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Full Version: Edward Elric (paku Romi) Songs
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Kokoro no Hana
They are just so good! laugh.gif
I actually agree with the others - Hagane no Kokoro is awesome, but the two other songs don't fit Edward.

Btw - what's hagane no kokoro? Hagane no - is 'fullmeatl', I suppose. And 'kokoro' is 'idea, point, sense'. Both together it's something pointless...
Kokoro no Hana
Kokoro is Heart from what I know?
QUOTE(Kokoro no Hana @ Sep 4 2004, 01:19 PM)
Kokoro is Heart from what I know?

*checks dictionary* Righto! I missed that meaning ^__^ Fullmetal heart makes sense!
Kokoro no Hana
The song i most like is Asu no Basho :)
Hagane no Kokoro sounds awesome! XD Aw, does anybody know the lyrics to the song? biggrin.gif Plz?
In RETURNABLE MEMORIES, I kinda get the feeling of an opra kind of tone...o__O.

But, personally, I think all of them are really good. happy.gif
I like "Returnable Memories" best out of all of them. smile.gif
returnable memories is the most nostalgic and melancholic music of all.... i love it...
Omakase Shimasu
Hmm, I'll have to listen to them all in a row, before I can make my decision. As it stands now I love 'em all. happy.gif
I love all 3 songs but will have to go with 'RETURNABLE MEMORIES'. tongue.gif
Um, from what I can translate by ear, "Asu e no Basho" is kind of about Ed (and Al) journeying towards tomorrow and how they'll keep moving forward...

"Returnable Memories" is a lot darker, and I think it was about Ed trying to take back what he lost even though it's painful, and whether it was possible (something like that).

In "Hagane no Kokoro," Ed sings about trying to taking back things he's lost and how he needs Al, Al sings about always being together and sharing both happiness and sadness, and Winry sings about keeping Ed & Al in her thoughts when they're far away and always being there to surround them with kindness (although she's a little sad)...

Um, I hope that helps a little. I don't understand the entire songs because my Japanese isn't that good (I'm still learning it in school...), and I can't find any of the lyrics online. But if anyone can find a website with the lyrics or someting, I could give it a try...

Also, about the song poll, I personally like Returnable Memories the most. (Probably because of the cool background music and the fact that I like sad songs...) But I love all the songs a lot! (The instrumental for "Asu e no Basho" is nice to listen to too...)
Omakase Shimasu
OK, I've finally made my decision and came up with Hagane no Kokoro. Partly based on the fabulous traslations done by Elderberry. Thank you! And partially because of the nice beat and wonderful vocals. *__*
my favorite of the 3 would be returnable memories. and it's 'the only one i can stand to have on repeat endlessly XD tho asu e no basho comes pretty close too. hagane no kokoro toook the longest for me to get use to, but after that, it's' not that bad. >.>
I think the lyrics in all three of the songs are strong and very suitable for the characters; my vote goes to Hagane no Kokoro, mainly because it conveys the feelings of all three characters in a melancholy sort of way that's sadly fitting. T-T I love FMA characters so much...
My vote when for Hagane no Kokoro. I just love all three of them singing together. Also, the first time I heard the Ed solo songs it reminded me of Ren from Shaman King. Romi Paku does his voice to. While when they speak I didn't get the connection, when she sings I did.
Aww, everyone likes "Hagane no Kokoro" best... I guess it's because it's just too cute when Ed, Al and Winry all sing together... (I still like "Returnable Memories" the best, but I have to agree that "Hagane no Kokoro" is really catchy~)

I STILL wish I could figure out exactly what they're singing, but then I'd have to listen to every 10 seconds of the song like 50 times and romanize stuff by ear, which has a huge margin for errors...And then they'resthere's the online Japanese dictionaries I have to drag out...

Sigh...Why couldn't I have just been born into a Japanese family...Instead I'm stuck as a weird/insane "ABC" with horrible Japanese language skills...

(Note: Sorry for going off topic again...)
I like Hagane no Kokoro, Winry sounds so cute in this song~!
btw, Hagane isn't really "FullMetal" it's "Steel" so as you know "kokoro" is "heart", and you know what "no" means. So the name of the song is "Heart of Steel" or "Steel Heart", Title of Ep 23 and Ch. 15 ^^ ahhh old times~ Love them~
Hagane no Kokoro!^^ But.... I wanna lyrics! T^T
In Returnable Memories you can see Paku Romi clearly making a struggle to make her voice as deep as Ed's usually XD... I like that.

