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Full Version: Mary-sue Test
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^I guess..kind of depends but alot are...really Sakura (tsubasa/ card captors), lenalee(D gray man), misa(death note) are sweeter, i mean to say girls are more scolding and nagging as far as the tougher girls..mine is more like a guy with her temperment and just gets pissed and walks off or gets in a full fight. Besides, as i said doesnt hurt to have a bit of stereotype..

@popogeejo: okay on that note, I didnt want her to be super powerful so I gave her a weaker body, so do you think it would be okay to give her a bit more physical strength and that wouldnt make her too strong? I have no idea where to start with Aleck because really there is only two guys I honestly know that are not complete jerks >>
So unfair! D: I got a 50 on my character Kairi [(from Story Of My Life)] which very much hurt my feelings!! XD But I know she's not as Mary Sue-ish as they say she is. :/
Little Washu
Awesome, retook it, and Shuukaku got a 13! That means I can spice her up a bit >w>

Of course, I was worried at first, but I'm quite pleased with the turn out :3
The FMA fanfic I'm writing contains no original characters, so for fun I used an anthro character I made for an RP, which ended up in some artwork and some short stories.

He's an anthro bald eagle named Arkell. His "cover" persona is that he's a womanizing major in the Screaming Eagles Airborne unit, but in fact his true calling is as part of a secret shadowy society of assassins devoted to the cause of justice by means of slaughtering those who are immune to the ordinary avenues of justice, like drug kingpins, corrupt warlords, particularly vile and resourceful murderers, corrupt politicians, etc.

His father was an under cover cop with the organized crime taskforce who uncovered too much about corruption that had infiltrated all the way to city hall. He was offered the choice of being bought out, or snuffed out, and he refused to compromise. For that he was murdered in his house in a hail of bullets, his smoking revolver still in his dead hand as his son witnessed the entire thing.

He definitely has the tragic past bit covered, and "sort of" the revenge motivation. Although his motivation isn't so much revenge as it is justice and protecting innocent people so that they never have to suffer what he suffered. He's a very flawed character though, and he scored 13 on the test. I suspect the other character from the same universe (his adoptive guardian and the leader of the secret society) would score similarly as they both have very tragic pasts which drove them to their calling in life of killing really bad people.
WOOHOO. I GOT 23 FOR IRIHARA KAZUMI. WWWWOOOOOTTTTTTEEEEERRRRRSSSSS. really proud of that turn out. but to be honest i think she isn't anywhere near as much of a sue as pointed out. the skills she uses are usually realated to healing so it's not a too sue-ish power.
Forsaken Love
I got really high, and i think my character is very un-suish O_o he's the protagonist for a story I'm writing so he has a couple of special things about him, because well main characters do, but I would consider him quite unusual really XD lulz I think if you did this test on any protagonist they would all end up as sues tbh, it can't cover every plotline

EDIT: lol i just did this test while thinking of Edward XD and obviously there were lots of questions i had to skip because i dont know how arakawa sensei thinks or how the story will end obviously, but on the ones i could awnser he got 50!!! (and i did it as honestly as i could) this test is just dumb, as i said i bet any main character would get insanley high scores
^ main characters probably would get high scores because they kind of are sue-ish XD I mean...we love them anyway but Ed, Ichigo Kurosaki, Naruto, Allen Walker, etc would probably all score pretty high because the hero is always special. Not that it's necessarily bad.

Mine got a 17 :3 I'm pretty happy with that. Although the test can't really account for context I think it's still a pretty good tool to use as a loose guideline for writing OCs :>
21 for a secondary character named Brianne for a original story I have locked in my head (and my notebook LAWL) that has nothing to do with ANY series or any franchise watsoever. So, not bad.
Broken Chouchou
Tried doing the test for Ed, based on his traits and characteristics in the manga. He scored in at 22. That's not too bad, eh? And I think I could have scored lower If I had been even more restrictive with the few questions that I was slightly uncertain about ^^
I also did Riza Hawkeye from FMA....she got a 13. Low, just as I thought. XD
Elir is a 61. yeah she's mary-sue according to this...i think that test was crap, though
Forsaken Love
i did this test for another character, lol its mary suish for a character to die...seriously? XD
XD My Character Antonia got an 8. XD Really?? XDXD
Originally my character scored at 26 (Sue-like tendencies), but thanks to some pointers on a website, I was able to reduce the score to 14 (Not-Sue). Halelluah!

Here's the website:
Meh. The test is kinda bull. I purposefully picked interesting characters that I like, and they mostly scored higher. Whereas, when I picked boring/normal characters, they mostly scored lower.

I don't think a test can really determine a good character. Good characters depend on a combination of development, personality, and strengths and flaws. It's partly instinctive and partly a lot of hard work, and no test can really judge that. (Although my issues with the test may stem from my extreme loathing of the term 'Mary-Sue'. tongue.gif)
My OC got an 18. Not bad, not bad...

Ya know, I actually really liked this test. It's very thorough and well thought out. It's funny... I bet people who score high would probably get mad and be like, "No way, my character's SO not a Mary-Sue!" But let's get real. I've read far too many Sue-ish OC fics. My friends and I will actually stumble upon one every once in a while, and let me tell you, we get a LOT of laughs out of it xD

Believe me, I'm not hating on other people's OCs. OCs are awesome. I'm just saying that there are plenty of people who make Sue-ish characters and may not even realize it... and it's a little silly ^^;

Anyway, I thought this was a good test and a helpful guideline. Plus I'm glad that my OC's not a total Sue happy.gif
I got a 75 D: Maybe i did something wrong...
Nature Path Alchemist
I only got a 5 for my OC in FMA RP- the beginning of a journey, but that's cause he's not special at all, he's like a ling without the epic fighting skills and determination and goal, but has good alchemy skills, not exceptional though, and lets other people do the saving (though i plan to make him play a key part at one point)
historical inaccuracy
My OC, C got an 11! 8D
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