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Full Version: Ann Interview With Vic Mignogna
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Joe J
I haven't seen this around here yet, so I thought I'd start a thread on it.

Anime News Network has posted a new interview with Vic Mignogna. He talks extensively about voicing ed and his absolute love of the series. He explains how Fullmetal Fantasy happened. Also, he goes into depth about his faith in God and how he reconciles that faith with his acting in general and with playing Ed in particular. It's really quite an interesting read.

Click on his name for the link to the interview. (Also, there's a link to an older interview with Aaron Dismuke.)

Link to the article

What is it about Fullmetal Alchemist that really attracts you to the show?

You know, all I can tell you is that, at least from my experience in anime, it just has everything you love about anime rolled into one show. Some people gravitate towards some shows because theyíre funny, or because theyíre dramatic, or because they have great character relationships. Well, Fullmetalís got all of it. I mean, itís got incredible characters, a great storyline, some very funny episodes, some very powerful, dramatic episodes... Itís just, to me, the best that anime has to offer. Obviously, Iím not alone because itís a huge success in Japan and here as well. Iím very grateful to God to be a part of it, and Iím thankful to for the opportunity as well.

Joe J.
Thanks for the link, that was a great article!
yeah, i saw something like this in anime magazine. I read it a little and it was pretty cool.
Vic is my boy!
Thanks, Joe! I read both vic's and Aaron's interviews. I was a little disappointed that there was no pic of Aaron. I can never find a pic of him! But the interviews were very interesting! happy.gif
they might not show pics of Aaron because he is 12 years old and being an minor they're probably protecting his identity.
Yeah, that's what I thought, too. I was just curious what he looked like. I would love to meet Vic in person, though!!
vic seems like a great guy. if you want to see a few clips of an interview with him, go to

they have some vids there, and another interview, when they first started dubbing FMA.
Yeah, I've read this on ANN. I like Vic's approach to dubbing the final episodes, not watching them before hand so he can get his initial reaction on tape.
Celestial Shadow
I just talked with Vic through email...He's a really great guy who loves his fans.
Thanks for the links guys, it's nice to get to know the person behind the voice.
Thanks for the interview guys, Vic is so cool!
Heh, Vic is excellent at dubbing Ed's voice (I haven't watched that many dubbed episodes, but I watched all the subbed). It fits Ed pretty well, not as well as the Japanese voice actor, but it still fits. And that's good.
CF, You talked to Vic thru email?! *dies* I'm so jealous!! I so badly want to meet him! T_T
That was an awesome interview thank you for posting the link! biggrin.gif Vic ROCKS! biggrin.gif
I know the guy that plays Al is, how old is Vic??
Celestial Shadow
QUOTE(Jen_Elric @ Aug 9 2005, 12:23 PM)
CF, You talked to Vic thru email?!  *dies*  I'm so jealous!!  I so badly want to meet him! T_T

I did, but I can't give out his address because I wasn't even supposed to have it...He gets bothered by a lot of fans but he's a really nice guy and tries to talk to them all.
I confess I emailed him too...He is a really sweet guy and is around my age, call it 30 something. wink.gif That is part of why I emailed him, because I wanted to express gratitude for his incredible voice acting of Ed and how even at my age it made me laugh so hard I cried at times and just flat out crying over the sadness and angst of it all. It would be bad nettiquette to give it out though, so I won't do that...Too much respect for the guy. I am also one of those folks who won't get to go to any conventions so this is the next best thing. smile.gif
i'm happy that someppl got to talk to him. i'm also happy 2 hear that he isn't stuck up and won't e-mail some one back biggrin.gif
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