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Full Version: Depression
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Their will be graphic stuff in here.

Title:The Copy Alchemist
height- 5'8"
Alchemist type:Everyday Alchemist.
Style: Has a transmutation circle on his foot and when he stomps on the ground his power happens.
Power- Once he sees something and gets it in his mind, he can make it appear in any way shape or form he pleases, can also invade enemies mind to find things to copy.
Story: Ever since he was a kid he wanted to be a state alchemist. Ever since he could read he's been studying to be a alchemist. Both parents were state alchemists and grandparents. It's been in Rose's blood ever since he was young.

When he was 12 his dad was fired. His dad was so depressed, he turned to alcohal. Soon his dad became jealous of his mom. In a drunken rage, he killed the mom. The dad felt so sorry he shot himself and died.

Rose was devastated. He went to live with his grandma. At the age of 16, his grandma died of a heart attack. For the next year he studied to be a state alchemist. He took the test and made it to the finals. But he failed.

Rose could take no more. He resorted to attempted suicide and burned down his hous he sat in the corner and watched in go up in flames smiling. After the fire, he was alive, but suffered sever burns around his eyes. He decided to wear a mask (think with the design being a flame.) and forget everything that happened in his past. He is on a mission for the philosephers stone for his own ideas which will be revealed later.

Story will start later. Any feedback on Rose.
chibi eds chibi lover, Dev
ah arigoto for the depressing fic, me love. Most fics arent like this, i love it. please update
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