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DO NOT CHEAT ON THIS TEST!!! Just take it, and don't worry about the final outcome when deciding how to answer a question! This test can be a real eye-opener!!

Blech. I got a 38 for my character Celeste DuRall. That's understandable, though, so I'll just have to try harder next time.

Luckily enough, for Cody DuRall, I got a mere 13. I consider the creation of that character a success.

So....what did ya'll get?
My parody character got a 45. WHAT BULL!!! SHE'S NOTHING LIKE A MARY-SUE!!!
I've done this before. I think my character was one notch above the 'Mary-Sue' line. This is a good and well thought out test, but don't use it as a basis. It can't cover EVERY situation and/or plotline out there.
22 for Lillian though that is lower then when I first took the test and don't think I did that much to the character. Though it was still below Mary-Sue levels even then. ~ K
.............I think my character will have the highest score in this entire thread...............

...time to start rethinking some major characters...
My OC got a 12. And yes, I didn't cheat. happy.gif

It would have been 13, but I got a subtraction for her being 40+ and looking it.
Whoa. That's awesome. !_!
O_o no comment (yes my results were that bad! dry.gif )
mwaahahah, i beat you all...


Granted, I took it based on the only Mary-Sueish thing I have ever wrote, which also happens to be the first fanfic I ever wrote, before I even knew what fanfiction was. And I was in 5th grade and madly in love with Lucas Wolenczek from seaQuest DSV.

I had my grandy read it once though, and she liked the dialog, said it was really funny....

But I admit it was so a mary-sue!
Radical Alchemist
25.. Vi-san still has a running chance!

(probably because she has no clue what the hell is going on half the time *cough cough* >_>)
*cough40cough* My character has no marysue-ness at all, yet I got a 40 O_o...maybe I do have a little marysue-ness...

wait a sec. Its prolly coz she likes 3 of the FMA characters...but they will never love her who the heck cares O_o...

that test is jacked.
QUOTE(MustEd4ever @ Aug 20 2005, 03:31 PM)
*cough40cough*  My character has no marysue-ness at all, yet I got a 40 O_o...maybe I do have a little marysue-ness...

wait a sec.  Its prolly coz she likes 3 of the FMA characters...but they will never love her who the heck cares O_o...

that test is jacked.

No... that makes her a Mary-Sue.
Woah o_o;; That test is jacked! Gah x.x;; I'm just like too shocked to speak. First I got a 54 xD Stupid ol' me took it wrong. Then I took it again >> Got a lower score.. but it just made my heart sink.

Gah >> Back to the drawing board!
My character Alex got an eleven!

EDIT: I did some editing and got Alex down to a 2. YAY for me!
Hidden Light
My Sylvia (from a story I haven't actually written yet) got a 17, I think almost entirely due to the fact that she was specifically created to be Al's girlfriend. Her only redeeming quality was that she doesn't actually DO anything else in the story (which will be primarily EdxWin).
Nifty test. I'll need to run several of my original fiction characters through the strainer, though hopefully they'll come out as balanced as I originally perscribed them. There's one guy who's special ability could throw off his score slightly, but I'm not going to worry about that till I see it.
Envy's lil' miniskirt
I don't think I took it right.

I ran one of my characters from a long abandoned fanfic through it and got a 75. There was a lot on there that didn't apply to her so I actually checked very few boxes which is why I'm so suprised she got a 75.
Oddly expected. I ran one of my central villains through, endgame score of 50. Uncharacteristically high, but given that any kind of prowess seems to be points in the Mary-Sue columb...see, the problem is that the character in question has regenerative properties, and considering no one else in the story has anything close to that, it does quite literally place him head and shoulders above everyone else.

Also gave one of the "Good guys" a spin, and wound up with 30. Accurate, I suppose, but unfair.

I suppose this test is worth it's salt, but since any sort of tragedy or skill seems only to "Improve" your score, I'm calling a foul on this one.
Goodness me, one of my OC's only got a 10, I'm chuffed with that.
Ran another villain through. Score was 24-26. Again, accurate, but rather a rather unfair platform to denounce him from.

