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Full Version: Lust Fans (from Any FMA Series!) Thread For Lust Fans To Talk About Lust!
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so.. seems like there might be Lust's fans.. want to ask.. for ppl who seen ep 47..
do you agree that Lust have to die??!?!?

pic of cool Lust:
I cried during that scene. -.-;; Yes, she basically had to die. It would be odd/unfinished if she didn't. **Shrugs**

But, yes, Lust was awesome. Second best homunculus.... >.<
this pic isn't bad...
It is a shame lust died, I think Lust was one of the coolest characters in the series ( therefor she got a high ranking in my FMA top 10 ) But killing her proves that FMA is a A series.

btw. about the pic, hmm her hair and her left hand are a little weird, for the rest it looks cool biggrin.gif
Lust was a great character, but with Scar dead and her having her memories back the only thing left for her was death. as for wrath he's the worst homunculus of them all and his character makes me want to slap someone. ooooo am i supposed to be amazed by the fact that he can use alchemy...... psshhht......his alchemy sucks......even the famous homo-erotic traditional Armstong family alchemy is better than his.....
That episode 47 is like a 2-in-1 special (two homunculus turnpoints in one! Whoa!). I was sad as well when that happened to Lust. The end of the episode with Sloth though, was quite pretty, with what Ed decided to do with her existence and all.
Hughes, Greed, Kimbley, Scar (in the same damn episode too), And now Lust -__-...

there's something about "being a cool character" and "not being allowed to live" in FMA.

anyways, I don't think it's 2 on 1.. Sloth didn't change sides..
Uhm... No, he/she meant that two homunculus died in one episode. <--- Episode 47 spoiler. Two-for-one. =P
Umm... I don't want Lust to die! She's not cute and not good, but she's just awesome!
Lust.. she's my fav homunculi

a cool pic of Lust:
I more like Envy, but Lust is ... just too homunuculish to die!
Lord Odenetheus
She doesn't die, friends. She'll return.
I wish so..
Lord Odenetheus
Who doesn't?
Lust-haters for example.. but I so love Lust in anime....
Lord Odenetheus
"No matter how many times, I will kill you" - Lust, episode 48 47.

Yes, she's awesome.
Queen of the dammed
I don't see why Lust should be killed like this... I was expecting her to appear in the movie....;___;
Lusto.. she doesn't have to die!! Wrath have to die!! take him down Ed or Izumi! Go! Go!
Queen of the dammed
Lust DIES in the manga too!!!! Howver... ROY looked HAWT!!!!!!
well, Lust deserve the death in the manga, but not in the anime
Onmyo-Ji Rina
Anime and Manga Lusts are so different...
The one in the anime is way more human. I really loved how her character developed through the series. But I didn't have that feeling with the manga.
It's a pity that happened to her in the anime... it would had been interesting to see more of her... TwT
Queen of the dammed
I liked her in a different way in the manga though...
I really like how she can have the 'ultimate halberd'...
It was quite sad when Lust died... FMA is so full of drama =-=;
my favorite humonculus is Greed, second is Lust

that was sad when Lust died, but that made the story better, in fact it might have been better if Roy died at the end as well, but I guess they kept him alive for some significance to the movie, either way is good, and don't get cut at Wrath, Wrath is a misguided child, I don't mind him
QUOTE(Lust @ Oct 5 2004, 01:46 AM)
It was quite sad when Lust died... FMA is so full of drama =-=;

