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Rey Mustang
Here is my first fanart. And my only. I haven't drawn much of FMA yet, but I'm gettting there. I messed up a bit, but I like it. Please tell me what you think of it:

IPB Image

I also plan on coloring it. So keep checking for new art.
It's pretty good. can't wait to so my fanart(just got a scanner
Mm, I rate it a 4 outta 6. Hey, It's your first FMA fanart, eventually, you'll get good on drawing it once you keep on going.
Aw! I wish I had a scanner, cause If I did, I would keep on drawing all sorts of anime just to put it on sites.
it's pretty pretty good! How about adding some color?
Rey Mustang
I gonna soon. And this isn't my first pic. Just the first online. I got more. I just have to find them. I'll get more up soon.

Edit: Like this. It's Huhges!

IPB Image
I like it looks really good. 7 out of 10
Frozen Ice Alchemist
WHY DOES MY EVIL COMPUTER NEVER LET ME SEE THE PICS I WANNA SEE!!?? they turned out as red 'X'.... can you attach them again plz?
Yay! Hughes! Keep on drawing, your getting better! smile.gif
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