To balance it out, I tried another of the heroes (well, technically heroine), and chalked up 21. "For an RPG or original fiction character, however, you should still be within a safe level."
Wow. My OC only got a 2. That's surprising. But the character is based on one of my friends. And I guess the fact that I'm planning on having her die at the end brought down the score.
My character got a 2. Only because I see him as an attractive person and he has all the money he needs because he actually has a job and doesn't want many things. mellow.gif
Reta McClain
O_O 51 points...

I thought it wouldn't be that much!

Heck, he isn't Mary Sue type at all... Just guy, who is kind of afraid of women, can't really fight in any kind of situation (unless it is verbal...), don't have freaky powers, weapons or pets! He has normal family even! What makes him Mary Sue?!

Edit: w00t! My original character nro. 2 got only 41 points! But he isn't Mary Sueish either... *pouts* Me is not happy...
Tobu Ishi
*grins* Wow, I feel proud. I managed to create an original character who ends up MARRIED to a canon character, and yet who has a total Sue score of only 23.

(24, if you count the fact that she speaks two languages fluently, but for heaven's sake she's a German woman from the 1920's, she'd be more abnormal if she spoke only German. Incidentally, she amassed six points total just for the fact that she married him--the test is strict. XD)

Oh, and incidentally, I took the test for Edward Elric as an Original Fiction character....and his score was 48. Maverick tactics, disregard for authority, essentially orphaned, joined the military at abnormally young age, unusually good fighter and user of special powers among the best in his world, on the villains' Most Wanted list......whoops, Arakawa. happy.gif Don't worry, we still love him.
Same thing with my Anna, Hidden Light... That and there were very few questions that would deduct points... If there were more of those I'm sure Anna would've been under 21... (She has a lot of faults.)

Decided to look into the common-held belief that Alucard (of Hellsing fame) is a cannon-sue. The verdict?

110 points.
I got 16 for my as-yet-unwritten OC character Pernelle Tachibana. So I think she is safe because her main interest lies in killing homunculi. Which she will do in a spectacularly bloody fashion. Once I get around to writing the story...

(To Nepharski) 0.0 Well ain't that a big number...

Tobu, who'd you end up marrying your OC to? I wanna know! (It's gotta be well done if it's from you.)
Ephraim Zarukai gets a 10 or 12, depending on whether I check the "Non Japanese with Japanese Sounding Name" or not. He exists in the FMA 'verse, which may give him slack, as anime characters often don't look Japanese but have such names. Test didn't apply to o well, though, as he's a Villian. Pretty good, though, considering. May have to try again. He's not unusually good at stuff through skill, but he can beat most people in a fight do to the Automail Tentacles and Transmutation Circles Carved Into The (Automail) Bones of his Left arm. I didn't check some boxes that could apply, but didn't quite from how I interepreted them. So, err, Villians can slide. tongue.gif

My main FMA Fancharacter Good Guy Type Person (with last name Gantros. That doesn't sound odd 'or' Japanese to me. First name undecided tongue.gif) got a 7 under his current concept. Not bad.

Heh at Ed and Alucard runthroughs. Neither suprises me much.
.:Edward's Hunter:.
Aw, damn. Well, I saw my score comin'. *Sits*

...I'm still writing my second one. Yeah, no matter how high my friggin' score was. This test just been smoking. No test in the world can really tell you anything.

Yeah, there are ways to redeem Sueish characters not on there. And, really, the test seems to say your character can't be Good At Stuff. tongue.gif
QUOTE(esrz22 @ Nov 28 2006, 07:21 PM) [snapback]479074[/snapback]
Yeah, there are ways to redeem Sueish characters not on there. And, really, the test seems to say your character can't be Good At Stuff. tongue.gif

Pretty much any kind of combat proficiency, supernatural boost, tragic backstory, or good looks garuntees a character sue-status. God help you if it's all four.

