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Full Version: My Pencil Crap
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Well, none of these are FMA related...
But anyway, I took some pictures of my art because I don't have a scanner
lol, junkie said she didn't want to see em in the Party House, so I'll post em here ne?

Yami's head. Copied from a magazine ad lol
IPB Image
IPB Image

Tails from Sonic, which is also copied from a magazine ad (except his tail on the right, I guessed on it because it was behind something)
IPB Image

Random dragon. The picture isn't so good so you don't get much of a look at it
IPB Image

When I get my Gin fanart back from 4-H, I'll try and get a pic of it
I like the Sonic one! And good thing you didn't post in PH. The mods will kill you! XD

BTW, I think you can go and re-do Yugi's eye and face... It looks a bit.... misplaced? huh.gif blink.gif
Yea I noticed that too, like it's at some kind of slant. I might redo it someday. For now I'm too lazy.
That's not actually my original Tails, the first had smudges and erase marks and all that stuff, so I redid it
Your Tails drawing looks really really good! And I think your dragon is kinda cute! biggrin.gif
I like the Tails and Yami drawings.
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