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Back From Where Ever

Ed was lounging on his front yard, Winry on his right and Johanna on his left. Both were using him as a pillow as they read their books. Winry was in the middle of 'Tips, Hints and How Do's in Automail', while Johanna was buried deep in 'The Chronicles of Sliver-Sun, The Indian Horse'. Ed was staring at the clouds, thinking.

A cart and horse neared them and Johanna looked up to see who it was. Instantly, her face brightened and she jumped up.

"Momo and Scar are back!"

Ed and Winry sat up too, both of them grinning. It was six years since the two got married. They stopped by every so often, but were often away. Momo wanted to see the world for her brother and Scar had no complaints. Running up o the cart, Johanna pulled herself on some and kissed both of Momo's cheeks.

"You're back!"

"Yep. And we brought another addition to the family."

Looking down, Johanna's eyes widened as she stared at Momo's swelled stomach. "You're having another baby!"



Climbing into the back, Johanna hugged Kit, whom had grown a good ten inches. She had developed a lot since the horse-fanatic had last seen her.

Winry and Ed had gone onto the house and were waiting for them.

Scar couldn't help but smile as he pulled their horse, Alaric, to a stop. Pinako, Roy and Riza were standing on the porch. Envy, wearing a green sundress, waved from the roof, Deceit next to her.

"Glad you finally made it back. Did you see everything you wanted to?"

"Yep. And we gained yet another member."

"Even though the house has been modified, I can't fit that many more people."

Momo chuckled as Scar helped her down. "Okay kids, come out and say hello!"

As if it had been practiced, five kids hopped out of the back of the cart with Kit and Johanna. Zeth, the oldest, ran over to Ed and hugged his knees tightly. He was nearly an exact miniature version of Scar, except his hair was black insted of brown. Lily, the second oldest, whom had her mothers features and skin but her fathers red eyes and brown hair, ran over to Riza and smiled. Mellaly, the third oldest, whom had her mothers hair, her fathers eyes and both their skins combined, hid behind her mother. Russ, the second youngest, whom looked like a feminine male version of his mother, hugged Ed as well. Finally, Leo, the youngest, whom looked exactly like her mother, hid behind her father.

Winry smiled and picked up Leo. "I see Mellaly and Leo are still as shy as ever." Momo chuckled and picked up her three-year-old daughter.

"I doubt it will ever change. But lets not stand in the sun. My children are tan enough."

Zeth grinned as he looked at Ed. "You'll teach me more alchemy, right Uncle Ed?"

"Sure I will! But first we have to go inside."

Russ stood over next to Al, whom was now completely human, thanks to the treaty formed between Ed and the Homunculi. Envy jumped down and grinned as he scooped up Lily.

"So, how was it?"

"It was fun! But not as fun as playing with you Envy-san!"

Grinning, Envy placed the girl on his back.

"Of course it wasn't!"

Scar wrapped his arm around Momo's waist and smiled at her as they walked in.

Little did all of them know, a sinister plot was being formed against them. A familiar but forgotten figure grinned as she watched them. "This should be fun."
Water Achemist
OMG A SEQUEL SEQUEL! Kit, I SO love you! ~hugs~

*pokes Kit* You're mean. You have two more, and I'm still working on my first sequel! ^^
Azura Elric
ohmy.gif *gasps* A sequel!! ....*shivers* What are you planning for my character Mina? ._. *was heavilly disturbed by the last sentence in the fic*
A Toast

Momo quietly closed the door to her children's room. Mellaly was curled around Leo, Zeth next to Lily and Russ on top of them both. It looked like a dogpile of puppes. Scar smiled and kissed her forehead.

"They almost look as beautiful as you."

"I know."

The Ishbalen lead his wife downstairs to where the others were. Amirisa, Russel, Fletcher, Yuna and Mina would join them tomorrow.

"Well, since all the children are asleep, I say we toast to Momo and Scar's good health."

Winry grinned and stood up.

"I second that! I saved some wine especially for this."

