I'm not going to make a fanfic coz' I just simply suck at writing Fanfics/stories... (even though my teacher says I have a lot of talent for writing stuff like fanfics...) So I made this thread hoping it could help people who want to write a fanfic, but dosen't know what to do with the topic of the fanfic

I have one suggestion:
Maybe you have seen a EdxWinversion of "Cinderella" on the forums, but maybe you could do Royai instead. And I don't want to copy people's ideas, so when it comes to the bit when Cinderella(Riza) dances with the Prince(Roy), and the "Prince was about to kiss "Cinderella", "Cinderella" could point a gun at the "Prince"... That will be quite funny! happy.gif

Well thats my suggestion so far...