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Full Version: My Siggies
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<Closing the thread since the owner of this sig shop hasn't posted since Aug. 05. 08/28/07 ~Tombow>

Hello, as most of you may possibly know me thanks to Elio (Zabimaru) and this is just some of my recent work. Each being a different style of pixel strech in which I developed my own unique way of altering the style.

Cloud (advent children)- Dream Grunge Stretch

Magna Carta- Street Freestyle Stretch

Ironman- Brush Grunge Stretch

Random Anime Chicks- Dreamy Stretch

Each style was taken from the original pixel stretched and morphed to be more attractive.

Comment and what not. Enjoy biggrin.gif
I still love your sigs, The Cloud one is my favorite, now. Hopefully I would be as good as you, into then you shall continue to teach me.
Time, Practice, and Patients. You will eventually.
something about this one catches my eye


laugh.gif nice
silver bg
you are a prev even worse in anime !!!thats wrong
lol thats echhi-san
It's Iron Man! Yay! SAid by a true comic geek! wub.gif
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