Momo sat down and let Scar rest his head on her lap. She beamed happily, looking as though anyone would love to be in her place.

"Is Ed even old enough to drink?"

"I'm twenty-one!"

"And still look fifteen."

Resisting the urge to hurt Roy, Ed grumbled. Johanna glomped him and grinned.

"Young is good."

Winry came out just then with three bottles of beer and several glasses.

"Winry, we're not getting THAT drunk. I'm already pregnant."

"I know. There are just so many."

Filling the glasses and handing them out, Winry raised hers.

"A toast. To Momo's new child and the health of her, Scar, and her children."

Everyone raised their glasses before draining them. The wine Winry had been saving was some she had gotten when she was three. It was very good wine.

Scar's eyes blurred a bit and he grinned.


Momo leaned her head on his shoulder and gave a lopsided smile.

"Strong wine."

Outside, a stealthy figure looked in. "Not now. Maybe a little later. When they're all here."
Myah!!! Wineness! Glompness! And....mysteriousness....ness! laugh.gif
Azura Elric
<3 drunkiness
I don't own Jagermonsters.
Together Then Apart

Amirisa smiled happily as she leaned against Russel. Their daughter, Layla, was asleep in between them. Fletcher was snoozing in the back amidst all the lemons. It was a perfect day. The sun was shining brightly and there wasn't a single could in the entire sky.

Suddenly, a black horse rode up next to them. The horse had wild, crimson eyes and sleek black hair. It's silky matched it's hair. Even though it was hot out, the rider was wearing a heavy black cloak that obscured their face. They looked like bringers of Death.

The began speaking in a thick German accent. "Do hyu know vhere de Rockbell's liv?"

"Yes, there right up the road. We're heading there now."

"Thank hyu."

The horse whinied and galloped up the road.

"Who was that?"

"Dunno. He sounded strange."



The rider pulled to a stop when he reached the Rockbell house. Jumping off, he walked up and banged on the door. Inside, Ed groaned. Momo was curled in a corner with Scar, Roy and Riza were snuggled under a blanket, their clothes scattered everywhere, and Johanna was lying on his left, Winry on his right. Winry had on blue boxers and Johanna green ones. Ed had been stripped to his boxers as well.

Zeth ran down the stairs and picked his way through the groggy adults and clothes. Grabbing the door, he opened it and looked up.

"Rockbell residence."

"Are hyu parents here?"

"Yes and no. They aren't ready for visitors. They're very tired. Can I take a message?"

The man pushed Zath aside and strode in.


Momo jerked from her sleep and sat up, flinching slightly. Scar looked at the man, sitting up as well. Riza and Roy scrambled around, searching for their clothes. Johanna just sat there, thinking. Winry covered herself and blushed madly. Kit fell off the bookshelf, squeaking.

Zeth grolwed and yanked at the mans cloak.

"Hey! You can't just push me aside!"

The cloaked man turned and red eyes glared at him.

"I can and vill, little boy."

Standing quickly, Momo picked up Zeth and made for a move to go upstairs.

"Don go anyvhere, gorl. It vill not vork."

"Who are you?"

The man pulled back his hood, revealing dark purple skin and crimson eyes. His hair was a darker purple than his skin.

"I am Maxim. I hav been sent to take hyur children. Hand zem over."

Envy sprung up, a murderous look in his eyes.

"You won't touch them you freak!"

"Den hyu leave me no choice."

Maxim pulled out two knives and charged Envy. His movements were quick and he was able to deeply cut Envy. Deceit snarled and grabbed Maxim by the throat and threw him into a wall. Lily ran down the stairs, her eyes wide.

"Mama, what's going on?"

"Go get your siblings and Mirago! Hurry!"

The girl disappeared up the stairs.

Scar activated the pattern on his arm and made a grab for Maxim. He missed and the creature stabbed his arm with a knife.

"Hyu are annoying!"