But with Hagane no Kokoro I like listening to all 3 voices.. though it's sometimes hard to differenciate the difference between Ed and Al's voices... but I'll still have to go with Hagane no Kokoro.
Ryuuro Ren
...For those who wants "Asu He No Basho" the lyrics I found some on a site, but, since there were some errors, I was kindly enough to fix them. Although I'm not too sure that they're all correct....

Asu He No Basho

kagayaku sekai ga kono te ni afure
ka giri nai toki wo daite
boku ha susundeku

tooku kara kaze ga fuite
nagareru kumo wo miageteru
furi kaeru nante deki nai

kioku no naka no nukumori
fuan ni make souna kokoro
nugi sutete mata aruite ku

hontou ha tomado ina gara
nani ka wo sagashi tsutzuketa
yoake na kanarazu
yatte kuru kara

doko gade kikoeteru koe ga
tooku michi shirube no yousa
nari hibiku kodou ga mesamamete
motometeru yo

madami nu ashita wo machi tsutzukeru
tsumetai kaze nan ka ja
boku wo tome rarenai

kagayaku sekai ga kono teni afure
kagiri nai toki wo daite
boku ha susundeku

utsuri yuku toki ha sugite
umareta machi no kaze no oto
mimi wo sumashite mo kikoe nai

dare no mune ni mo nemutteru
jounetsu no hi wo kisanai de
moe tsukiru made ha aruite ku

hontou ha samayo ina gara
nani ka wo nakushi tsutzuketa
yoake wo tashi kani
shinji teita

moshi mo iki tsuita basho ga
motone tamonoto chigatte mo
mata hajimeka rayari naosusa
tsukame rumade

riyoute wo kazashite koborete kuru
kasu kana hikari dake ga
bokura mezasu basho

madami nu ashita wo machi tsutzukeru
tsumetai kaze nan ka ja
boku wo tome rarenai

kagayaku sekai ga kono teni afure
kagiri nai toki wo daite
boku ha susundeku

riyoute wo kazashite koborete kuru
kasu kana hikari dake ga
bokura mezasu basho

riyoute wo hirogete uketomeru......
Kokoro no Hana
QUOTE(M3i @ Oct 4 2004, 08:31 PM)
In Returnable Memories you can see Paku Romi clearly making a struggle to make her voice as deep as Ed's usually XD... I like that.

I like that too ^^
QUOTE(dandie_candie @ Sep 7 2004, 04:04 AM)
Hagane no Kokoro sounds awesome! XD Aw, does anybody know the lyrics to the song?  biggrin.gif Plz?
includes transalation
So many people liked Returnable Memories but it only got 5 votes(including me)? In Returnable Memories I liked how Paku Romi did Edo's voice deep and full of emotion. Even though you don't know what is being sung from just hearing it you can sort of "feel" it from the way she sings. Not to mention the music is sooo good in that one. And for some reason it reminds me of when Edo fights.
Hikusa Rockgirl X
ah ;O; i luv so much returnable memories
*votes votes <.<.. >.> xD*
T-T there's a great feeling in that song
also i like so much the lyrics *and teh traslation o-o*

"but my right hand can't even feel the pain
i can't forget your warmth that i lost that day
and into these hands it shows you have surely
left an impression on me"
blink.gif Personally I lovED Hagane No KoKoro which means Fullmetal Spirit I think, when I first heard the song. Then after about a billion times of putting it on was put away.

hahahah So I loved that song. Then came Asu He No Basho my second favey. I don't know why exactly it's just the sound. Then I loved Returnable Memories, but it's a little too sad for me. It's still really cool though. There are like certain parts of the song that I listen for and love.


hahah and the part whit Ed's Voice Actor struggling to make her voice deep is really cool. First off Ed is still a kid. So I really love the sorta hoarse and strangled voice-ness.

