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Full Version: Penny for your thoughts? (don't expect "real" money here... XD)
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A Pierrot's Aria

-I've went through a trend of being skanked out of money this week. The freakin' vending machine took my money even though the stupid spiral thing didn't complete its rotation so I didn't get anything. And earlier the bus driver skanked me out of my change. xD

-I'm so tired- I actually fell asleep and have not long woke up.

-I think I've finally made a firm decision regarding the uni I want to go to.
Tombow - with airspace currently open has your friend been able to make it back?

Scar - that must be such a relief for you.

FMAobsessed - that would be quite a journey! Must be quite an important book.


- I've never been so aware of planes flying overhead. I always heard them before of course but today I was turning my head skyward.

- I got petrol in a papercut, it was like being set alight.

- Work is so busy at the moment. Sunny as it might be it really isn't that warm but people are acting like they never saw the sun before.

To everyone that commented by my book predicament, it turns out my class didn't even use the book today. Instead we listened to presentations for final projects. I just kept on asking questions about each presentation. That way there wouldn't be time to discuss the book that I don't have.

What's this? It is only 11 at night and I have finished my speech for tomorrow! I thought for sure I would be pulling an almost all nighter. Sweet, I even have time to practice it.

I have another essay due on Friday, at least Friday morning when I go to the computer lab, I get to see the guy I like smile.gif
Chiyo--Ouch! I don't envy you! I've only ever spilled the stuff all over my clothes and non-injured hands and feet.


--What part of "shut up; I'm trying to learn" is so hard to understand? I don't want to hear "snarky" (more like dull, obvious, nonsensical, or downright insulting) comments. I want to hear what the prof is saying, and he's hard enough to understand since he doesn't use a microphone, his handwriting is crap, and his slides are in microprint! (The guy who sits next to me must think these actions are either amusing or charming. It might take a clocking with a notebook to convince him otherwise...)

--Although I'm getting better at self-teaching and using the class forums because I don't really understand it.

--Saw some ducks in a puddle on the field by my dorm today. They were just nibbling at the grass, and it was sort of cute.

--So much to do over the next few days. How will I do it all?
QUOTE (Tombow @ Apr 20 2010, 10:03 AM) *
- My seasonal allergy is back, and I'm sniffling constantly, even with taking allergy pills. Yikes. sad.gif

Oh no! Everyone seems to have them really bad this year. Loratadine 10mg has worked well in my experience. Hope you feel better smile.gif

QUOTE (jacksparrow589 @ Apr 20 2010, 11:23 AM) *
--Woke up this morning feeling faint, nauseous, feverish, and headachy. Of course, this would happen on the morning that the health center opens late, and of course, the likely culprit turns out to be a virus. Oh joy. dry.gif

Noes sad.gif feel better!

QUOTE (FMAobsessed @ Apr 20 2010, 09:27 PM) *
I have to find a way to kick this "semester should be over already, so I don't want to do work" attitude already. I have an essay due tomorrow afternoon, haven't started.

I feel the same way. Spring break completely halted the momentum I had going XD

QUOTE (ScarMySoul @ Apr 21 2010, 05:04 AM) *
- My mom's valley fever is in remission!! biggrin.gif I feel so relieved.

- Today is the day I start on Warenties.... hooray!

That's great news! And good luck with the promotion =D


-The horrible, soul crushing start to my week has been proven wrong as of late biggrin.gif
-had our last sim lab on Monday and it went well! Considering how much I dreaded sim I think it taught me the most about nursing of any class/lab/clinical I've ever taken. And now it's done, and I've passed, and I can get back to not being horribly stressed out all the time! Well not all the time...but less of the time...
-As a congratulations present to myself I bought a bottle of ginger liqueur. It' good...
-Still fangirling over this week's Lost! SUN AND JIN!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gawd, so cute :') I'm so glad I have it on the DVR, already re-watched that part twice tonight XD

A Pierrot's Aria

-Had parents evening at college earlier- it all went very well. =P

-I just had some really nice Chinese food! <D

-Yay! It's Friday tomorrow! Come on Weekend!
Aribelle--Thanks! I'm feeling much better. Must've been some sort of 24-hour bug. *shrugs*


--Today at dinner, a guy came up to me and asked if I wanted to be an extra in a Japanese TV drama. Said I'd get $80 for 11 hours. I would have (I need the money, for one thing), but I have two classes and a lab tomorrow, and I'm volunteering at the college of engineering's open house.

