 10:08 PM) *
@storm_goddess - I feel sorry for what happened. I hope you'll be okay. sad.gif

I'll probably be after some time. Thanks to you guys I feel a little better now than yesterday.

Also, my condolences to Kale and Turdaewen.

- I think I quote too much. Sorry XD I just wanted to reply to everyone.
- I feel a little better now. I'm just so thankful there are people I could turn to.
- I told this story to another friend of mine, and well he replied "So, what do you want me to do?" Yeah, what better way to ruin my already ruined mood than to hear someone say something rude. Oh well, at least he apologized.
- About my cousin, she already flew back to her province this afternoon. That's good because I don't intend to let her live stay here for so long.
- I wouldn't forget that dog but I think I should move on (though slowly) and just take care of my remaining pets.
- Episode 19~ I want you now.
- Uhm, does any of you watch Arakawa Under the Bridge? Funny that I started watching it because it has "Arakawa" on its title. And it's going to end soon, too. D:
- Oh, before I forgot, Happy Father's Day to your dads. smile.gif
-Happy Fathers Day to my dad and to all dads around the world!
-1st week of school was light but because I had to take care of things at home and supervise my little sis, it was especially stressful. I hate being so responsible about things. Why do I have to be the eldest?! Sheeesshhh...... >_>
-School again tomorrow. *sigh*
-I'm starting to feel like my bestfriend is taking advantage of me. I know I didn't spend much time with her last year but I'm already making up for it! Whenever I see her and she sees me she shows affection to her other friends. It's like she's taking revenge or something and I swear it's irritatingly disappointing. I'm trying my best to make up for my mistakes but if she's going to be like that, then I better not force myself.
-I'm starting to lose my social life. I think it's because I spend too much time with myself and I study too much. I'm a nerd! laugh.gif
-There is a dog that looks a bigger version of Black Hayate on TV! Sooo cuteee~!
-I love the card I picked out for my father... The saying is so beautiful...
-Why are there so many puppies on TV!? Imma have a cute overload!
-I need a new game for my Ds....

- Went to a cake party on Friday, t'was a good night.
- I bought a cute dress from a little store downtown, I'm definitely gonna wear it sometime this week when I go
to my friends house. ;D
- I have a Career Studies test tomorrow, but the problem I have is that I left my study notes at school. Ugh, I guess I'll have to go to the library early to study for it. >.>
- I'm making a mask, and today I'm painting it and putting glitter on it. yay!
- mmmm green tea.
- I better go watch some brotherhood episodes now.
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