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Full Version: Your Character~
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tongue.gif tongue.gif Show off your character! laugh.gif laugh.gif
Radical Alchemist
You mean OC's? O_o shouldn't this be in fanart?
hali started a topic like this I think. and this should probably be in fanworks
The last time I did this someone told me to put it in CD.
well if it's your own characteres, then probably in fanworks
Omakase Shimasu
So... we are talking about OCs? huh.gif If so, I'm moving this to the Fanwork section-->
i just got this off google.

<giant Newtype image that has nothing to do with the topic removed>

another biggrin.gif

IPB Image
No double posting, pleez
Um... okay.

This is my OC.

His name is Adred.

He is a dude.

He has a funny name.

He wears an ugly cloak.

He spies on Ed and Al.
(But not in the way you think.)

He is merely a plot-device for a somewhat disturbing AU I thought up.

I only have Two super fast doodles of him.
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