--Thank goodness for my dad giving me a crash course in negotiating the library stacks here. I was in and out of the library in 15 minutes! (Though I could spend FOREVER there. All those wonderful old books... Oh. And cute, nerdy guys.)

--Now to write that 5-7 page paper I got those books for. I don't wanna!

--Got a call this morning to see if I could attend an interview for a job Monday morning. Too bad it was right in the middle of classes, but the lady said she'd give me a call back, so I'm hopeful!
phoenix dying
Dear Bills GM Buddy Nix,

Tell me why would you draft C.J. Spiller, you are an idiot. I hate you. And someone will get stabbed if you draft Tim Tebow.

-Love PD


My college has been swamped with huge tour groups. Even though these kids are only like 2 years younger than me, I still feel like they are all innocent. I also realized that the reason why the tour groups are huge because it is spring break for the high schoolers.

When I had to go on tours for colleges, I was the only one of my friends who never missed a day of class to go on a tour. Even though my school gave excused absences for those who were going on tours. But according to my dad, that is what weekends are for.

I got all my classes for next semester! I did have to redo my schedule in the afternoon cause all of my classes were full. But my schedule 2.0 should be all set.
A Pierrot's Aria

-I can't tell if this week has flown by or whether it's went by slowly- either way, I'm so glad it's Friday now. biggrin.gif

-I only had one lesson today, so going to college felt like a waste of time. >.> Two of my teachers are still stuck abroad. They'll be back next week, though.
Kale Mustang

- Got to see Conan O'Brien live last night in San Francisco. It was absolutely amazing and hysterical. Ended up Twittering the event for the most part.

- FMA Vol. 25 and FMA:B TV Guidebook Vol. 3 arrived today. biggrin.gif

- Decided to install Steam onto my netbook. Will be playing Half-Life once again and will probably install SW: KotOR once I borrow my friend's external DVD

- Interviewed another person for iPubs, and he seems like a competent guy. He'll actually get to write articles for us.

- Anime Expo this year has decided to go with an app this year to make navigating the convention a bit better. It also will give people access to specific sellers in the dealer hall/artist alley as well as everything else that can usually be found in the book.

- My allergies are so off and on this year... bleh. dry.gif

- I need a vacation...and nap.

--Helped out at the College of Engineering open house today. It was fun being on security detail! (We got walkie-talkies!) We even had a dance-off between floors when it got a little boring.

--Grah. Stupid physics takes up so much of my time! Just when one assignment's done, another is posted!

--Well, looks like I'll actually get 5-7 pages out of this paper I'm writing after all. That'd be really nice, actually.

--So, between more open house tomorrow, physics, English, math, and laudry, I will have little to no weekend. dry.gif It's a conspiracy, I swear!
A Pierrot's Aria

-Had my hair dyed back to more it's natural colour today...After a small mishap last year I was left with two-toned hair. The top was darker than the bottom...and now I've finally decided to do something about it. xD I'm going to the hairdressers next week, hopefully, too. biggrin.gif

-I'm actually pretty darn tired right now.

A Pierrot's Aria--I had a teacher in junior high whose hairdresser royally screwed up a dye job, leaving my poor teacher looking like Cruella DeVille. I hope yours wasn't that bad!


--Had another awesome day of volunteering at the engineering open house. Got to know more of the CSE majors, especially the junior boys who got stuck greeting with me. One of them took me out for bubble tea afterwards. It was fun!

--I put a CSE temporary tattoo on my hand for fun before the open house, and now it refuses to come off! I feel quite a bit like the wife of the main character of a certain Scottish play by the Bard at the moment.

--The two guys who didn't come out for bubble tea afterwards bet me I wouldn't work on my paper today, since it was so nice. Well, not only did I work on it; I finished it! Take that, boys!