Al's voice is just adorable. Period. rolleyes.gif
I vote Asu he no Basho. That one had a really pretty melody that just got stuck in my head. I was humming it for days. I think my roommate even told me to shut up at one point.
I love how she sings, but I feel bad for her having to try so hard to do Edward's voice while singing. It's so much harder for a woman to deepen her voice while singing than it is while speaking regularly. I'll bet she gave herself a nasty sore throat. I appreciate it, though. Those are some of my favorite songs!
For me, Hagane no Kokoro is the best !!! ^-^!! I'm still listening to it now, after listening to it for 5 times already today xD
I think that Returnable memories is the best....
The deep deep emotions in the songs~~
Paku Romi-san Rocks~~~
I like 'Hagane no Kokoro'. Nice song biggrin.gif
ed's numbuh 1 fan
i voted for Hagane no Kokoro it's probly because Rie and Megumi have such cute voices! laugh.gif
RETURNABLE MEMORIES is my second fav i like sad songs ^^
I think I like Hagane no Kokoro the best. happy.gif
I really like RETURNABLE MEMORIES and Hagane no Kokoro. RETURNABLE MEMORIES reminds me of when Ed and Al transmuted their mother...
Returnable Memories is so haunting its the best by far in my opinion. I like them all but the music in that one is the best as well.
The Great Asparagus
awww i haven't listened to any of them. where can i find the songs?

edit: nvm i have found them!! happy.gif i'm first listening to returnable memories right now... it seems wonderfully wonderful. biggrin.gif some parts sound really ed-y. *imagines ed standing on a table, singing his lungs out*

now i'm listening to hagane no kokoro. wow that was surprising when that other voice came in. it's not paku romi is it??? that made me go =O for a moment there lol. XD she sounds less ed-y in this song tho. this sounds pretty happy and zippy.... *imagines ed standing on a christmas tree, wearing a tutu and singing this*

asu he no basho. wheeee. *imagines ed standing on a log floating in the river*

i like returnable memories, then asu he no basho, then hagane no kokoro, but they're all awesome. smile.gif
Out of all I'll go for Returnable Memories,well at least the lyrics fits him i guess laugh.gif
But truely,I don't think Ed's sound(Paku Romi) was that nice when singing....No offence><
Personally I like Winry's voice when it comes to singing(Especially the song Gindokei,Her voice is just nice there!).Just too bad her song rhyhm wasnt really nice
For Ed's song....I'll choose this but basically I choose this because it had a nicer rhythm and music but the person who's singing...sorry to say but really,dont really like it><

sorry everyone but no offence,just saying out what i think
I really love Asu no Basho smile.gif
Verry cool song^^
Vitari the Music Alchemist
But Hagane no kokoro doesn't count as Edward's song... hagane no kokoro is so good because Winry and Al sing in there too!

I voted Asu en no Basho. Love Paku's voice in that one.
My favorite would be "Returnable Memories". I like that haunting opening music. It's so tight! And the title's cool as hell, too. And I also like it when she goes "Noko shitemiseru". Man, the whole song is so hauntingly good!
Definitely "Returnable Memories". I'm not saying that the others aren't good, but the lyrics in "Returnable Memories" fits him so well, and the song is really dark. (I like dark/sad songs.)
Vivi Sparrow
Asu he no Basho! [I love singing and playing it on guitar, great song *_*]

[even though Returnable Memories is a great song as well, I think I like Asu he no Basho more 'w']
I'm surprised fewer people like Returnable Memories. I love it! There's this haunting feel to it that just get you off your seat!
Here are the lyrics for those songs.

I really like Hagane no Kokoro, but I also really like Asu e no Basho. I voted for Asu e no Basho cause it's beautiful! happy.gif
Kyo Kusanagi
I'd have to say...

Romi's cover of Tobira no Mukou e!! It's absolutely joygasmic!!
Returnable Memories will always be my favorite ^^
Amethyst Sunset
QUOTE(Kasumi_lvgd @ Jul 30 2006, 04:20 AM) [snapback]427122[/snapback]

Returnable Memories will always be my favorite ^^

Amen to that. wink.gif I like the really fits the mood, and when I read the English translation of the lyrics, I knew this was the song that suited Ed best. And I love how Paku Romi sung it.
I like Asu no Basho biggrin.gif
~Wolven Alchemist~
QUOTE(Alchemist_of_Time @ Nov 12 2006, 07:41 PM) [snapback]472852[/snapback]
I like Asu no Basho biggrin.gif

Me too, and I also like Hagane no Kokoro. (Still voted for Asu he no Basho, anyway) happy.gif
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