Lily came back down with her siblings and Riza and Roy's daughter. Momo grabbed her hand and quickly led the children outside while Ed and the others distracted Maxim. Al ran behind them for extra protection. As soon as they were outside, they were faced with another problem. Two more creatures, much like Maxim, were outside. One had green skin and red-brown hair. His yellow eyes gleamed with the promise of malicious deeds. The other looked more human than the first two. He had tan skin and blond hair. Two brown goat horns stuck out of his head and his green eyes gleamed like the green one. They also spoke with thick German accents.

"Hallo! I'm Dimo and thiz iiz Ognian. Ve'd like hyu to hand over the children."
Azura Elric
O_o FREAK!! *hides*

Amirisa heard Momo scream and her eyes widened.


"I heard! Hyah!"

The horse galloped forward, closing the distance between them and the house quickly. They arrived just in time to see Ognian carrying Lily, Mellaly, Leo, Russ and Mirago away. Maxim backed out of the house, fending off Ed with Zeth under his arm. Lily was screaming loudly and trying desperately to get Ognian to let her go. Zeth was yelling a long stream of curses at the Jagermonsters. Dimo ran around from the back, blood covering his hands.

Ami jumped out of the wagon and tackled Ognian. "Let them go! Let them go!"

Snarling, Dimo yanked her off and threw her into Ed. Russel tried to stop them, but he was rewarded with being thrown into his own horse. Alaric (Momo's horse) came out of the barn, nostrils flared and neighing loudly. He tried to stamp on Dimo but missed. Fletcher was thrown into Kit, who had just come out and Layla was thrown into the back with the rest of the children.

"Ve hav to get movink!"

"I know!"

Maxim mounted his horse quickly while Dimo and Ognian jumped into the wagon and Dimo grabbed the reins.


Scar rushed out and grabbed the straps that went around the horses chest before it had a chance to leave.

"No! Let my children go!"

"Hyu should be more vorried about hyur vive!"

Scar's face paled considerably and he didn't even have a chance to react before Maxim hit him over the head with a club.

"Ve go!"

The horse whinied and took off. Alaric turned and began to run after it. Johanna dashed out and hauled herself onto Alaric's back. Scar got up and stumbled to the back. Momo was lying face down, her shoulders cut badly. Al was leaning against the wall, a large hole in his stomach.

"Momo! Alphonse!"

Ed ran out with Winry and the two instantly went to Al's side. Scar knelt next to his wife and held her in his arms.


"Scar...they took...the children..."

"I know. We'll get them back, I swear it."

"That's...good. It was....hard work...making them...I...don't want to...see it...wasted..."

"It won't be."


Maxim strode up next to a woman standing on a cliff.

"Ve hav de childrens."


"I thought hyu vanted to vait a bit."

"I did, but my plans were rushed."

"Hyu are a strange gorl."

Turning, Buridejitsu grinned.

"Ain't I just?"
Too many....strange....people...Lucky is confuzzled. Oo

But there are horseys!! *beams*
Water Achemist
Pulling the Strings

Johanna came back at sundown empty-handed. Momo saw her riding up slowly and ran inside, crying. Amirisa had cried out all her tears, but when she found out her only child was gone, her tears were renewed. Kit was tending to everyone's bruises while Roy, Ed, Scar, Al and Envy tried to think of who took the children and why.

"Why in the world would those monsters take our children for?"

"What were they, anyway?"

"Jagermonsters. (pronounced yay-grr monsters.)"

Everyone turned to look at Kit, whom was chaning the bandages on the gash on Al's chest.

"Come again?"

"Jagermonsters. Hunters. It used to be that Jagermonsters roamed the wildside, kiilling people for no reason other than sport. It's obvious they weren't working independently. Someone else is pulling the strings."

"You sure know about these hunter monsters."

Kit felt the heat rise in her face and she looked down.

"That's because...because..."

"Because what? Spit it out already!"

Fletcher leapt up from his seat on the floor, frowning angrily.

"Don't yell at Kit!"

"She knows something about these freaks that took the kids and I want to know what she knows!"