--On that note, I love my MLA handbook. It knows all. (Not that everything needs to be perfect--this is just a draft. I just don't want to have to do a ton of revision at the end of the quarter while studying for math and physics.)

Yes, I talked to my professor in the class, about the book that is in New Zealand, and he said he would make sure a copy would be in the library for me. I just have to photocopy the pages I need to read.

My college had a carnival today. I went on rides and got sunburned. I also had cotton candy. And me and a friend think that it would be hilarious to take cotton candy that is white, and put it in an empty cotton ball bag. Then go around offering people some cotton balls. Then we they say no, we will eat the cotton candy.
A Pierrot's Aria
jacksparrow589 - Haha!! It wasn't quite Cruella DeVille I'm glad to say. The top half of my hair was brown and it turned like a blondish-brown at midway. At the time I thought it would be a great idea to dye my hair midnight blue and when I decided a month later I didn't like it- I tried to get it brown again by getting blonde dye to lighten it. I left it on too long and it went not blonde...but BUTTER YELLOW! And the tips of my hair were orange. I dyed it brown again but I didn't buy enough and it was too light so I just left it before my hair fell out or something. xD


-I've replied to my uni choices and I'm hoping for a reply very soon to confirm they got my choice. Then I'll apply for accommodation. But now I'm freaking out at the thought of ending up with some druggie or something. oO (I don't know if that really ever happens. xD)

-After they above I'll need to start applying for grants and loans...bleh. x.x

-I'm so happy there's another sub group working on FMA:B now. I no longer have to wait until tomorrow morning to watch a new episode. biggrin.gif I hope they continue with their fast work!

- Not looking forward to this week. >.> We're starting rock climbing at school. It's all morning everyday this week. But thanks goodness there's no school on friday.

- To write an essay or not to write an essay.

- Me and my friend were walking to a fabric store the other day for more materials for our cosplay, and along the way we were making pigeon/other animal noises at eachother. This old lady saw us, and she gave us a really dirty look. It was rather funny. But that's what me and my friends do, just make weird noises at eachother.

- Ha, alright. That's all I have to say for now. :\

A few months ago I was mistaken for one of my friends who is a black male. Today I found out that four more of my white friends I have been mistaken for my black friend. So we decided to start a facebook group about it.

So today I saw the guy I liked and two of my other guy friends in a group walking. My two just guy friends said hi to me. But R just nodded his head and kept on walking. I wasn't expecting him to have a full conversation, since it was obvious that they were going somewhere. But hi is just a one syllable word. He says hi to me when he is by himself, and we will have full conversations. But sometimes he will act very distant or shy.

- ROYAI wub.gif
- I miraculously woke up early without relying on my alarm clock. Yay! Probably due to excitement of episode 54's sub.
- Ok this is quite a problem. I keep smiling even when I'm alone. And yes, due to Royai hangover. I hope people around me wouldn't think I'm crazy.
- When I said the place I'm currently working at was fun, I feel like taking that back.
- I ate some spicy siomai (dumplings?) today, forgetting that my lips were chapped. Aw.
- I'm still smiling, though. laugh.gif
- Excited to fly to Hong Kong....
- It's almost May and FMA 107 is about to be out.
- Excited... Excited.... Excited!

- I watching FMA BH on Saturday on [as] and I didn't realize they were already past Hughes dying... twas a humerous episode with the baby delivery laugh.gif

- I'm off to work to do paperwork and hopefully get more practice on warrenties... cuz I have no clue as to what to do... its all still very confusing... sad.gif

-Yesterday I was at a Russian pop concert. Remember my last post? I said that it was the Russian king of pop. Well, he was indeed like a king. He behaved just like that, his voice so professional, his promises so sweet (like thank you for you love, but you shall know, your love is answered!), his movements so elegant...
-I got few photos from him. You can google the pop singer, his name is Filipp Kirkorov
-I even gave him roses and touched his hand. Well, you must understand it was for me like for some of you touching Michael Jackson if he would be still alive.
-When he was walking through the concert hall for a short time, we almost ripped him into pieces from all the love xD good that he had some body guards. I mean, really big ones...
-While the song "flame of love" was playing, I got mom's lighter and turned it on, waving it around. Then tons of other people did the same. Of course i burned myself in the end biggrin.gif.
-He changed his clothes for 4 times the evening. Well, he CAN.
-It was awesome. I'm very pleased.

