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Full Version: What Would You Rate Fma2?
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so, I'm wondering what is everyone's opinion?
I really like the first game. And waiting for the second one. The graphics could have been better. But hey I'll play any FMA game.
FullMetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixer was a BIG improvement over the Broken Angel, in terms of graphics, alchemy, battle system, & overall fun. If you are a big fan of FMA and you have $40 bucks to spend, you'll enjoy Curse of the Crimson Elixer.

Here's a quick pro & con list:

+ Improved Graphics, Alchemy, Battle System.
+ Good dificulty progression. (Starts out easy, later it gets harder)
+ Cool original anime cut scenes! cool.gif

- No interaction with NPC's in towns.
- May be too linear for some people.
- Playing this game won't help you understand the TV series storyline. ohmy.gif
all stars! I love it. Its way better than the first.
i think i would give it 4.0 out of 5.0 or 4 stars or 8.5 out of 10 or... well dunno theres alot that i WISH was in it and that i WISH they would put in all of them *whimpers about wanting to play as Roy*
Well I could go post my thoughts here. But I already posted a reader review over on So you could just head over here: My Review of FMA2 and read it. And yes that is me. Just with a name I don't commonly use anymore.
^^ I thought it was great! I'd give it a 4.5/5 x3 I just didn't like the original story... >.>; I just want to play the episodes! T^T
Honestly, I was dissapointed in this game. Granted, I haven't played the whole game and I doubt I will. The graphics are better and the battle system is also improved.
I find it painfully linear. Also, the previous game was in 'lost episode format', which I liked. So far the game is a weak, messed up retalling of the start of the series.
Maybe it gets better later on, but I have lost patience for this game.
I hope the third game is good.
I loved them main story in hte game. [spoiler] with elam and crowley and everything, i found that so toucihng[/spoiler]
but some of the parts were kind of gay.but overall , that was probably one of the better ames I have played
Fullmetal sword alchemist
it's great,but the tramusetate of a fake isn't as lokking like ed while fma1,s is more convincing that the fake is the real one...
I would have to say Full Metal Alchemist: Curse of the Crimson Elixir took the cake and won my heart over the Broken Angel one. 9/10 But if I do say so myself the Broken Angel was pretty fantastic as well.
My friend is playing the 2nd game right now and it's scaring the CRAP outta me! The voices are gay and the plotline is contadictory to the anime AND the manga! Havoc and Scar look SOO gay! And Scar is my bestest friend!

In one part, Scar esploded Ed's auto mail arm, and his jacket disapeared. And... My friend says that the game promotes EdxRoy pairings....
ed's numbuh 1 fan
i really loved the game i'd give it a 8.9 smile.gif biggrin.gif

My reasons:
::i love sad games/stories and it was so touching -.- T.T

::improved gameplay

::better grafics

::better plot

overall it was way better than the 1st game although i liked that one also smile.gif
i love the enhanced graphics and voice over, overall i would give it a 10/10
Sleeping Forest
...10/10, only because i'm so obsessed and the graphics were much nicer than the first one...
An 8 out of ten.

The graphics were excellent, the clips were really good, and heck- it was alot of fun. XD My only big disapointment is it was SO short. I finished it in a day or so, and I'm not even finished with the first.
Sapphire Alchemist
Overall FMA 2 to me is awesome game especially if u're a big fan like me ><. I never played the 1st game (and by the others opinions thx god I didn't) so I say all the controls and gameplay are marvelous. What made me give the game 7 of 10 for the game was the storyline. The main theme of Crowley and the crimson elixir was great, but the first 3 chapters altering the original series didn't quite make any sense to me. I mean what for? Altering the original series just makes it unable to follow the anime series. Why didn't they cut the first chapters and make the game into like a special episode of FMA? It could make like an "Unscene" episode to add to the 51 anime series. I like the game, but the first part of the storyline just ruined it for me. mad.gif
Very good game. happy.gif

Fayth Prophecy
probably a 9.5 out of 10. The graphics were awesome, but gameplay was short. But all in all, it was a good game.
Chopper Enthusiast
Nice graphics, accurate voice-acting, and cut-scenes. But it lacked a fun fighting system. And of course, it was repetitive. And when a game so short gets repetitive, you know its bad.

It was alright, but not great. As stated before, the fighting gets awful repetitive after a few hours. I'll give it a 6/10.
Master of Alchemists
Good game but they talked too much.
Ed's handblade
9/10 i liked the game.BIG improvement from the first one.i coulde have gave it a 10/10 if it was longer.It was so damn short that i finished it in a day........... sad.gif
The Black Blood Alchemist
Dude, I LOVED it! It was such a great story and the villain was awesome! I sorta wished that they had made Jack Crowley a part of the actual anime if it were possible and would have fit so we could see more of him. Even my 21-year old brother liked it and he's usually not into games like that, he usually plays "Metal Gear Solid", "The Matrix", and other war/fighting games like that. Trust me, that's saying something if he liked it. He even loved the story, too! I do wish that it was longer and that they didn't talk as much, maybe a little more action too and ESPECIALLY more animated movies (and the whole alternating the original storyline was kinda weird, but whatever, it made an interesting gaming twist if you've already seen the series), so a 9.5/10 for me.

But I really enjoyed it and plan on starting a new game here soon if I still have time during my college spring break later on this week. I'm looking forward to the third one.

But I could never figure out how to unlock the images in the image gallery... TToTT
I loved this game, but as a serious gamer, I did see a lot of flaws.

I think the thing that bugged me the most is that the word "Lebis" was obviously English-fied because they like to "l" most Japanese "r"s, but had they done the research, they would have kept the name "Rebis."

And for anyone who doesn't know, Rebis is the other name for the Philosopher Stone.
I love this game Id give it a 10/10 Edward looked soooooooooo hot in the game as usuall wub.gif also the graphics look a whole lot better!
I really liked it! But I wish that you could see more action and do some random mini games things. Cause most of the time your listening to them talk and then hitting a couple of guys (or things) and listening to them talk again.
zephyr_zealot's great as more than the 1st whereas my cousin played and he threw it into dustbin. I played it, and it is full of sub-video!
8 of 10

The graphic were awasome but, the gameplay was too short...
The Story?
It's Awasome!!!
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