"That doesn't give you the right to yell at her!"

Envy growled at the boy.

"It gives me every right to yell at her!"

"Stop it! That's enough! I'll tell you what I know!"

Fletcher and Envy glared at each other before sitting down again. Kit sighed and finished with Al's bandages before continuing.

"Before I became part of the military, I didn't have a home. My mother didn't want me so she had me cut out of her stomach and sold me to a street vendor for a bit of money. I stayed with the vendor for three years and learned alchemy until he got desperate and sold me off. I didn't like who I had been sold to so I ran away. I didn't have anywhere to stay and my alchemy was limited, so I had to live in a forest."


Kit ran through the trees, her legs stinging and blood dribbling down her face from various scratches. She slowed to a walk and collapsed on the ground, panting heavily.

'Can't go much hurts to breath...'

"Vell now, vhat's zis?"

Looking up, Kit would have screamed if she didn't hurt so much. There were four creatures in front of her. Out of the four, only one was female. The female was blue skinned with long, grey hair and grey eyes. She had two horns sticking out of her head and abnormally sharp teeth. The man next to her had green skin, yellow eyes and matching hair. The other two were identicle with yellow skin, brown hair and green eyes. The identicle men had white goat horns.

"Not too bad looking."

"Too old to be baby."

"Too young to be child."

The woman knelt down and placed on Kit's head.

"She iz a human."

Kit pulled away and stood shakily, stepping back as she did.

"S-stay back! I-I know alchemy!"

The creatures all threw back their heads and laughed.

"Do not vorry, gorl. Ve are not going to eat hyu."

"Y-you're not?"

"Nah, ve've had our vill."

"Wh-what are you?"

"Ve are Jagermonsters. Jager for short."

"I am Vivinnia. Zis iz Goberin, Zile and Lize."

"I-I'm Kit..."

The wman smiled.

"Kit. Zat iz a pretty name."

"She can join the Jagers!"

"Yez. An honerary Jager."

Kit smiled a bit. They weren' bad.

-End Flashback-

"HOW long did you grow up with those THINGS?"

"They're Jagers, not things. And ten years."

"It's amazing you don't have a thick German accent and like to steal children."

Kit frowned at Envy.

"Don't group them all together. Some of them are nice."

"Yeah right."

Turning red, Kit marched up to Envy. She looked ready to yell, but she spoke in a soft voice.

"If there weren't any nice ones, I wouldn't be alive."

Fletcher paled slightly and Envy took a step back. No one said anything as Kit continued.

"Like I said before. These Jagers were under orders. Jagers don't steal children and leave the parents alive. We're lucky whoever stole the children wants us alive."

"But why?"
Water Achemist
In~ter~esti~ing....It's really good! Sad, but good. Write more!
*tear* Sadness now. *pouts*
Azura Elric
*bawls* depressive!! sadness! T.T and whatever else....Angst? >.<
Phyco girl
TT.TT Sadness! I haven't been on fm-a very much lately but it's always great to catch up on your fics! I can't believe there's another sequel!!!

Envy is being a meanie to Kit, I thought her past was a bit rushed and could use a bit more detail but I enjoyed it nonetheless happy.gif

Not So Bad

"Melly, I'm scared!"

"It's okay Leo. Everything will be all right! Momma and Daddy will save us! Right Lily?"

The girl looked up and nodded. Zeth sat on her right, Mirago on her left. All three of them were thinking. Russ was pacing around their cell, trying to think. Layla sat in a corner, softly crying. Suddenly, the door opened and Zeth sprung up. He and Russ tackled the person who entered the cell. The figure stumbled back, but stayed standing.


Mellaly stood up, still holding Leo, and backed up over to Layla. Lily got in front of all three of them, practically snarling.

"You meanie! You took us away!" ((They're not very old. Give them some credit.))

The figure laughed and picked them up.

"My, you have quite a sense of justice."

Smiling, Buridejitsu placed the two children on the ground gently.