-Got daddy's netbook. So little and comfortable for school!
-OOps, forgot to do some English homework xD
-Need to get my sister some pokemon cards from Ebay. Has someone some for free for us? xD Just joking. But I'm interested, since my lil sister collects em like crazy and I want to help her.
Broken Chouchou

- Happy birthday, ego. 18 years, huh.
- Celebrated with family and relatives Saturday. A few people came over, we had cake (yet again I underestimated the candles will to live, almost didn't make it in one blow), and there were presents being opened. I got a shiny laptop, a new headset, a desk for my room (something I've been in need of since starting school really), some bathroom articles (like that new razor I've been too lazy to go out and buy) and also my grandmother made me a photo album containing pictures from the day I was born up until today, leaving the last frame empty, to be filled in. That was sweet. The evening was topped of fwith a restaurant visit with my mom, sister and grandma. We had a really good time, and the food was pretty awesome. For starters I tried a plate I can't for the life of me remember what it was called (we went to a Greek restaurant), but it was basically squid in vineager.
- Today, Monday, my actual birhtday, has been alright. Woke up to mom and sister singing "happy birthday" and serving me breakfast in bed.
- I got loads of work to do this week, I'm doing a project that needs to be finished by Monday at LATEST - and I have barely even started.
- But, ignoring the previous sentence, I'm in a pretty good mood, actually, so...
- Cheers mates, have a good day/evening! biggrin.gif



and i'm done with high school happy.gif
QUOTE (StormGoddess @ Apr 26 2010, 06:44 AM) *
- ROYAI wub.gif
- Ok this is quite a problem. I keep smiling even when I'm alone. And yes, due to Royai hangover. I hope people around me wouldn't think I'm crazy.

Oh, don't worry, StormGoddess. I'm on a Royai hangover, too. It's ridiculous cuz I've been all bubbly and happy at school today and my friends were like "...What is going on?" I then proceeded to spread my love and joy of Royai, but I got the feeling they didn't really care or get it... so yeah.

I digress, I love Royai. I'm smiling as I type this and I'm smiling as I decide what to write about for my next sentence. ROYAI POWER, GO!!


-Was supposed to have a socratic seminar today over the book Things Fall Apart, but our teacher was absent. This along with the Royai overdose of episode 54 has made my week.
-What makes it better is I have state testing this week, so I can push the socratic seminar away till next week.
-But what's lame about state testing is that when you're "really smart", it takes you 2 hours max... and then you sit. In your desk. And do. Nothing. You can read or sleep. You may not possess any electronic devices, excluding the calculator during the math test. Depending on my teacher, I may be able to draw and doodle some Royai stuff.
-Stop smiling, dammit! People are gonna think you're crazy!
-My theatre director signed me up' to work as the backstage hand this Saturday for my school's talent show showcase thing. I get paid minimum wage and will work 6 hours. Unfortunately, the Mayweather vs. Mosley fight is the same day and I have to decide between watching that long anticipated match that will determine who will face-off against Filipino boxing idol Manny Pacquiao. The fight's probably going to start around 9 and the house where the party/PPV is being held is 20 minutes away from my school and no way my parents will let me drive that far if I get my license this week.
-So money and brownie points vs. joy and pumped-up hype with free food? Hmmm...

Had a magnificent time at the con this weekend. Was rather disheartened at how many FMA fans had no idea that Brotherhood was related to the manga. Or had never read the manga. Or really how many people knew very little about FMA at all, in spite of saying they did. I thought it was an insanely popular series. What gives?

Am I just old and decrepit for thinking FMA is still cool? Is it all Bleach and Soul Eater now?

--Today started off somewhat muggy and generally unpleasant. In the early afternoon, however, as I was doing my homework, it suddenly got very windy. I heard a splintering noise and a thud. Turns out that a tree outside my dorm was completely uprooted!