I definately don't admire Lust, but she was such a ... catchy (?) character, she had so bloody bad personality, that I oved her really much. If she didn't injusre Havoc that badly, i'd even cry for her *sobs*
Lust is THE hottest and most bad ass girl in any anime ever!!!She is the best homunculus other than wrath.Who kills her,why do they kill her and how???
Ooooh, I love Lust ^^ one of my favorite FMA characters period. She is cool and kicks ass. Too bad Wrath is a bastard. I felt bad when she died. She was the most human out of all the humonculi and is very easy on the eys o.o She was even pretty much a good person near the end of her rope.
Roy kills you! He repeatedly burns you until the effects of the stones in your stomach are exhasted. Your adopted son also contributes by unknowingly bringing your skull, which paralyzes you (humonculi are weak against body parts of their former selves) and Roy burns you while you are paralyzed, satisfied?
Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!I allways new I was ganna die burning.But what an ass paralyzes me then kill me.And where did he get my skull?Does Roy become Fuhrer?
I'm really a huge fan of Lust as well as her being so pretty even though she's one very beautiful Homunculus
Yeah, i`m Lust`s fan, too!
I liked all of her outfits (the dress she wears at Xenotime is the best i think).
I think, [spoiler]that was ok, that all of Homunculus die. Cause it saves the dramatic mood of the series. It`s very touching. After all, Homunculus are almost tragic characters in the anime (unlike manga...)[/spoiler]

But, i would be very happy, if Lust became human...

And, [spoiler]How the hell could she agree with the crap, that Wrath told her before killing her?! I mean, "you wanted to die". She wanted human LIFE with its good and bad things. Not DEATH. Stupid homunculus...[/spoiler]
I really like Lust in the anime too, way better than in the manga so it pained me when she died...........*sniff*
But I guess she had to go to find her true identity

[]spoiler[] she succeeded in getting beyond the gat right, thats why we saw her at the end of the movie with scar[]spoiler[]

If Sloth is vaporized, how is she alive? I doubt she will be in the movie, but I do like Sloth ^^


Cause that vaper can eventually get rained down and form a body again, so I believe she still is alive

I dont think thats possible, ed said that he transformed her liquid body into ethanol wich is a different substance than water, and get rained down..........she would be then like an alcoholic Sloth biggrin.gif whos always drunk LOL
QUOTE(Speedo @ Aug 8 2008, 12:37 PM) *
I really like Lust in the anime too, way better than in the manga so it pained me when she died...........*sniff*
But I guess she had to go to find her true identity

she succeeded in getting beyond the gat right, thats why we saw her at the end of the movie with scar

The people you saw at the end of the movie were not Scar and Lust. Amestris and Earth are parallel universes, so they were the counterparts of them from our world. A homunculus was once a human, so of course, there is an earthly counterpart of Lust, just like Pride's counterpart was Fritz Lang. Anyway, Lust is my third favorite homunculus (with Wrath and Envy being ahead of her.) I was really disappointed when she died. I wanted her dreams to come true so bad. I just wanted one of those homunculi to have a happy ending. I don't know why my favorite characters have to kill off my other favorite characters. I love Wrath, but that was so uncool. I'm tired of everyone calling him names, though. Everyone's forgetting that Wrath is just an impressionable child who was misled. In the end, he found his way on the right path.
I think that Lust is not only the most beautiful person in FMA, but in all of anime. If you dont beieve me, look at these pictures!
Misty- Nala
The stories and teh whole existence of Homunculi was better in Anime 1. Lust, as everyone else, was once human and they were searching for the reason of their existence. They wanted to be human. In Manga, they were more like puppets. They claimed to have feelings and deep down inside they did have them (Father and Envy, for exmaple) but in Anime 1 they showed them all the time. That makes them better villains; they had a set goal and worked on their own to reah it. You could pretty much compare them with Ed and Al.

Lust's change was one of the best plot points in FMA 1. Usually, a villain turned good is a cheap plot element but here it was handled exceptionally well. She had clear motive and was ready to even kill her creator to fulfill her dream. The change of sides reveals that Homunculi were very much like humans; they shared the same feelings, were selfish but could care for each other also. Lust's dead was very touching, I hated the fact she had to die and by the hand of her comrade. As someone already said, no cool person can stay in Fma (except for Havoc wink.gif )
^ I think the same of Lust's death. tongue.gif

And even in the manga, I love her even though she's much more cruel. She's still fascinating and very captivating - she says that the homunculi have the same feelings as humans, yet doesn't show outward emotion too much, which really makes me think why exactly she calls them "fools."

And chichering I love those pictures, especially the red-toned one . happy.gif
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