"Now listen. I'm not going to hurt you, abuse you, insult you or anything like that unless I am provoked to do so. That means I won't hurt you if you do as I say."

"We know what it means! Get to the point!"

Holding up her hands, Buridejitsu chuckled. She smiled kindly at them.

"All right, hold your horses! This is a test. A test for your parents. It's been a while since they faced any danger, so technically this is more like exercise."

"So why did you take us?"

"Do you think your parents would get so worked up if their babies weren't in trouble?"

The children were silent for a bit. Finally, Mellaly spoke up. Her voice was low, just above a whisper.

"You won't kill our mommies and daddies, will you?"

"Of course not. But I'm afraid the ones I sent to...apprehend you got a little out of hand. I promise your parents are still alive. Now just sit tight and wait for your parents, kay?"

The children nodded and Buridejitsu gently closed the door. She walked down the hallway, grinning to herself.

'Now I just have to wait.'
Phyco girl
Mischeif @___@ !!!

Very mysterious Kit ^_^and I can't help but marvel on how fast you update!
It gets more confuzzledy every day.
Buridejitsu was lounging out in the open sun. She had no reason to hide. No one knew what she had done. And if all went well, they wouldn't until she showed herself and admitted it. The children were being taken care of by her servants. The Jagermonsters were free to go. She had only temporarily hired them to get the children and confuse the others. But that didn't matter. Her eyes scanned the road, looking for anyone out of place. There was no one around.

"...Damn, I though they'd be here by now. I guess those Jagers did more damage then I thought. That, or they have absolutely no idea where to look."

The latter of the two struck Buridejitsu and she hit herself.

"Idiot! I forgot to lay a trail for them to follow! Fuck, I'm stupid!"

Jumping up, Buridejitsu swore. Even though Envy and Deceit knew her well, there were two reasons of why they wouldn't think of her. One was they would never suspect her to be the one who took the kids. Two was they had lost contact with her two years after Scar and Momo got married. So there was no way they would tie her into this. Turning right, Buridejitsu took a short-cut to her hideout, going through the woods. She easily cleared fallen logs, streams, and rocks. Coming out of the forest, she ran to her steed. Hell-Moon, her chimera, whinied at her approach. Hell-Moon was part horse, part panther, part wolf, and part cheetah.

Grabbing the reins, the girl pulled herself up and clicked her tongue.

"Off! To the Shroud!"

Hell-Moon reared on his hind legs before galloping off at a speed that would make any animal proud. His sleek, black coat gleamed in the sun and his red-gold eyes burned with rage. His hooves landed on the ground heavily, almost as if he were trying to flatten someone. His wolf tail wagged slightly. He liked running. Urging the creature forward, Buridejitsu scolded herself.

'Stupid stupid stupid stupid STUPID!'

They arrived at Buridejitsu's hideout, nicknamed the Shroud. She dismounted before Hell-Moon even stopped. Quickly, she used her powers to open the gates. Hell-Moon gallpoed ahead of her and whinied loudly.


A cloaked figure strode out, his black eyes wide with curiosity. His short, light green hair seemed to stand out aganst the black walls.

"What it is it?"

A younger girl, around Buridejitsu's age, stepped out. Her long black hair was tied in a long braid and her lavender eyes mirrored Rugel's.



Both were silent and glanced at each other. The younger girl stepped forward and placed a hand on Buridejitsu's shoulder.

"Don't worry, koibito. Rugel and I will-"

"But this is MY plot!"

"And you're doing a wonderful job. But every major villian-that's you-needs their henchmen to do something every so often."

Pouting, Buridejitsu allowed her girlfriend (yes, her girlfriend) to lead her into the Shroud. Rugel watched them before turning to Hell-Moon, who was terrorizing the servants.

"Well, well, the mistress messed up."

*Pronounced Roo-gell.
Yes, Chiyo is Buridejitsu's girlfriend. I know they're both girls, but I don't care. And no, it's not Chiyo from this site, before you get worked up. Chiyo is my muse. I made her up.
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