--And now that it's raining... I had just gotten out of the shower when the fire alarm went off. It was a drill! In the middle of a rainstorm for goodness' sake! Yeesh!

--Had a pleasant chat with a high school friend over dinner, each one of us trying to out-geek the other. He said he wants FMA: The Promised Day when it comes out.

--When will my shoulder stop hurting? This is ridiculous.

It is almost May and I haven't even read April's FMA chapter. I skimmed it, but I never got to read it in detail. April and May are just bad times for enjoyment, too much work.

My cousin proposed to his girlfriend of six years. But they have known each other since they were five. Basically they were childhood friends, who then in high school started going out. Then went to the same college, and stayed together in college. They have such a sweet sugary romance that it is disgusting. But I am so excited for them. His girlfriend is so friendly.

My friend and I went on Omegle today. We told people that we bred turtles. I have four turtles that I breed. Their names are Speedy, Stalin, Star, and Steve. Speedy and Stalin are boy turtles, while Star and Steve are girl turtles.

Last full week of classes and then finals!
Kale Mustang

- Cap'n Crunch's Oops! All Crunch Berries is the best cereal to have for dinner...or anytime biggrin.gif

- Hype for Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker is in full swing, though I won't pick up the game until a bit later - no time to play... ;_;

- My room is now 90% clean and organized now! Just have to get rid of the curtain bar and need to find a new place for some photo albums...

- Finally received my assignments for iPubs... One of which is a review for Funimation's FMA Brotherhood release. smile.gif

- Why is Ghost Adventures one of my most guiltiest pleasures to watch?

I am now a blue belt in shotokan karate!

Although I did end up injuring my Achilles Tendon. It is either bruised or has a micro fracture. Either way it F*CKING HURTS!!! I was in two sparring match. In the first match my foot was accidentally stepped on, which made me fall down all epically. Then in the next match, I went to kick my opponet, and her elbow slammed down on my tendon. Surprisingly I just said ow, kept going, and then when time was called I had to hop out of the ring. But it was a good night.
Hi five for the blue belt FMAobsessed! Sorry to hear about the Achilles' Tendon. I've never hurt it before so I can't honestly say "I feel your pain", but I hope you do get better. happy.gif

-....The threads... look different. Or is that just me? I feel like I screwed something up. But who... this is... weird. I, uh, yeah.
-Standardized testing all this week. Asa sophomore, I have tests Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I took today's test (math) and finish in about an hour and fifteen minutes, leaving me with 6 hours and 45 minutes to do nothing. Ew.
-I'm skipping tomorrow because I don't have a test to take. I hope they don't toss me into ISS or something retarded like that. It was either sit for 8 hours and do nothing or chill at home and do whatever. I'd like to stay home.
-Watched Deadliest Warrior today. I'm totally peeved off at how Attila the Hun could beat Alexander the Great in a one on one duel. Alexander the Great all the way!!!
-Why am I still on my Royai high? Go away!!!... Wait, no I didn't mean that! Stay with me!
FMAobsessed--Congrats on the blue belt! I hope your Achilles Tendon gets better soon, though!


--Got into my first choice residence hall for next year!

--Finally going home this weekend! I've missed it!

--Apparently my English TA thinks I'm doing pretty well in the paper-writing department, after all. What a relief!

--I don't know what the person above me was doing at 3AM this morning, but that drumroll noise kept me awake! If it happens again tonight, I'm complaining.

-Art. Exam. Tomorrow. 10 hours D: How am I going to survive? Ah well, I always find painting to be quite relaxing :3
-Ahh, I only have one more piece of prep work to finish -and I'm procastinating on the lat day.
-The friend who's reading FMA is still incredibely slow, she just finished 15 and point blank refuses to read it on the computer, and will only read it in tankoban :/
-Currently finding English extremely boring. I hope its just the teacher, I'm taking Eng Lit next year D: Thankfully I don't have to go through another comprehension paper, huzzah!
-French orals in exactly one week, and I'm the first. Damn register order D:
A Pierrot's Aria
Thalogens- Good luck with your art exam!! : )


-Speaking of art exams, mine is in 2 weeks. D: I've actually been working on my coursework for it all day, and I feel like I've made so much progress. The downside to the exam is that I'm going to miss a lot of history and classics because of it.

