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I'm a big fan of rvb and I whant to know where I could get eps. 20-35.
Anyone know where I can watch them.
YES! RvB is the best! Caboose rocks my world like no other lol! I havn't seen the entire series but I've seen almost all of the earlier episodes up to about 25 or so. I think the only way to see then is to get the dvds.... but maybe somewhere on would have them... I'm not sure though unsure.gif
i wouldn't know
as cabouse would say. "my toes are getting pruny".
I think the whole show is really funny you can watch them at
I've seen a few episodes at a friends house. Very funny
i watched episodes 39, 40 and 41

lmao@episode 39 the best so far i seen

*in the first battle someone snipered someone in the head*


Sniper gets killed with someone with a rocket launcher

Sniper as he's dying: AAAAAAAAH YOU ROCKET WHORE
LMAO! I want to get that shirt from that says "my other car is a puma."

"Oh! How about we call it a puma?"

"I thought I told you to stop making up animals!"
I've got a shirt that says "Its not pink its litish red!"
very funny.
My favorite ep. is 45 New Toys.
Grif- We could all pitch in and get some spinners for the jeep.
Simmons- Why?
Grif- for style.
Tucker- For chicks.
Simmons- What chicks. Theres no-one for miles. We dont know if there anyone even left alive.
Grif- Now your being a pessimist.
RvB is amazing. And they're coming to Toronto in 2 weeks for the Canadian National Expo!(which includes Toronto Anime Convention).
never heard of`em
Watch the eps at
Sarge: I only drink the blood of my enemies! And occasionally a strawberry yoohoo.. or a sasperilla... Grenadine striaght from the can! Delicious.. mm mm. Oh occasionally I do enjoy a sex on the beach... or a Pina Colata... If you like pina colatas... huh! And getting caught in the rain heh yah! If your not into yoga... Griff just has half a brain.
Very funny. (lol)
how about this.
Tucker-Oh my god the teleporter took me back in time!
Church- Tucker listen this guy isnt the sarge hes fust a dumb rookie
that has the same color armor as him.
Tucker- Im still not sure.
Dount-Is this guy retarted or something?
^ next time dont double post :] just edit your previous post.
Sorry about that.
i love R vs B holiday specials
tongue.gif you can watch them at and i heard of them when they where on g4tv and they said soooo many people posted it on the shows website thing where you tell them your favv website that they said not to send it anymore ph34r.gif im a ninja
Ep. 58 is out.
Heres the link.
LMFAO! I love Tucker! Bow chica bow wow!
Got my season 1 DVD signed by Tucker and Sarge..Hilarious shit.
Did someone call for a hariy plumer?
Bow chica bow wow!
Im here to lay some pipe.
Bow chica bow wow!
season 1 is hilarious lol!
I like season 3 better.
I love Red VS Blue! XD

It's so funny. My older brother is more into it that I am thou. He downloads all the episodes and things of that nature. I believe he has the 1,2 and 3 season on dvd. Not sure about the 3rd season but I know he has the first 2 seasons on dvd. My brother is a big Halo freak.
Im a Halo 2 master.
I pwn noobs on xbox live.
My brother thinks he's a pro at it. He makes me and my friends play (and we don't get to pLay Halo because it's his game and his system and we can only play if he is playing too) and he snipes us and hides in those hard to get areas. My friends don't play muhc video games either so that hate it. So basically, no one has a good time except my brother.
I would just kill you with the energy sword.
Time after time, until you get pissed and start cussing at me.
That's exactly what my brother does to me. I cuss him but I continue to play because he gets that ego of his and he starts making mistakes. I start to mess with his head and then I get my vengence. happy.gif
I see what your doing.....
I know now.
You confuse him with your mind games and stuff like that.
Just look at my sig. I've got the famous 'I'm a gay robot' line from RvB episode 13-Human Peer Bonding, so you can tell I love the show. biggrin.gif

Caboose: [revelling] AI... What's the "A" stand for?
Church: Artificial.
Caboose: Ah. What's the...
Church: [interrupting] Intelligence.
[short pause]
Caboose: What's the "A" again?

Wyoming: Right, I don't have time to torture you...
Phil: Oh, thank God...
Wyoming: I'm just going to have to kill you.
Phil: Oh, this *sucks*!
[instant fade-to-black, gunshot heard]
Hilarious. laugh.gif

Oh, and BTW,
If you love FMA, and Red vs. Blue, then click on this link, cuz this vid is for you. (Take that, Seuss!)
AMV Hell- Ed and Al do Red vs. Blue.
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