I mean, you get points for having a character the same gender and/or ethnicity as yourself. Excuse me? I can put whatever gendered ethnicities I want in my story, thanks very much.
Indeed. The gender thing is 50/50, and ethnicity is so likely. My characters managed to squeek by due to not being Above Everyone simply due to most canon FMA characters being Really Good already. >.>
Tobu Ishi
Yeah, the same-gender question was fairly annoying, but it's only one point, right? *shrug*

And, Toby-chan, I did say she's a German woman from the 1920's, right? You've got a 50-50 chance of guessing right on who she married anyway. XP
Alter!Winry and Ed?

Hah, I like...massively bombed that thing with my abysmally high score.


Bah, who really cares if you have a Sue or not? I say as long as the story is well written and has a good, solid, strong plot, then who cares if some chick marries Edward? As long as there are fangirls, there are Sues. And I've read many good fics that are Sue-centric. The annoying Sues are the ones for alarm...whatever your definiton of annoying may be.

...Still, the *main* cause for alarm is if said Sue has some kind of Polygamy thing going on with them, like, marrying every "hot" character in the series. THEN there'd be a really big problem.

Granted, though, it would be amusing.
Sues can still make good fiction. See Ed (somewhat) or the ever-overpowered Alucard. tongue.gif
My Hilde got 5 points blink.gif That's rather lower than I thought, considering she hooks up with a main character. I wonder how I did that laugh.gif
*rubs head*

I got 61 for Saffire, my RP character...I think I got a lot of points added on because she ended up getting married to another person in our RP, guy was someone else's RP character, so...Also, she's based amazingly strongly on me...some of the questions don't quite fit for her either...

Heck, I'd like to be Saffire...

Silver got 30, mostly because she's a singer, and she's supposed to be famous...

Israfel got 16. That makes me happy. XD
Little Washu
Dude, it said I got 203 for a final score but Cloud Arcanines cool! She's just like my real self, and everything I wish to be but if my score is a bad thing, *deletes story from* sniffle.......... I really liked that story. My name is Cloud Arcanine on that website so thats her name she looks just like the picture on my profle page because that's what I look like. Well, make the hair a cross between brown and dark blonde.
For my OC Autumm(can't remember gow to spell that right now) got 34 sleep.gif which in a way was lower than I thought she would be.

I plan on taking it againg with another character later...
Ani-chan x3
does turning a charater into a homunculus count as an OC? i mean, they have like a different personality and no memory and stuffs. cause if so, my OC Spite got a 12.
Kal Rommel
Oh dear....dreadfully high, my heart is no longer singing a melodious rhapsody. It's more of a squeaky tune...
Yes, my character is horribly Mary Sue.

I do love angst.

Oh well. I'll keep her Mary Sue-ness.
She's been developing it gradually for the past 4 years. It's a monumentally acquired angst...
The random alchemist
I find this test horribly innacurate. my character got 39 =/ but I tested different ACTUAL character from REAL stories, even without answering the author related question. Character like for example: Gluttony got above acceptable levels, some got over 80 for sh*t sakes and their very lovable character and not too mary sue at all x.x
Triss Hawkeye
My character got 49. 49!!!

I know she is a bit of a Mary Sue - yes, A BIT, but 49?

Ah well, a bit of fun, I guess. I might change her a bit, with some of the more obvious Mary Sue qualities.
Nikki Neko TEST IS HORRIBLY INACCURATE!!!!My character probably got the highest score out of any of you guys!!!(Well,besides Little Washu)) I swear,I'll...I'll burn this test!*twitch*This is one of the-you know what?I'm just going to stop right there.I'm not gonna waste another freaking minute doing something like that ever again!I don't trust this test whatsoever.I won't believe it,nope I won't.*twitch*

((Sorry I'm like in spazzing mood today sleep.gif Anyways,I agree with those who said that test is inaccurate,GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL.*twitch*Sorry,lost it again.AIII!!!!Well,thats that.No test is gonna tell me whether or not my fanfic character is a mary-sue.FREEDOM!!!!*spazzes and falls off the chair twitching on the floor*))
Don't get mad at it just because of the score it gave you. It's probably true. Especially judging by your behavior in other areas of the forum.
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