-Man, this week has went fast!

-There's been too many ridiculous stories on the news today; right from Gordon Brown calling that poor lady a 'bigoted woman' to a man who was sailing using a road map as navigation. D'oh!
@jacksparrow and sidekick: Thanks for the well wishes guys ^^


I have a final exam paper and presentation due on Monday. I have not started any of it. But I am not panicked about it yet...Keyword: yet

My dorm decided to turn off the heat. Of course once they decide to turn off the heat, that is when the temperature outside drops by 20 degrees.
I know this is the FMA forum... but it won't go away. Ignore my Glee spasms please.

-Is finally caught up with Glee XD
-Has somehow gotten obsessed with Glee. . . ._.
-Just saw the preview for next week's ep. My reaction: Emma called Will a WHAT?! A WHAT?! Seriously?!Oh... man. And I just got into supporting Wemma (lulz)
-I also just realized I have theatre banquet next Tuesday (which is when Glee gets on). It's also the day of my parents' anniversary, the day my brother got baptized, and the day my other brother had his First Communion. Damn you May 4th! Must you be so hectic of a day?!
-Oh yeah, standardized testing (TAKS in my state). It was science. I hate science. But it was mostly biology, so I was moderately happy. I ended up finishing 65 questions in roughy 45 minutes. I remained seated in my testing room for three hours silently before our testing room had lunch and since everyone was done, we proceeded to play games- mostly Clue and various card games.
-Oh, it's almost Friday! I love TAKS weeks because the week just disappears and before you know it, it's another weekend. Hahaha!
-I have history tomorrow. That shouldn't take long either.
-And then it'll be Saturday and then it'll be Marquez vs. Mayweather!! Cannot wait! By the way, switched "shifts" with a friend to catch the fight. smile.gif
-My last post about wanting my Royai high to go away... I didn't mean it! Now it actually disappeared into near the "middle" of my head (b/c Royai is usually up there) because Wemma walked in. lulz

- Sorry I"ve not been on in a few days! I've been working some long hours at work and by the time I get home I'm just so tired! tongue.gif I back now though so hopefully I can get some modding done! biggrin.gif

- Its funny at work, we tend to be well fed in the Service department; customers will bring in food for the whole crew just to get an oil change happy.gif Today we had "River Dogs." For those who don't know what that is, its a hot dog in a bun, covered in french fries.... talk about a heart attack! laugh.gif

- I'm slowly but surely learning how to do warrenties! I did a whole stack of papers (prolly about 50 Work orders) and did them sucessfully! Of course my boss is there every step of the way helping when I need it but its going well!!

- Happy birthday to all the people who I missed saying that to that past couple of days! Please forgive my absence!


- My birthday is next week! on May 5th. Wow, time goes by too fast. xD

- Come to think of it, my mom's birthday is on the 10th. I have no idea what to get her. D:

- Going over to Patricia's house to work on our costumes tomorrow, I have a few things to fix on mine.

- Man, I'm so glad I get a day off tomorrow. I can finally catch up on my sleep. Every night for this week I've had less than four hours of rest. It's all because of stress at school. ):

- Went rock climbing today. I actually managed to make it all the way up a wall that was like.. 25 feet high. Then, I looked down and nearly had a heart attack. o_o I didn't realize I climbed that high up. IT WAS SCARY. D;<
But at least I got down safely.

--Woo! Physics finally makes sense! Er... Sort of. It works, at any rate...

--Had a nice chat with my English TA today. The conferenes are technically required, and though most people don't actually go, I figured it couldn't hurt.

--Mmmm... Stash Wwild raspberry herbal tea and chocolate. smile.gif

--Hall ball tickets go on sale soon! I'm so excited!

--Currently watching the Sailor Moon R movie for sheer entertainment. I have no shame.

Why is it whenever I meet a guy, there is always another girl that spontaneously appears. And of course she has all the right things to say to him?

Today I was talking to one of my friends and she said she was a size 8 for pants in women's. I said I was a size 5, and she looked at me like I was crazy. I told her I was a size 5 in juniors. Apparently people starting outgrowing juniors in middle school or high school. I am finishing up my sophmore year in college...

-Art exam went allright, I managed to finish 3 minutes before the end. I could have done better, but I was panicking half the time.
-Ahhh, the Art coursework deadline has been extended for a whooole week. The new deadline is on the 7th of May, I'm incredibely glad biggrin.gif
-French orals on Wednesday, I'm terrified. I only have 3.7/5 topics actually completed, and I need to have them all finished and memorised by Wednesday morning D':
-Philosophy exam on the 18th. I'd better start revising D:
-Exams are taking over MY LIFEE.
-Ahh, people have started writing in my yearbook. Its sort of hit me that I'm leaving so soon. I'm excited biggrin.gif
A Pierrot's Aria

-There's too many things in May I'm looking forward to! Upcoming DVDs, chapters, CDs, a Chinese Circus we're going to, and the most happy event of all will be the 14th, when I finish my graphic illustration exam and never have to do that lesson again! biggrin.gif

-It's great talking to an old friend! I haven't heard from her in ages and now we're meeting up next Monday!
Le Monkey
~ I have been so frantic recently I have completely forgotten to come on here. >.<
~ one more day of work then I get a week off! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
~ Next weekend 3 day LAN party, WEWT!
~ Need sleep now, work in the morning. >.<
~ Night all!
@ Monkey Sweet dreams! happy.gif


- I finally got done drawing my picture of Rogue from The X Men..... took me two and a half hours...

- DeviantArt needs to clean their damn site, I submitted my art piece and in return I got 38 trojans.... jerks.... dry.gif
Le Monkey
~ Finaly got some sleep
~ Was awake all night so couldn't go to work as I couldn't work out how to put trousers on as I was so screwed up from another night of no sleep, makes 3 days..
~ Feeling a bit better now ^-^
I just finished high school and got into Catholic University of America on a non-athletic, non-academic scholarship with guidlines state that I must do well as an undergraduate if I am to keep the scholarship. For 4 years I've done well, gpa between 3.7 and 4.0, sometimes fluxuates between there.

My senior year, for the first two trimesters I did well, average GPA around 3.8-3.9. In the THIRD trimester however, and because I'm a senior at my school, the trimester was shorter for us, thus any grade we get greatly alters our grade in a particular class (did not have many grades...maybe two tests that's it) For 3 classes that I did well in the first two trimesters I am extremely worried about my grades. I'mnot sure if I have a C or D...I REALLY do not want a D in any of them. However, in 2 weeks I'm taking finals.

I figure if I do well on finals, and if the only poor grades were in the third trimester, and if all the grades between the first trimester and finals were averaged, I'd be okay.

But I'm extremely nervous about what would happen..

Monday is my last day of classes and I have a presentation to give.

Finals spread out all this week. I won't be going home until the 12th.

I woke up with a headache sad.gif

phoenix dying
Its official.

I'm going to Bonnaroo this year.

Whole lotta music.

Disasterpiece--Ouch! I hope all goes well and that your grades average out nicely! I'm sure you can also plead your case--goodness knows I had to plead mine in my second quarter this year!

FMAobsessed--You're done except for finals? Lucky! I still have 5 weeks and two finals the week after that! I hope the finals go well!


--Filled out a ton of job applications this weekend. I swear, the next time I have to answer a general "Have you ever been convicted of a crime?" question, I will answer "yes" and explain that I was told I was criminally beautiful. Or that I've broken many, many hearts. (The best part is that neither is true! I don't half-@$$ my lies!)

--My mom keeps on telling me I need to ask someone to the hall ball. Easier said than done... Maybe I'll find someone there?

--Physics test this Friday. This is not going to be fun at ALL. dry.gif
@jacksparrow: Well, when do your semesters start and how long are they? I start in early September and have to move out on May 13th.


Besides finals I will have to move out at the end of next week. This is the time where I wonder how I accumulated all the crap that is in my dorm room.

But I have been bringing stuff home. Today I gave my mom some snow boots to bring home

Wondering about the FMA chapter is distracting me from studying for finals. I should try to turn my focus swithch on.
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